IshRa SS : Pyar humko bhi pyar tumko bhi hai Part 4 on pg 53 Dec 26(Page 16)

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Originally posted by PremPBSB

Congrats for new story...
Interesting teaser...
Raman in pain bzcos of ishita...
Poor ishita she did not understand anything...
Amma appa & his brother is trying to seperate ishra...
Ishita feeel hurt hear raman word...
Continue soon..
Thank u for pm & update
Thx Di
Will update soon
Posted: 2018-05-28T07:31:22Z
Originally posted by dolly28singhal

Nice prologue
Posted: 2018-05-28T07:31:55Z
Originally posted by Shivaani009

Nice prologue
Continue soon..
Thx shivani
Will update soon..
Posted: 2018-05-29T22:02:44Z
Hlw frnds finally I'm starting this story & it's bcoz of "Divanru aka Pooja Di who wanted me to start this story so this update dedicated to you dii & ya will try to fulfill ur other demand too very soon ..

Before starts reading have a look on PROLOGUE

Part - 1

Mihika was preparing breakfast when she called ruhi "rooh wake up bachcha "

Ruhi immediately woke up " coming chitti "saying she hurriedly went inside bathroom & after sometimes she comes out of her room fully ready in her school dress & run toward her mother's room taking comb in her hand she knocked the door then entered inside room "mumma good morning see ur rooh has get ready for school by her own now I'm big girl naa & u know now I'm in first class so mihika chitti brought new bag,bottle,tiffin,books & copies for me BT mumma my new bag is so heavy from earlier my shoulders start paining BT u don't worry ha I'll manage oops mumma main jis kaam ke liye aayi thi WO toh bhool hi gyi meri do choti( two breads) bna do na ..saying she forward comb towards her when mihika comes & hold it

Mihika - rooh come I'll make ur breads aapko late ho RHA h na..

Ruhi - BT chitti mujhe mumma se..she was saying when mihika said "aaj chitti kr deti h kl se mumma se banvana OK  ruhi nodded & mihika takes her from there & make her fully ready meanwhile mihir to comes (mihika's husband)

Mihika - mihir ruhi ko aaj tum drop kar doge..

Mihir - of course mihku aaj ruhi chuhi apne mamu sath jayegi haina ruhi chuhi..

Ruhi - yes mamu u wait I'll coming ..saying she went from there

Mihika - u know naa where she gone?

Mihir nodded "hmm to say bye to her mumma saying he wiped his unshed tears

Mihika - humari ruhi waqt se pehle hi kitni badi ho gyi naa bechari abhi sirf 7yrs ki hai par uski smjhdari ko dekh kr koi nhi keh skta..

Mihir - you r right mihku 7 saal ho gye bechari aisi jindagi jee rhi hai ..

Mihika - you know everyday  she gets ready by herself just to show her mumma that she is now became a big girl so her mumma appreciate her bt..saying she starts crying

Mihir - stop crying mihku ..

Mihika - why mihir why it's all happen with ishu usne to kbhi kisi ka bura nahi chaha tha par sbne uske sath bura kiya whom she loved the most usne hi usko ish haal mein lakar khada kar diya..

Mihir - don't talk about him mihku I don't want to remember him it's all bcoz of him only...meanwhile ruhi comes there & both composed themselves

Ruhi - let's go mamu main mumma ko bye bol aate & kissi bhi de dii Ab mumma jaldi se ruhi se baat karegi haina..they nodded emotionally

Mihir - of course my bachcha mumma will talk with ruhi very soon BT we will scolds her very much that tym .

Ruhi - no mamu plz don't scolds my mumma ever warna kahin phir WO gussa ho gyi to..saying her eyes filled up with tears

Mihika - aww my baby now no cry cry OK warna mumma scolds ur mamu & chitti do you want it?

Ruhi - no..

Mihir - so be a good girl give us a ruhi chuhi wali smile ..saying he tickled & she starts laughing

Ruhi - bass mamu..

Mihika - achha now go..both hugged mihika & went from there while mihika headed toward ishita's room she went inside & sat beside her "Ishu how can u do this with ur baby ? Tujhe pta h jabse usne hosh sambhala h tbse she is waiting for you ki kab uski mumma usko hug karegi ,usko school ke liye ready karegi,use apne hathon se khana khilayegi , kab uske sath khelegi like others BT no u r just lying on bed with these all wires which are connected to ur body taking her place saying she starts crying

Mihika - u know she everyday comes to you first to wish u good morning & everyday ask you to make her breads BT unfortunately she gets sad when I did it pta hai humne use kya bola that you will be get fyn soon if she behaves as a good girl & from that day she used to try do her all work by herself everyday she wakes up with this hope that today you will response her BT no tujhe to koi fark hi nahi pdhta..saying she starts crying when mihir comes there & put his hand on her shoulder & she turned seeing him she hugged him tightly & starts crying while mihir trying to console her

Mihir - calm down mihku stop crying yaar..

Mihika - mihir Ab mujhse nahi hota roj us maasom bachhi se jhoot bolu ..

Mihir - I can understand mihku BT we are doing all this for her benefit naa do you want that in this age she suffered with any trauma..she nodded in no

Mihika - but mihir KB sab thk hoga?

Mihir - very soon mihku bas matarani par bharosha rakho..saying both hugged each other..

Other side ruhi was sitting in her class in lunch time when some classmates of her comes to her

Riya - hey ruhi aaj bhi Teri mumma nahi aayi..

Vikash - ha her mumma don't love her that's why she never comes to drop her & even in PTM ...saying they starts laughing

Ruhi - no that's not true my mumma loves me so much smjhe tum log ...she is saying BT they are laughing on her & in irritation she pushed them & in return they are about to push her when shravan comes there

(Shravan is ruhi's best friend who is in class second)

Shravan - hey tum log phir ruhi ko bully kar rhe wait now I'm going to complain principal.. hearing this all of them runs from there

Shravan wiped her tears "ruhi don't cry BT she is not stopping so he take out a chocolate from his bag & passed it to her & she starts eating

Ruhi - thank you shravu tu aa gya warna ye Riya & her frnds bother krte rhte...

Shravan - I know BT ruhi I had told you naa tu inse mt dara kar ..

Ruhi - I'm not scared of them BT they are saying bad about my mumma & you know naa ruhi can't listen anything bad about her mumma..she said eating chocolate

Shravan - I know BT for this u have to give answer them aise Rona start mat kiya kar warna they will bully you like this only smjhi..she nodded & both sat to have their lunch..

That's all for now I know all of you have many questions  BT don't worry willreveal everything very soon till then enjoy & ya if u liked so hit like button to do comments also..

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Updated first part of this story
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Interesting update
Ishita is in coma
Poor rooh
Continue soon 
Posted: 2018-05-29T22:55:04Z
Nice start..
Emotional one..
Ishita is in coma..
Poor Ruhi is yearning for her mother's love..
MiMi are taking care of her...
What happened to Raman?? Where is he??
Plz update soon..
Thank you..

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