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Lingering Moments Adni Untold Saga Chapter 14

IPK3 Season 1 Episode 84

The world had gone to sleep, but Mumbai never really sleeps.When neighbourhood had already concluded celebrations and turned in for the day; Raizada mansion was happily getting ready for merriment........ The one who rejoices the last, rejoices the best!......... The old cloak of gloom was discarded and hustling bustling delight was donned. The majestic edifice burst with pride, 

"Aakhir mera apana rutba hai, Swag se swagaat karoonga Malik ka!"

(After all I have my own status; I'll welcome my master with all my swag) 

"Shikha, have you completed the rangolis? I just finished decorating their bed." Pooja was grinning from ear to ear while coming out from Bhaiyya's room.

"Yes Didi, I did."

"Shilpa, you haven't done with all diyas, yet? Hurry up! They will arrive any minute now!"

"Yes Didi, I am doing it. I'll finish soon."

"Remember, the arrangement has to come exact spaced. With Chandani's height she shouldn't be able to cross over and then bhaiyya while carrying her shouldn't trip. You had seen the one done yesterday by Chandni herself,right?"

"Yes Didi, I am doing the same way."

"Why haven't they arrived yet?" Suddenly, pain and worry crowded Pooja's face while looking at the door. Her eyes became misty with fear again.

Miku walked over to Pooja and lovingly held her shoulders, "Relax Didi. They'll come. You need not worry when Bhai is there."

"Precisely, Miku! I am perhaps worried because he is there! Suddenly a word from Chandni and he'll blast her in his anger. The two might fight over any smallest issue."

"Oh Didi!" laughed Miku, "You worry too much."

"Too much? Something or other is happening since Diwali started. It's natural to worry."

"Yes! But now everything will be fine. You care a lot, don't you?" 

"Yes Miku! And not just me! Bhaiyya cares for all of us much more." Smiled Pooja with love for her bhaiyya, 

"I am genuinely happy for them,today. Otherwise, the way Chandni had left today, meri to aadhi jaan chali gayi thee. Dono ki sulaah na hui hoti to shaayad poori chali jaati. Aane do dono ko,chhodungi nahi main."

(Half breath of mine was already lost; had they not patched up then perhaps, i have lose my entire breath. Let the two come, I'll not leave them)

"I am with you, Didi. Fukatt ka tension kara diya." (unnecessary tension) Miku agreed wholeheartedly.

"Me, too. Even I was scared." Shikha's brow creased with memory of earlier fear.

"Shikha. Let's do this... "Pooja whispered her conspiracy with Miku and Shikha.

Dev and Chandni had walked hand in hand... gazing fixedly...reaching out to the soul through the eyes... Sheer happiness of being happily engrossed in each other, oblivious to the world... 

As they entered the gate,Chandni noticed security. Getting conscious, she pulled her hand out of Dev's. With absolute possession, Dev pulled it back. The shake of his head, his heart in his eyes, all saying 'no, won't let you go..'

"Everybody is watching and inside family will be awake too.What will they think?" Chandni whined, brows creasing and lips pouting. Her juvenile pout made Dev's heart swell with love.

"A little while back I thought I heard something like Mujhe koi farak nahi padata. Aaj sirf main aur tum." He suddenly got into a joshing mood after noticing her discomfort.

(doesn't make any difference to you. Today just you n me)

Immediate happy sunshine smile lit up her innocent face. The memory of their moment, relished in abandon, evident in that smile...

"You two cannot come inside. Tumhe Toll dena padega." Pooja angrily stood blocking the door. (you must give toll)

"What toll? "Advay creased his brows in questioning look.

"First, Chandni wipe your head." Pooja passed a towel to her. "And bhaiyya, you are fully drenched. Here's your coat. Wear it, or else you'll be sneezing tomorrow. I will not allow that!" 

Looking at her stern angry avatar, Chandni and Dev abided by her. "Ok Pooja, Now at least allow us."

"Ahumm, pahle toll."

"What toll? Tonight is not our suhaag raat!" Advay demurred.

"You both have newly found each other again. It's as good as suhaag raat!"

"Pooja, mere paas abhi paise nahi hai. Not carrying any money on me."

"Aapke Paison ki kisse padi hai, Bhaiyya? Mein to nek maang rahi hoon. Mera haque banata hai!" Pooja groused.

(who cares for your money? I am asking for my right. And I have full right)

Advay fully agreed and wanted to appease her, "Tumhara har haque banata hai, Pooja! Kya doon tumhe?"

(You have every right on me Pooja. Tell me what should I give you)

"The promise that both of you will never ever let such day repeat in your life. Keep each other always happy and never ever give us such tension again." 

Dev looked at his Chandu. Both smiled. "We Promise!" Both spoke together.

"Thank you. Now Bhaiyya, you must lift up Chandni as new bride and bring her in."

"Whaaattt?" Advay was incredulous.

"What nahi or shot nahi. Look at the diyas, she will catch fire if she tries to cross over. Come on pick her up!" 

All Advay's resistance was just a facade. If anything, he wanted to have her back in his arms and keep her there, forever. With tender smile, he picked her wet frame and crossed over the diyas. 

Rather than heat from Diyaas warming them, the heat rising in their bodies with the intimate touch warmed them.  The exact feeling, as yesterday, as he crossed over diya rangoli, with a lamp in her hand. 

The same doorstep had witnessed so many moments of the couple. His literally throwing her out physically holding her elbow on her first arrival........ her leaving with bag forever, tired of his conspiracy... then her rushing back like a true lover, an Abhisarika Ashtnaayika to her Dev........Again his throwing her out with all her possessions, while her memories stayed behind in the mansion......... Her tripping over rangoli and his holding her protectively in arms...his confidently, deftly lifting her up and crossing over with a lamp in her hand yesterday...and today his lifting her fora permanent stay in his house, in his heart, in his life! 

Nostalgia filled every atom of the air. Murli and Shilpa were the first to start chuckling with earlier memories. The others soon joined in.

"Tum sab logon ko sona nahi hai kya?" Advay was vexed at this mockery of him by the family.( Don't you guys need to sleep?)

After coming in, Dev put her down and held her hand again. She was not comfortable of his hold like that in front of family members but she knew her husband too well to resist again.

"Bhabhi, you scared us completely!" Miku was now scolding his sister in law.

Guiltily, Chandani looked at him "Sorry Devarji. Maine aapko pareshaan kar diya na!" ( I troubled all you, people) 

"Pareshan? Aapne humaari jaan nikaal dee thi. Aise maafi nahi milegi....... Aapko ab antakshari ka aapvala gana gana hoga."

(troubled? You literally took away our breath. Won't forgive you just like must sing your song of antakshari)

"Have you gone mad, Miku? Ye koi vakt hai, gaana gaane ka?Plus, She is drenched completely." Advay completely opposed the idea. (is this any time to sing a song)

"Haan Bhaiyya, lagata hai, Miku ko kal bhaaidooj nahi karni mere saath. Pagala kahi ka, it's nearing midnight now." Pooja agreed with her Bhaiyya.

(Yes Bhaiyya, looks like Miku does not want to celebrate bhaidooj with me tomorrow, mad fellow)

"Aur antakshari mein to jiji ne kuchh gaane jaisa hi bola bhi tha." Shikha pinned in.

And Jiji had same something like song during antakshari

"Usse tum gana kahati ho? Hey Bhagwaan! Shikha aisa gana tum mere liye kabhi nahi gana; kyunki aise gaane se kaan ka bharosa nahi rahata, meri Shikha" Miku exactly mimed Chandni with a filmy teary look on his face.

( You call that stuff a song? Oh God! Shikha please don't ever sing something like that for me. With such songs, I cannot trust my ears, my Shikha)

Shikha made a boxing action at him.

"Haan haan, theek hai, maskare! Apni filmigiri band kar." Pooja wanted to avoid even the memory of that unpleasant incident.

(OK OK prankster! stop your filmy ways)

"Bhai dadagiri kare to chalataa hai; main filmigiri karoo, to character dheela hai?" Miku was in full jovial mood.

(When bhai does dadagiri (bullying) it's OK; and if I do filmigiri (being filmy) then i have loose character?)

 Pooja laughed at Miku mimicking Salmaan Khan and sided with her Bhaiyya's decision "Chandni is tired now; how can she sing at this hour?" 

