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Originally posted by MariumChoudhary

I'm tired from waiting

I can't concentrate on life due to this waiting.
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Waise, why did you end the Radha Kanha story in the last chapter? Is it because the wait is over and the story does not connect in the same way going fwd?
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Originally posted by TaranaGeet

Omg you got lost... lol in the age of cell phones? I'm sure it must have been an adrenaline rush full day. Save this memory to cherish and brag about forever!!!

Glad you enjoyed the trip and are back in 1 piece. Xoxo

@bold: uhhh yeahh... I was all alone, got off the wrong stop, asked people and none could tell...and I was about to miss my bus. No time to stand and search google and reach there at the same timeLOL
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Waiting eagerly!!
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And finally, some replies!!!Big smile
Thanks a lot of all the awesome blossom comments. Embarrassed

@paponecon: Raj was a secondary reason. he came much later. what she had to go through had triggered from the very beginning.
thanks for the comment.

@TaranaGeet: A kiss?? I doubt if they will even hug a couple...LOL
thanks for the wishes. had an awesome trip and tanned to black
Reason to live? ShockedShocked You put me on a way higher pedestal than
I deserve to be in, lady!Ermm

@idunno: true it is. once you have lost someone,
the fear remains at the back of your head.
the "what ifs" always takes the life out of us.Ouch

@maansi25: end? hey, who is talking about end here?Wink

@gadhaprem: boy, I love your user id.LOL
and because we have this much broken geet,
that is why we have such a Maan and the hot headed Khurana.Wink

@6n6s6k6i6r6a6n6: why so many Cry???

@soni-zee: you ask why i stop when something about to happen?
well, that is just "me"Embarrassed

@vrishtigoel: and thank you for so much love and efforts.
I can't tell you how much it means to me. 
maan has got a crazy woman for himself indeed. if she is this crazy when she is a mess, imagine what is she going to be when she is healed!!! (leaving up to your imaginationWink)

@indiegirl: i can't thank you enough for all your words. i don't reply these days but let me tell you, i read all the comments over and over again. and when people like you come up with things they catch between the lines, it makes me see things a hell lot differently.
thanks for being here...Embarrassed

@madhuri di: thank you for the beautiful comments di. No one expected geet to be this broken. But of course, she surprised all of us...even me too, when I typed that part.

@kansya: She was a storm ready to erupt at any moment, but in his arms, she was slowly melting.. oh my, just sooo beautiful yaa.
Saving this..Embarrassed

@pallavimn: thanks for the comment. All i would say is...have patience. Milan abhi adha adhura hain..Wink

@anmirza: happy belated birthday. stay blessed.Star

@nihatri: novel... haven't thought about it.Confused

72.But Then There He Was, At Her Doorstep, Like An Answer...

"You know me well enough, don't you? There is one more thing that you must absolutely know about me Geet."

Her lips trembled, "wh...what?"

"That whatever they call you, whatever you think of yourself is not going to affect me in any way. I still want you in my life."

She blinked, their foreheads still touching, "you don't understand Maan..."

"Then make me. Make me understand."

"I can never bring something good to you."

The fear was deep seated. All this time he thought she couldn't move on because of her feelings towards Raj. He realized he was absolutely mistaken. Raj might be some portion of her reasons but they were all her insecurities. She was scared of losing people again and that is why she always kept her guard on.

"I don't need anything good from you. You are good enough, however you are."

She pushed away from him and turned her face, "it is not that easy."

"Look at me Geet. You are not the only one who has her flaws. I am flawed too."

She turned to face him, calmer than before.

"No you aren't."

"I am. Things take toll on me Geet. I over think. I am a recluse. You know that. After dadima I thought there wasn't going to be anyone who would understand me like she does. I felt bottled up. I cannot open up to people easily. I lose my calm. But you somehow always manage to hold me from falling apart."

She looked at him lost, blinking at times to get rid of the tears that were welling up.

"I have days when I don't want to wake up and see the day. But then I think of you, how you would put up a smile and brace yourself up for another day. and that thought would be enough  to make me deal with whatever was on my way."

When she didn't reply after a long time, he continued, "Geet, whatever happened, it was their destiny. Not yours. Why are you punishing yourself because of that?"

She shook her head, "but...but why am I on the losing side?"

He sighed, "Let me tell you one thing. There is this law of natureThe law of conservation. I read it in a book long back and trust me it is true."

And when he found her complete attention on him, he continued, like telling a story to little child.

"Nature preserves everything. like energies are conserved, they can never created or destroyed, same with us and every living being. What we lose always come back to us in one or other way. You must understand that every loss is the harbinger of a gain and every sadness is the path to happiness. Call it karma or anything that you wish to, but that is how our lives are balanced."

She did not look convinced. He took her cold hand in his, and gently rubbed to warm it up.

"You say you have lost people. But that is how you see. I see how many people you have gained and how much they love you. There is Pooja with you and Ana and Kabir and me too. There are mom, dad and even your uncle who love you so much. There are your friends from college who are really worried about you. Don't you have so many people?"

He encouraged her to see the brighter side. That was the least he could do. He knew the fear would take a long time to disappear and the scars left on her would take ages to heal. But all he had now was his assurance to hold on to the positive sides of her life.

"I know you are there." she whispered after a long silence, "and I know Ana is there and Kabir too. But what if... I am hoping way too much. I won't be able to take it if something were to happen..."

He pulled her into his arms and pressed a kiss on top of her head, "we will never leave you Geet..."

"Everyone says the same.."

"I promise this to you. You won't lose me or anyone else anymore. I won't let that happen."

She found his voice so convincing that she believed what he wanted her to believe. He had always taken care of her. And this time too, she knew he would keep his promise. There was something about him that made her believe him.

