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y i m thinking that th last part of this chapter is somehow related to new prologue...geet wants to become someone who she is actually not...will maan like that new geet...maan fell for this geet who is actually who she is now...isn't it...n geet loves maan who he is now...dono donoko balance kar raha hain

I have a different view in this if Really one Geet will be that person to take Maan's responsibility he will be really proud of her Like I will be Smile

So I don't think that will cause the prologue in any way

maan alws feels proud of geet what she does ...whenever... tai hotei pare tumi ja bolcho...cholo dekha jakEdited by paponecon - 2017-12-07T09:43:00Z
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Originally posted by paponecon

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Originally posted by paponecon

y i m thinking that th last part of this chapter is somehow related to new prologue...geet wants to become someone who she is actually not...will maan like that new geet...maan fell for this geet who is actually who she is now...isn't it...n geet loves maan who he is now...dono donoko balance kar raha hain

I have a different view in this if Really one Geet will be that person to take Maan's responsibility he will be really proud of her Like I will be Smile

So I don't think that will cause the prologue in any way

maan alws feels proud of geet what she does ...whenever... tai hotei pare tumi ja bolcho...cholo dekha jak

Shetai dekha jak ki hoy cause mathay ekhon ar kichhu dhukche na..
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Alright, now what's up with such a low response in the previous update???Confused

Anyways, I am going home next weekend Big smile
and I will be busy till 1st Jan.
I might update one before going off or you may expect delays.
Please bear with me. Embarrassed

So, a long update before I go on my weary-happy way back home!!!Dancing

79.The Inky Dark Sky had Blurred The Lines...




"Yes my child. Come. Its time for fajr..."

She looked at her mother who tucked the hijab around her neck and found her beautiful light brown eyes looking down at her lovingly.



"Why do we pray?" little Aayat adjusted her hijab and stood up holding her mother's hand.

Her mother smiled, "we pray to Allah to thank him."

"And why do we thank Him?" she knelt alongside her mother and brought her hands closer.

"For this life that we have and everything else. What does little Aayat thank Allah for?"

"Ummm" she thought for a while, "Ummm... I thank Him for giving me my favourite doll and...and also my favourite food. What do you thank Allah for ammi?"

Her mother pressed a kiss her cheek, "for giving me a cute little Aayat. Do you know what Aayat means?"

She shook her little head in denial.

"Aayat means Prayer. Pious and unadulterated...just like you."

"Aayat..." she mumbled and closed her in eyes in prayer.


Her name reverberated everywhere and there was no more tenderness that the word evoked in her like her mother's voice did. If at all, it evoked fear. A spine chilling fear that shook her to her bones. There were people closing in on her and she ran. She ran like there was no tomorrow.


She squirmed, hearing that name.

"Aayat...wake up. Are you dreaming again? Oh dear, you are sweating."

She snapped open her eyes feeling someone shake her vigorously and sat up, panting.

"Oh god... you are trembling. Let me get you some water."

She sat on the bed, hiding her face between her shivering palms.

Aayat... it wasn't Pious anymore.

Aayat...was adulterated.


He walked down only to be greeted by the prettiest face of his little storm. It was the third day they were in Miami and everyone was still asleep. She had put on some music on her phone and was doing something in the kitchen. Curious, he walked closer and found her whipping something and rolled his eyes. That was why she had forced everyone to go shopping the previous evening. She was baking something!!!

She hadn't even realized that he was close and what was in his mind. She took out the tin molds, cleaned them and was about to put them in the oven to pre-heat when she felt two cold hands rest on her shoulder.

"hey..." he spoke suddenly and loudly that she screamed and dropped the molds on the floor, startled.

She turned back quickly holding her heart and found him laughing at her condition.

She glared at him, breathing hard still trying to calm her heart beats.

"You are so easy to scare.."

And that earned him a whack on his arm.


"I hate you." she snapped, "who the hell does this?"

He picked up the bottle of water and sat by the counter, "Come on. It was fun."

"For you, you monster!!! Not for me"

She bent down and picked up the molds, wiped them clean and put them in the oven. He watched her get back to the batter and add some stuffs as he gulped down the water. She had always been a troubled little soul, he reckoned, and he'd probably have to confess again and again until she was convinced that she could be happy too.

His little storm had been lonely for far too long!!!

She felt his gaze all on her and looked up to find him looking at her lovingly. Her heart warmed up just with that. she kept her bowl aside and rested her hands on the counter across him.

