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Frost just updated and I've taken your 1st place LOL

Miss.Kawaii come fast when you get time... hurry up she updated after long on friday...
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@lively-piiya: OMG what happened? ShockedAre you alright?
Get well soon sweets and don't strain your head and eyes with that phone.

@Desipunjaban: thanks a ton for being here.Embarrassed

Nope. Not a literature student.LOL
thank you so much. its embarrassing now. Embarrassed
About OS, I will see, considering the fact that I suck at writing OneShots.
I can never restrict a story to just one part. **hides face**

more nights you say??? WinkWait and watchWink

you really thought that song was for Maan???
Not magic but i do believe in fairy tails...oops I mean fairytales.LOL

@Sheen: sheen meri jaan...i was grinning like a fool while reading your comment that too in office. Lol. LOL
so glad to see you here. Pichle kuch dino busy thi kya?

@vrishtigoel: if possible do read my replies in the previous update.
I did mention right, all your fantasies will come true
but give me some some time to reach that part.
about the letter, shocks and surprises are on the way.
hold your heart and keep reading.**smirks**Wink

sending virtual hugs your way. Hug
don't know how to reply to that beautiful comment

thank you my awesome reader for the amazing comment. haven't seen Roja movie but am so glad you liked it. Big smile

what is your definition of perfection and imperfection sweets?Wink

read it in office? I feel you sister. I have been there, done that and didn't know how to respond when someone busted me.LOL

@diadecember: kyun baat nahi baaki honi thi?LOL

@maansi25: I can never get tired of reading your comments, be it small or long. so, pls don't apologise. I enjoy all of them equally and thoroughly. thank you so much for your kind words. they overwhelm me.
Now about the holidays, lets wait and watch.Wink

@anu5: thanks a ton for the detailed comment. the study is the heart of their story, isn't it?Embarrassed

@SHIK.LOVMAANEET: lo aa gaya tumhara number!
thanks for being here sweets.
abhi bahut realizations baaki hain mere dost. hold your heart...and of course we have the new prologue right?Wink

@kansya: thank you **blushes**
kiss on lips and kissing away the tears... interesting, hai na?Wink

76.Wisps Of Wind Seeped Through The Minute Gaps...

"But if you love and must needs have desires, let these be your desires; To melt and be like a running brook that sings its melody to the night; To know the pain of too much tenderness; to be wounded by your own understanding of love; and to bleed willingly and joyfully."
-Khalil Gibran

The flames danced in front of her eyes and broke the silence with their crackles. And all she did was to keep watching them dance. They fascinated her probably because they held her attention and concentration, letting her brain travel the realms that she had dared not to dwell upon in a very long time. The room was warm and it felt nice; the soft rug beneath her felt like she was on the soft mattress of her room and her hand still laced with his still fingers calmed her senses.

Her brain travelled and it travelled far into the time when they had first met. He hadn't liked her and she hadn't liked him either. But who would ever think that she'd stand at this juncture, with him, holding his hand, neither moving forward nor moving backwards. She saw in the flame, flashes of their time together; the walk in the central park, the beach in Miami, the drives to dinners and then the moment when she had lost all hopes of seeing him ever again and he had surprised her with his presence at her doorstep.

Does it happen often? When you think of a person so badly that they end up right in front of you, in flesh and blood?

She asked herself and glanced up at him. he was asleep. His breaths were slow and long and her head bobbed up and down, slowly, rhythmically. But she couldn't sleep. Maybe because she had slept the better part of the evening. Maybe because her thoughts kept her awake... she didn't know. But the silence was soothing.

This man with her was in love with her, she thought and raked her brain to think more. The fire crackled and she saw the flashes...more of them.

The photographs.

The snowy evening at the central park.

The moments in the study.

She gasped and quickly closed her mouth with her other half, not wanting to wake him up. Distant memory of them together in dadima's room swirled her mind.

Days will turn into weeks and weeks will turn into months. Months will turn into a year...and another and another until it becomes forever...

He said he loved her. He did. She had no doubt about it.

