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You are my theme for a dream
Yes you are, a rare and lovely theme

The dreams I dream day and night
That your arms are holding me so tight

When I dream I kiss you...
Music fills with starlight...
Every time I touch you
Each and every time a chime rings out I love you!!!!!!

Only you for ever more...

'Cause you're my theme for a dream
Yes you are a rare and lovely theme
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Listen to the song here-

You are my theme for a dream
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I'll be waiting 
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@sohni_kudi_111: thanks for reply. Exactly my point... that they took so much time to just come in terms of their own feelings and suddenly bringing physical intimacy and all that jazz would kill the essence. there will be no use of writing these 74 chapters. like you mentioned, everything happens at the right time. I was a little upset to see such impatience that i had to ask you guys this.

@kansya: thank you darling for understanding. it feels good when people relate to you and understand your pov. thanks a ton.Hug

@PEARLPOO: thanks poo. it really uplifted my spirits.Big smile

@pallavimn: hi dear, thanks for all your support. feel free to express yourself. all i wanted to do was to make you guys understand that there will be romance and a lot of it. but just that give me and the characters to develop to that point.Embarrassed 

@payal.gupta177: thanks dear... and some day this story has to end no?LOL

@sillyseema: hey, kuch zyada nahi hua yaar.LOLLOL yes, as you mentioned, love, lust and intimacy are not bad things but then it depends on person to person how they want to experience. some people want to experience those very quickly in their relationships and few others want to explore those sides slowly and gradually with time. and haven't you heard of that phrase- sabar ka phal meetha hota hain? (or i'd rather say 'hot' hota hainWink)

@PaintedSky: hi... yep. not rushing. you made me smile. 

@madhubala123: officially, welcome aboard. About the letter and what you expect out of Maan, I will keep my mouth shut and give you the benefit of doubt. 

@idunno: "it is silence.." I loved it so much thanks a tonEmbarrassed

@indiegirl: you have invested so much into the prologue. But I am hoping against all hopes that I surprise you.Wink

@TaranaGeet: I hope whatever troubles you, vanishes asap like magic! lappy baby is 6 years old... and for the first time, it has shown signs of old age.Ouch

@primafacie: hi, thanks for the lovely note. I asked the question not because I want to change anything between the two but for the impatience that I see every now and then. TBH, i am not averse to physical intimacy (if that is what you think)  or the kind that you talked about (real kiss you say) but what I want is time. they will have their moments when they are ready for it, when the words truly fail, when there is  nothing that could express what they feel. But impatience does no good, does it? I want to develop that trust and love gradually, till they reach a point of no return. they have now what...not even made it official. how can I jump into things like these?

@tabby999: confusing you say? Isn't it so me?

@taahir004: thank you so much for being here. yes, he could have given into his feelings that night too... but he is what he is. Like you said, right things will happen at the right time.

75.Abhi Na Jao Chod Kar Ke Dil Abhi Bhara Nahin...

"Hmmm...abhi na jao chod kar ke dil abhi bhara nahin..."

She hummed the tune that stuck to her head all through her journey from London to NYC as she ran her finger along the spine of the books that he had kept so carefully.

"Abhi abhi tho aaye ho...bahar banke chaaye ho..."

The song recently had made it to the top of her playlist. The study gave her this warm fuzzy feeling inside her stomach despite being chattering cold in the winter. The cold fireplace told her of his condition. He indeed hadn't been in the study for a while. She picked up a random book and swayed her way towards the bay window and pushed it open. The cold rushed in like she had been waiting for this exact moment.

"hawa zara mehek tho le... nazar zara behek tho le..."

She shivered with the cold and quickly closed the window, pulling her shawl closer to herself. her teeth chattered that made her stop singing. She had woken up in the middle of the night, thanks to her body which was accustomed to London timings and had wandered off  to the study. Maan wasn't back perhaps. He had been wrapping up work before Christmas and that kept him busy. That was what Kabir had said. She tried to stay awake but jet lag had its way with her. post dinner, when she had rested on the bed, she had fallen asleep in an instant, like magic!

