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@anmirza: insecurities are hard to let go. Even if you forget it for the time being, they will resurface at some point of time or other, now or in future.  This is just the beginning for them. and why what is wrong in feeling sad about it? It is not like she is blaming maan for it. when he had confessed to her for the first time, she had just run away. she deserves that much right?Embarrassed she didn't break it off...she confronted it. isn't that brave? she didn't run away like the last time. she told him what was wrong with "her" and when did she even say he was marrying someone else? where did logic ever come in love?LOL

@PaintedSky: you spoke my heart. naming the relationship...
hmm lets see when that happens.WinkWink
but thank you sooo much. You always portray what I put into the update. I was so happy reading that you know...Hug

@diadecember: i don't post pictures because I believe readers should be given freedem to choose the face that they think is the best! You can choose hayat and murat  if say so.. (p.s love murat and his eyesDay Dreaming)

@liveli-piia: Aayat...well well, I will hold the mystery for a little longer!!Wink

@taahir004: can i just hug you? such an amazing analysis which is true to the core. man, you nailed it. she needs that committment now because she had been alone too long. she isn't able to point it out but then now that Maan knows what he wants and what she wants, lets see how they chalk out this phase of their relationship. thank you sooo much for this amazing comment. made my day. Hug

@maansi25: so beautifully you portrayed everything. that is maan for you. don't you think its time for geet to be what maan is to her?

@tarana: your question about the ring...
do you think ana would have forgotten or me for that matter?LOL
and no thanksgiving holiday in the Indian branch.
branches in other countries had it.

@Niharika.Nair: maths classes you say? well, if you aren't good at something, you need to work harder there to save your face in front of the entire class. I am no exception.LOL

78.Someday She'd Like To be...

"Antara, where is your dadima's ring? Did you get it polished?" Radhika asked, whilst she pulled the trench coat over her shoulder.

Ana put her bag on the couch and bit her lips, "Erm...Mom..."

"You forgot it again?" Radhika glared at her.

"Am sorry. I had forgotten and then Christmas shutdown... am sorry mom!!!" Ana dipped her head.

But her mother was definitely upset, "When will you grow up Antara? Do you not want to see your brother married?"

Ana glanced up, "Married?"

"Yeah. He needs to settle down now. And we want this to happen as soon as possible."

Now that was news!!! She knew her brother was in love with Geet but their current equation was still unknown to her.

"But Mom..." she asked thoughtfully, "Are you not going to ask Maan bhai about his choice?"

Radhika scoffed, slipping the gloves into her fingers. It was a very cold morning and they had a flight to catch.

"We asked him. he said he needed time and we gave him that. But he hasn't told us anything yet. Maybe he hasn't chosen anyone yet..."

"...or maybe he has!!" Ana added, carefully.

Radhika's ear's shot up, "he has? Who?"

Ana shrugged, feigning innocence, "I am saying. What if he decides to surprise you with his choice?"

"then we will be the happiest. And you young lady, get that ring to me as soon as possible if you want your sister-in-law to have it!"

Ana watched her mother walk towards the car waiting in the porch and hit her head.

What are bhai and Geet doing?

Their parents were getting impatient and she realized that and they were not wrong either. She wished if Dadima was alive now. she'd have made her brother and her stupid friend confess to each other in her own twisted ways. Her thoughts halted when her eyes fell on her friend, climbing down the stairs, yawning. A smirk adored her face, recalling how she had found Geet missing from her room in the middle of the night and how cranky she had been when she had tried to wake her up early.

"You could have very well slept in bhai's room instead of coming back" Ana whispered in Geet's ears, "I wouldn't even have bothered at all."

Shock and embarrassment shot up and down her body as she turned beetroot red. Ana knew. Okay she had a fair idea that Ana knew but she never made it this obvious. On top of that, everything from the previous night flooded her mind that made her even redder than she already was.

Ana laughed seeing her friend so tongue tied and waked her with her elbow, "okay, now can you tell me what is actually going on between the two of you?"

"Anaa..." Geet reprimanded, not knowing how to respond to whatever she was saying. She felt so shy and vulnerable that her heart thudded just by the thought of what had transpired between her and Maan back in the study.

But she was certain about one thing...

"Mi Bella..." Kabir's voice boomed in the hall as her savior from Ana and her own thoughts. And she was glad that the conversation ended there for he ushered both of them towards the car waiting for them.

She watched him instruct the driver about the luggage and what all he was supposed to do in their absence. The white XUV stood proudly on the Khurana Porch and he stood right in front of it, talking to someone over the phone. She stopped by the stairs and watched him lovingly. He wore his usual sweater and jeans and that rimless specs remained a constant feature on his face.

He had been wearing it a lot lately.

She thought and kept watching him. did his power elevate? She made a mental note to ask him once they got time.

