Nimki Baboo Babbooo Nimki,.......Bas bhi karo!!!!

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Posted: 2017-10-13T09:52:45Z
I am so tired of Nimki's inexplicable affection for Baboo. Till now she didn't know what kind of person he is in real life and that he is rich and handsome made him the most eligible bachelor for her. But quite recently her meeting with Baboo has not been very sweet. Jharia treated Ramvachan so badly in front of Baboo and he didnt even object. Isn't it obvious Jharia was following his orders? And the he quickly changed colour saying he was suppose to visit RamKhilavan. Even for Ramkhilavan, what he did or would have done is called goondagardi.
This time it is another case where Tettar has literally kidnapped her and her father and she is happy as if its a royal invitation. How much delusional is she really is. These men are thrashing her and father and it has anything respectful about it .Yet she is more interested in the haveli. Even kids have better sense than her. They are not even asking them to sit and she is like uber happy as if she is visiting for matrimonial discussions.How easily she forgot that these are the same people who didnt sit in their car without sprinkling gangajal.Certain amount of self respect should be there.

Her love for Babboo is nauseating. The makers need to control it or show Baboo reciprocating the same feelings for her if marriage is supposedly happening. ' I had a bad childhood' is a poor excuse,very poor to show such irresponsible tracks. 

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Posted: 2017-10-14T03:09:19Z
That's why I had left watching!
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Posted: 2017-10-14T03:33:04Z
Very well said...
The part they were kidnapped and brought in the haveli the way she was being pushed as a dog by one of a goon was enough for her to understand.
This is when I thought this show is going to be watched by only the makers and few insensible people like Nimki... there she must be called a desperate girl because she's ready to forget all...
If her Babbu chant will continue then a week more I will also better watch Sony new coming shows, at the same time...
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Posted: 2017-10-14T03:37:48Z
Not seen the episode yet and won't till Monday. It sounds so bad if Nimki is overlooking this treatment it makes her no different to any other female lead. Why they doing this Dead
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Posted: 2017-10-14T07:48:25Z
Frankly @ Angelic, she is worse than those regular female leads.

@ Kavila, But Abhimanyu scenes were so good. He is day dreaming about Nimki and the manager knows about it. Also, he is going to train Nimki. You can still watch it. Enjoy till you can because Abhimanyu scenes seems to be limited anyways. 

@ Alujna,  I am going the same way. I will wait for this week and if Nimki doesn't have a realisation or Baboo doesn't transform, I would rather watch other shows. Sony TV's YUDKBH is a good show.

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Posted: 2017-10-16T12:34:40Z
Dead Kinda wish they shot Nimki but even then she would have continued to praise the family. I'm guessing the next episode isn't much better. 
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