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Posted: 2006-12-16T15:54:22Z

Welcome to Soha Ali Khan Fanclub!

this fanclub is for everyone feel free to join this club only if you're soha's fan


Soha Ali Khan was born on October 4, 1978 in New Delhi, India, into the family of the nawabs of Pataudi. Her father, Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, the current nawab, is a former captain of the Indian cricket team. Her mother, Sharmila Tagore, is a noted film actress, and a distant relative (not a direct descendant, as often supposed) of the nobel laureate Rabindranath Tagore. Her brother is actor Saif Ali Khan. She attended The British School in New Delhi, then followed on to study History at Balliol College, Oxford University and has a Masters in International Relations from the London School of Economics and Political Sciences.

Date of Birth (Birthday):  4 October, 1978
Hair Color:  Black
Birth Place:  New Delhi
Marital Status:  Single
Languages:  Bengali, Hindi, English

Family Background

Father's Name:  Mansur Ali Khan Pataudi
Mother's Name:  Sharmila Tagore
Sister(s):  Saif Ali Khan


Soha made her acting debut with the Bollywood production Dil Maange More (2004), where she shared credits with Shahid Kapoor and two other leading ladies which were Tulip Joshi from Mere Yaar Ki Shaadi Hai fame and Ayesha Takia. Starting off weakly, she has since received critical acclaim for her performances in the Bengali film Antar Mahal (2005) and Rang De Basanti (2006).

Before embarking upon her film career, Soha worked for the Ford Foundation and Citibank. She is involved in a range of activities outside the acting world, including serving on the Advisory Board for a new project of the public entrepreneur group, Res Publica. She has also recently modeled for the spring-summer collection of Globus, an Indian chain of boutiques


Ahista Ahista (2006) ...

Pal Tham Gaya (2006) ... (announced)

Somnath Sen's Untitled Film (2006) ... (announced)

Rang De Basanti (2006) ... Sonia

Antar Mahal (2005) ... landlord's second wife

Shaadi No. 1 (2005) ... Sonia

Pyaar Mein Twist (2005) ... Rhea

Dil Maange More (2004) ... neha rathore

Iti Srikanta (2004) ... Kamallata







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kool i wanna join shez pretty
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Originally posted by mehroo123

kool i wanna join shez pretty
welcome to Soha ali khan fanclubBig smile
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Soha Ali Khan embarrased them!

What happened to Soha Ali Khan who was supposed to fly off to Locarno to attend the screening of her Bengali film Antar Mahal?

The well-mannered, habitually professional young actress was expected to turn up at Locarno on Thursday when her film was to have its first public international screening.

Soha was naturally very excited about her foray into the international arena, and had excitedly announced her plans to fly to Locarno via London.

So what happened? Sources say the Antar Mahal team at Locarno comprising director Rituparno Ghosh and producer Jaya Bachchan were left in the lurch at the eleventh hour when the film's leading lady failed to show up.

The leading man Abhishek Bachchan was tied up with his shooting, so he could not make it, even though he wanted to attend.

With no member of the cast present to address the international press at Locarno, the director and producer made a last-minute rushed effort to get Bengali actress Rupa Ganguly, who plays Soha's sister-in-law in Antar Mahal, to fly down. Within hours her visa, air ticket and relevant papers were arranged.

And Ms Ganguly saved the show.

But why did Soha shy away from Locarno so suddenly? We hear that the actress dropped her plans to go when she was not provided airfare to Locarno.

But according to the organizers of the Indian delegation in Locarno, "Locarno is a festival where everyone pays his own or her own way. That's the way things work over here. We've all paid for own tickets."

To be fair to the young actress. Her high level of professionalism must have seemed compromised when a basic requirement (free air passage) was denied to her. But she did miss out on her first brush with international glory.
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I'm very proud of Saif Bhai: Soha Ali Khan
Soha Ali Khan is more classic than kitsch. And she has quite a legacy to carry on.

"I carry my family name with me, I must admit, though not with any arrogance. But it does add to my self-worth," says Soha, the daughter of Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi and Sharmila Tagore and the sister of Saif Ali Khan.

At 22, she is one of the youngest girls in Bollywood, but feels quite confident about living on her own.

"I've been all alone in Mumbai for a couple of years. I was working with Citibank until recently. It was my father's wish that I put my education to good use before going into acting if I wanted to," tells Soha in an interview.

"I feel very happy with the way things are going in my film career. The idea is to do as much of a variety as possible."

She started with a Bengali film. She says she was 'passable' in it. "It isn't as though I can't bear to look myself in it," she laughs. "But it was terrifying."

And now she's ready to do another Bengali film with Rituparno Ghosh in September.

"I'm not familiar with Bengali. Yes, my mom speaks it home, but only when she's angry. Although I don't know the language fluently, I can memorise the dialogues quite easily.

"I love doing films in Bengali. The area is so rich in literature. I've such a wonderful role in Ghosh's 'Antarmahal'.

"And then," she brightens up even more, "I've a completely new role in my first Hindi film 'Dil Maange More'. It's fun and it's young. I'm vivacious in it.

"The challenge for me as an actress is to not get typecast. I guess I happen to be like my mother when it comes to career decisions. But she started very young. She was nine when she did her first film.

"I've come to films comparatively quite late. Finishing my studies was quite important to my family. My father made me promise to work in Citibank for at least a year. I enjoyed it. But my heart was set on movies. I think the corporate experience helped me grow as a human being. It taught me to get on the sets on time."