But will he stay with her for "forever"?

She felt restless with her own thoughts. Wasn't seeking "forever" a silly childish fantasy? She had thought of a "forever" in her past. Will she be mistaking it again if she thought of it now? A "forever" with Maan?

What if he isn't there with her in her "forever"?

The thought of it hurt. Just the thought of it! She bit her lips and sat up, shaking her head. She was thinking stupid and she knew it too. The thought of not being with Maan was unimaginable. She was surprised at her own thoughts. She just couldn't think further because her heart ached.

This man... he was everything she could ever think of and even more.

"that I cannot imagine anymore, how am I going to live this life without you!"

She had not lied when she had spoken that. it was dreadful, the thought itself.

He stretched a little in his sleep and she stilled, scared that he might wake up but she sighed in relief when he didn't. He was exhausted. She gently lifted his hand and pressed a soft and long kiss at the back of his palm.

"thank you..." she whispered and slowly pulled away her fingers from his hold.
He didn't wake up and she was thankful for that. She didn't want him to worry about her stupid thoughts. Standing up, she sauntered towards the bay window and didn't even dare to open it. She didn't realize how long she stood watching particularly at nothing in the dark but she loved this moment. She glanced back at him, now sleeping on his side and smiled. Pushing the hairs from her neck, she looked out, feeling guilty but not guilty to have been this selfish. He was sleeping on the floor, in the cold, uncomfortably and she was cruel enough to not let him go. She just couldn't let him go.

Oh what has become of you Geet?

She rested her hands on the window pane and sighed, hanging her head low.
Wisps of wind seeped through the minute gaps of the window and made her shiver. The fire had died down, burning last of its being, she wrapped her arms around and rubbed her arms.

Something warm slid around her arms and she gasped, startled at the sudden action and jumped, turning back.

"eeepp..." she squealed.

There he stood, with a soft smile and her shawl in his hands, trying to wrap it around her.

"Oh god, you scared me!" she pressed her hand over her chest to calm her heartbeats down.

"You are shivering." He stated with a drowsy voice.

She looked up at him and forgot to breathe. There he stood, her Monster Khurana with his hair dishevelled, some of them falling on his eyes, his eyes hooded with lack of sleep, his voice heavy and sultry and her heart suddenly running a mile a minute.

Oh Kanha, he looks

She admitted in her head, stuck in the moment, unable to look away. she felt herself like a teenager, her fluttering, tickles in her stomach as he raised a brow at her, questioning her as to where she was lost and she probably didn't even hear what he was asking.

He sighed and tickled her forehead with his fingers bringing her back to reality.

"hahahaha..." she giggled and moved back, like always.

"Done checking me out?" he smirked, his voice laden with mirth.

For once she was startled at being caught and that smirk on his face made her fluster but she had to make a comeback, else she just wouldn't be his little storm.

"Ughhh...always on his high horses! Earth to Monster Khurana... yuhooo..." she scoffed.

He grinned, "Never the one to admit her folly... hai na?"

She raised a brow at him, "Folly? Really?"

Before he could open his mouth to say something she cut him off, "and why did you wake up? You are tired. Go back to your room."

No No...don't you dare go!!!

She screamed in her head but she knew she had to stop this silly behaviour sooner than later. he needed his rest. After all, he was a human too!

Ummm...I doubt!!

She twisted her lips at her own thoughts, wrapping the shawl close to herself.

He thought for a while and looked at her quizzically, "Say Geet, do you fancy eating pasta?"

"Huh?? Pasta? Now?" she gaped at him and then at the wall clock behind him. it was way past 3am.

He nodded, "Ummm. Am hungry."

"didn't you have your di...woahhh..." she hadn't even completed her sentence when he held her hand and pulled her out, towards the kitchen.

"Maan... stop dragging me." she realized he was literally galloping towards the kitchen.

They stopped in front of the counter and she watched his eyes looking here and there for the ingredients.

She clasped his hand firmly and lovingly, "Bahut bhook lagi hain?"