Kanha, is he back? Is he working in his room?

She had been so excited to see him all this while and her Kanha was prolonging this wait even more.

She was tempted to go to his room and check on him but it was way into the night and hence decided against the idea. She fell back on dadima's rocking chair and with a push of her feet, she swayed, opening the book, trying to read.

Back and forth...Back and forth...

The chair swayed gently and the silence made her drowsy again. Within moments, the book fell on her chest and her eyes closed on their own.

He watched her sleep on the rocking chair that now rocked slowly and controlled, slowly coming to a halt and blinked his eyes a couple of times.

She didn't vanish.

The shawl remained loosely wrapped around her shoulder and a book rested on her chest, that moved up and down slowly, giving away her breathing patterns.
He was definitely hallucinating. He had walked in to keep away some papers before he called it day and his eyes had fallen on the sleeping beauty. he had come home late and knew that everyone must have gone to sleep as usual. The house gave a different aura; he had found when he had entered. Something was off; something was new. But maybe it was Christmas the next day. May be his mom had planned some dinner the next day. And he had stopped thinking up until this moment.

He shook his head and kept the papers back on his table, chiding himself mentally to have been behaving stupid. He turned to leave and she was still very much there.

"You need to sleep..." he cursed himself mentally for behaving like a teenager and walked past her.

She sneezed faintly in her sleep and he stopped. Turning back, he saw her turning uncomfortably in her sleep. He left an inaudible gasp and stood stunned. Was she really there? Or was she just a figment of his imagination? He couldn't for the love of God understand the kind of tricks in mind played with him.

How could she be here at this time?

His sanity asked him.

See it for yourself...

His heart answered.

He slowly made his way towards the chair and bend over her, holding the chair by its arms to stop swaying. She was breathing oh so softly, like she was seeing a happy dream. With a thudding heart, he raised his hand and gently pushed away that strand of hair from her cheeks and froze right there. His hand still in air, he forgot to breathe. It was as if someone had stopped the flow of time right at that moment, like how a camera captures a memory. Time captured it too.

She was real!

He blinked a couple of times to make himself believe that. she was very much real and she was in his study, sleeping in his chair, breathing and alive. She wasn't his imagination.

Shock and surprise made him tremble with so much happiness that he shivered and knelt in front of her. His hand, in the process might have brushed her cheeks again that made her come alive from her tiny nap. She arose like a sun and stopped blinking her eyes when they fell on him, kneeling right in front of her, dazed still, watching her intently, like he was seeing her for the first time.

"Maan..." she gasped, not believing that he was really here. she had not expected to see him before morning. but he was here.

His sharp intake of breath told her of his predicament. He did not believe that she was here.

"Maan..." she called out lovingly, leaning closer to him.

Tell me this is no dream...

He prayed under his breath and she came to him like an answer. She leaned closer and cupped his cheeks, her eyes, he saw now, glistened with tears in the dim lights.

"Oh Maan..."

And then she slipped into his arms like beads of pearls slipping into the thread, wrapping themselves around it to make their existence potent.

"You are really here..." he whispered into her hair, slipping his hands around her, pulling her close. His happiness knew no bounds. She was indeed here. she was back. his Geet was back.

His little storm...

His heart warmed up, holding that petite little lady in his arms, pressing her close to himself, making himself believe that she was as real as his existence.

Ohh how he had lived his days without even a trace of her...

He dipped his head into her shoulder, taking in her scent, that mild fragrance that she always exuded; that always soothed him, almost to the realms of sleep.

"Yes..." she murmured, feeling something she couldn't explain. She knew she had been excited to meet him but she never knew she would feel something like this. something like "belongingness". Something like the "feeling of home". Something like "peace".

It was only but a few seconds when she felt it. The difference in him that had always worried her. They had no, she had hugged him countless number of times but never had she felt then what she felt now. This was different.
This wasn't the kind of hug wherein he cocooned her in his embrace.


She wasn't wrapped around by his warm embrace. It was the other way round. He buried himself in her, seeking the kind of warmth that he had always given her. She almost wept with the knowledge dawning upon her as she slowly wrapped her arms around him and hugged him tight.