"What are you looking at, hmm?" she asked boldly but couldn't stop the heat rushing up her cheeks.

He noticed that. he noticed everything about her. there was a little flour that stuck to her cheek and little beads of sweat remained on her forehead.

He shrugged, "I am just so happy..."

She smiled, "what for?"

He leaned closer and wiped her cheek clean and lingered there a little. His thumb gently grazed her skin, making it more pink.

"to have found you in this life."

She gasped and looked up into his eyes only to find them reflect exactly what he spoke. She knew she was in love with him but every time she hears him speak something like this, she probably falls much more. How easily he had welcomed her in his life!!! How easily he had chosen her to be "the one!!! how easily he has gathered all the broken pieces of her and held it securely in his palms!!!
She raised her hand and held his that still caressed her cheek and leaned into the touch.

This man...

If she didn't say this now, after all that happened, especially back in the study, if she didn't say this now, she knew that would be the most unfair thing to him. she was nervous around him, she agreed, she was clumsy and that she was still scared about her own self but the only thing she was sure of was him!

"I am happy too...more than anyone could ever imagine." she whispered, looking straight into his eyes, telling him she meant every word she had uttered. She wasn't as expressive about her feelings as he yet but she knew she was falling crazily in love with him.

He leaned closer to her, holding her still when the timer of the oven chimed, breaking them apart. He stood there and watched her swiftly move away to finish what she was doing.

"Bhai? Geet? What are you guys doing in the kitchen so early?" Ana yawned and walked out.

Maan smiled and patted Ana's head, "Good morning kiddo..."

"Morning Bhai... what is happening here?"

"Good morning Ana... Guess what, am baking a vanilla cake."

Ana's lips curled into a big smile, "really?"

Maan took a step away, "alright you guys enjoy. I will go for a run."

"at the beach?" Ana asked, excited.

"Yeah." Maan smiled.

"Bhai let me come with you too."

Maan nodded and watched Ana drag Geet out too. he put on his running shoes and walked out with the two girls in tow.

The morning was cold but sunny. The waves lashed against the shore and the sea gulls flocked the sky cawing. He loved this adrenaline rush in the morning. he wiped the sweat from his forehead and ran on the sand and stopped after a while. he looked back only to find Geet and Ana far behind.

"Oh my god tired!" Geet huffed and bend down, taking long breaths.

"Come on...look at Bhai... he is so far ahead."

"No. I have to go back. the cake must have been done."

"Okay we will get back in a while. let me call bhai..."

She watched Ana run towards Maan. She took off her shoes and walked barefoot on the sand, loving the feel of the cold water against her feet. The wind played with her hair as she walked slowly and watched Maan and Ana far ahead. Her lips widened into a smile when Ana went ahead and splashed water on Maan.

Another wave crashed against her feet as she pushed her hair away from her face and watched Maan splashing water back on Ana. the sun was warm against the cold wind and her mind drifted towards Maan, once again. she watched him pull Ana into the water while she begged him not to and then he pulled her back whilst she tried to run.

She laughed and stopped short seeing him laugh. He brightened her day! she started walking again, unable to take her eyes off him. she had never seen him this playful, this happy.

I am just so happy to have found you in this life...

Isn't that what he had said to her a few minutes earlier? Her heart thudded with just the thought of it. she watched him play with his his reckless abandon and wished if she could ever be that expressive and tell him how much she had come to love him and revere him for what he was to her.

Maan is yours...and yours only. Understand the fact...

Pooja's words still rang in her head as she reached them and watched him lovingly. His laughter echoed even in the noise of the water.

He felt her gaze on him and turned towards her with a smile, "You don't wanna play?"

He was always her undoing. She softly shook her head in denial and watched him drag Ana out of the water. He pulled his sister close, putting his hand across her shoulder and teasing her about something she didn't even hear. She just followed them quietly. His attention was not with her today. It was with his sister. She didn't mind at all. it gave her all the time with her feelings. He had so much love for everyone around and she knew how much he loved his family, especially Ana. And amidst the entire world he had to take care of, he had chosen her to be the one for him. Out of everyone else, he chose her.

She looked up from the water lapping at her feet to the siblings who were laughing and talking. The beach house neared and her gaze focussed on him and only him.

Before she entered the gates, she took one glance at him and closed her eyes, repeated to herself.



