Trials Of Fire!! IPKKND3 Untold Saga Of ADNi Chapter 1 to 15(Page 58)

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Thanks priyu. Had u liked him in that interaction with advay in that 2nd episode? 
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oh yes
had loved him in all his scenes
he was last in Allahabad till after the walking on nails I think
and then he was gone poof
even though he was supposed to be acting faking as pp mom's bestie son
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I loved his scenes with his ammi abbu, too n yup, he disappeared after diya rasam. The Ammi showed beautiful love for him. Abbu was also great... n hats off to dialogue writers... tumhaare laal ko main laal peela kar doongaLOL
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yes I too loved all he scenes
and his dialogues were fabulous
they suited him so well
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Woww woww this part had it all
Red hot and intensely emotional at the same time
Dev's outburst was expected as he had gone through hell and back just like Chandni. him being so complex is another trait we love the most about Advay..someone only his Chandu can tame..and hes equally helping her recover from her demons which is just great and heart warming
You had me wanting for more at the end Neha
It was a torturous endBlushing
Waiting for the next update
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Di if possible please try to give a long update next
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Happy to bring you this 10th chapter as Diwali Bumper chapter! 

It's thanks to Barun and Shivani that with their expressions as captured from earlier show, every scene of this new FF comes live. So enjoy a lot of pics exploited from earlier show making this episode very picturesque.

As said in an earlier  reader comment, this FF does not let the show end in your hearts...It's different in story with no repetition whatsoever... Yet all threads from the original show are kept intact and woven logically into new web. You'll find some loops getting closed while some new tracks opening through very simple convos.

As I mentioned earlier as well, this episode comes with all elements as well as all characters fully involved in each track... You'll like the way Miku, Shikha, Pooja, Aadi, Naani, Maasi have all opened different layers of their character while maintaining the original character integrity... Hoping that you will start liking new Miku, New Shikha, justified Masi and a tear in heart and smile on lips Pooja.

Last episode had left us wanting... how could Chandani escape the high feeling? The episode starts with her experiencing the true union not just limited to the place between her legs but also between her ears... Hope you gals will enjoy the episode!

Lingering Moments Chapter 10 page 1

It was pretty late for breakfast as per Raizada family standards. Chandani finally came out of her room with her face flushed red. Her entire body and soul felt like being on clouds. She just could not bring herself to earth. What was all that which happened in the room?

Was it passion unrestrained or was it soulful love taking a physical form? Could a man express his love and possession for a woman from his touch alone without needing any other form of communication! 

Was his and her union same as the eternal unification of Shiv and Parvati? They being the Ardhnareshwar and worshipped in Linga-yoni form and we being DevNi, always together in heart, soul and mind!

Walking through the corridors towards the kitchen, She banged into Miku. He steadied her faltering frame and asked chirpily, 

"Bhabhi, you have a muttering habit, you have losing yourself  in Bhaiyya's dreams habit, banging into someone habit?Just tell me which all habits you have." 

" Sorry Devarjee, I wasn't looking where I was going." Chandani was genuinely apologetic.

" I remember having seen you in different dress earlier this morning. Is there fashion show today at home? And your face... why is it looking so very red?... do you have some infection or something? Should we call doctor?" Miku was not going to stop and Chandani blushed more and more with every sentence of his.  The memory of what had happened to her dress made her face all the more red.

"Now, you leave your Bhabhi alone or I'll make your cheeks red." Nani came to Chandani's rescue with her flying thappad action for Miku. Taking the chance, Chandani hurried to kitchen leaving Miku and Nani to deal with each other.

Shikha and Pooja were in the kitchen. Shikha heaved a sigh of relief when Chandani came, " Jiji, what's this? In Allahabad, you were the first one to come to kitchen. You hardly left anything for us to do. Kitchen was always your most favourite place so much that you would miss kitchen if we had to leave house. And nowadays you are coming last to the kitchen? What's the matter? Don't you like kitchen here?" 