He looked at her with an innocent look like that of a child and nodded vigorously.

"I get these hunger pangs if I stay up late."

He tugged at her hand even before she started feeling guilty and made her sit on the chair, "Sit here."

And then he was by the fridge, looking for stuffs.

"Hey, tell me what you are looking for. We can get this done quickly." she offered.

"Chup chap baithi raho...let me work."

Weird man!!!

She rolled her eyes, "at least let me chop the vegetables Maan."

He looked back at her, holding the pack of pasta in one hand and a carton of milk in the other, "no need. Mac and Cheese is the menu."

She sighed and tried offering to help but he refused, asking her to just sit. She laughed at his childlike mannerisms and thought of just observing him, like he did always. Resting her elbow on the counter, she supported her head on it and watched him boil the milk and the pasta simultaneously. And her thoughts went back to where she had left them.

Was he for "forever"? She always had her fantasies of a man who would love her and be her "forever" but she had thought the same for Raj too. She knew Maan was different from Raj in every way possible but she couldn't help ponder. Her mother didn't stay long... nor did her father. And somehow it was difficult to accept the fact that all these could be hers.

That he could be hers...

He turned back to see her lost in her thoughts and sighed. She had come to him on her own accord was a huge thing. She trusted him and he knew it. she felt something for him, he knew it too but he also knew that she'd take time. if he was ever honest to himself, he'd agree that he was desperate. He was eager to see her reciprocate these feelings which had started to choke him now, especially when she was this close to him. he was desperate to let go of all the inhibitions and scream out that he was hers and only hers...

It will happen when it has to...

He mentally chanted the mantra and looked away, turning his attention back to the pasta that was ready. he served it in two bowls and sat opposite to her.

"Mac and Cheese Ala Carte."

She snapped out of her thoughts and took in the aroma of the hot and gooey mac and cheese in front of her. it was heavenly.

"Eat now." he shoved a spoon towards her and dug into his bowl.

She nodded softly and took a bite, letting out a delectable moan.

"Gosh Maan this is amazing."

And that time she saw his smile, a wide smile flash on his face, melting her heart.

"I know..."

She watched him eat vigorously and smiled at the way he gulped down his food in quick succession. He was indeed very hungry.

"By the way..." she whispered after minutes of silent eating, "Merry Christmas."

He stopped and looked up. That smile just brightened up his life.

"Merry Christmas little storm."

She smiled, licking off the cheese from her lips, "what are your plans?"

"What plans?" he looked up from his bowl.

"You don't have anything planned for today? like going out with friends or  parties?"

He kept his spoon down and looked at her quizzically, "did you hit your head somewhere?"


"Geet, this is your first Christmas with us; your first in NYC. do you think I or anyone else for that matter would 'want to go to any goddamned party when you are here?"

He knew his little storm was everyone's favourite.

And now, she knew it too.

It was weird but that was her first Christmas with her family.

Her new family.

Her heart and cheeks warmed up with the feel. How easily they welcomed her in their home and their hearts and how easily she was ready to give up everything!!!

Stupid Stupid Geet!!

She glanced at Maan who was keenly finishing his food and extended her bowl to him too.

"I'm full. Wasn't hungry."


She nodded and watched him finish up her bowl too. the first year she had been in NYC, she had her holidays planned with Raj and Pooja in California. The previous year, her uncle hadn't been well. And so, she had rushed back to London. She sighed in defeat...she had really missed something.

They cleaned up and she watched him saunter towards the couch.

"hey hey Mister, you gotta sleep!" she warned.

"Not sleepy." He spoke, picking up the blanket that Ana had left on the couch and wrapped it around himself.

"Maan, go to sleep."

"Shut up. Come sit with me little storm." He turned on the tv and pointed his chin towards the couch.

"You plan to tv at this time of night? Are you mad?"

"Morning.." he corrected her, "its already past 4am."

She shook her head and sat beside him and smiled wide when he switched on the DVD player and put on re-runs of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.