She watched him in horror as he frowned and glared at her, rinsing his mouth with water.

"What happened?" she asked meekly, scared to hear what she had been dreading!!!

"what in the world is that?" he screamed and chugged down the glass of water, making everyone look at him in surprise.

"Maan... stop that." his mother reprimanded.

She made a baby face and pouted, "Sorry!"

"You want to kill me??? what are your intentions?"

"Am sorry Maan..." she pleaded, "I just didn't realize."

Ana and Kabir gaped at the two and then dug into the cake that she baked and knew instantly what went wrong!!!


They eyed each other and burst out laughing. It was sweet but they could handle it. not their Maan Bhai!!!

There was nothing that ruined his mood more than things that didn't satisfy him, especially when it came to food. he stood up mid-breakfast and walked away. she ran after him and held his hand, stopping him.

"what?" he snapped, wiping his mouth with the napkin.

"at least finish your food na..." she spoke cutely.

"No thank you. Am done." he then turned back, "tell me Geet, honestly, what have I ever done to you?"

She looked down, feeling guilty, "I am sorry. Its just that I was excited and then I was baking after a long time..."

But his mood was ruined. He pulled away his hand from her and walked away, making her feel guilty. She hung her head low and walked back to the dining to a laughing Ana and Kabir.

She glared at them, "Stop that."

Radhika smiled and gently caressed her head, "Its okay Geet. Maan is a bit fussy about food."

That was new!!!

She glanced up and pouted, "Fussy?"

She smiled, "Yeah. He is very choosy when it comes to food."

"really? but... but I have never seen him like that aunty."

"You want a demo?" Radhika looked at her naughtily.

Kabir stopped, "Mom No!!! You know bhai will get angry."

"Come on.  Its just one day. It wouldn't hurt anyone."

"Am with you Mom!!!" Ana went and hi-fived her mother.

Kabir leaned closer to Geet and whispered in her ears, "Be ready."

It was all so new for Geet. She had never seen this side of the family. she never knew Radhika could be mischievous too. the whole day they went around the city, had lunch in an Indian restaurant and ended up walking on the beach by sunset.

"Mom dad...tell Geet about how you got married!!!" Ana chimed.

Maan was never the one to sit at one place. So he had called someone at office to check on things and had wandered away.

Radhika blushed making everyone laugh.

"Yes aunty, tell us please..."

Kabir insisted too and after much pleading and begging, Mr. Khurana agreed to narrate their story.

"I saw your mother for the first time when she had climbed over the boundary wall of our house to steal mangoes in a summer afternoon. We lived in a small house then. I was in my 2nd year of college, had come home for holidays..."

Geet watched the lady blush and couldn't help smiling. Ana and Kabir kept teasing them as they sat on the sand and heard the old school love story which was no less than a fairytale. She drew circles on the sand as it grew colder and darker and they decided to walk back to the beach house. Ana dragged her narrating something when her eyes searched for a certain man who never left her mind despite being busy.

She saw him stand by the water, still and poised. He wasn't on a call. He just stood and looked at the horizon. The waves crashed as his feet one after the other but he remained unmoved. She followed his gaze and looked at the horizon. There was no horizon anymore.

The inky dark sky had blurred the lines between the sky and the earth. And glanced at him and then back at the sky...

Did he like that? the place where boundaries blurred? Where the sky and earth were not two entities but one... once in the day when they were allowed to meet...

"Maan..." she whispered and took a step closer towards him when Kabir called her back.

She sighed and went back with the family, half-heartedly. A part of her remained with the man who stood all alone by the water, lost in his thoughts, forgetting the world.

Who are you Maan? Do I know you really?


She watched him get off half-way through the dinner and rushed out, angrily. She watched him in shock and he just didn't even glance back.

She stood up and called out, "Maan wait..."

He didn't stop. He picked his jacket and rushed out.

"Mom... I told you before right?" Kabir sighed sadly.

Radhika sighed and watched Geet worrying about him. she added another hot roti on her plate and gently caressed her head, "Don't worry about him Geet. He will be fine after sometime..."

"But Aunty he just left like that..."

"Geet, bhai hates bhindi(okra)", Ana giggled, plopping another bite of roti into her mouth and relished the feel of the flavour.

"Geet, don't worry. He just hates the mere sight of bhindi. When maa was there, she'd always make anything he wanted." Radhika added and went to the kitchen to get more rotis.