Pooja came to Chandani's rescue this time, " Shikha, once your marriage with Miku happens, we'll see what time you arrive in the kitchen. Now just because you are sleeping with Nani, you come down early." 

Shikha smilingly blushed.

To change the topic, Chandani asked, 

"what can I make now fast?"

 " Jiji, make noodles. In Allahabad, it was favourite of ours. Shikha was fast in her decisions. 

"Yes, noodles is fast to make and it's favourite food of you and Bhaiyya both."  Pooja agreed.

Within a moment, Chandani's brain took her to the night when he had called her to his room. That day he was eating noodles. She blushed again thinking that was the first day he had called her Katto Gilheri. She shook her head to pull herself out of his thoughts before the duo in front noticed. 

She had to respond to Pooja somehow.  " I know it's his any time food, that too ready to eat type cup noodles. Otherwise he doesn't know how to make tea also." She made a gesture remembering their Allahabad kitchen incident of tea making..

Pooja with a shocked expression corrected her immediately. 

" What are you saying? Bhaiyya is a good cook. You know, he cooked noodles for you when you fainted after Muh dikhayee." 

Chandani was bewildered with this news now. He cared even then for her? He knew it was was my comfort food, so he made it? In spite of his wanting to throw me out? He is my Dev indeed! She blushed again with the thought.

Shikha was surprised with the news, too. " This Jiju is truly a difficult person to understand, hai na jiji? You remember he had multiple passports which you found in Allahabad. Different names, different personalities." 

Pooja's face fell immediately with Shikha's innocuous remark. Chandani noticed it and wanted to divert Shikha,

 " That was nothing Shikha. Some misunderstanding of mine. There was nothing in those pages actually. Your Jiju is world's best husband ,best brother and best son." She thought of the beautiful morning and blushed again.

" Chandani, every time you think of bhaiyya, if you start blushing this way, your face will be permanent red." Laughed Pooja. She had noticed Chandani's earlier blush, too. 

Chandani quickly turned to Shikha, "Shikha, you take care of noodles now. Just have to put the gas off when these are cooked. I'll make Paneer Manchurian to go with the noodles." 

Pooja smiled at the discomfort of her Bhabhi. " Bhabhi, use this ready to cook packet for Manchurian." 

"Will that have the same test?" Chandani was worried. 

" Bhabhi, we are new age women. Everything fast and simple. Spend your time for quality tasks." She had patronising tone.

Just then Adi came in kitchen. " Mummy, what's your life purpose?" 

" Taking care of you, Adi", Pooja replied smilingly.

" In what way? "

" Giving you food, taking you to school, putting you to sleep... all that!"

" What about working and earning money?"

" Why should I work when your Mama is there?" Pooja shrugged.

" What about you, Sweet CM?What's your life purpose?" Adi turned to Chandani.

" To make your CM happy." Chandani was dreamy eyed.

" No plans for work?"

" When your CM is there, why should I work?" Chandani shrugged too.

" What about you ?" Adi asked Shikha.

" Managing life with your Miku Mama." Shikha rolled her eyes.

" Can you detail further?" 

" Well, making sure he doesn't get into any trouble."

" What about working? You are doing college, after that?"

" Why should I work. Your Mama, I hope, will do enough for both of us." Shikha shrugged.

" How would you like if I grew up and did not work?" Adi asked.

" Don't say that Adi. Tumhe bahut bada aadami banana hai. You must become a great man like your CM." pooja was quick and sharp in her reply.

" How would you like if CM stopped working from tomorrow?" Adi asked Chandani.

" Aise thode hi ho sakata hai? How is that possible? He is so learned. Has such big business. He must work."

" How would you like if Miku mama never started any work?" Adi asked Shikha.

" Maar maar ke kaam par Bhejoongi use." (I'll bash him and send him to work)Shikha made her favourite boxing action.

Adi turned and Spoke directly into Miku's camera. " These are today's women who demand Man-woman equality." 

Miku screamed, "Aap sab bani hai Chirkut!" (You all are Chirkut)

Advay and Nani  from behind laughed. All three ladies were flabbergasted at Miku's and Adi's prank. Shikha jumped at Miku and Pooja at Aadi.  