"Nahi Didi, it's OK. Main gaaungi gana. Vaise bhi subaha mera turn tha."

(I'll sing, it was my turn)

"Chandni, tum..." Advay was vexed with his wife.

" Gaane dijiye na, please! Mujhe gaana hai"

(Let me sing please! I want to!)

"Main manaa karoonga tab bhi tum kaha maananewali ho? You and Miku are exact same paagal." 

( Even if I prohibit, where are you going to listen? both you are mad)

Dev knew his heart. He would always indulge both these people in his life. His happiness resided in them. Her voice touched his heart with its sweetness.

Ek din aap yoon humko mil jaayenge,

Phool hi phool raahon mein khil jaayenge

 maine socha na tha!

(One day, I'll meet you and there'll flowers shower on our road,.....I really hadn't thought so)

Ek din jindagi itni hogi haseen

Jhoomega aasman, gaayegi yeh jameen

Maine socha na tha!

(One day life would be so beautiful, the skies would dance, the land would sing.......I really hadn't thought so)

"haah...Jijji? kitna jhooth bol rahi hai, aap?" Shikha gasped, 

"Din raat to aap Dev jiju ke bare mein sochati rahati thee, koi sudhbudh nahi rahati thee aapko... aur kah rahee hai, Maine socha na tha."

(sis, how you're lying? Day nd night you thought about Jiju, you had no senses left......and now you're saying, I never thought so)

"Shikha, main teri Jijji bhi hoon aur bahot jald Jethaani bhi banoongi. Apni Jethaani ko Jhoothi kahati hai?" (Shikha, I am your sis and will be sis-in-law soon. You're calling your in-laws liar?)

Chandni wrinkled her nose teasingly at Shikha and smiled. Dev watched this happy exchange between sisters. Yes, his Chandu had always thought of him, he knew it.

Chandni continued, "jis taraha inhe paaya hai aaj; vaisa to sapane bhi nahi socha tha! Roj naya roop dekhati hoon inka.  ...Maine Gourihar ki pooja shaadi ke pahale ki nahi. Phir bhi mujhe Shiv Shankar mil gaye hai. 

(The way I have found him today, I hadn't thought in my dreams also! Everyday, I see a new avatar of his...... I didn't worship Gourihar (shiva-parvati) before marriage yet I have got my Shiv-shankar) 

Shiv Shankar jis taraha roothi parvati ko manaake kailash vaapas laate the, vaise hi aaj yeh mujhe apani jindagi mein vaapas laaye hai. Jo pyaar, jo sukh aaj diya hai inhone, main kaise bataaun?

(The way Shivji appeased an angry parvati and brought her back to kailash; in the same manner, today he has brought me back in his life. The love, the happiness that h has given me today, how can I tell you?)

Sarvopari premi Shiv shankar, sarvottam priye Parvati

Sarv shreshth pati parmeshwar Shiv, sada suhaagan parvati

(The best lover in the world is loving Shiva and the most loved one is Parvati........the best husband of the world is Shiva and Parvati is forever his happily married better half)

Her voice was filled with divine love...absolute adoration for her Dev...complete faith in him...her love touched everybody's heart. Dev watched her mesmerized. First time, he felt, he was thankful of the hatred that had made sure to find her. Perhaps destiny had bound them in a way that they would find each other again and again......same as shakti and shiva!

Pooja came to Chandni and hugged her lovingly, "Sach mein bhabhi. Sada suhaagan raho....... Yehi kaamna karati hoon main tumhare liye....... Aur mere Bhaiyya ka vaise hi khayaal rakhana jaise parvati mata shivji ka rakhati thee. Inhe kabhi dukh mat hone dena kissi cheej ke liye. Ekdam Shivji ki tarahaa bhole hai aur vaise hi sanvedansheel bhi."

(Truly sis, stay happily married always! I wish that for you.....and take care of my bro same as Parvati took care of Shiva..... Never give him any pain for anything. He is so much like shiva Innocent, pure hearted and same sensitive as him)

"haan Didi, Sach mein Mahadev hai yeh! Issi liye jindagi ne Vish ka pyaala diya to voh bhi pee liya... Didi, please forgive me. Today, all of you were troubled and worried because of me."

( Yes didi, he is Mahadev truly! That's why perhaps when life gave him poison; he drank up that too)

"Chandni, I can very well empathise with your situation. You did not do anything purposely. It just happened. Now let us all forget about it. But please don't ever leave like this again."

"Veer, learn from Jiju. Husbands are supposed to be like him."

"You become like Bhabhi first! Wives are supposed to be loving like her. Tum toh hamesha thappad lagaati ho; nahi toh box karati ho; kabhi pyaar bhi kiya karo! "

( You always slap or box; sometimes try loving also)

Veer stretched his arms out and happily Shikha hugged him. He was such a caring man. Totally selfless. Such deep thinking. So much care for Jiji. A deep emotion... a thought, a feeling, a need... took over Shikha's heart.

"Kya kar rae ho dono? Hum sab yahaa khade hai!" Pooja admonished the two.(What are two of you doing? Everybody's standing here)

"Arre! Jiji did it in the middle of the road, in front of everybody... aur hum ghar mein kare toh character dheela?" Shikha feigned hurtful look. (and if we do it at home, then we're lose in character?)

Chandni blushed at the remark...the memory of their hug in the rain would remain till eternity in their hearts...Dev fell in love all over again with that suddenly shy beauty of much as he had loved her bounteous love hug.

"Arre Vah! Kya baat hai? Mera rang lag gaya meri Shikha ko!" Veer hugged her tighter.

(wow! What a thing! My Shikha is colouring in my ways)

"Sharam karo dono! Main hoon toh theek hai... Agar kahi Maa hoti aur dekhati toh?" ( have some shame two of you! It's me so ok.....just in case mother had been here and had seen you then?) 

Pooja was grinning from ear to ear. Happiness spread in the air.

"Who cares?" shrugged Veer releasing Shikha.

"Maa, yahi hai aur sab dekh bhi rahi hai aur sun bhi rahi hai!" Stern voice cut through their laughter. 

(Mother is right here and she's seeing as well as listening to everything)

Nobody had realised Maasi coming from behind and watching the young ones.

"Maa, Aap? Aap to so rahi thee na?" Pooja tried pacifying Maasi.

(Mom, you? You were sleeping, right?)

"Tum logon ki hasee, gaana... Itne shor mein meri neend khul gayee." Maasi turned towards Chandni. 

(In your laughter and songs.....all your cacophony awakened me.

"Chandni, I want to talk to you." Chandni felt dead scared suddenly.

"Not now, Maasi!  Now is the not the right time." Miku stood firmly between Maasi and Chandni, his voice very quiet yet equally stern as maasi, 

"She's happy and please, let them be." 

The challenging look on his face told Maasi, he was ready for a fight today, if needed. Nobody was allowed to say a wrong word to his Bhabhi.

"Miku, don't forget I am the maasi. I know what I am doing. Move away." Maasi was equally stern. Sudden tension crept in the air.

"Devarjee, get away please" Chandni pushed a reluctant Miku away and politely went and stood in front of Maasi, "Maasi, Aap kuchh kahana chaahti thee?"  (You were saying something?)

Advay would never otherwise thwart Maasi but he did not want her saying anything to Chandni now. The need to protect his Chandu took priority over everything else.

"Chandni, my ways with you in the morning were not right. Will you please forgive me?" There was sudden change in Maasi's stature from Stern to genuinely apologetic.

Everybody was stunned hearing Maasi.  Advay wondered what had happened after he left in the morning. Had someone else also blasted his Chandu? If anything, he was to be blamed, not her. Remorse gripped his heart at her having to suffer because of him.

"Nahi maasi, what are you saying? I have told you before...Aap Maa-si hai. Aapko poora huk hai. ...(you are like mother, you have full right) 

And in the morning, while Aadi was not found, you were worried and tensed about him. You love him so much... It was natural for you to react. I was in the wrong; I had stopped Dev from opening the door for Aadi. Then all the drama happened. Dev would never ever forget his duties towards his family."

Advay did not agree with her. She had not been wrong there. It had been their joint decision. He wanted to open his mouth and protest but Maasi spoke before he could...

"Chandni, you understand, right?  I am not against you, I am against the Vasishth family.  I can never ever forgive them. What happened to Dev's parents was not right."