He needed her...

He had always needed her...

And she had been so stupid to have not felt that before. He sought her. She bit her lips to muffle that cry and wrapped her arms around him, pulling him close in her small embrace.

Oh dear love, what did you make me do?

His breath fanned her neck, setting her skin in goose-pimples. And suddenly she realized she was no longer sitting on the chair. She had slipped down unto the rug, kneeling in front of him, holding him in her arms, gently caressing his head.

She gasped all of a sudden, feeling his arms wrap tighter around her and she let a drop of tear slip down her eyes as Pooja's words floated in her head.

He is yours and only yours. Understand that fact and you don't have to hide yourself in front of him.

Was he really hers?

Her hands grazed his broad shoulders meekly as she replayed her words. She knew Maan loved her but to be sitting here, holding him like this, to know his need of her, to understand his love... It was something she hadn't prepared herself for. It was overwhelming.

She was needed...

He needed her!!!

The thought itself was so powerful that she could help but press a soft kiss on his shoulder, so soft that he didn't even realize.

It felt eons that they remained so, letting their heartbeats calm down and come in sync like two pendulums swinging in resonance after a chaotic start.

She heard his sharp intake of breath and parted from him to look into his eyes. He pressed his forehead against her instead, letting his breath fall on her lips, making her quiver.

"Lavender??? That's new!" he spoke over her lips, smiling softly.

"Huh?" she flicked her eyes open and at him.

He parted and looked at her playfully, "nothing."

She didn't understand what he said but she could see his eyes twinkle in

He held both her hands in his and pressed a kiss on her knuckles, "when did you come?"

Her heart skipped beats as she grabbed his hands tightly, not knowing how to react to that kiss and not wanting to pull away.

"Just this afternoon." She leaned back and sat down on the rug, crossing her legs and he did the same too, not letting go of her hands.

"why didn't you tell me?" his eyes rife in amusement.

She smiled and whispered, "Surprise!"

She watched his eyes go wide in surprise and happiness and he probably wanted to say something because he opened his mouth but then he didn't.

"what?" she asked, cocking her head to her side.

He shook his head, smiling and leaned closer and pressed a longing kiss on her forehead, "I am just so glad that you are here."

She blinked in awe as he parted and revelled in the chaste kiss that sent tingling sensations down her spine.

It had been so long...

"Its getting colder..." his eyes went to the closed bay window and then remained at her. Despite the shawl, she was unconsciously rubbing her arms to generate more heat.

Before she could say anything, he walked to the fireplace to bring alive the heart of the fire and she just sat there, watching him work his way around. The study held so many memories of him and her...the place where he was himself; the place where he had confessed his love for her. she sighed and hid her face between her palms.

The crackling of the embers made her look up and found him stand by the fireplace, half illuminated by the fire and half by the dim lights of the study.

A sense of deja vu hit her and she suddenly felt so weak in the face of time as fleeting moments of past flooded her head. She wanted to stand up and walk up to him and tell him so many things but then stopped short when she saw him walking towards her and sitting on the floor, right beside her.

"Now, tell me everything." he urged.

She looked at him confused, "about what?"

"everything about London...everything about you!"

Her smile widened and simultaneously, her heart thudded.

Everything about her...   

Oh dear Kanha, why does he hold so much influence on me? she sighed and kept looking into his eyes, awed and happy to see him happy. His happiness twinkled in his eyes which she felt in her too. she had not expected that happiness.

Someone could be happy because of her too!!

"hey" he stretched and pulled her back from her reverie, "I'm waiting."

She blinked a couple of times not knowing how to start, where to start and probably he had guessed her confusion too for he went ahead and offered her the respite, "How is Pooja doing?"

It was like he had keyed her and she went off like a hot water geyser springing off the ground.

"Ohh tell me about her...she has been throwing tantrums like a kid. To be honest, she just makes me lose y patience. I want this...I want that... I want to eat mangoes...I feel like crying for nothing, ugh... terrible."

