IshRa SS : Pyar humko bhi pyar tumko bhi hai Part 4 on pg 53 Dec 26(Page 31)

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Its such a Heart Touching Teaser 
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Sad teaser
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interesting tsr di
updt sopon
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Amazing story dear...
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Very well written...
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Part - 2

This update dedicated to " Akku & divancute aka sree

Soon school got over ruhi & shravan bid bye to each other

Shravan - OK ruhi bye I'm going  will meet you tomorrow..

Ruhi- OK bye..both waved their hands & turns to opposite side shravan went with his father bala who has come to take him while ruhi was still waiting for Mihir meanwhile mihir too reaches there

Mihir - sorry mera bachcha mamu got late naa...he said holding his ears

Ruhi - it's OK mamu..

Mihir - so meri ruhi chuhi ne mujhe maaf kr diya..

Ruhi - but on one condition..

Mihir smiles hearing it as he very know what she want so before she could say mihir said " I know gulab jamun with vanila ice cream

Ruhi - yup ..

Mihir - Maine pehle hi wo le liya h see ur mamu is so smart naa.

Ruhi - ha wo to aap ho..

Mihir - so come let's go ..saying he make her sit on car & drove towards their house

Soon they reached their home ruhi was in his arms telling him about her day when mihika comes out of kitchen hearing their voice

Mihika - arey aa gye tum log...

Mihir - yeah ..saying he handled her ice cream & gulab jamun

Mihika - ohh so today we will eat ruhi fav gulab jamun with vanilla ice cream ..

Ruhi - yeah chitti jaldi do mujhe khana hai..

Mihika - nope first change ur clothes & have some snacks then we will eat it after dinner

Ruhi - OK aap ise freezer mein rakh do I love to eat it cool cool..Mimi smiles seeing her expression

Mihika - mihir tum ise change kra do till them I'm preparing snacks for you both..he nodded &  took her inside her room after sometimes mihika called them "mihir ruh come snacks is ready

Ruhi - hum yahan hain.. She turned & saw both coming down soon trio settled on dining table mihika served them sandwiches & pakode Mimi starts eating while ruhi was just sitting silently mihika saw her & said " ruh u eat chitti ne mumma ko snacks khila diya u don't worry

Ruhi smiles widely " sachchi

Mihika (smiles) - muchchi now u too eat ..saying she feed her sandwiches ruhi nodded & starts eating

After finishing her snacks she said " mamu chitti I'm going to watch my fav cartoon

Mihika - OK go but..

Ruhi - I know what u want to say yahin na that ruh sirf half n hour ke lye TV dekhna then starts doing ur home work..mihir laughs hearing it while mihika glared him

Mihika - good girl now go..

Ruhi went from there while mihika said "bahut hasi aa rhi thi na tumhe

Mihir - sorry mihku but everyday u repeat this dialogue see even ruhi too learned it..

Mihika - mihir u just shut up warna ..

Mihir - OK sorry ..mihika went inside kitchen while mihir starts working in his lappy soon she come back after completing her work & sat beside him keeping her head on his shoulder he closed his lappy "what happened mihku?

Mihika - mihir how much I'm trying to not think about that man but ruhi's every lil thing make me remind of that man..

Mihir - gulab jamun & vanilla ice cream naa..

Mihika - hmmm it's his favourite I still remember when we come to know about her pregnancy..



Mihir - what r u saying ishu?

Ishita -it's true bhai..she said down casting her eyes

Mihir - ohh god I m soo happy main mama banne wala hu..

Mihika - or main chitti yayyy..

Mihir - ohh hello madam let me correct you aap chitti nahi mami banne wali ho..

Mihika - nhi chitti

Mihir - nahi mihku see I'm ur husband & ishu is my sister so ish relations se tum Mami hui..

Mihika - no it's mine & ishu's deal that I'll be chitti of her child

Mihir - deal.. He ask in confusion

Mihika - yeah see I don't have any siblings or jab se main or ishu mile hai we became sisters or main hmesha se chitti banna chahti thi..

Mihir - but now circumstances change mihku..

Mihika - no I don't want to listen anything baby mujhe chitti hi bolega..

Mihir - nope baby will call you Mami..both starts arguing finally ishita Shout's " shut up both of you

Both became silent hearing it

Ishita - kya bachcho ki tarah ladh rhe ho you both r married now behave like this..

Mihika - but ishu I'm not fighting he is the one who not understanding my point..

Mihir - ishu tu smjh naa it's not look good when baby will call her chitti & me mamu what will ppl think about us..

Ishita(smiles) - bhai just tell me what's important for u ppl ya ur family?

Mihir - of course family ..

Ishita - so bhai let them speak this mamu,chitti is only a name which society had given to relationship but rishta to dil se or pyar se hota hai naa or kya fark padhta hai if baby will call her chitti isse uska pyar to kam bahi hoga naa..

MiMi smiles& hugged ishu

Mihika - you always sort out our differences & unnecessary fights.. When suddenly something clicked in his mind making him realizes harsh reality  "Ishu tune kya socha

Ishita - kis baare mein ..