Advay and Veer's faces crumpled with their parent's memory.

"Yes I understand, Maasi. The pain of that day in this family's heart can never ever be undone." Chandni's voice had a deep sadness which touched everybody's heart.

"Let us not forget that it's past twelve and it is my first Bhaidooj with Didi." Miku purposefully shifted the topic of conversation diverting everybody's mind. 

"Didi, tomorrow you must do my aarti first. Bhai ki aapne hamesha se kee hai, iss baar main pahala haque loonga." 

(For Bhai, you have always done, this time I take the first right)

"Haan Mere bhai, yours will be done first... Par fir mujhe gift bhi tujhe pahale dena hoga, samjha! Aur Bhaiyya, aap ko yaad hai na? Iss baar aap ne Sansani machaani hai." A laughing Pooja spoke to both her brothers.

(Yes, brother of mine! But You'll have to give me gift also first and Bhaiyya don't forget, you also need to give some special gift and shine out)

Laughter spread on everybody's face. "Come let us all sleep. Maa, sorry we disturbed your sleep. Shikha, you come and sleep with me tonight; Naani's sleep will get disturbed if you go there now." Everybody dispersed.

Chandni and Dev opened the bedroom door. The bed was decorated once again with flowers... There were rose petals in heart shape on the bedspread. Candles were lit up in corners...Pooja's love was seen every nook and corner of the bedroom. 

Dev lifted Chandni in his arms... An expectant loving look spread immediately on her face. 'Yes! I want you! Your love!' Her eyes said. Dev walked in but instead of putting her on the bed, he put her on the side lounger and moved away... What does he have in mind now? Why has his face changed? Is he looking gruff?

Suddenly, a towel was thrown over her head and he was wiping her head briskly... When he took the towel out, all her hair was tussled up and falling on her face.

Chandniwas baffled with his action and vexed with the worry about her look now, "Kya kar rahe hain aap?" She cursed in her heart, How must I be looking to his eyes.

(what are you trying to do?)

"baal sukha raha hoon tumhaare!" His tone was gruff. (drying your hair)

"Kyun?Aur Iss tarha?" (Why and like this?)

"haan,Issi taraha..." The anger was evident in his eyes, in his voice,"Koi kaam theekse kabhi nahi karati!"  (yes! like this! you never do anything right!)

Short clipped remark. She knew instantly things were wrong.

"What did I do?"

"When Pooja gave you towel to wipe your head, couldn't you dry up your head properly??Pata hai na tujhe ki tujhe bukhaar ho jaata hai." (you know, you get fever, right?)

"aap khafaa ho mujhse?" (Are you angry with me?)

"Haan khafaa hoon. Abjaakar yeh geele kapade change karke aao." (yes! I am angry! Now go and change these wet clothes)

"Aap kar dijiye na! Uss din bhi to kiye the." She loved it when he was angry with care. (you do it, na! like how you did the other day)

"Bachchi ho kya? Itna to Aadi ke liye bhi nahi karana padata... Jaao jaakar khud change kar lo."

(Are you a kid? this much is not needed to be done for Aadi also....go and change yourself)

She looked at him angrily," Kya hua hai aapko? Abhi thode der pahale mahadev the mere...  Maine aapko Shiv kaha neeche!"

(What has happned to you? just a little while back downstairs I called you my Mahadev)

"Shiv hoonna main, toh ab mera Rudra roop dekho. Jaao...not a single word more... Just go!"

(I am Shiva so check my angry avatar Rudraroop now)

With her head drooped down, pout on her lips, Chandani went to change her clothes. Dev walked to the microwave.


"Eee eee eee eee eee eee eee " Chandni's screech scared the hell out of Dev and he rushed to the washroom.

"What happened?" A half dressed Chandu, looking gorgeous, stood in front of him. 

"Chipkhali." A scared Chandu told him.

(The sticking lizard)

"Kahaan?" Dev's eyes scanned the whole of the room in a single breath. Nothing was noticeable.

"Yaahan! Main hoon na Chipkhali, aap se chipakane waali" Smiling happily she hugged her Dev.

(here! I am your sticking one, I always stick with you)

"Tum aur Tumhari bachakaaani harakaton se main..." Dev was exasperated.

(You and your childish acts..... I..)

"Bahot pyaar karate hain!" Chandni completed his sentence... 

(love them a lot!)

"I know that already.  She put her face towards him to kiss him buthe pulled away.

"uff! yeh ladki! Get dressed fast and come out."

"Arre, rukiye na!" (Wait up!)

Chandni was left shocked and angry. Rather anxious, because not drying hair was a trivial thing. She knew that he was really angry. Even though his anger looked like happening about a thing that seemed trivial at one level and yet perhaps it wasn't.  There was surely some subtext, something being asserted without words. And she was anxious about facing it at this moment.

Without his wanting to, he smiled...almost smiled! She was back! The girl, whom he was absolutely in love with, his life, was back. Yet, he wasn't very pleased with the incidents happened. Silently, he changed himself into dry clothes and went back to the microwave. He poured hot water in cup noodles which were always kept handy for his midnight snack during long work nights.

She came out. A small petite figure, looking frantically apprehensive, juvenile pout on her lips, child-like innocence on her face... He could have melted but he was too angry... 

He pushed the hot noodles in her hand and scowled, "Khaao." (Eat!)

She was genuinely worried now. His anger seemed real, seemed very raw! She kept the noodles on side table and held her ears ready to do sit ups, "Main Murga banane taiyyaar hoon! Please tell me why you are angry." ( I am ready to do sit ups)

It was not easy for Advay to articulate his feelings...the worry of being abandoned...dead scaring for him...what does loving really mean? Being there when all is fine and goody goody? Or being there no matter what; especially when nothing is fine!

"Tum chali jaati?" (You would leave??)

Magnet in quiet voice declaring he would never allow it. Yet, a splintering heart asking a real question to his lover...a question only love could ask,rather a question love WOULD ask at some point or other...the difficult, the unbearable, the impossible to bear had happened...and now the truth needed to be known...the love yearned to grow, to expand ...To feel the truth in the jugular and then stay.

"Aap ne pahale aisa kyun kaha? Aisi baat aapki jubaan par aai hee kyun?" (Why did you first speak the way you did? Why did such words come at all on your lips??)

An equal hurt, a deep pain coming out as angry defence.

He lunged forward and cupped her face in his strong hands... A very vulnerable man, his body arched towards her, his tone tender yet anger coated, "Toh?" (So?)

His breath taken in... his decibel rising... eyes growing more tortured... pain perhaps not adequately hidden by anger, "Maine galat kaha tha, to tum galat kar leti?" A dreadful wait in the air...( I said wrong, so you would do wrong??)

"To aur kya karati?"(What else should I have done?) She hurled at him. Total helplessness taking over her, misery in her eyes, her face troubled.

 "jhagad nahi sakati thee mere saath... khadi rahati mere saamne aur nikaal deti apna sara gussa...Do thappad laga deti mujhe...Iss taraha nikal kyun gayee?"

(Couldn't you fight back with me? ...should have stood up in front of me and taken out all your anger.....should have given me two slaps.... why did you leave like this?)

He was hurt, her words stung and fast took him into the typical Dev space within... She had that power over him... to awaken Dev, to make Dev take over Advay...she was the one who fought as equal...She was the one to punch him if he pinched her was in HER hands!

"Nikal jaane ko hi toh kaha tha." ( you had asked me to leave) She was very much in her Chandu mode now, fighting equal. 

The skies from the window watching them smiled. These two would forever remain fifteen year old boy fighting with eight year old girl. An eternal love between them causing the friction of being equal.

His jaw hardened. He lost it again...He had wanted her to accept denial to her leaving possibility...He whirled her around and pushed her against the wall harshly, her sentence having cut deep... "How will I ever say that?...You are my heart,my soul dammit!" 

The rising decibel split the night! The skies, the earth, the showers all stunned at his admission.

When someone is that close to you, there's so much love, strange extreme friction becomes has the beautiful gift of making us mend again...He cooled down and asked her a very valid question.

 "Why amongst all did YOU not understand me? It was my anger against my own self. Whom would I take it out on?"

"You were so very angry then and now you are telling me I should have fought back, should have hit you, as if that's ever possible?" She was rueful...large angry helpless eyes.