She could vividly recall the first time they had seen the series together. That was probably the first time they had even talked like two civilized people. Memories made her laugh and the chill of the morning made her shiver. Despite the room heater, she felt the flimsy shawl not helping her at all.

"Uh uh, we'll flip for it, ducks or clowns?" Joey asked Chandler, taking out the coin from  his pocket.

"Oh, we're gonna flip for the baby?" Chandler was surprised.

"You got a better idea?"

"Alright, call it in the air..."

She watched him put his feet on the coffee table in front of them and snuggled close into her shawl. Ugh, she hated winters now.  cold was not her thing. She rubbed her feet on the carpet to stop them from freezing.

"heads" Joey chimed.

"heads it is."

"Yes! Woohoo!"

"We have to assign heads to something." Chandler rolled his eyes.

He smiled and glanced at her from the corner of his eyes and found her snuggling into the couch.

Silly girl.

"Come here little storm."

She turned her head towards his voice and found him wait for her with wide arms holding the blanket open.


"You might just not want to freeze to death. We just got you back." he laughed.
She wanted to retort but then she should better be alive to do so. she slid herself into his arms and he wrapped his arms around her, pulling the blanket on her, instantly warming her up.

She felt nice. Was it his embrace? Or was it the blanket? But she was definitely feeling better. she folded her legs and snuggled closer to him. he let her adjust and held her still, warming her up for good.

"Winters suck!!!" she spat.

"Right. Okay, okay, uhhh, ducks is heads, because ducks ...have heads." Joey found it legit.

Chandler looked at his friend sceptically, "What kinda' scary-ass clowns came to your birthday?"

He laughed his shoulders shook. She was literally leaning on him to not feel the vibrations. Second time in the night she felt this...his laughter. She turned her head back for she couldn't miss this moment again. she didn't know if he laughed at her or the scene on TV but she didn't care. His eyes were fixated on the screen and she rested her head on his chest, feeling extremely happy that she was back.

He saw her dozing off on him and smiled. he was just happy to have her back. he gently pried off that strand of hair from her face and lowered the volume of the tv. Nothing was more beautiful than watching that pretty face of his beloved all to his heart's content.

She woke up with his movements and quickly sat up, looking around.

"Am sorry I woke you up!" came his voice.

She blinked a couple of times and looked at him, making that apologetic face. Gosh, she didn't even realize when she had slept off on him. she was still wrapped with that blanket; his warmth still remained. It felt weirdly nice and warm. Warmth spread across her cheeks as she pretended to rub her face to wipe off the blush.

"Geet, go to your room and sleep."

"What time is it?" she asked, half asleep and half awake.

"6am." He tried pulling her back into the blanket and she obliged, yawning.

"Good morning little storm. Now you gotta get some proper sleep."

"Ummm..." she rested her head on his chest, trying to listen to his faint heartbeat in her sleepy state, "good morning."

"Come on, lets go." he made her sit and she made faces.

That was a nice place she was sleeping in.

He stood up and extended his hand to her. she stretched and stood up, holding his hand.

Now that her eyes adjusted to light, she looked around to find the hall faintly illuminated with the light of the winter sunrise. A ray of soft sunlight made its way through the crack of the door and fell on the carpet, dancing dust motes visible in the streamlined ray caught her attention.

"the sun is out already?" she asked.

"Yeah. Sunrise is beautiful on the porch. Wanna see?" he sounded enthusiastic.

She smiled softly and nodded. He walked her towards the door and gave the entire blanket to her.

"its going to be colder."

And then he just pulled open the door.

Cold rushed in with vigour and chilled the air immediately that the room heater had taken hours to warm up. A thin film of snow covered the land and then there was the mighty sun, going mild in the arms of winter, slowly spreading its light, glowing soft amber-yellow in the cold morning.

"wow..." she gasped, pulling the blanket close to her body. The sky was clear and orange. And there he stood, right in front of her, half illuminated with the sunlight. She could just stand there and keep watching but alas, that was not to be.
Raj(the pup) had woken up and rushed to Maan, taking away all his attention. She smiled as he knelt down and cuddled his black-grey husky and knew they needed their time. leaving them alone, she slowly slipped away to Ana's room, cuddled up to her and dozed off.


