IshRa SS : Pyar humko bhi pyar tumko bhi hai Part 4 on pg 53 Dec 26(Page 42)

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Awesome updt di
Totally loved it so much
Gulab jamun with vanilla ice cream is a weird combination. She has a taste like her father.  mimi was taking nice care of ruhi. Ishru scene was emotional. Mihika take ruhi to temple. Love the scene where ruhi prays to god and who hear ruhi's talk. I think it was raman. Eagerly waiting to know ishra past. 
Is Raman know that he has a daughter??
Thanx for the pm
Eagerly waiting for an early updt
Plz updt soon
Thanks dear
Will reveal everything very soon..
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This update is dedicated to "Akku"..

Part -3

Ruhi starts waiting for mihika when her eyes fell on a girls who is coming there with her parents seeing them her eyes gets moist & she folds her hand in front of  matarani " Mata Rani ji kya Maine koi mistake ki Jo apne mujhe mumma papa ka pyar nahi diya u know everyone making fun of me ki mere mumma papa mujhse pyar nahi karte bt they don't know my mumma is so tired & angry that's why she is sleeping & mere papa wo toh pta nahi kahan every time I ask chitti & mamu bt they don't tell me but apko toh sab pta hai na so plz find my papa then he & me will wake up  mumma unknown to her someone was hearing her heartfelt prayer & his eyes became moist

He wiped his tears & kept his hand on ruhi's head

She immediately wiped her tears & turned thinking that its mihika "U came chitti she stopped seeing a unknown person

Ruhi - who are you ? Where is my chitti? ..she became scared her eyes well up while lips curl in a sad pout that she can cry anytime that person cupped her face "arey bache why are you crying?

Ruhi - I know u r kidnapper uncle na who came here to kidnap me but plz don't kidnap me warna meri mumma ka dhyan kon rakhega  bcoz she is unwell ..that person smiles hearing that she is not worried about herself but for her mumma he bend down to her level & pecked her temple lovingly & said "Don't be scared bachcha I'm not a kidnapper

Ruhi (smiles widely) - really  ..he nodded then she asked his identity..

He forward his hand "Hii I'm RKB  (yes this person is Raman Kumar Bhalla )

Ruhi - RKB ye kaisa name hai ? Then he tells her his full name &  She hand shakes with him telling her name "Hello I'm Ruhi hearing this name he remembered something

Ruhi flashed her little hand in front of him "kya hua uncle aap kaha kho gaye don't you like name?

Raman - nahi beta you name is so beautiful & u know some years back I had decided to kept this name of my daughter but..he stopped in mid as his eyes well up he turned other side & wiped her tears

Ruhi - wow me & ur daughter share same name say hii to her on my behalf..

Raman - no beta I don't have my daughter..

Ruhi - wo kahan gyi uncle?..

Raman - WO aayi hi nhi beta ..

Ruhi - mujhe kuch smjh nahi aa rha..

Raman (smiles)- leave it this achha tell me where is ur parents WO apke sath nahi rehte kya?

Ruhi eyes again well up hearing about her parents

Raman - don't cry beta if u don't want to share with me then it's OK..she wiped her tears

Ruhi - actually mamu or chitti says strangers se apni baatein share nahi karte..she said wiping her tears making a adorable face

Raman - ohh so that's the problem..

Ruhi - hmm..

Raman - I have a solution of this..

Ruhi became happy "really  he laughs seeing her excitement & he forward his hand "Friends ruhi makes confused face while he ask her " what happened bache don't u like my friendship he said with sad face she cupped his face "no uncle nothing like that you are so nice & I would love to get u as my new frnd she said holding his hand making him smile

Raman - so tell me my new frnd aap kya Khana pasand karogi Chocolates khaogi ha u stay here main abhi lekar aata hu..

Ruhi - no I don't want chocolate..

Raman - kyu beta I'm ur frnd na so u can take it from me naa..

Ruhi - but I don't like chocolate.. She said making faces

Raman (amazed) - what? U don't like chocolates I mean kids love it & specially girls love it..

Ruhi - but I'm unique u know I'm not like others..she said raising her invisible collars which make him remember his past..



Ishita - ohho Raman bolo bhi why are you silent? Maine aisa kya bol diya that you became totally lost..

Raman - aapne baat hi aisi ki hai mam hmara status ek dusre se bilkul alag hai I'm just a ordinary boy while you are a daughter of "The Vishwanathan Iyer ..

Ishita - did I show any tantrum bcoz of my status bolo kya kabhi Maine rudely behave kiya .. He nodded in no while she makes sad pout making him smiles

Raman - ohk ohk now stop ur emotional drama ..