"And not talking to me is possible? Completely ignoring me when I come to you is possible? Rejecting to serve me food is possible?"  a deadly drawl...he was freaking out...Her actions had crushed him and he was not letting it go.

The tenor and thrum of the fight had been so real... a wrangle leading to fervent admission to each other about their feelings... HIS feelings the most valuable to her...Suddenly she completely knew her folly... Folly that had caused him such pain... she hugged him tight and cried, 

"I am sorry, Dev! I'm sorry..." His pain tearing her heart into shards...He sank down in her pain hugging her tight across her lap, his face pressing hard in her lap ...

"I love you Chandu!!! Nahi rah sakata main tumhare bina! nahi rahana chaahata main tumhare bina!"

(I can't live without you! Don't want to live without you!) 

His raise of decibel... forceful sentences...a sudden absolute yank...a snapping of a man from within...his admission... in clear words... of his need, HER!

She sat down and he put his head in her lap, almost child-like... wanting to soothe her, wanting to be soothed by her...

She was much more than a wife to him... She was the one who had sown love in a fifteen year old boy's heart...She was the one who put smile on Dev's lips...She was the one to keep Dev alive within him!...not let Advay completely dispense with Dev...his silent heartbreaking tears pleading her...

"Keep Dev your Shiva, don't let him become shava."(Corpse)

She cupped his face and wiped his tears with her fingers lovingly...her soft touch healing his anguish within... with a juvenile Chandu look and a pout, she said 

"Mujhe Bhookh lagi hai" ( I am hungry)


"I am hungry." 

Her innocence, her cleanness of heart reflecting in her eyes. She was such complete contrast to him. He the always rational, the always calculating one...she not thinking with her grey matter; but rather with her pristine heart and gut! He smiled, he smiled with all his heart.

Her heart tripped like mad with his smile. She smiled back. Both hugged each other tightly...a lovely lyrical hug saying Rabba much tenderness, longing and loving...all in a single hug...a lifetime of loving shared in a single moment!

He pushed the noodles cup back in her hands. She ate voraciously, having been hungry since the morning... he watched her in absolute love...with so much of tenderness for her...Poor girl of his, had gone hungry the entire day... All because of him...remorse took hold of his heart...

He always ends up making her go hungry while knowing hunger makes her feel giddy... she noticed the sadness on his face...she wanted to wipe out all pain in his tender loving gaze...She passed the remaining noodles to him to share...

He smiled again; he loved eating what she had already eaten...All ready for a lover's game, he deliberately ignored the fork in the cup and put his fingers in. He picked a bunch and put it in his mouth...

Yuck! She just watched flabbergasted...What is he doing? There is a fork given; yet he's putting his fingers inside! How can he act like a barbaric? Dev was fully aware of her discomfort. He knew what would irritate her further. Just to tease his Katto Gilheri, he was going to do exactly that. Purposefully, he licked his fingers after chewing the noodles...slowly... seductively!

"Eyuuu uuu uuu uuu!"  Chandni screeched in total disgust! How could he do that? Simply, how could he? Unimaginable! Intolerable! My husband, the love of my life, doing what he did? Yuck! Thousand questions crowded her mind and equal expressions on her face.

He total total happiness...she was was back! This is how he loved her; this is how he had wanted her when he first goaded her in kitchen today... this is how she really was! His Katto Gilheri! Earlier pain and anger having been abated, desire murmured in his heart.

"What happened? Didn't like it?" 

He was goading her further, his voice husky... sexy... "As such, my fingers don't taste great when licked, lemme lick something else, very tasty..." 

He brought his mouth disturbingly close to hers...

"Dhattt!" she blushed at his raunchiness and ran away... He ran behind her ... like a callow lover... running dopily after her... he felt so young again... like years were taken out from his age!

She went and stood near the window...he reached immediately and hugged her from behind...his favorite pose now...making him feel absolutely content with her in his arms...making him feel emotionally completely connected...she was looking steadfastly at the showers pouring even now...

"Kya dekh rahi ho?"(What are you looking at?)

"Iss phuaar ko...(These showers...)

you know Dev, I always watched the storms from my window... I saw your reflection there!... And every time I asked that reflection,

E Saavari neeli ghata, dil pe dastak dogi kabhi 

(Oh blue cloudy skies, would you ever knock on my heart)

Rimzim teri aaghosh mein, youwan mera logi kabhi ! 

(In your pleasing embrace, would you ever take my youth)"

He smiled and hugged her tighter taking all her youthful beauty in his strong manly embrace.

"Aur kya kahati thee isse?...humm? Tell me what you told my reflections."

"After our last fight,I knew you thought of me as had been so angry with me...never wanted to listen to any word of mine... So I kept requesting

Man yeh mera mrunmayee Sahi 

(My heart might be born from soil)

Mrudgandh iss meinbhi bhara hua

(yet, the fragrance of soil is filled inside)

Mere srujan ka har kan kan 

(Every divine creation urge within me)

Panapkar hasane tarsaa hua 

(is anxious to sprout out and smile)

Taoufa  Tumhare aasmaan ka; doge mujhe kabhi na kabhi

(Will you ever gift me your heavenly lifesaving donation)

Rimzim teri aaghosh mein, youwan mera loge kabhi!

(In your pleasing embrace, would you ever take my youth)"

He felt hugely humbled...His Chandu was admitting her having flaws; yet so correctly knowing that she had virtues to make his life fragrant...

Even if she were soil, she had the capability to give out fragrance to reach his skies... The very motherhood within her wanted to sprout up and the earth sprouting after rain-shower...and for that she wanted his contribution, his donation of the seed... His Chandu was asking him to impregnate her!

Could there be anything more humbling than this for him? Could anything in the world bind him more? Could anything make him belong more?

He turned her around slowly and stole a moment from the hour .......with tenderness, within finite love he looked at her .......both totally lost in each other...a timeless moment...he wanting to give, she wanting to take...their oneness being carried further into a new life!

He so desperately wanted to say so many things to her... at least one thing to her... he put the music on with remote nearby...

The music trilled in...Their music...flowing through just their looks...

"Umrein lagi kehte hue; do lavz the ik baat thi"

(Took entire lives to say, just two words, just one thing)

He cupped her face... so much in his eyes...a light of total devotion to her...a feeling that had complete range, depth, veracity...telling her...all his life, he had missed her...loved her...wanted her!

"Voh ek din Sou saal ka " (that one day of hundred years)

A lone silent tear rolled down her cheeks with the memory of the day! His eyes filled with anguish and slowly tenderly he wiped the tear with his thumb.

"Sou Saal ki Voh raat thee"  (That night was of hundred years)

With his tenderness, she smiled knowing that the day had gone by and now, like the last night, this night would be happier, better... A harsh day melting into a magic night...filled with happiness to last for a hundred years!

"Kaisa lage jo chup chaap dono 

palpal mein poori sadiyan bita dein"

(How would it feel if without uttering a single word, in that one moment, two souls would spend Eons just like that) 

He wanted their bodies to talk even when their lips remained silent...he wanted to gift her a whole lifetime of happiness in just that one moment of theirs... 

She was the"saaj" (instrument) and he wanted to play her...bring music in every pore of hers...desire lain bright and refulgent in two hearts...slowly his lips grazed against her neck...seeking her permission...he, the ocean and she, the moonlit shore...ebb and flow...the ocean adhered to the shore...the shore wanted the ocean to stay always alongside...break all limits and breach the shore...the shore wanted to melt, merge... the eyes said, submerge me... I am your instrument, play me!

Her body quivering with desire...Her every nerve a taut string...a ravishing beauty...alluring him to overwhelming need propelling him...he plucked each string hungrily with his mouth...with guiltless vast passion of his...and music flew from her body...exhilarating her...gratifying her

Lovemaking becoming into a mellifluous melody of wanton love...of untrammelled passion...of longing, sensual yearning, love and beyond.

Bol na halke halke, bol na halke halke

(speak up softly, speak up)

Passion overtaking him, he plundered her lips, her mouth. His eyes spoke, his body sang, his hands screamed!

Hoth se halk halke bol na halke

He found her beautiful in every inch of hers and just wanted to drink up the inebriation of her beauty.