"Cough Cough...Ahem..."

She stiffed with the voice from behind her and turned back only to find Ana and Kabir, smirking at her. she turned red but still put up a brave face, "What? Get into the car. You don't wanna get late!!"

"Really now Geet?" Ana laughed.

"After this...", Kabir pointed his chin towards Maan, "You should be the last person to say this Mi bella.."

They laughed leaving a chagrined Geet who knew it was best to slip away now before it gets too late.

Geet was so drowsy the entire time that she slept the better part of the entire travel and she dreamed. She dreamed of their moments in the study where he held her in his embrace, telling her his desire to be her "forever".

It was a very long time she remained in his embrace.

So warm. So loving.

He had confessed all over again and she had been a stupid to have been so insecure. She probably still was but she also knew that he would be with her. she parted and looked up, straight into his eyes. He didn't even blink away. he just kept looking at her with love and adoration and things she knew she'd never be able to fathom in those depths.

She let her lashes droop slowly and then quickly looked up when his thumb gently grazed her cheek. And she realized she would probably lose herself all over again. he wasn't lying when he had said all that. his eyes reflected that, held an assurance in them that she found very convincing. His warm breath fell on her lips and she parted them as a reflex. Her eyes went back to his mouth and then back up to his eyes.

Her heart thudded against her rib cage, as if it would jump out of it the next moment as his fingers gently slid into her hairs, cupping her face and pulling her closer. Her eyes widened in anticipation and surprise as he leaned closer. Her breath came quick and shallow and her mind refused to think further.

Was he going to kiss her?

She heard her heartbeats in her ears as his breath came warmer  with every passing second.

"Maan.." she whispered. It was meant to be loud and firm but she just couldn't even squeak. He had just set her heart in motion and she felt herself drawn towards him.

Her eyes closed as she pursed her lips, unsure about what would happen next. Their foreheads touched and she sucked in her stomach, trembling. Their breaths mingled and she held herself still, waiting for the kiss to happen. Her lips dried and she left a long dragged breath

Her eyes fluttered open when his cold lips rested on the curve of her cheek instead of her lips. But the effect remained the same. Her skin erupted in goose pimples as he lingered there for a while, holding her still, holding his own heart still!!!

"I..." he whispered in her ears.

Her hands that rested on his shoulders now clutched him tight.

"Maan..." she left a struggling breath.

" you..." his breath tickled her.

Her fingers dug into his shoulders just to hold herself from fainting away. but he held her firm and strong, letting her know that he would be here for her and that he'd bring back every bit of security in her life.

She woke up with the announcements and her lips curled into a smile just like that. the dream was beautiful. The previous night was magical... like a dream in utopia. She recalled how he had walked her in front of her room, holding her like she were a baby and she had probably cried in happiness right there.

Her thoughts halted as they got out of the airport and watched him take every responsibility there... from luggage to their car to calling up the housekeeper to get the rooms ready... everything. if she had seen him in a new light the previous night then she perhaps just lost her heart to him today.

So caring...So lovable...

She watched him help his parents settle in the car and then usher them in.

"Get into the car you hooligans..." he called out to them, taking off his glasses and keeping them securely in the case.

She just kept looking at him lovingly. He had grown up with Dadima and his actions reflected her grooming. Everything about him reflected that.

"Where are you lost?" he found her spacing out and clicked his fingers in front of her.

She snapped out and shook her head, "Nothing. Lets go."

As he walked her towards the car, she felt his hand protectively wrap around her waist and pull her little closer. Ana and Kabir walked ahead of them and she, for once, was glad that they did.

They reached the beach house late in the afternoon, ordered pizza and went back to their rooms. Ana was overly excited and wanted to take a walk in the beach but frowned when no one agreed to accompany her. Geet was dozing off on the couch only when Ana giggled.

"Geet, you said you and bhai just talked last night. So, it was only talking right?"

Geet very innocently nodded, "yeah. What about it?"

"Are you hiding anything from me?" she wriggled her brows.

"What would I hide?"

"That why are you so exhausted when it was only "talking" ?"

It took Geet a while for the words to sink and her jaws dropped down with the realization. She hauled a cushion at her friend which she dodged with expertise. 

"Where did you get that brain of yours han? Gutter probably!" Geet hauled another cushion on her.

Ana caught it in the air, "What, am just asking. You are reacting as if you have really done something!!! Now tell me please Geet. You know your secrets are safe with me..."

Geet twisted her lips, "Get lost."

"No No..." Ana inched closer and whispered in her ears, "tell me sweetie pie...spill out the reason of your exhaustion!!"

Geet cringed and pushed her away, "Ewww. Stop that. You wanna know why am exhausted? I am exhausted because we roamed around so much last evening and when I was tired to sleep, your brother comes up declaring "We Need to Talk" and then you wake me up so easy because of the travel..."