She laughs "so friends she said forwarding her hand & he too holds her hand  & both shakes their hands together

Ishita - or han don't call me aap ya mam friends ke beech ye formality nahi hoti OK..he nodded

Raman- so tell me what would u like to eat ?..

Ishita - ohho not bad friend ki khatirdaari..

Raman - ji bilkul toh boliye tum kya khayogi one sec I know tumko kya pasand aayega Chocolates m I right?

Ishita - nope you are totally wrong I don't like chocolates.. She said making faces

Raman - what? But how?

Ishita - what do you mean by how?..saying she glared

Raman - arey don't look at me like this I mean to say that it's hard to believe that a girl don't like chocolates  usually girls are famous to eat chocolates..

Ishita - aisa kahin likha hai kya?

Raman - nahi likha to nhi but it's true.

Ishita - but I'm not like those girls I'm unique u know.. She said raising invisible collars while he smiles seeing her antics

Flashback Ends


Ruhi shakes him "uncle aap kaha kho gye?

Raman - kahin nhi beta achha u stay here I'm coming..

Ruhi - but where are you going?

Raman- would you you like to eat chips & kurkre?

Ruhi - yeah I love it..

Raman - so just wait I'm coming back very soon..she nodded while he went from there meanwhile mihika comes there

Mihika - sorry ruh chitti ko late ho gaya actually prasad lene dur Jana pdha aap bore ho gye hoge na akele .

Ruhi - it's OK chitti & u know main bilkul bore nahi hui qki main apne friend k sath thi..

Mihika - achha apka school friend shravu kaha h WO apne parents ke sath aaya tha?

Ruhi - no chitti shravu nahi but my new friend..

Mihika - new friend?

Ruhi - ha WO mujhe abhi yahi mile & we became friends you know wo mere liye chips lene gye..

Mihika - ruh humne apko smjhaya hai na don't talk with any strangers & never eats anything given by them..

Ruhi- but chitti he is my friend & wo bahut achhe hai..

Mihika - ruh aap chitti ki baat nahi manoge..she said making sad face

Ruhi - OK chitti as you say I'll do that..she said halfheartedly

Soon both completes their Pooja & headed toward their car while ruhi turning back every now to get a glimpse of Raman

Mihika- what happened ruh ? Aap baar-2 pichhe kya dekh rahi ho..

Ruhi - kuch nahi chitti..she became sad & both settled inside car & droves toward their home meanwhile Raman reaches their but didn't found ruhi there & gets sad not seeing her there..

Raman (st) - I think she went with her chitti meri hi galti hai agar wo call attend nahi karta to itni der nahi hoti ...he gets sad & went from there

Mihika & ruhi reached home

Mihika - ruh you watch TV till then I'm preparing ur fav aloo k parathe..

Ruhi - wow aloo k parathe chitti sath mein dahi bhi..

Mihika(laughs) - I know ..saying she went inside kitchen while ruhi sat on sofa & starts watching cartoon after sometimes she switch off the TV runs towards her mumma's room

She entered inside room & sat beside ishita

Ruhi - mumma aaj main or chitti mandir gaye the & u know wahan mujhe ek new friend mile wo bahut achhe the she makes me smile & u know he loves my name or pta hai wo apni beti ka name bhi ruhi rakhne wale the but pta nahi kyu nahi rakha ..ishita was hearing all this & became happy as after so long she sensed genuine happiness from her voice

Ruhi " u know he gets shock when I tell him that I don't like chocolates  as he thinks I'm like other girls who likes chocolates(ishita too remember her past & now she eager to know name of her friend as somewhere she has a doubt that it's her Raman only while ruhi continues) or phir wo mere liye chips lene gye but chitti mujhe le aaye or main dobara nahi mil PAYE..she said getting sad

Then she looks towards ishita "opps apko to main apne new friend ka name hi nahi btaya koi nahi ab btati hu his name is "RKB it's short form of his name full name is Raman Kumar Bhalla..ruhi just completed her sentence while ishita starts breathing heavily making this lil kid scared

Ruhi - mumma mumma ye kya ho RHA apko?..she starts crying & runs to call mihika..

That's all for now hope you all liked it hit like button do comments also..



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Awesome update 
Update soon 
Posted: 2018-09-10T08:11:57Z
Awesome chappy
Update soon
Hope they meet soon
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Originally posted by -Kavya_P-

Awesome chappy
Update soon
Hope they meet soon

Thanks for pm
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Me Second
Posted: 2018-09-10T08:37:56Z
Superb update
Raman and ruhi became friends
He was remembering ishita
He misses her so much
Ishita reacted on raman's name
Lets see what happens next
Ty 4 d pm too

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