Chandani had immediate colour in her cheeks looking at her husband laugh so heartily. He looked devastatingly handsome whatever he wore, whatever he did. He just made her fall for him in every way. She constantly stared at him till he looked at her and then he stared at her colour, too.

" If you Tota- Maina have finished staring at each other, can we eat breakfast?" Naani was laughing. Chandani blushed all the more.

Everyone gathered at dining table. 

"Miku, kab tak yeh chirkutgiri karata firega?How long will you stay a prankster?" Advay asked Miku. " If you want to join me, you can. I'll train you completely. You can be my partner."

" Bhai, why do we always discuss this topic when tummies are not filled?" 

" Miku, you must support your brother in his responsibilities." Maasi was quite firm in her statement.

" Yes Maasi, I will. In my own way." Miku was equally serious. Then he changed the subject, "Why noodles today?" 

Advay looked at his plate and then looked at Chandani. Both remembered the Katto Gilheri Sorry night.

" Because it's bhaiyya's favourite food." Pooja answered.

" Jiju, aap noodles bana lete ho?" Shikha asked Advay breaking his stance. (Can you make noodles?)

" yes, you have eaten noodles made by me."

" When?" Shikha was shocked.

" Ask your Jiji", Advay looked at Chandani again wondering if she remembered the night when she came to his room with the noodle plate. 

She immediately remembered the night when he had rightly proclaimed, "Duppata mere hi naam ka pahanogi." (You'll have a veil in my name alone!)

Chandani blushed completely thinking of her initial shock with Dev's stepping onto her bed ...her resistance to his advancing like a rapacious lion and then... everything changing after his touching her. 

Though he just touched on her hand, it felt like her whole body her soul had been touched. Was it his eyes or was it his sensual touch that had made her body come alive and react spontaneously while her mind went into trance and lost sense.

 Advay smiled staring at her. He had wanted her to remember the night.

" Ghar mein aur bhi log hai, Chiku. Jara idhar udhar bhi dekho" 

(Chiku, There are other members in family, too. Look here as well)

Naani laughed again. Everybody joined her.

" Adi, when did you learn Miku Mama's pranks?" Pooja questioned Adi.

" Just today, Mumma. Maine Sansani faila dee na?"

" Next time maar khaayega. I'll beat you. One prankster in family is enough." Pooja feigned anger at Miku.

" Didi, you think of my popular programme as Pranks?" Miku feigned hurtful look.

" Life is not all about fun , Miku" Maasi was serious again.

" Leela Sach kah rahi hai, Miku. Tu apni manjil dhoondh le, beta." Naani agreed. ( Leela is speaking the truth, Miku. You must find your own path in life, son!)

" Haan, Naani. But why does everyone always talk about this topic?"

" Because it's important, Miku." Advay's tone was serious, too.

" Bhabhi , aap kuchh bolo na. You say some thing. Save me please." Miku pleaded  with his bhabhi.

" Tum dono bhaaiyon ke beech bolanewaali main koun lagati hoon?" (Who am I to speak between you two brothers? It's intrference, right?)

She stared at Dev ruefully. He sharply looked up at her. So my katto gilheri has grudge about last night.

" Nobody in this world to save me from Bhaiyya's wrath." Miku was in full filmy mood with his wrist against his forehead.

" I am not angry at you, Miku." Advay patted on Miku's back. 

" But yes... in anger, I say a lot of things that I don't actually mean." he turned back to Chandani. 

Chandani kept her rueful look on not ready to forgive him so easily.

"Are beta Chandani, kitni baar tum tota maina ko kahe, ki jara idhar udhar bhi dekho" ( How many times to tell these lovebirds.... look here as well, not just stare at each other)

The laughter on dining table was louder with Naani's comment..

Watching the duo, disturbing thoughts came to maasi's mind, It's nice that my Advay is happy with Chandni, but has her love turned him into soft-hearted Romeo? He is all the time thinking about her. Is he forgetting his life purpose?'