He smiled softly at her, watching her blabber. She was so real, so vibrant, so innocent.

"And you know the other day I baked a chocolate cake for her on her demand and then madam says..."

He supported himself on the floor with one hand pressed to the ground and the other hand rested on the knee of his folded leg and kept watching her. the way her lips moved as she talked of how Pooja got on her nerves or how her colleagues played pranks on each other. He watched her eyes twinkle in delight, her lashes sweeping those beautiful orbs moment by moment; her little nose scrunching up when she spoke of something not very nice. He watched her lips curve with what words only God knew she spoke. He watched her hands move animatedly in the air, making patterns he couldn't decipher, her breathing quick and shallow, her head bobbing and nodding as she played theatrics and all he could do was just watch her.

If only he could stop time for a moment and capture every bit of her existence in his heart and soul...

"...and it took me three whole days to convince Pooja that the girl was just Raj's colleague and that there was nothing wrong with just a silly hug. And I tell you Maan..."

She looked at him and stopped, seeing that look in his eyes. He didn't even blink. She saw him so lost in something and she wasn't that foolish anymore to not realize what "something" had taken away his attention.

Hue of red crept her cheeks as her lashes dropped, unable to meet those love filled eyes that spoke nothing but of sheer happiness.

"Maan." She whispered out softly, unable to bear that gaze.

He sighed, letting one of his hands rise and sweep away that strand of hair grazing her cheek, "Go on. Tell me more little storm..."

He swore he hadn't heard a single word she had been speaking till now but he just didn't want her to stop. He wanted her to just go on. He didn't want this moment to pass, not when she was back. not when she was this happy. Not when he was this delighted. His aching heart suddenly called truce on his sanity. And all it needed was just her mere presence.

 He let his finger graze her cheek a bit longer, convincing himself more that this was real.

She shivered in the feel. Countless number of times had he done that but what was it now that made all the difference?

"I...uhh..I just.." she felt so conscious with his gaze that it made him laugh. And he did.

He chuckled and laced his fingers with her and brought it close to his mouth and pressed a soft kiss on the back of her palm, "I am sorry but I am just so happy to see you here."

His words sunk deep into her, more than his touch and that was then she realized how much he had missed her. It wasn't only her... he had been standing at the same pedestal as her too.

When she didn't reply, he leaned closer and tickled her forehead, like he always did, making her giggle.

"Maan what?"

He loved seeing her lips widen into a smile, "tell me more. How about your Boss?"

She twisted her lips, "Ugh don't talk about him."

He raised a brow, "is he that bad?"

She cocked her head to the side, "Of course. Didn't you say it yourself that bosses are never nice?"

It was then her eyes fell on their entwined hands and how softly yet visibly he had clasped her nimble fingers. His laughter made her look up at him and couldn't help sighing. Her most favourite thing in the world.

Oh stupid Geet, how can you ever forget this?

She chided herself and revelled in the aesthetic of this moment.

"Of course they have to be "not nice" to get people to work perfectly."

"So, do you agree that you are a slave driver?" she spoke suddenly being reminded of the days she had worked with him on the 10th floor.

His laughter ceased and she felt his thumb tracing unknown patterns on her palm. So spontaneous it was and so soft that gave away nothing but how much he had longed for her.

"they are entirely two different things Geet." He couldn't believe how she was relating things.

"Really? then please elaborate what you meant by the phrase "not nice"? Doesn't making people work till they die come under this category?" she made a face.

He watched her amused and happy and bewildered all at the same time.

"So do you imply that you didn't enjoy working with me?"

His fingers kept making soft patterns on her palms, sending soothing tingles up and down her body. She exhaled and nodded vigorously like a little child, "Ah han. It was gruelling. I was almost dead by the end of the day."

He scoffed, "that's because you were inefficient."

"excuse me?" she snapped.

Did he just say that?

He shrugged, "You know it better."

"I... I wasn't inefficient. I just didn't know how to work around but then of course I learned with time."

"And still you made rookie mistakes. Admit it. You sucked and you probably still do! And that is why your boss keeps shouting at you."

She fumed. How dare he?