She never knew he hated bhindi. Her heart sunk. If she thought, she knew nothing about him.

Radhika saw her worried and smiled, "I had stopped making this only because of him but I can't be not making things only because he doesn't like it. Don't you worry. I will cook something for him when he comes back."

If she felt anything at all, it was nothing but shame and worry. He had been angry at her for the cake in the morning and now this dinner!!!

"Mi bella, bhai is like this only. didn't I tell you, he likes things in a certain way?" Kabir shrugged, seeing Geet so confused and worried.

She looked at her plate and then at the door and emptied her plate on Ana's.

"What the..."

"I will be back."

That was all she said and ran away, cleaning her hands.

It was a dark night without a moon. The sand made it difficult for her to run. She knew he'd be on beach but she couldn't find him. There was hardly anyone around and she was scared. The only thing that kept her company was the sound of the waves crashing on the shore. She ran aimlessly, worried about him, scared at the same time when she saw his silhouette far ahead, walking slowly. She quickened her pace and ran, despite huffing.

He ran his fingers across his hair and tried to take long deep breaths to calm himself down when he felt someone collide with him from the back. before even he could react, two warm hands snaked around his waist and clutched him tightly.

"Thank God I found you..."

He gasped and then stilled.

"Geet?" he whispered and felt her press herself onto him. her fingers clutched his shirt on the front and he quickly held her hands, still surprised.

"Ummm..." she hummed, feeling so relaxed to have found him so.

He gently pulled her hands away from his shirt and turned back to look at her and what he saw left him with nothing but utter amazement.

She looked at him lovingly, worriedly, happily and god knows what not. he wondered if he would be able to pin point what exactly she felt right now. he raised his hand and gently pried that strand of hair away from her face.

"tum yahan kya kar rahi ho?"

This man...Oh Kanha, why is like this? she should be the one asking this to him, not the other way round!!!

She narrowed her brows cutely, "pehle you tell me, what are you doing here?"

A wave came and crashed and went back just few steps before it reached them.

"Just came to relax."

"and why did you not finish your dinner? Aisa kaun karta hain?" she reprimanded.

He sighed, "Everyone must have told you already. Why are you asking again?"

He took a step ahead and started walking. She tagged along, not letting go of his hand.

"you could have eaten dal and rice right?" she observed him keenly now. his jaws were firm and tight. He was still not very happy about the whole thing. His eyes looked focussed on something ahead. His hand gently held hers, telling her how much he valued her presence. She felt she'd cry with the happiness.

"You know I don't like it..." he snapped.

"but that doesn't mean you can storm out like this?"

Another wave crashed and this time it went her feet.

"Kaha na...I don't like it tho bas I don't like it. Mujhe accha nahin lagta..."

She looked at him lovingly and smiled. he had never shared about his likes and dislikes like this before. And that anger... the childlike anger...

Oh kanha...

"tho kya accha lagta hain?" she asked, holding back her smile.

"See, I don't care what people do or don't do. The least I expect is for them to understand my point of view also, know my taste also..."

To know him...

She stopped and tugged at his hand. He stopped too and turned back to look at her. she had a weird look on her face that he couldn't comprehend.

"Geet what..."

He couldn't even complete his sentence when she leaned closer and snaked her arms around his shoulders, pulling him close.

His breath stopped midway in his lungs as he stared into her eyes, surprised and stunned, trying to read what was in them. her warm breath fell on his lips and then he realized how close she was to him.

So close... she had come to him, all by herself...

He left a long dragged breath that he had held back unconsciously and gulped thickly.

"Mr. Khurana..." she spoke naughtily, smirking, "You are so moody!!!"

His lips curled into a smile as his hands went around her waist and pulled her close.

She gasped in surprise.

"Is it so?" he asked, looking straight into her eyes, trying to intimidate her.

But she wasn't to be subdued today. her hands adjusted themselves around his shoulders as she raised on her tip toes, so very conscious of this closeness. But she didn't want to let go. Not right now...not ever!

"Han!!! And you are always busy." She complained.

Another wave washed over and this time, it engulfed their feet. She shivered with the chillness of the water and he pulled her closer.

"You are complaining that a lot lately." He whispered, leaning closer to rest his forehead over hers.

She took a long breath in and sucked in her stomach in anticipation and anxiety.
"Yes because that is what you are doing." She spoke cutely.

