fun fiction 21

Posted: 2005-06-28T15:35:56Z

ok i am new at this so if this is not good plz dont mind ok

jessi is walking towards aarmanz house when all of a suddend i start starts raining she is soaked she ringz the doorbell aarman answers the door jessi is wet he  lets her in and

A: jessi tum beeg gaye ho ander awo

he gives her a towel and takes her upstairs and gives her one of malika's sari's and closes the door behind him a few minuit's later aarman hears jessi yell aarman so he runz up and openz the door to the room and jessi say's

J: sorry aap ya doori band daga mujsa ya nahi hota

A: bus itne se baat jessi tum be na

after he is done she turnz around armaan standing in a daze is stairing at her without a word like he is seeing his dream come true

J:kya huwa ach nahi ha kya?

A: nahi hum ek pari jessi lagrahe ho

he goes to her and hugs her and kisses her hand jessi is confused but at the same time happy. she tries to walk and trips aarman grabs her. aarman carries her downstairs to the livingroom then puts her down. 


ok sorry i dont know what else to write u allcan continue.. srry

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Posted: 2005-06-28T16:02:16Z

armaan puts her down on the sofa.. jassi looks down,

Armaan comes closer.... the phone rings (*********)

A: (takes a sigh) hello


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Posted: 2005-06-28T16:22:34Z

A: hello...

Its raj!!!!!! Tongue

R- Oh armaan...tu...kya kar raha hai

A- (irrated) kyu..kya hua

R- (stupidly) nahie. nahie kuch bhi nahie...asa he...

a- oh shut-up raj, hamesha tu galat time pe...BYE!

he angerly puts the phone down and sits next to jassi on the sofa...a irrated look on his face.....

**thats all i can do...mabey if i get time..or i think that all the members should come up with little parts...what say Wink**

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Posted: 2005-06-28T16:32:57Z
Excellent Idea jassi4arman! Ill rite something too, but not now casue i got to go, maybe lata though! I cant wait to see all the wondeful ideas!Wink
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Posted: 2005-06-28T17:13:46Z

j: kya hua armaan

A: kuch nahe, u know raj!

J: hmmm

A: toh hum kahan te?

J: (gets up teasigly) muje yaad nahe

A: ho come on jassi kahan ja rahe ho?

J: (turns and looks at armaan giving her sweet teady look)

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Posted: 2005-06-28T17:37:40Z

J- (cutely) Mujhe Aur Kaam Bhi Hai

Arman Pulls her Back

A- (romantically) Tho Baad Mein Karna

J- Aacha...

armaan thinks of a reason to have her stay

A- Jassi, Itni Baarish Ho Rahi Hai...Tum Abhi Ke Liya Yaha Pe Raho..Plz  

J- Teek Hai, Teek Hai... Mein Pokore Banati hoon

A- Haa..Baarish Mein Garam Garam Pokore...Tongue

Jassi Smiles...Smile

J- (Wanting To Annoy Armaan) Aur Aap Coffee Banao...LOL

A- Shocked...Teek Hai LOL



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Posted: 2005-06-29T05:37:03Z

lemme contiunie if you guys dont mind,

Jassi And Armaan is in the kicthen,

J: yeh besen kahaan para hua hein???

A: Yahan kahein para hou, look jassi look!

J: Wohi tou kerr rahi hou, oh mil gaya

A: MAine kahan tha na!

J: (thinking)watever

A: Jassi coffe kaise bana te hain??

J: oho armaan, you go and i would make it

A: Thank You, I Love you

J: i know Big smile

then jassi makes the coffe and pakorei...


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Posted: 2005-06-29T05:56:33Z
wow, continue gals thats interstingWink
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