Mihir was reluctant to say it " baby ko

Ishita - plz bhai don't ..she said showing her palm

Mihika holds her by shoulders while she said "u know bhai mai yahan isliye aayi bcoz I thought only u ppl will not ask me to do that but I think you too want same so let me clear you I'm not going to abort my baby qki sirf yahin mere Raman ki ek nishani hai I know he broke all ties with me but maine humesha unhi ko pyar kiya or apni aakhiri saans tak karungi her eyes well up

Mihir immediately hugged her while she bursts in his arms "sorry ishu I don't want hurt you but beta Jo us aadmi ne Tere sath kiya main usse bhut nafrat karta hu & i thought this baby will make u weak

Ishita wiped her tears " no bhai this baby will never make me weak balki aap dekhna ye hi meri strength banegi but plz aap mera sath dijiye as I don't have anyone except you too Mimi hugged her side by side " we always with you & we will protect & love u & this baby always

Ishita -thanks a lot..

Mihir - chal badi aayi thanks bolegi apne bhai ko..ishmi laughs

Mihika - ishu tune checkup kraya hai i mean koi complications to nahi hai naa..

Ishita - nahi everything is normal ..she lied to him

Mihir - that's great u rest  while I'm coming in sometimes

Ishita - bhai mere liye kuch le aaoge..

Mihir - ha bol na

Ishita - gulab jamun or vanilla ice cream khane ka bahut Mann h..

Mihir - OK le aaunga but kitna different combination hai ye & tujhe to gulab jamun pasand nahi..

Ishita - ha bhai but craving ho rahi hai..he nodded & went from there while mihika ask her to rest & she went to make coffee for both of them

Ishita - it's raman's fav combination bhai but I didn't told you as I know u don't want to hear about him..unknown to her mihika heard it .

Flashback Ends


Mihika - that day I had told u about it

Mihir - hmm or Maine bhi decide kiya tha ki kuch bhi aisa nhi karunga or bolunga jisse ishu ko takleef ho..

In night


MiMi & ruhi had their food then mihika take ruhi in her room she & starts telling her story  & she slept in no time so mihika went inside her room but ruhi was wide awake she immediately went to ishita's room without making any noise

Ruhi - mumma ..she called ishu

Ishita can hear her but to her bad luck can't response her ruhi lays beside her caution enough not to hurt her

Ruhi - mumma aaj main apke pass so jaun qki mujhe na apse bahut baat karni hain pta hain mumma aaj school mein kya hua..saying she narrates her everything

Ishita felts bad listening all this & tears starts flowing from her eyes ruhi wiped it " mumma please aap ro mat warna apki ruh ko bhi rona aayega or aap tension na lo ur ruhi is a big girl now she can handle it u don't believe na OK wait " saying climb down of bed stand on ground

Ruhi - see my height how big I'm haina (she again settled beside ishita) or waise bhi I have one frnd shravan u know he always protect me from those dirty kids who always bully me & he also make me understand that I shouldn't be scared of anyone warna Sab mujhe or darayenge mumma i had promised him ki main brave banungi or mumma aap jaldi se uth jao phr aap unko daantna han ki wo apki ruh ko tang kyu karte hai thk haisaying she starts crying loudly then she immediately wiped her tears " mumma I'm not  crying aap dukhi mat hona ok saying she slept hugging her

Next morning mihika comes inside ruhi's room but didn't found her there so she understand that where she will be thinking she stepped inside ishita's room & smiles seeing the beautiful scene in front of her eyes ruhi was sleeping hugging ishita mihir too came there & both smiles seeing this & there eyes well up mihika woke up ruhi

Ruhi - good morning chitti good morning mamu..

Mihir - aap yahan kya kar rahe the ruhi..

Ruhi - mamu sachchi Maine mumma ko bilkul hurt nhi kiya..her eyes well up mimi wiped her tears "arey babu mamu daant thodi rhe just asking u so  stop crying u know naa how much mamu loves you & can's see u crying she nodded happily & wiped her tears

Mihika - come chitti will give u bath then we go to temple as today is holiday in ur school.. Ruhi gets excited soon they complete their morning chores & headed towards temple mihir was stayed back in house as ishita was all alone

Mihika & ruhi reaches temple

Mihika - ruh aap yahin wait karo chitti abhi prasad lekar aati hai..

Ruhi - OK chitti..

Mihika - hmm don't go anywhere chitti is coming..saying she went out of temple taking prasad

Ruhi starts waiting for mihika when her eyes fell on a girls who is coming there with her parents seeing them her eyes gets moist & she folds her hand in front of  idols " Matarani ji kya Maine koi mistake ki Jo apne mujhe mumma papa ka pyar nahi diya u know everyone making fun of me ki mere mumma papa mujhse pyar nahi karte bt they don't know my mumma is so tired & angry that's why she is sleeping & mere papa wo toh pta nahi kahan every time I ask chitti & mamu bt they don't tell me but apko toh sab pta hai na so plz find my papa then he & me will wake up  mumma unknown to her someone was hearing her heartfelt prayer & his eyes became moist

That's all for now hope u all enjoyed it so hit like button do comments also..

PS - pretty long update so can I get some long & nice comments..

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Updated next part
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NIce update
Curious to know about Ishra's past,...
NIce...gulab jamun with vanilla...weird combination...
nice part
"Shout aloud in ecstasy...true is the great timeless one"

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