Dhaage tod laaon chandni se noor ke
Goonghat hi bana don raushni se noor ke

(bring the strings from the moonlight and with that light make her veil)

Willingly she came into his tight hug, crushing her to him... all abashment flown away

Sharma gayi to aghosh mein lo

(If she blushes, take her in your embrace)

And then she kissed him back, equalling him in passion, in longing. A scary tumult of sensations in her...

Saanson se uljhi rahe meri saanse

(let my breaths remain tangled with yours)

Bol na halke halke

Bol Na Halke Halke, Bol Na HalkeHalke

Bol Na Halke Halke, Bol Na HalkeHalke

Honth Se Halke Halke, Bol Na Halke

Both giving into their fervent passion... demanding, giving, submitting...he pushed her against the wall, and his mouth moved down her body... her legs feeling weak gave under her and she sank down... he climbed on top of her...

Aa Neend Ka Sauda Karein,

Ik Khwaab De, Ik Khwaab Le

(come let's bargain sleep, give one dream, take one dream)

She pulled the pillow from the bed and passed to him to put under her...both wanting to be breached completely...a dream in their unite forever!

Ik Khwaab Toh Aankhon Mein Hai, Ik Chaand Ke Takiye Talein

(There's one dream in our eyes, under the pillows of moon)

He put the pillow under her for his easy access to her core. His mouth plucked music from her belly softness...Plundered her naval bud...

Kitane Dino Se Yeh Aasamaan Bhi 

Soya Nahi Hai, Isako Sula De

(Since so long, the sky has also not slept, let's pit it to sleep)

Bol Na Halke Halke, Bol Na Halke Halke

Bol Na Halke Halke, Bol Na Halke Halke

Honth Se Halke Halke, Bol Na Halke

The sargam started...he moved down to her core... a stalking devouring hunger in him...taking their passion to higher notes...all her nerves jointly all the chords being plucked together...a crescendo of music, of passion, of love...

Ma ga ni sa sa ma dhe... ma sa ma re

...He took her with him to pinnacle of pleasure... She pulled his hair out in gay abandon of pleasure seeking...the crescendo reached higher... he unified with her completely entering into her soft moulds

pa ni sa re ga ni ga ni sa

Both moved in unison... pushing,plundering, pounding...reaching the summit...

ma pa dha ni sa

That one moment of tilting across the cliff, in unison... a moment of pulchritude!

Both completely spent out spent out the skies were now...having given their showers to the soil... for the soil to germinate new life... 

This time, she kissed him on his forehead...saying thanks for the beautiful gift he gave her. For his skies giving hearing to her soil's song.

Both just lingered in the moment!

Passion stirred again in him... he carried her to the bed... all the heat having been spent out, she shivered with the chill in the air... he wrapped her tenderly in the blanket...

The ache in her body was shown on her face...she looked at the marks of his passion on her soft delicate fair body... he watched in amazement his impressions on her body...marks of his own passion... was it only on her skin or was his impression already stamped on her egg , her fertility within!

He so much wanted to make love to her in that state but he was genuinely concerned for the pain in her dilemma, he turned a little away...she held him back... her eyes pleaded... yes, I want it; but slowly this time, delicately...her gaze lowered down through sheer "Lajja", her womanly shyness...because I might be carrying your impression deep inside me!

A smoulder in his eyes, desire on his lips, love in his heart, passion in every pore he stared...just stared


Tu jo Choo le pyaar se, aaraam se

Mar jaaun

(Oh My beloved one, just touch me once with love, at peace.....and I'll die right there, in that moment)

Their indelible tie illumining the beauty and truth of their love ...all his burning, all his pain of all these years, of everything that had happened; would find Solace "aaram" in her loving healing touch...if death ever came, n whenever it came, I should be in her embrace.

 Aa ja chanda baahon mein

(Come my moon, come in my arms)

He put his arms out to hold all of her to him... She willingly complied

Tujh mein hi gum ho jaaun

(let me get lost in you)

Both lost in each other completely ...till eternity of time!

Yeh naram-naram nasha hai badhta jaaye.

Jaise prem ki pujaaran mandir sajaaye

(This inebriation soft soft goes on increasing..... a devotee of love decorates her temple)

It started again...lasting longer...a slow caring tender love this time... Love that couldn't be named!


Fun and frolic back in family with a beautiful 90's song

Gulzaar's heavenly Lyric and Fateh Ali khan's melodious voice. The song itself is a beauty and then imagine Barun's expressions in the scene..... you'll find your own heaven!

Recently famed song...... it's used many times in soaps as background, IPK1 had it. so why miss in IPK3?smiley2

Shiva does not have any riches, he has ashes on his body, snake around his neck, yet he is the best husband of the universe owing to his unmatched love for Parvati.... that's why in Hindu religion, a great husband is asked for in Gaurihar pooja before marriage....... indicating that a woman shouldn't look for riches in her to be husband but look for his love

A husband wife are always given the blessing of being Laxmi-narayan, to get prosperity and happiness in married life.

Sarvopari premi Shiv shankar, sarvottam priye Parvati

Sarv shreshth pati parmeshwar Shiv, sada suhaagan parvati

There's so much of Barun here..... from IPK1 as well as IPK3...... somehow the confrontation in privacy of their bedroom reminds me the fight between Arnav and Khushi when she feigns fractured foot. Barun kills the scene with his subtlety in expressions.

The immediate agreement to sister's Nek, also comes from IPK1

Scroll down for Chapter 14 part 2 Episode 84 after the break

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Trials Of Fire Adni Untold Saga Chapter 14 Part2

IPK3 Season 1 Episode 84

Somewhere in early hours before the dawn, it was absolutely still outside...A calm after the storm or maybe a calm impending another storm...The air felt weirdly melancholy...bringing a dead swarm in heart... She was suddenly woken up...a feeling of something amiss in her sleep laden body...She was hardly able to focus. What was it?...What was missing? His hand around her?...that's it! Where is he? With a shocking awakening, she jolted up suddenly.

There he was!... sitting on the ground next to the lounger...a deafening silence, a suffocating emptiness in air around him...his face, absolutely still yet reflecting the pain of his soul... his eyes, in a distant look yet a mirror of his misery...his tears, rolling down his cheeks burning his temples...anguish emanating from every pore...worlds lost within him...his heart lost... wind rose somewhere far in a desert and blew across the wide expanse to sear through his heart...the heart roaming in darkness, grasping the night and wrapping it around!

It's about his parents...whispers of his past... the past that can never ever be undone...she was filled with total penitence...This pain on his face, in his eyes, in his heart...something always there behind the happy mask he wore during the day...all that pain residing in his core, in his soul, was somehow rooted to her; her doing whether happened innocently or otherwise; yet it had been HER doing... Every night, without fail, had brought the same pain back for past sixteen years.........and that meant five thousand eight hundred and forty four nights...each night of misery making his soul turn to ashes...each night of pain causing a death of breath in him...not all her love, her heart, her body, nothing that was in her capacity could ever alleviate that pain...never in life would she able to give him any solace from his misery... She got up from the bed and walked slowly up to him to stand before him...tears rolled down her eyes ...honest tears of remorse, of empathy, of love beyond...they fell on his face and mixed with his tears...touching him,connecting her pain to his...adhering her soul to his... he looked up at her, suddenly realising she was there...a call of his present!

He noticed her tears immediately and knew the reason behind them. He held her hand tenderly pulling her down beside him... "I am sorry,Chandu. It's not about you. It's about me, my heart..." The tenderness in his voice, the care in his loving touch on her palm, nothing would convince her tonight...She just continued crying silently... for his parents having faced such tragic end... for him having faced tragedy at such young age...for the barrenness of deserted time of their separation. ...tears rolled down both their eyes in total darkness engulfing their hearts.

"Pata nahi Chandu, yeh sab kyun hua? Kya hua? Kyun hum dono iss tarha fasaaye gaye jindagi se? Tumhari galati nahi thi, tum nasaamajh allhad thee, par fas hum dono gaye, poori tarhasse."

(Don't know Chandu, why all this has happened? What Happened? Why we both were cheated by life like this? It wasn't your fault, you were young, you were naive, yet both of us were robbed, completely!)

"Haan, Dev...Kabhi kabhi lagata hai jaise Uss Aurat ko jail mein daalkar bhi humaara man swasth nahi, shaant nahi... Aur shaayad kabhi hogabhi nahi!"