Aloud she said, " Are beta Chandani, voh tumhari Maa exactly kaha hai abhi?"  ( Where is your mother now?)

Suddenly there was pin drop silence. Everybody looked at Chandni. Her face had drained completely. 

" Maasi, main aapka anaadar nahi karana chaahati.  par aapse request hai. voh meri maa nahi hai. Unhe meri maa kahake refer mat kijiyega. Main ab sirf is gharaki bahu hoon. Baaki meri koi pehchaan nahi." 

( Aunty, I don't want to disrespect you; but I have a request. She is not my mother. Don't refer to her as my mother. I am just the daughter in law of this house now. I don't have any other identity)

Her voice had a firm resolve in it which made Advay's eyes sparkle in pride and Maasi smile at her statement. Colour had drained from Shikha's face too and Veer noticed it.

" But you loved her a lot earlier, Chandni? Everything you did, you did for her." Maasi was perplexed at total change of Chandani's outlook.

" Yes! Unfortunately true. My Mamaji kept warning me but I was blind in my love for my parents. 

Pure love;... but bestowed on wrong person... causes just harm which can never perhaps be undone." Her voice broke while saying the last part and eyes stayed on Dev and Meeku.

In-cognisant to the family watching, Dev immediately got up from his seat and went up to her;... consoling her through his firm hold on her shoulders. 

" Justified hatred... but directed to wrong person... also causes harm. I hope it's undone now."

Chandni looked at him gratefully. 

Naani said to Maasi, " Leela, ghar khushi khushi ek saath khaana kha raha hai to yeh baate kyun uthaani? Main kitani baar kahu ki nafarat ki chingaari sab kuchh jala deti hai." 

(Leela, why do you bring such subjects in discussion when everybody is enjoying their meal? How many time do I tell you, that the flame of hatred burns away worlds completely)

" Maa, I don't hate Chandani. I hate the Vasishth family who killed my Sister." Leela angrily justified herself.

" All of us are with you in that, Maasi. But what Naani is saying is that we can have our meals in peace." With lowered lids and sincere low voice, Miku answered.

" Adi, your mind is not on your food. Are you thinking of Miku mama's prank, still?" Pooja knew the topic needed immediate change for everybody's benefit.

" No Mumma. Not so. And yes! I don't think Miku Mama's point was a prank." 

" Chalo, I found somebody in the family who takes me seriously. Adi, we are buddies from now on." Across the table, the two boys put their fists together.

"I agree to Miku's point as well. Irrespective of gender, each person must fulfil his or her own potential." Remarked Advay taking his seat back. Chandani excused herself and left.  

" Adi, you don't have school today?" Advay enquired.

" Offo, CM, you don't remember? Diwali is tomorrow. Holidays started." Adi said proudly.

" Ok. I am not lucky as you, I need to work. Bye everybody. I'll go and get dressed."

" Isaki maina gayee to yeh tota thode hi rukega?" (Once his lovebird leaves, is he going to wait now?)

Naani laughed once again. Advay rolled his eyes. Naani was too much.


Dev went to his room. Chandani  was as usual cleaning up an already clean room. By god, she's mad about her OCD, Advay rolled his eyes. 

But her back frame looks so beautiful, so inviting! Advay went near and sensually touched her open back with the back of his palm. His touch was devastatingly slow sending shivers down her spine. She felt sudden tightening between her legs. 

It had been just a while back that she had experienced complete satiation there; yet the want returned stronger, now.  He can kill with his touch, why does he ever need anything else.

 He leaned and sensually kissed her deep and moist just below her neck and then his tongue followed the path his palm had taken. 

She had this wild urge to turn and feel his firm chest against her soft bosom...take his hard manhood in her soft folds...

But she had been angry at him for being harsh on her last night regarding Miku. "Chhodiye Mujhe." (leave me!)

" Jindagi mein kabhi nahi." (Never ever in life)

" Aapki bhook nahi bharati kya?" (Doesn't your hunger get satiated?)