She waited for Ana to tell something but found her lost in her thoughts.

"Say Geet, if I ask you something, will you answer me honestly?"

"What is it?" Geet quieted down and watched her friend's thoughtful face.

"Do you love Bhai?"

Geet wasn't surprised by the question because she knew Ana wasn't asking her as a friend. She was Maan's sister and she was worried about him. and she even understood the fact that she had run away like a coward and brought insecurities in everyone's lives.

Did Maan feel insecure too? Did he feel that she'd go away?

She gasped with the realization and watched Ana looking at her with a face that pleaded her to stay. She wanted to go and hug her and tell her that she would never every run away from them but then she had to get back to her for teasing.

"Ummm..I..." she deliberately lingered there.

"Tell me Geet."

"am...not telling." Geet stuck her tongue.

"Hawww!!! Why? This is not fair."

"Oh really? it was fair to tease me then?"

"Arrghhh...Geet..." Ana threw the cushion back at her.

"Don't frown on me baby. it is only fair that since you didn't tell me about your phone romance with Aarush, I might just settle scores."

"What romance... and with that prick?"

"Allow me to quote, 'Kiss? I bet I am a better kisser than you. Come to New York and I wouldn't mind demonstrating it to you Mr. Mehra.'"

Hot air blew out of Ana's ears as she gaped at her friend laughing her head off.

" you heard that?"

"And you only thought I was sleeping!!! Too bad Antara Khurana..."

"Why you eavesdropper..."

An embarrassed Ana stood up to hit Geet but she took her chance and ran away. the entire evening was spent in teasing and roaming around, walking, buying groceries for the days to come. Miami even in December was warm. Way warmer than New York at the least. Geet liked that. the faint musk of the ocean always lingered in the air, of the water and the salt. The city was drowned in a festive mood for the upcoming New Year which excited Geet too. they cooked food together with Kabir trying to help Geet in making salad but ended up slitting his finger.

Maan watched the fun from the corner of his eyes and smiled seeing his family happy. More than that, his little storm was happy. It just warmed up his heart. he noticed her giving naughty looks to his sister who seemed flustered about something. Something was going on but he enjoyed nonetheless.

Her phone buzzed with Pooja's name flashing on the screen that made Ana groan in her sleep. Geet's lips curled into a smile as she quickly caressed Ana's head putting her back to sleep and walked out of the room answering the call.


"Where are you? You didn't even call me after reaching. What happened?" came Pooja's worried voice.

Geet smiled, as she slowly walked up and down the corridor, "I am fine Pooja. Guess where we are?"

"Where?" Pooja stretched her swollen legs and groaned in relief.

"Miami!!! Maan got all of us here to celebrate New Year..."

Pooja smiled, "Ah, more or less, he is celebrating your homecoming."


"Never mind. You are too innocent to understand all that. Now come to the actual part. How was his reaction to your surprise?"

Geet told her bits and pieces about how happy he was... he is...she corrected herself and that how she had been worried about the ring and how easily he had taken away all her worries.

"he is so in love with you silly girl and you just don't understand."

Geet made a baby face, "Aaannn... I do understand."

"then did you tell him that? did you confess?" Pooja snapped.

"Erm... uhh... not yet."

"Do you even plan to? Stop testing his patience woman." Pooja reprimanded.

Geet pouted, "I am not..."

"Tell me honestly Geet, do you love him, like really?" Pooja asked seriously.

Geet stopped and leaned over the balustrade of the stairs and found him sitting on the couch, working on his laptop.

He wasn't asleep?

"Geet? Tell me."

Everything about him ran in her mind like a projector film. How he took care of everything and everyone. How he held her when she was falling apart. And yet, after everything else, he was sitting right there, all alone, thinking about everyone else.

"I am..." she whispered, not taking her eyes off him.

"huhh?" Pooja didn't quite understand.

"Pooja... I think.. I am just falling in love with him all over again..." she whispered, happy and overwhelmed at the same time.

Pooja smiled and let out a sigh of relief.

"Now go and tell him that."

"I will talk to you later. Bye."

She disconnected the call abruptly and rushed down the stairs like a whirlwind.

He heard footsteps behind him and he was greeted with her smile, "Geet?"

"You are still working?" she rested her hands on her waist and questioned him sternly.

If she thought that could scare him, Maan spoke mentally, then she was utterly and cutely mistaken. She looked so adorable with that stance and the fake anger on her face.

"Bolo bolo..." she demanded.

"yes your highness..." he laughed, extending his hand towards her.

She flicked her hair and took his hand. He clasped it and gently pulled her to sit with him.

"her highness demands to know what you are doing at this time of the night instead of sleeping!!!"

He rested one of his hands over her shoulder and clicked the send button on his laptop from the other. She, very conveniently slipped into his arms and tried peeking into his laptop.