(Yes Dev Sometimes I feel even after putting that woman in jail, our mind is not at peace......and perhaps will never be!)

"Chandu, maine abhi tak maa-baba ki asthiyaan bhi visarjit nahi kee... kahi koi kami lagati hai, kuchh galat lagata hai... yeh bhavana dilse jaati nahi, sukoon milata nahi! Andar hi andar ek ajeeb si ghutan hai, koi tag-mag..."

(Chandu, I haven't dispersed Maa-Baba's ashes.....I feel like something is missing, something is not correct.....the feeling does not go from my heart, the peace does not come. Deep inside there's turmoil....)

Memories. smokes and scars...memories that never went away...that scarred you completely...leaving you incapable of feeling anything else...

He had stayed prisoner of his memories for so long; trust and love forever an issue...that's why even when his Miku and his Chandu openly offered love, he had not been able to trust...but Somewhere along the way, he now felt the need to share his unbearable pain, he knew he could trust; he knew she would understand...though nobody could really do anything about the pain...In absolute despair, she kept her head on his thigh...he slowly reached out and caressed her hair lovingly, the love flowing to her giving him life back again...

There was something assuring in his caress that her innermost feelings came on her lips. 

"Yeh mere jindagi ki sabse badi haar hai, Dev... ki main jo bhi kuchh karoon, tumhari jindagi ki yeh kami kabhi nahi poori kar paaungi."

(This is the biggest defeat of my life, Dev......that whatever I do, I will not be able to fulfil this gap in your life.)

"Don't say that, Chandu. Life is because you are there! Where was I living before? You are my purpose to live. You have brought my lost world back to me... you wrap my darkness in your moonlight... Main andheri raat hoon; par tum meri Chandni ho!"

(I'm the dark night, you're my Chandni)

With tear streaked face, he bent down and kissed her in absolute love... a deep kiss reaching to her inner light, the light her soul lay in... her love grasping his phantom shadows of past and wrapping them in her shining faith...things were going to be alright, they together would make things alright...A timeless moment lingered by!

Morning tiptoed slowly in the room; as both lay spooned against each other... He stirred in his delirium as sun rays fell on his face...Inadvertently, he went over her and shielded her face with his body... She looked most beautiful in her exhausted sleep... her lips still swollen from passion assault on them...he remembered her abandoned hug in the rain... 

He remembered the antakshari she had sung last night... now was his turn perhaps...and yes! 

His heart knew what it wanted to sing...

Tujhe dekh dekh sona

Tujhe dekh kar hai jagana

Maine yeh jindagaani

Sang tere bitaani

Tujh mein basi hai meri jaan

(sleeping while watching you, I wanna rise just watching you, I wanna spend my entire life with you, my life lies in you)

She opened her eyes and asked, "Vaada?"



How did she know what he had sung in his heart? Their souls could hear each other, was it? So even in her sleep she had heard his heart singing... he kissed her on her forehead and promised, 


He was just about to start again when she pushed him...

"Govardhan pooja hai, mujhe bahut saara kaam hai aur Bhaidooj bhi hai, aapkobhi kaam hain! Chaliye hatiye... mujhe jaana hai."

(It's Govardhan Pooja today, I have lots of work to do and it's Bhaidooj, too; so even you have work! Come on, let go......I need to go)

He knew that she was right. He shifted releasing her from under him. She proceeded to the bathroom. When she came out he was right at the door waiting... As she stepped out... fresh and fragrant from bath... he pulled the towel from her hand... he put it on her wet head and rubbed again...

"Kya kar rahe hain?" (What are you doing?)

She was exasperated. He had done the same thing last night, too. And she didn't like standing in front of him with her hair scattered all over her face.

"Kal kuchh karne ko jee chaha tha; voh ab karna chaahata hoon!" (yesterday, my heart desired to do something; wanna do it now!)

His voice was a sexy drawl... His fingers curled in a hypnotic arch and came to her face...Seductively slowly softly he pushed his fingers through her hair...his passion, slow yet sensual, reaching her through his fingertips...his desire claiming his right on her morning look, a ravishing beauty...inadvertently, her toes curled... she was completely aroused by his single touch...her body refused to listen to her brain... her heart raced!

His fingers moved down her face slowly grazing on her lips...he traced her lip line with his thumb...the desire was burning in both of them now...he bent his face to claim her lips...

"CM... Sweet CM" there were bangs on the door.

Startled, he pulled up. Both exclaimed simultaneously,"Aadi!"

And then burst out laughing... they wouldn't dare send the boy away again. Laughing, Advay opened the door and hugged the happy boy.

"How are you, SuperAadi?"

"I am fine, CM. What has happened to Sweet CM's hair?"

Chandni had not had time to comb her hair. Advay felt lucky that he was still hugging Aadi; so Aadi couldn't see the complete blush on his face.

"Come here, Aadi." Chandni spread out her arms and called out to him. Aadi pulled himself out of Advay's hug and ran to Chandni. Chandni hugged him lovingly.

"Maami, what happened to your hair?" Aadi would not let goof his query. Advay blushed all the more.

"Aadi, I had gone for a bath but as I was coming out, a ghost stopped me."

Advay looked at her sharply, 'Am I a ghost,' his eyes asked Chandni.

"Maami, there are no ghosts in this world. Don't you knowthat yet?" Aadi got into his patronising avatar.

"Oh! I thought there were. I get very scared of them. Willyou save me if he comes again?" She feigned an innocent scared look.

"Of course, I will. I will protect you! Let the ghost come,I'll show him what's my Sansani. Vaat lagaa doonga uski. He won't dare come near you again." A pompous Adi claiming his prowess.

Advay's brows were going higher and higher with aadi's every sentence. He looked at Chandu with complaint in his eyes.

"No Aadi. Actually, I like that ghost. He's very friendly!"

Aadi pulled himself away from sweet CM and ran to CM.

"This sweet Chandni Mami has gone a little mad or something?" He quietly whispered in CM's ears.

"No Super Aadi, she is not a little mad..." He looked purposefully at Chandu, "She's absolutely totally completely mad!"

Chandu rolled her eyes and feigned an angry look at Dev. Dev gave her a look back, I always win!'. To Aadi he explained further, 

"She starts imagining people as ghosts...Tomorrow, she might think of you as ghost.How will you protect her from yourself?"

Aadi was left wondering at CM's very right question perhaps!

Shilpa knocked on the door. "Bhabhi, aapko Naani bula rahi hai." (Naani is calling you, Sis)

Both Chandu and Dev looked at each other... an eloquent silence between them...She dreaded but he consoled...I'll protect you, I'll be with you his eyes said...

Naani was in the dining area. Chandni hesitated, self created burden of remorse eating her up. Naani would not be very happy about her misdoings last evening.Naani sensed the presence of Chandni behind her and came rushing to hug her, a rage and roil of emotions palpable in her hug.

"Where had you gone, Chandni beta? Are you Okay? You got me so worried! If anything was to happen to you?" naani cried bitterly.

In that tight hug, in those tears of a loving grandma, in those emotional questions... Chandni found what her heart had yearned for life...a mother's true love! 

She hadn't received such love even after returning from a life threatening kidnap... she had craved for it through every action of hers since childhood but never found it... And today, out of nowhere, suddenly life had given it to her on a silver plate... 

Chandni hugged Naani with all her heart, wanting to stay in that motherly embrace longer... not letting the motherly touch slip away from her. "naani!... She could barely speak with all emotions roiling in her heart... 

Could life be this good after all these years... the last she remembered happiness was when as a child she played with Dev in haveli, his mother hugged her with love and care... then the horrid separation, the confusing , confounding ignorance about everything, realisation that her stepmother did not love her from heart, the horrid kidnap, then the coming of ASR, his angry altercations with her, her blackmail marriage, her losing family, her realisation of Advay being Dev but he refusing to accept her, the Sasha phase... and after that now suddenly so much happiness of finding a family where she belonged truly... the sense of belonging giving a reason to her heart to smile!

The man having reached there to protect his love, his wife just watched the duo...motherly affection of his life embracing the love of his life...If last night of passionate unifying was one dimension of his sense of belonging, this the absolutely unrestrained showering of love within the family was the other dimension, making him belong again!...

Had the past not happened, had Maa been alive, she would accept and embrace Chandu the same way as Naani had embraced her. Pooja, Maasi, Miku all giving the same love and acceptance to Chandni... this house has become a home... As Shivaay mentioned when I bought this place.