And then she did something he would have never thought of. She pecked his nose and went back to stand on her feet.

"What did I tell you moody Khurana? If you stop working, the world isn't going to stop. Take a breather and spend the rest of the days with us..."

"And with you!" he offered.

She blushed and looked down, "yes, with me too."

He had never seen her this expressive before. Oh how he wished he could just hug her tight and never let go? he tipped her chin with his thumb and made her look up at him.

Her eyes flicked to his lips and then back at his eyes. Her own lips parted a bit and she went back to the moment in study when they had almost kissed.


Heat rushed to her cheeks and the shyness was too much to bear that her lashes dropped, unable to bear the intensity of her own feelings.

Is this what being in love felt like?

She asked herself and shivered. It felt so right...and so liberating!!!

"You are shivering little storm. Lets get you home!"

He pulled away his hands and dragged her back to the beach house.

"Ummm... Maan?" she asked after a long pause.


"Aren't you hungry? You didn't even eat anything."

He turned back and flashed a smile, "I am okay. Don't worry about me."

She watched him guide her back home and realized, deep down, what she wanted.
She wanted to worry about him, she wanted to care for him, she wanted to pamper him, like he always did. Like he always deserved!!!

They entered the house only to find everyone engrossed in a game of cards. Ana called Geet to play whilst their mother asked him to have his dinner. She had cooked khichdi for him while he was away.

His tummy rumbled at the mention of khichdi and his lips curled into a smile which didn't go unnoticed by Geet.

Hmmm...Monster Khurana liked Khichdi!!!

She let go of his hand and he rushed to the kitchen happily like a kid who got his favourite candy. Shaking her head, she went to join the rest in the game.

He burped and walked out satisfied when the scene in the hall greeted him, almost making him laugh.

There sat his little storm, red with fury, fighting with Ana and Kabir and cribbing about losing.

"no no guys cheated..." she threw her cards away angrily.

Kabir laughed holding his stomach, "mi bella... you can't say this after losing twice in a row!!!"

"I can't believe you still haven't learned the are so dumb witted Geet." Ana teased, taking the cards and shuffling them for another game.

"Aunty...dekhiye na...they are teasing." She cried and complained to the laughing couple.

She heard a laughter behind her and her eyes welled up. She stood up and ran to him.

"Maan dekho na...everyone is laughing at me..."

He smiled and knew it was futile to teach her again and again. she was too innocent to understand the rules of the twisted game.

"Please help karo na..." she pouted.

No ways he could have denied her!!! he shrugged and walked her towards the rest of them. he sat on the run and she sat close to him, occasionally whispering their strategies as Maan guided her through.

Radhika was enjoying the moment when her eyes fell on something she had least expected.

Geet was so engrossed in what Maan was telling that she didn't even realize when she had slipped on to him and when his hand went around her shoulder, pulling her close. She loved his embrace and snuggling into it was the most natural thing to do.

He carefully thought of the plans and sighed when he saw her struggling to hold the cards. He pulled her closer and laced his fingers with hers to hold the cards while the other held her close to himself by her shoulders.

There was nothing to hide... he knew it.

Geet smirked when she placed the Ace on the table and scored points. She looked at Maan and smiled happily, resting her head on his chest.

There was nothing to hide... she knew it too.

Radhika remained stunned at what she saw. she looked at Maan and Geet and then she heard Ana giggle. Her head riveted back to her daughter and then at the couple(probably) in front of her and then back at Ana, all confused and stunned.
Ana placed her card on the table and looked at her mom, utterly confused and shocked at what was happening. She gasped and caught her mother's attention.

"Wha..." Radhika opened her mouth to say something but Ana gestured her to keep quiet.

Her wide eyes told her of the shock and her head kept moving to and fro from Maan and Geet to her daughter.

Ana nodded a yes softly and gestured her not to say anything as of now.

Radhika just watched them right in front of her, not knowing what to feel... or how to react...
>>Ohh so Mamma Khurana knows...what will happen now?Shocked

>>Maan doesn't like bhindi... Good!!! Aishu doesn't like it too. Huh!!!Dead

>>Alright, home sweet home calling me... will see you guys soon!!!Silly
So, how about a precap before I leave?Wink
"Geet goes back to London"

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Surprize update thanx pls before going home one more pls we readers r very demanding right pls .what a update .i love this maaneet mummy ko patta chal gaya i think its going to be official.waiting for nxt.
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