She has also signed Somnath Sen's next Hindi film.

"It has Amitabh Bachchan in the lead. I play a musician from the US who comes to India to learn about Indian classical music. It's an interesting character. I'm also doing a film in English. It blends three of Nirmal Kumar's stories into one. Again it takes me into completely new territory."

Though she's on her own, Soha feels the strength of her genes assert itself in the way she's treated in Bollywood. "Everyone is so protective and nice because of mom. I've met everyone and they've all been very nice."

Dad Mansoor Ali Khan Pataudi, she admits, doesn't follow Indian cinema.

"But I've seen my mom and brother's (Saif's) films. Among my brother's films, I like 'Dil Chahta Hai', 'Hum Tum' and 'Kal Ho Na Ho'... and I loved him 'Ek Hasina Thi'. He's very individualistic.

"Amma has done, like 200 films. I liked her in 'Amar Prem', 'Aradhana' and 'Daag'."

Soha admits they're a close-knit family. "My sister has her own jewellery business in Delhi. We see each other as often as we can. I fly down to Delhi to be with my dad, mom and sister at the slightest pretext.

"With my mother and brother being successes, I've the family reputation to live up to. I'm very proud of my brother. He has a lot of faith in me.

"I'm capable of looking after myself. Both my mom and me are very stubborn people. That helps me get by on my own. I don't think a single woman can be so comfortable in too many cities. I feel very safe in Mumbai. Everyone treats me with so much respect. I guess I have been lucky. But I don't think anyone will sign me just because of who I am," she says pragmatically.

Cinema is Soha's chosen vocation for now. "I'll be around as long as I'm challenged by what I have to do," she says.
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some pix of soha

Soha Ali Khan endorses Globus

Soha Ali Khan endorses Globus

Soha Ali Khan endorses Globus

Soha Ali Khan endorses Globus

Soha Ali Khan endorses Globus

Soha Ali Khan endorses Globus

Soha Ali Khan endorses Globus

Soha Ali Khan endorses Globus

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This is rubbish, Saif tells Soha

Bollywood heartthrob Saif Ali Khan's favourite role in real life is being the devoted big brother.

Saif's actress sister, Soha Ali Khan, told Screen, a weekly movie newspaper, that Saif helps her choose her films and keeps her from getting carried away by a filmmaker's spiel that a script was written with only her in mind.

Saif has been able "to see through that and tells me, 'Soha, this is rubbish.' And he has been right," Soha said.

Soha added that it's natural to ask her brother for advice.

"He is experienced enough to read scripts and visualise the film and its outcome, and it is sensible for me to take advantage of that," she said.

Soha's Bollywood journey so far has been quite interesting. Her last release, Rang de Basanti, was a blockbuster however, she has several duds to her credit like Dil Maange More and Pyaar Mein Twist.
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Soha replaced Nelly Furtado

The reach of Rang De Basanti grows by the day. The latest is an invitation from the University of Miami.

"This is basically for the teachers, students and families of the faculty. The organizers have asked me to travel with the film to three universities in the US. They've large theatres which can accommodate 3,000 viewers at one time. They have something called Global Rhythm devoted to Hindi film music. Global Rhythm is doing a A R Rahman special, and they've chosen three songs from Rang De Basanti."

The Miami sojourn for Rang De Basanti will happen in April.

"Poducer Ronnie Screwvala, Sidharth , Madhavan and I took the film to the IIT students in Chennai…The response was over-whelming. But it's not just youngsters. Families are equally enthusiastic. I've been to Kolkata, Delhi, Hyderabad, Chennai, Hyderabad, Baroda….The responses to the film are very interesting.

I never knew filmmaking had this experience (of connecting first-hand with the audience) to offer me…The stars keep joining me in various places…It's not so tiring .You sit in a plane and you get wherever you want."

Speaking of stars Mehra sets the record on the actors who were considered for the film. "Yes, we underwent several changes. It had to be that way. It's a huge ensemble cast and I needed each actor for nine months …Yes, initially I approached Arjun Rampal for Karan Singhania (Siddharth)'s role. It didn't work out. When the character crystallized Arjun didn't seem the right choice….

Hrithik Roshan was also spoken to for Karan's role. He loved the script but didn't have the time. Shah Rukh was approached for Ajay Rathod's role. I pursued him for a while. But the dates didn't work out. With Shah Rukh , you don't question too much. We share a healthy relationship."

Tell him how all these stars would've overwhelmed the script, and Rakeysh replies, "But Aamir didn't overwhelm the script. I think the stars tend to attune themselves to whatever the script required. These are all intelligent actors. They know what to do, and where. I find them extremely sincerely."

Interestingly Rakeysh reveals that Atul Kulkarni and Kunal Kapoor were the only actors associated with the project from the start. "They were with me from before the first draft. Aamir came on after the first draft…He was the first and last choice for DJ….But our initial choice for Soha Ali Khan's role was Canadian singer Nelly Furtado.

Three months before the shooting we realized Nelly wasn't the right choice, specially with Alice Patten coming in….Nelly was part of the project when I planned to make Rang De Basanti in English also. But then I realized I wasn't being sincere to my vision. That's when Soha came in…I screen-tested several new girls for the role. The day I tested Soha I knew she was the right choice for Sonia."

Rakeysh still believes in the star system. "Aamir made my dream so much bigger. It was graceful of him to merge into the narration and not hog the limelight. And I'd love to work with him again."

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