"Both of you, you and Chiku, when will you give some peace to my heart? Hasn't life given enough trouble that you, my most loved ones, add to it? Pahale voh apne man ki marji karata tha; mujhe takaleef hoti thee. Ab tu apne man ki marji karati hai, jaanati bhi hai, mujhe kitna dukh hota haitumhari harkaton se?" 

(Initially, he always did his will; I was troubled.Now you do what your heart wants, do you realise at all, how much it pains me?) 

Naani's voice was rising, pain gripping her face.Suddenly, Naani felt extremely tired. Advay rushed to her and helped her take a seat.

" Naani, relax. Please! Sab theek hai. Hum dono theek hai! Aap pareshaan mat hona!" 

(Everything is Ok. We both are ok. Don't trouble yourself!)

Advay was anxious about his grandma's health.

"Chandni beta, tu mere ghar ki lakshmi hai. You are the laxmi of this house.....I had told you yesterday, right? Yet when I checked with Pooja in the morning, I got to know these details. Why did you leave the house like that? That too, in a storm?"

" Naani, I am sorry. I am genuinely sorry. It was absolutely wrong of me to put all of you in concern and pain... all of you who are now my loving family...I went on my ego trip and Dev had to rush to bring me back... a man who loves me more than his own self...a mother like you who has only love to give... a sister like Pooja... a devar like Miku... I put everybody in pain just because he yelled at me... I failed to realise that it's me where all his anger, his love, his hopes are attached."

"Yes Chandni, you, above all, must understand that my Chiku is pristine in his heart and loves you completely... he has suffered so much pain in life that a single thought of losing Aadi made him panic..."

"Yes Naani, You are right. More than anybody, I should have understood the kind of tie that he has with Aadi. I should not have taken his burst out to heart so much. I know how much he loves Aadi. To what length, he can go for Aadi." Chandni had become extremely emotional.

" Bas Chandni, enough now!" Dev cut Chandu from saying anything further.

Pooja had been observing everything from behind. Suddenly,she realised, there was something that perhaps she didn't know but Chandni knew about Bhaiyya and Aadi. She made a mental note to ask Chandni someday; because Bhaiyya would never ever tell what was the secret.

" I just want to ask both of you to please forgive me. I will never ever let such thing happen from my end again." Chandni folded her hands

"Both you and Chiku should once for all register in your minds that both of you wronged each other yesterday. Don't ever let such incident recur in your lives! Learn to be prakriti and purush, always meant to come together." Naani advised both.

" Yes, Naani! Both spoke together."

" And what am I, Super Naani ?" A boisterous Aadi came and hugged his Naani.

"You, our beloved Ganesha!" Lovingly Naani hugged Aadi back.

"But Ganesha was Mahadev Parvati's son. I  have been here even before CM and Sweet CM came. How's that feasible?" Aadi was perplexed. If they were his mother and father, how come he was born even before they got married.

"because Ganesh has come before Prakriti and Purush.

Aavirbhootam Cha Srushtya dou, Prakrute-purushaat param!" Lovingly Chandu explained Hugging Aadi.

" Matalab?"

" Meaning, Ganesh has incarnated himself before the Prakritiand Purush!

"I don't understand Maami. Aadi was unable to get the real perspective behind. Neither do I, thought Advay.

"Chandni, you must explain this after govardhan pooja today. Naani told Chadni. Then she turned to Aadi, " And Aadi, from tomorrow onward, you must come to meet me before going to your CM. You mentioned you like your nana's clothes, the feeling of warmth in them. You can enjoy that and I shall tell you a lot of stories of Ganesha. Important for you to know." Aadi was elated with the idea of story time every morning. 

Taking her seat in dining, Pooja smiled at Naani's intelligence  to give Bhaiyya Bhabhi sufficient private time. Chandni and Advay tried hard hiding their blush.

"Are we going to have any breakfast? Where is that younger brother of mine? Advay asked.

"Twice I tried waking him up, Twice Shikha... But laatsahaab so rahe hain abhi bhi!" Pooja answered. (he's still snoring away)

" Sir, breakfast is ready. We were waiting for Bhabhi to arrive." Shilpa came to the dining to serve.

"Shilpa, you call Chandni Bhabhi now. Why do you continue calling me Sir? As such, YOUR Murli calls me Bhaiyya and is like my younger bro." Advay purposefully stressed on your Murli. Shilpa blushed completely.

"Iss Matar ke daane ke saath humara koi rishta nahi, Bhaiyya!" Murli made a face.

(I don't have any relation with this peanut)

"Toh Kya? Ho jaayega!" (So what? It will happen!)

Everybody spoke together and laughter spread in the air.

"Jab dekho mujhe chidhata rahata hai!" muttered Shilpa while serving. (Every time he teases me)

"Sab mard ek jaise hote hain, Shilpa! All men are alike!"

Shikha arrived and spoke angrily, "Chidhaane ke sivaa inhe aata hi kya hai? (what else do they do apart from getting angry)

"Bhaiyya, he has forgotten all about Bhaidooj! I think I'll have to do aarti for you , god knows when he'll arrive. Pooja shook her head knowing how Miku was.

"No Pooja, he has specially asked for the right. Let him have it! I'll go and call him. A smiling Advay told Pooja and was just about to get up when Miku arrived from behind.

"Didi, mere Bhai hai voh! Praan jaaye par vachan na jaaye! That's his life motto. Aarti to pahale meri hi hogi.

(Sis, he's MY bro! He'll give his life but not violate his promise. First, my Aarti)

 Veer was in his usual filmy mood, "And I am Bhai's Shashi Kapoor! Hum gayab honewalon mein se nahi hai. Jahaan bhi jaate hain, jalwe dikhaate hain, dost to kya, Dushman bhi yaad rakahate hain! Kyon Shikha?"

"All your Jalwaas, I have already seen and don't you forget,you could never ever scare me!" Shikha retorted back. Everybody smiled.

"Kitna bolata hai yeh! Come Miku, have breakfast first.Aarti tumhaari pahale kar loongi main." Pooja smiled at her younger Bro.

"When did you two start loving each other?" Inquired a genuinely interested Advay.

"With my "Two weeks, Ladaki fix mission, Bhai!"

"Not at all! I had guessed all your bluffs already. That was failed mission. Jiju, he's not smart like you!"

"Bhai and smart? When I asked him first about Bhabhi as to who she was of his, he was just caught into "Voh meri... Voh meri..." teased Miku.

Advay blushed with the memory of the day. How angry I had been with misunderstanding about Chandani as to why she went to my guest house.How easily impressionable was I thanks to my biases. How I challenged her all the time, goaded her about marrying me. Yet, when Miku had asked me about her I had fumbled for words.

Chandni smiled with the same memory. How cleaving they hadbeen to each other. She had misunderstood regarding the passports and he abouther visit. She pounced on him, he barked at her, She challenged him, hechallenged her back, she advanced at him like a fighting cat, he advanced onher like a ferrocious lion. They were against each other but never able toleave each other alone.

"Mere Saamne to bade sher banke aate the! Devarjee, youknow, everytime he stared at me with his angry eyes... Katkhanne bankarghoorate the mujhe!Chandni was in a teasing mood now. Dev glared at her, hishead bent slightly down yet angry eyes piercing her. However, she was notscared of that feigned angry look now.

"Allahabad ki haveli mein kya jhagade hote the dono kebeech! Yet it was Jiju who saved JiJi when she fainted while having gone to thepub." Shikha chipped in.

"He has been saving me all along, Shikha! First put me introuble, then come and save me. Inki yeh hamesha ki aadat hai." Chandni goadedfurther.

"What else could he do? Poor brother of mine! laughedPooja.

"Bhaiyya, I want to discuss something important with you andBhabhi after the breakfast." Miku was suddenly serious among the laughter onthe table. Everybody stunned by his sudden change to seriousness from a filmytone.

"Yes Devarjee, anything for you always!" smiled Chandni.


After breakfast, Chandni hurried to the kitchen while Poojawent to do preparations for Pooja. Chandni was preparing food for GovardhanPooja muttering to herself about how many tasks were still left to be done andshe did not know how she would finish everything.