"Geet..." Ana groaned, lying on the couch.

"Hmmm?" Geet replied in the similar tone.

"Lets go." Ana yawned, "the afternoon is gone."

"Yes Ana...but am just too full. Aunty cooks such amazing biryani and I think I over ate."

The two of them woke up late, lazed around, ate more than they should have and fell on the couch, unable to walk.

"Kabir will drive us around. I don't think I can even do anything today." Ana sighed.

They dragged themselves to get ready. Geet stood by the bed thinking what to wear whilst Ana went to the washroom to freshen up. She hummed some tune when she heard the click of the door and watched Ana walk out, wiping her face.

"You got a new shampoo?" she asked, pulling her dress from the closet.

Geet nodded, "yeah, what about it? I just changed it recently."

"Its nice actually. Lavender...oh its amazing. I want to buy one too. Not that I don't like my shampoo but the scent of this one is amazing. It works for hair fall right? I think..."

Ana blabbered, working her way around but the word lavender' stuck to her. she froze mid way, her hand still holding her shirt.

Lavender??? That's new!

That means...he...he...ughhh!! she felt her cheeks warming up just with the thought of it. How minutely had he observed her... to even remember the scent of her... she felt butterflies dancing in her stomach. It was just so...she hid her face between her palms, not knowing how to deal with it!!

"Get ready Geet.." Ana called, walking towards her dressing table.

She nodded and quickly changed when her phone buzzed. It was Pooja on the other side asking if she was doing well. she felt happy and unburdened all of a sudden. She played with her curls still reeling in the feel that he had set on her when her eyes fell on something very familiar.

The blue velvet box.

How strange!

She knew she had seen it somewhere, but where? She finished her call with Pooja and picked up the box from the table. she had definitely seen this earlier. Curious, she opened and stood shocked at what she saw.

If she was frozen with happiness a moment ago, now she stood frozen with the reality in front of her, shining and proud.

The Red Ruby Ring!

>>Let me laugh first! **buhhahahahahaahaa**

>>I should have named the chapter "Return of the Ruby Ring" technically.

>>So, the ring has found a way back into her life. What now?

>>Show some love people... if you want quick updates!!!

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Thank you
Reading will comment soon Smile

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As always bang on update. That Chick and Duck scene was so perfectly written I could almost hear Chandler's sarcasm LOL
Just loved the way they took care of each other in subtle ways without any words. 
If I remember correctly isn't this the first time our munda cooked? And you ask me what's the definition of perfect? WinkLOL

Well to answer that,from what I know men don't understand what a woman's action means. They just DON'T. That is their genetic make up LOL even if we scream it in front of them they will take their sweet time to be on the same page. But  look at this guy. He just reads her mind!! The understanding and caring man who is also vocal about his feelings- That's why he is perfect!!
There you have your definition. Now make him imperfect na... Tongue

Red ruby ring? - Is that her Christmas gift?Shocked  It better be not. I have a feeling the ring is a precursor to that e-mail from Maan. Some foreshadowing you have got there 

Waiting for further updates

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Aww,aishu ...this is the most beautiful part of sly ...just moments with each other cheesy lines ,no conversation but still they conveyed der love with each other ...aur kya chahiye ... She is on verge of realization ...nd hope she will confess too soon nd she is feeling all emotions  with him .. 

Don't know why I related this update with kk song pal ...yaad aayenge ...end of life nothing remain but just  moments .moments of love to cherish ...

Loved it nd u nailed with ur words nd beautiful weather nd backdrop ...
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And I'm grinning like fool while reading your reply to me LOLHug
I think you didn't notice me earlier.. main tou comment kar rahi thi Ouch
Anyway.. *tish tish* leave it LOL
Abhi ye chapter parhna baki hai.. Smile
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Ihave to read this a few times for the feeling to sink in
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