" Jindagi bhar kabhi nahi. (Never ever in life)

Tumhari bhar gayee kya?" ( Are you completely satiated?)

He pulled her close and was just about to gather her in his arms. Just then, there was knock on the door and Chandani pushed him away. 

Maasi was at the door with Miku. " Aaiye na Maasiji, please come in".Chandani called her in.

" Chandani beta, Diwali sweets are being prepared in kitchen. Why don't you just check over them? Nothing should go wrong." Maasi smiled at Chandani.

" Jee Maasi." Chandani looked at Dev. "Aapke kapade nikaal ke rakhe hai. Taiyaar ho Jaayiega." 

(Yes, Aunty. I have kept your clothes ready. Get dressed.)

He nodded silently.

" Advay, have you thought of any plan further." Maasi asked Advay.

" No Maasi. Not yet. But I will. As I already said." Advay was quite relaxed.

"Do you remember that your parent's barasi (anniversary) will come in another three months?" Maasi was angry now.

Advay's face saddened completely. " Yes Maasi." his voice was almost a whisper.

"Then you should not dilly dally on this. Take Miku along with you. Miku you must support your Bhai in settling your parent's death. It's important." Maasi was firm in her tone.

" Yes Maasi. I will support Bhai in whatever he says. But regarding the timing, I have a different opinion. I think Bhai should focus on Bhabhi for time being. Regarding Ma-Baba's death,... I feel differently." Miku was quiet but serious.

" What do you mean? Aren't you anguished by your parent's death.?" Maasi was very angry now.

" More than you can imagine, Maasi. But I feel differently."

" What are you going to do then?" Maasi was very angry now.

" I will tell at right time, Maasi." Miku was firm. "For now, let us all enjoy Diwali." Miku left.

Maasi turned to Advay, " Advay, I am not sure about Miku. He's a prankster after all. But you must not forget your parents." 

"I cannot Maasi." Advay's eyes were tearful already. Maasi left from the room.

Advay looked at the skies with anguish. 

"Maa- Baba, aapki aatma ko mujhe shanti dilaani hai, har haal mein. But how? Tell me." (Mom-Dad, I want your soul to rest in peace.... at every cost)

His eyes screamed out his plea... But the skies were mute...the time remained silent.  Is every prayer of mine always going to remain unanswered? Every lifeline slip from my hands?... 

Advay's pain rolled down freely from his eyes as a lone tear.   He remembered his childhood Diwali with his parents. His face crumpled with the memory of their death later.

Chandani came back to the room and saw him. She had realised that Maasi had sent her away to be able to speak with Dev alone. Looking at his face, she knew, it must have been regarding his parents. 

She came and sat next to him but he looked away. She put her hand on his shoulder, he stood up pushing her hand away. He could not share with her what had Maasi been speaking to him. 

He went and stood near the window. Chandani came and hugged him tight from behind again. Advay was surprised though her hug felt good. Then she started humming,

" Maine tere liye hi saat rang ke sapane chune, Sapane, surile sapane." (I chose dreams in seven colours, specially for you. Melodious dreams.)

" Kuchh hasate... Kuchh gam ke" She twirled with Dev. ( some smiling, some in sorrows)

She pointed to the parent's fame on side table... 

"teri Aakhon ke saaye churaaye rasili yaadon ne...( From your eyes, the sweet memories steal the clouds of pain)

O  maine tere liye hi saat rang ke sapne chune... sapne surile sapne."(I chose dreams in seven colours, specially for you)

He released his hands from hers and turned away. All his childhood memories were rushing to his mind. She kept her hand on his shoulder and pulled him back.

" Chhoti baatein, Chhoti chhoti Baaton ki hai yaade badi,

(Small things, Small smaal things..... but they make great memories)

Bhoole nahi, beeti hui Ek chhoti ghadi.

( Even a small hour spent with loved ones,  becomes unforgettable)

Janam janam se Aakhe bichhaayi tere liye in raaho mein"

(From many births and an eternity, someone has been keeping eyes glued to the road that will bring you to us.)