" Hey Bholenath, ajj meri raksha karna... Kisi cheej mein koigadbad nahi honi chaahiye...Itne saare pakwaan banaane hain aur dar ke maaremere haath chal hi nahi rahe hain."  

Advay came after her and stood for a minute admiring hisMiss Badbad. Even when alone, she would be speaking to herself. Forever 'chaparchapar' on. And today, at the dining, she had done a lot of it. He wentsurreptitiously behind her.

"Help Chaahiye, miss Badbad?"

Chandni was stunned by his sudden arrival. If she knew herhusband well, he had come to take revenge of her goading him earlier and notsurely for helping her. As such, what could he help in cooking offerings food!

"A... Aap?"

"M... Main! Who else calls you Miss badbad?"

"A...Aa... Aap..." Chandni stumbled in fear not knowing whatmight he do as revenge.

"Why are you stuttering now? On the dining table, toh badibadi baatein kar rahi thee!"

"Maine kya kiya? I spoke the truth!" Chandni pulled up allher courage in defiance.

Dev put his arms around her from behind and yanked her closeto his body, prisoning her to him, "Apne pati ki buraai karati ho, Bhagyavaan?"

"Mirchi lagi kya?" Chandni held onto every ounce of courageshe had, " I spoke the truth!"

"Half truth! Bhagyavaan, Half truth! You weren't any less.You had called the police to have me arrested. Apne honewaale pati ko jailbhejana chaahati thee! Hai Na, Bhagyavaan?" He goaded her now.

"leave me... Someone might come..."Chandni was disturbinglyconscious of him.

" I told you in Allahabad kitchen, remember?...Aane do!" He smirked, pulling her petite soft frame tighter to his strong hard body.

"Bhai, main aa gaya hoon. Sorry to disturb you both in yourcoochi-koo." Veer arrived in a filmy way putting his hands over his eyes.

" You always come at the wrong moment, don't you Miku?" Reluctantly Advay let go of Chandu.

"Not at all! He is my saviour. He comes at the right moment,always. You wanted to say something, Devarjee? In the tension of having toprepare mountainful of offerings today, I forgot about you. Sorry Devarjee.Please Say now."

"Not here, Bhabhi. My conversation is far more importantthan all this food. And I know , you will not focus on anything else apart fromfood while you are in the kitchen."

"So true, Miku!" Advay agreed with Miku in a differentsense.


Miku's room was in worse mess than the way Chandni had firstseen Advay's room... memories came rushing back to her...The tea bag sticking toher hand and her flinching over it... then his coming and holding her hand, sosensually, seductively and taking out that Tea bag stuck... she blushedimmediately with the memory...Advay watched the blush with a smitten look.

As uncomfortable Chandni was, equally comfortable was Advayin his brother's room. Miku held hands of both and made them sit on the bedtogether. He sat at their feet. Advay felt uncomfortable and tried pulling himimmediately up but Miku stopped him, "I am perfect here, Bhai."

His eyes, verygenuine, very earnest! Both Chandni and Advay knew in a second, that it wassomething really very important that Miku wanted to discuss.

"You always ask me, Bhai, what I want to do about life. Iknow that you will make me your business partner, if I join you there. You'lllet me do anything that I wish to do. I want to be your partner, but not inbusiness rather in your other very important role!" Miku took a deliberatepause.

Advay perplexed, kind of lost...the calculating man unableto decipher...hundred images passing his mind, which role does Miku have inmind?

"You are the Mahant of Allahabad Mahadev temple now! You dorealize , Bhai, it's not just an honour but a huge responsibility placed on your shoulder withBaba's shawl." Miku'stone was very serious. Advay remembered the treasured moment, so crucial forhim when that Shawl was placed on his shoulders as his right. Miku's words wereso true.

A myriad of emotions fleeted in a second across Advay'sface... a vulnerable, unsettling aura around him suddenly...His father's wordsreverberating is his ears "Vakt kabhi ek sa nahi hota!..."

What is Miku tryingto imply? Both looking at each other earnestly...Their locked gaze taking themto their special bonding space... away from the material world...a bond thatconnected their souls, their astral beings, their deep cores within.

"Bhai, yeh humaari Veeraasat hai! It's our inheritance fromBaba...An inheritance that bonds us together more than the common blood thatflows through our veins."

Forsixteen years, it was not just the agonizing memories; but more so theloneliness, in not being able to truly share the pain, that had broken downAdvay. "Akelapan Aadmi ko Tod Deta hai, he had told Indrani in jail. Whateverhe did, whatever he tried in all these years every night, every day, eachmoment... he couldn't escape them, he couldn't go past them, he couldn't reachhis balance.  Time had not healedanything.

His heart knew that he didn't want to be alone in thatunforgiving pain. Now his pain could be shared, with two loves of his life, twopeople whom he could trust completely.

 "Bhai, It's theinheritance that will bring our lost world alive again... in a new way...Bhai, Mandirmein mahant honge, humaare family ka pahele jaisa naam hoga, haveli mein phirse khushiya have told me about Baba, Naani has told me about Maa!When I connect these images with the fogged memories of my childhood, I cannotimagine Maa- Baba anywhere but in that Haveli, in the temple of Mahadev!

Think once, Bhai. What we aim at, what you aimed at allthese past months, is perhaps avenging his physical death; but what Babasuffered most was his dishonourin society before his killing. His heart, his individuality died with theinsult. A man having lived his entire life with dignity and honour died withthe betrayal he faced. His body losing life was less painful. True solace toBaba's soul will be reclaiming that honour back. What burnt Maa, more than thefire, was the loss of her happy family. The laughter of Maa will fill the airagain when our family flourishes, our children play and grow there."

For sixteen years, any happiness that could possibly burgeonin Advay's heart had been charred to ashes in the memory of fire burning hismother. Every time the images roamed in his mind, he faced a death again. Hefelt it in his head, in his heart, in his gut. That feeling of everything dyingwithin you...

It stampeded behind his smouldering eyes as hot burning chitaafire...his tears burnt and dried away in his anger...the soil of his heart laceratingin that dryness...

"Miku..." escaped over a halted breath of Advay. Conjured upin Miku's eyes, Advay saw his whole life... his past, his present, his future,his every dread,  his truth, his duty,his battle of "Yada Yada hi dharmasya..."

"Bhai, you have the duty to fulfill but you are bound withyour business demands and your maths professorship, your life already molded toit. You please remain as senior Mahant and allow me to take ownership of JuniorMahant...I will actually be present there and execute all responsibilities onyour behalf. I will work for the people there, with the people there andre-establish the family honour. Baba's soul will be most happy with that.  I will take Shikha to Allahabad and ourfamily will grow in the Haveli. In our laughter ringing amongst the walls ofhaveli, Maa will smile. You must come there for important Mahapoojas and thenwe shall all be together."

Long back Advay, all alone then, had been apprehensive ofopening heavy door of haveli ; because it meant opening the iron gates stringentlyholding up the bursting out pain in his heart. But now, Miku was leading Dev overthe threshold back to the memories; this time to accept the memories as a happydream...A non-negotiable truth yet a solution... the smoke seeping out, theconch shell blown, the true battle began... Yada Yada hi Dharmasya!...

Overwhelmed with emotions, Dev hugged Miku, tears flowingdown both their eyes. Unable to hold herself back, Chandni joined the hug fromDev's backside...holding his emotions in her arms and then letting them flowgently as Ganga had flown gently over Shiva's hair. Dev turned a little and allthree hugged together. Advay had once made a promise to himself that he wouldtake back everything that life had snatched away from him. He was going tofulfill his own promise; but not alone this time rather fully armed with allDev's resources! 

Thanks for keeping patience till now and pls do go ahead to Chapter15

A scientific explanation of Religion... You'll perhaps enjoy the new approach

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Thanks for updating Neha Di
My Christmas is made more special
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Originally posted by 2filmy

Thanks for updating Neha Di
My Christmas is made more special

Thanks Priyu. awaiting ur detailed analysis.

on Christmas Eve, we had lots of fun n laughter, didn't we?

just the sad news of Heba's dad being ill is not good. let's all pray for his speedy recovery.
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very beautifully written. made my day. loved every bit of it.
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Originally posted by mahin123

very beautifully written. made my day. loved every bit of it.

Pretty delayed this time, isn't it? sorry to keep you waiting. hope u genuinely njoyed.

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