"Well your highness, I was wrapping up some of the pending work that I had."

She giggled at the way he pampered her. she raised her head and saw the light of the laptop reflect on the glasses of his specs.

"You are wearing that a lot lately."

"Ummm.." he nodded, his eyes still fixated on his laptop screen, "I get headaches these days if I don't use them for a long time."

"Ohh..." she left a breath that tickled the side of his exposed neck, stiffening him for a second or so.

"Did you check with your doctor?"

"Haven't got time..." he shrugged.

She sat up straight and punched his arm, "you brute."

"Ouch... what?" he looked away from his laptop and at her face. she was pleased.

"Always work work work!!! Are you even human? Go get your eyes checked. And shut that laptop of yours.."

Saying so, she snatched away the laptop and pushed the screen down and kept it on the table.

"Geet...what are you doing??" he rolled his eyes.

She pulled her legs and sat crossed-legged, facing him, "Why do you burden yourself up with so much responsibilities? I mean look at you, you are always busy. You don't even enjoy with us. You are always busy taking care of everyone and seeing to their comfort and look at the consequence..." she poked the stilt of his specs, "you haven't even gone to the doctor yet when this is bothering you so much!"

He watched her with amusement and knew his work was gone for a toss. He took off his specs, kept it on the table in front of him and stretched his legs over.

"You think so?" he raised a brow at her.

"Obviously..." she shrugged, "You are always busy with others."

"Her Highness is unhappy!!! Now, what should be done?" he spoke playfully, leaning closer.

"Go see a doctor first. And stop taking every damn responsibility. No matter how small they are." She reprimanded.

"Can't do that." he made a baby face and she was amused at it. he had never done that before.

"and why can't you? Stop doing everything. let others do at least some thing Maan!" she pleaded with her eyes.

He thought for a while and shrugged, "well, I guess that is how I am wired."

She narrowed her eyes at him, "wired?"

He nodded, thinking back to the past, "My grandfather had always been like that."


He nodded and continued, "He was always the responsible one. He'd be prepared with anything and everything that you would ever need. I used to watch him work and see him get things done because he loved his family so much and didn't want them to worry about anything at all. Like he'd always be ready with tickets and bookings in advance when we travelled, or he'd have extra copies of every important documents even before we needed it... Just had the solution to everything... No matter how small the matter was."

She watched him lost in his thoughts and just kept watching him, falling for him slowly.

"...As a kid, I always thought he wielded magic. I mean how can you be ready with everything beforehand and pop them out of your hat in times of need? I was fascinated and as I grew up, I saw him taking care of everyone. I wanted to be like him. He was my ideal...and maybe, just maybe I always kept trying to be like him..."

"He must be an amazing man, your grandfather." She was awed and she admitted to herself.

"Oh he was. He always took care of everyone. It was as if he had promised himself never to let even the tiniest of discomfort bother his family."

"No doubt you are now what you are..." she sighed, impressed and proud nonetheless.

He looked at her and gave her a heart-warming smile, "It is deep rooted in me, like a default program. I just can't stop doing what I do. But..." He stopped and relaxed back on the couch.

"But what?" She looked at him curiously.

"But day... I want to just not be this responsible for once."

She loved this...sitting beside him and talking to him about everything under the sun, his dreams and wishes, his ambitions, his happiness, his fears...everything.

"I just want to sit back and relax and let everyone go about their business. Absolutely no worries. I just don't want to be up on my toes and just lay back, be lazy and sleep."

"Do that." She added, "be lazy. Be a little less responsible. The world is not going to stop if you don't take up its responsibility for just one day."

He let out along breath, "I know but that would mean someone else has to take up my job. I wonder if I'd ever find such a person who would be ready to do that for me."

"Why can't you just take a break and let others be as they are?" she couldn't help questioning his logic. His twisted brain always confused her.

"I wish I could. Its not that I don't trust people or my family. No. it's not like that. It is me Geet. I want to be sure of their wellbeing even when am not around."

His voice was nothing but his wish. And she felt him. She understood what he meant because she had been on a similar pedestal once, not the same but similar where she had wished, once, just once, the struggle ceased. She leaned closer and rested her head on his shoulder, stretching her legs alongside his.

"Someday..." She whispered.

The room became silence and the distant sound of the waves crashing on the shore could be heard at this moment. She blinked and turned to look at him and then closed her eyes, hoping some day he found the peace that was looking for.

Someday, she'd like to be the person he was looking for...

>>No Kiss Again??? How mean am I???
Or may be in the next update...Wink

>>Next: Geet going lattu over her monster khurana...Day Dreaming.

>>No Updates in the weekend.
a certain someone named hinal is kidnapping me.Big smile
She is answerable to all your queries!!! LOL

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