That was so true about her. She had waited all this while for him. Advay's tears rolled own again. She wiped them with love.

" roothi raatein, roothi hui raaton ko manaya kabhi.

( Sometimes when nights got offended and sulked..... we placated those sulking nights. 

Tere liye Biti subaha ko bhulaya kabhi

(Some sulking morning, buried away and forgotten as past, just for you)

Tere bina bhi, tere liye hi diye jalaaye in raato mein" 

(Even when you were not there, my nights were made alight with lamps lit just for you)

She pointed out to chinese lantern kept near the window. She had been sending it alone. And when he came, he had destroyed it in hatred. But now, there was just love! They would send the lantern together up again after sixteen years. Gods would listen to their prayers. She hugged him and his arms came around her.

"Dev... I understand your pain. But trust me, everything will be all right. I am with you. We'll make it all-right together. I promise. Aur Miku bhi to hamaare saath hai. Maa- Baba Ki Aatma ko jaroor shanti milegi." ( And Miku is with us. The soul of Mom dad will surely find peace)

How had she known the exact thoughts in his mind. Dev wondered in his heart. How did this girl exactly empathise with his pain? And then why could he not see the dreams in her eyes , the dreams she pulled him towards? 

Dev kissed her forehead. "yes Chandani, we'll do it together." His heart felt much lighter now.

Chandani cupped his face,

"May I say something to you? You will feel low only if you allow others to make you feel low. Start following your own heart. It will never misguide you." 

This girl was truly answer to his prayers!She was his lifeline!

" Get ready for your work now." Chandani gave Devs shirt in his hand. "You'll take leave for Diwali, right?" She almost pleaded.

" For a day or two not more." Dev replied smilingly, " As such nowadays, I am half time on leave from my work." Both smiled.

"You are angry at me for yesterday's remark, aren't you?" Dev asked while putting his pants on.

" Yes!" she was rueful again.

"Won't forgive me?" he pulled her close but she pushed him away and helped him get into his coat. 

" Not just like that. I'll make you do the same thing that you made me do." Chandani pouted her mouth. 

Dev laughed. " And what is it?"...

" You'll know soon." Chandani walked away in feigned anger.

When Advay came down, preparations and cleaning for Diwali was in full force. Chandani was supervising everything along with Pooja. The mood at home was happy. He felt good at heart. 

Suddenly, Adi came and banged into him. Advay hugged him happily.

" CM, I want lots of Diwali crackers.This time we shall have a big celebration."

" Adi, a big celebration, yes! You'll get crackers by Noon today. But not many and not at all noisy. You know noise pollution is bad for health."

"Yes CM. And you must come early today and take leave from tomorrow."

" I'll try."

" This is not fair Bhaiyya. You must take leave for some days. It's your first Diwali with Chandani." Pooja had come close to them. 

Advay looked in Chandani's direction and smiled, " Yes I know." 

Chandani looked back at him and walked towards them.

"Bhaiyya, you should appreciate her feelings. Chandani, tell Bhaiyya what all you have planned for Diwali."

" Yeh jaldi Aa jayenge to khud dekh lenge. Let him see for himself. What's the fun in telling now?" 

No direct answers coming through. It was going to be mystery day for him, he thought wryly.


Shikha stood alone at the window looking into nothing. Her generally happy brave face had flinched in pain. Miku went and stood by her. 

" Care to share what's burning your heart or should I bring another rubber lizard?" 

Shikha smilingly turned to him in spite of her painful thoughts. 

He held her by the shoulders and asked, "Ab bolo bhi! Come on, speak out"

" Jiji has the fortune to say that ma is not her mother; but I cannot even say that. I don't have a different identity except being the Vasishth family daughter. The way our family is hated here, what's going to be my status, my acceptance in the family?"   

" You are already accepted in the family, Shikha. In regards with identity. Look at me. What identity did I have all these years before knowing about Bhai? 

Identity of the person doesn't come from family, it comes from the individual himself. 