He watched her face turn red and he had every intention of going ahead and pulling her cheeks but he held back. She was a wounded tigress now.

"You are so mean. Here I come back after so long and look at monster..."


He just couldn't have enough of her.

"What will it take you to admit your fault Geet?" he asked with utmost seriousness.

She pulled her hand away from him, cringing at the loss of the soothing tingles but she held her stand and stood up.

"And what does it take you to be a little polite to the woman who travelled so far just to surprise you? How ungrateful. I am leaving. Bye."

She stood up to leave when he burst out laughing and pulled her hand back.

"Hey Geet stop..."

His sudden pull made her lose her balance and she fell right on him, taking him on the floor.

" freak..." she screamed.

She wanted to scream at him for teasing her so bad but then his laughter froze her. that was when she realized he was lying on the floor and she rested on him, his hands wrapped around her protectively. His body vibrated with that laughter and suddenly she just forgot everything. the sound reverberated in the silent room, occasionally being interrupted by the crackling fire and she couldn't help watching his happy, so content with just having her around.

His body shook with laughter and she found herself leaning down and resting her head on his chest, feeling the happy vibrations in her body too; hearing this steady and fast heart beats in her ears too.

Monster Khurana is stupid...

She mumbled in her head and smiled.

She sighed and held him, until she couldn't hear his laughter anymore. She could feel his long deep breaths now, slow and rhythmic. She raised her head and found him looking at her.

"I love your laughter." She confessed for the first time, making him swoon with just that.

She slipped down and rested her head on his stomach, stretching her legs away from him, making a "T'.

He still held her hand, quiet now, tracing the lines of her palms, trying to figure out the way to happiness. The room remained silent and the fire crackled.

"Geet?" he spoke after a long time.

"Umm?" she kept looking at the ceiling, still trying to gauze what he was writing on her palms with his fingers.

"How long are you here?"

She felt her head bob with his stomach, going up and down with each of his breath. She could feel each of his breaths...

"Till 2nd of Janurary."


That was all what he said. He never asked anything to her; not even if she ever planned to come back to him or if she planned to stay back in London...just nothing.

They remained still in time for some time when something struck her head. She turned her head to ask him  what went in her head.

"Say Maan, what..."

She stopped, watching him sleep, breathing slow and deep, her hand still laced with his, now rested on the rug.

He had been exhausted, she realized. He had been working so much and yet he had the patience to sit with her. he always did this. to say she was overwhelmed was just an understatement.

His one hand rested below his head for support and the other just held hers, soft yet firmly. Care and concern beckoned her to wake him up and send him back to his room for a proper night's rest for he desperately needed it. But she let her heart waver today. She let herself be a little selfish and closed her eyes, still resting her head on him.

She didn't want him to go.

Not yet...

She clasped his fingers tightly and let the events of the evening seep into her soul bit by bit. And amidst all that, two things now remained in her head. The presence of Maan right beside her because of her selfish little act and the lines of the song that had stuck in her head all this time...

Bas ab na mujhko tokna...
Na badh ke raah rokna
Agar mein ruk gayi abhi
Toh Ja na Paungi Kabhi...

Yahi Kahoge Tum Sada
Ke Dil abhi Nahin Bhara

Abhi Na Jao Chod kar
Ke dil abhi Bhara Nahin...
>>Happy??? Super Happy??? How many of you love me more now???

>>Just to add my fav song...
(the last  lines of the update are my most favorite)Heart


>>Now Now, let me tease you some more...Big smile
Raat baaki... baat baaki...WinkWink

>>Now I will shut this trap and go to sleep like a good girl.Approve

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Just came randomly at this hour and look what a surprise i got an Update wow and one of an amazing one

You have magic in your expression I feel the intensity of both being together just loved the expression.
And for Raat Baaki baat Baaki will be waiting anxiously Clap Edited by taanee - 2017-11-10T11:36:29Z
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Abhi abhi ro aaye ho ..bahar bankar chaye ho  ...

Love u dear 

So beautfully written 

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too much dreamy...happiness is everywhere in th love place of them
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