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So this is a mega-budget Opus Magnum and characters/ Historic figures we haven't even heard of are introduced here.


But, I do have a little bit of what they say in hindi 'shikayat' with Swastik and Siddharth Tewary. While he has beautifully brought his dream into reality, he has missed out on introducing three prominent (prominent according to me that is) characters/ Historic figures here. They are Chanakya, the mastermind ; Roxxane Alexander's alleged first love, historically proven first wife ; Cleopatra Alexander's sister/ sibling.


While most of you might agree that Cleopatra isn't all that prominent here, it was Alexander and his Mother's push that paved way for him to become the world's greatest conqueror. Yes, even I agree with that, but a little bit of sibling bonding would have been cute and fun to watch. Not to mention, THERE ARE historical proofs and mentions about her, quite a bit infact.


But the thing that Swastik (for now) has omitted Chanakya and Roxanne deeply upsets me. Haven't we all heard stories and legends about Chanakya and what a genius he was ? Hell, most of us (me included) even aspired to be as smart and quick-witted as him.


Not to mention, it was HIS vision of a unified India in the first place, and it was HIM who foresaw Alexander's invasion towards India. HE persuaded Porus to fight Alexander after failing to convince Dhanananda. HE trained Chandragupta Maurya into defeating Dhanananda, a feat which even Alexander couldn't achieve.


Why Swastik, why did you leave out this so prominent character ? (FOR NOW)CryCryCry


And Roxanne, oh what do I tell about this most beautiful woman in Asia at that time' according to Alexander's generals. There are a lot, a lot of information on her and Alexander's relationship in books as well as the net. It has been mentioned many times that it was love at first sight' for him. Although captured, Alexander chose to marry her despite the opposition from most of his generals. Yes, this capture-and-marry passionate love stories is something that fascinates me the most. And, she accompanied him in his journey towards capturing India as well.


Please Swastik, if Porus can have a love affair with the never heard of Laacchi, then why can't Alexander's historically proven first marriage and a little back story to that be shown as well ?CryCryCry Also, I already have a very bad feeling that instead of Roxanne, Alexander's second wife Stateira will be shown as she was Darius's daughter and Darius is already introduced as one of the prime characters here.Ouch


I have said this before and I am saying it again I am NOT bashing or picking out faults in Swastik's or Sidd Tewary's dream creation in any way. I am VERY grateful to them for bringing this wonderful creation on screen. Just consider this as a historic fan's wish, and I am hoping that as the serial progresses these characters will be shown. And I have been a Swastik fan since Razia Sultan and Mahabharat days, one of their best till date.StarStar


So, what do you guys have to say about this ? Would love to hear your opinions too. EmbarrassedEmbarrassed

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I read an interview of gurpreet singh (who's playing ambhiraj)  in july and he said no one has been cast yet for chanakya's role. So they'll definitely show him later or they have already cast a less known actor for the role. 
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Originally posted by GrumpyCat

I read an interview of gurpreet singh (who's playing ambhiraj)  in july and he said no one has been cast yet for chankanya's role.So they'll definitely show him later or they have already cast a less known actor for the role. 

But this was in JulyOuch still no one cast ?Ouch

atleast it clears one thing tht they wont omit chanakya's character, i mean they cant !LOL
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Yeah there has been no news about who has been cast for chanakya's role.  Edited by GrumpyCat - 2017-11-23T00:14:52Z
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Arsh why do you think that you are bashing?? This is the much needed constructive criticism. 
1.Chanakya's role in the fight against Alexander cannot be omitted of overlooked.There are historical evidences too.Therefore I hope Chanakya and even CGM will make a cameo later in the show.
As @GrumpyCat said the casting for Chanakya is yet to be done.So I am glad they won't be omitting Chanakya.I just hope that they find the right actor to play Chanakya coz this character is not everyone's cup of tea.Manish Wadhwa is the best Chanakya imo.2nd comes Manoj Joshi who played the character in CGM.

2.Cleopatra.I do hope they show her.Her presence can bring out Alexander's softer side and as you said we can get some light hearted moments too.

3.Roxana.Now if they omit her I will not only be disappointed but angry too.She was supposed to be the first and only woman Alexander fell in love with.People don't even know Stateira but Roxana's name is known by all.Alexander loved her passionately and vice versa.I have my fingers crossed that they will show Roxana in the show.Perhaps they are yet to cast someone.Even Suhani and Aditya were late additions.I guess Roxana will enter after the show begins when Alexander sets on his conquest.

Now knowing Indian Television's love for melodrama there is another reason why Roxana needs to be here.WinkThere is a folktale where Roxana ties a Rakhi to Porus.There is no historical evidence for this but there is a story.So maybe just to make it more dramatic they might show this sequence in the show too.

Either way Roxana cannot be ignored.Since this show deals with both Porus and Alexander's lives parallely then we will get Alexander's wife too.I just hope it's Roxana and not Stateira

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I do not know about Alexander sister but I feel chanikya and roxanne will sure make entry as story progresses.. 
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A historic show contains a brigade of characters as so many stories in history are interrelated and the producer doesn't cast actors for each role in the starting itself. They keep on casting in between according to the script demand. So just because chanakya and roxanne havent been casted yet, doesnt mean they are not going to come in future. They will definitely come...both chanakya and rossane have roles in the war which definitely cant be skipped. Skipping them will be like playing with history which i have faith that siddharth sir will never do. Chanakya was the one who encouraged porus to fight and gurpreet did mentioned before that they havent casted chanakya yet means that there must be a mention of him in the story. So may be they will cast an unknown actor for the role and the role will be short, chanakya will not go missing. And roxanne also can never go missing, as at many places...its mentioned "  Alexander feared Porus's elephants, heroism and valor so much so that he became worried about his war and invasion and had pre war sacrifices conducted much against his norm. His soldiers were also very scared facing the magnificent elephant army in the pouring rains and muddy grounds. At this point of time, Roxane apparently approached Porus with the sacred thread of Rakhi. She proclaimed him her brother and requested the great Porus to safeguard her husband's life at any cost, which he did the next day."...so as siddharth sir is going to show this story through indian perspective...i doubt they will miss this. I believe they will definitely show this rakhi scene. So roxanne will be brought but i am not sure if they will cover full love story of alexander or even porus for that matter...the bits and pieces which are significant for the story will be covered i believe. I doubt regarding cleopatra coming into picture as the series has fixed number of episodes and as the show is titled porus...it will be more about him and his family. People do know alexander from before, the motive of this show is to mainly introduce porus to audience as less information is available about him.   Edited by EtherealRati - 2017-11-23T01:56:07Z
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i have read that roxanne, first love of alexander was the one who actually killed him because she was angry that he married two other princesses too. Roxanne also got darius's daughter Statiera murdered after that. How much truth is in this...that only god knows...will the story of porus end with the war end or they will actually show till the time alexander and porus die. 
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