In my eyes, you are Shikha. That's enough for me."

His reply made Shikha feel totally relieved of her painful thoughts. She smiled brightly.

He continued," I don't respect Bhabhi, just because she's Bhai's wife. I respect her for the kind of person she herself is. 

I don't love Bhaiyya just because he's my bro. I had loved him the first day I saw him. He was the only person in the whole crowd of mahapooja, who had  ventured to hold up the Shiva idol. 

I don't love my Ammi- Abbu because they are my parents. I love them for their genuine personalities." 

Shikha's heart swell with pride for her fianc. She hugged him.

"Ghar mein har jagaha tota maina hi dikhane lage hai."  (Everywhere at home, I'm just seeing pairs of lovebirds).

Nani came into the room. Shikha blushed. Miku hugged Nani. 

" Not my fault Nani, this Shikha is pakka kaamchor avoiding wok. She is wiling away time here; while didi and bhabhi are working outside.

Shikha made a boxing action at him from behind Nani's back while leaving the room. He just took it with a smile.

Miku made Nani sit on bed, "you must tell me about my Ma." He sat at her feet. Nani smiled with her daughter's memories.


It was evening and Chandani had put Diyas everywhere. She had finished putting Rangoli in corridors and come to the front of the house. She was engrossed in making her creation beautiful with colours. She didn't realise that footsteps had come near her. 

When suddenly shadow fell on her Rangoli, she tried getting up fast and stumbled. Dev balanced her in his arms. In Allahabad, wasn't it the same?

He was trying to save her and then had twirled her to take her in his arms. Her cheeks became red with the memory. 

" Every time I touch you, are you going to turn red like this?" 

She looked around to check if anybody was around, especially Nani. Her gaze fell on her Rangoli which had got a little disturbed to her dismay.

"ui maa! Mere rangoli ke rang! " ( Oh God! My design colours)

Without releasing her, he replied, 

" Tumse meri jindagi mein rang hai...... Mujhse tumhare gaalo mein rang hai ........aur tumhe jameen ke iin rango ki padi hai?" 

( My Life gets colours because of you....... Your cheeks get colour because of me..... And you are bothered about the colours on the ground?)

Chandani blushed completely. 

" Your lips don't colour up when you blush... I know when they become red. Lemme put some colour in them..." 

"Lo Bhabhi, Bhaiyya ki chhaaya tumhare rangoli pe pad gayee, to tumhari rangoli safal ho gayee." Pooja who had just arrived commented at the duo. 

(See Sis-inlaw, when brother's shadow falls on your rangoli design, then your Rangoli is successful, purpose fulfilled)

Dev released Chandani and steadied her. She was fidgeting in utter discomfort of Pooja having seen them. 

" Seedhi khadi raho." ( stand straight)

He ordered and walked towards Pooja. 

" If my shadow makes the rangoli success, then I should rather let whole of myself fall on it... poori safal ho jaayegi. It will be complete success!"

Page 2 Diwali enjoyment continues but?????

The beautiful sequence of Chandni trying bring Advay out from melancholy reminds me of the IPK1 Sequence of ArShi when Khushi tried to assuage Arnav's pain through a beautiful song.

The song Chandni uses is a beautiful verse from the  Bollywood immortal movie " Anand" by Hrishikesh Mukharjee . A must watch movie teaching life's best principle.... Jindagi badi honi chaahiye, lambi nahi! (Life should be great, not long!)

The two shows must never be compared. IPK1 was a beauty but IPK3 was no less! It was the beauty which was denied burgeoning. I feel Sad for Barun and Shivani. They could create magic! 

so I allow my heart to imagine the two in this sequence.

It's the love song sung by A man for his love, as he reminisces her love in the solitude of his heart ; when he has let go of that love knowing his imminent death....... An absolute beauty of creativity! 

Do not miss the melodious voice of Mukesh

Maine tere Liye hi Saat rang ke Sapane Chune - For our Adni

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Posted: 2 years ago
wow just read it
I am so overwhelmed
will take some time to gather my thoughts

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