"I won't lose you?" she mumbled, closing her eyes, feeling her eyelids heavy.

"No little storm. You will never lose me." he whispered, caressing her head.

She was much calmer than before and he was relieved that she wasn't crying anymore.

"Do you promise?" she asked drowsily.

He wouldn't blame her for that question. His little storm wanted someone who could prove it to her that she was not unlucky and that she deserved every bit of the happiness like everyone else.

"I do."


He turned awkwardly in his sleep and found himself oddly warm. His neck hurt and that made him open his eyes, only to find himself perched up in a small couch, tucked in the same blanket that he had tucked her in the previous night. Rays of sunlight entered the house from the closed glass windows and warmed up the rug. He rubbed his eyes and looked around to find the woman of his heart. And when he didn't find her, he sat up and looked around. The house was empty. He looked at the blanket and recalled when he had made her lie down on the couch they were sitting. The weather was cold due to the rains and so, he had wandered around the house to find one blanket for her. she was fast asleep. He didn't know whether to stay or go back but knowing his little storm, he took to the couch beside hers and never knew when he had slept off. And now, he knew she was up because none but her had put the blanket on him. he rubbed his face with his palms and stood up, stretching himself, breaking the kinks in his neck and back.

"Geet?" he called out, desperate to see if she was alright.

He walked towards the kitchen, calling out and knocked into the rooms.

"Geet, where are you?"

And when he was met with nothing but eerie silence, he panicked. He rushed outside, hoping to find her in the lawn but she wasn't there either. He took out his phone to call her when he heard the creaking of the gate and in came his beautiful little storm, clad in a plain bright yellow salwar kameez, shining like the sun itself. Her face gleamed; he observed as she neared. Probably, taken a bath already and she had a very composed demeanour reflecting on herself, especially after the previous night.

"You are up?" she asked cutely, standing in front of him.

He narrowed his brows at her, "Where were you?"


"Geet, where had you been? Do you realize I was starting to worry? At least you could have woken me up."

She looked at her monster khurana and smiled softly, "I know. But you were sleeping soundly. I didn't want to disturb. And if it pleases you, I went to the cemetery."

"cemetery?" he cocked his head to the side.

She didn't even hear him. she walked ahead, talking, "now that you are up, come in. I will make some good breakfast. Oh, yeah and your coffee. Come."

She walked away and he kept watching her retreat. She was definitely calmer but cemetery? It was after a few moments of thoughtful thinking that it hit him like an epiphany.

Her mother!!!

How could he have forgotten? He rubbed his temple and slowly walked inside to find her working her way round the kitchen. He excused himself to freshen up and when he came out, the sweet aroma of eggs made him hungry. He wiped the last remnants of water from his face and walked to stand beside her. she was toasting the bread and simultaneously preparing the eggs.

"Umm...I didn't have a lot of stuffs in the fridge." She said softly, making him smile.

"that's okay Geet." He looked around for coffee but found none.

"erm, I don't take coffee so there was no coffee in my store either." She made a pout, guilty to have been unable to make his fav coffee at the least.

"that is fine. Tea would do." he watched the tea boil in the kettle.

She quickly poured him a piping hot cup of tea and watched him sip it slowly, taking out his phone and tapping away something.

She saw him talking to someone on phone and looked back at her eggs. The previous night was still fresh in her mind. She had never hoped to see him again. she was convinced that she would lose him too but then there he was, at her doorstep, like an answer to her prayers. He was like that force that prevented her from drowning into an abyss that had no end. She had no idea what he was doing in Shimla or why or who gave him his address but all she knew that he had held her from falling apart. She had already lived the life she'd have without Maan within those few hours. She had no more energy or the courage to go through that all over again. She knew she was in love with him as much as he was but the scars still remained.

He saw her lost in some thoughts of her own as they sat down and ate their food quietly. And when she didn't speak for a long time, he kept his spoon down,
"what is bothering you Geet?"

She must be brooding over her past, he thought but she quickly answered, "how come you are in Shimla all of a sudden? And how did you know my address?"

He bit into is toast and took his time to reply, "I am leaving for New York tomorrow night."

She stopped eating, hearing him talk about leaving.

"And I just couldn't have gone without seeing you, if you are doing fine, which of course was the opposite, just as I had thought..." he spoke playfully. She didn't fall for his bait.

"how did you find me?"

"I called up Pooja." He spoke as a matter of fact, casually finishing his breakfast.

Seeing her so lost in her thoughts, he tapped her shoulder, "what happened?"

She shook her head quickly, "Umm. No. When will you be leaving for Delhi?"


"What?" she snapped out of her thoughts, "you will be leaving tonight itself?"

He smiled indulgently, "Yeah. I have a long way back home."

"But you said you won't leave..." she added restlessly.

He watched her fears take surface and he quickly held her hand to calm her down, "I am just going home Geet. To Ana and Kabir. I will be with you only."

He watched her face fall and sighed, thinking of something or anything that could distract her.

"what are your plans today?" he spoke after a while.

She looked up, "Uhh, nothing. Why?"

"great. I have no plans either. Why don't you show me around?"

He had been to Shimla before with his siblings. He had seen everything that was there to see.

"okay." came her soft reply that halted his thoughts.

"great." He stood up, "lets get ready and head out. the weather is too good to stay inside little storm."

She nodded softly walked inside to change. At one point, she thought of asking him to book tickets for her too. she missed NYC. she missed her home. But then, things were easier said than done. she had her house to look after, her job back in London which wasn't easy to relocate and she had people in London, waiting for her.

It was only when they started walking along the winding roads of the British era tourist city, she found herself much more enthusiastic to tell him the popular stories of the city which she had grown up with. She talked about the churches, about the cemeteries, about the school where she studied with Pooja and what all fun they did. He kept listening to her, enjoying the enthusiasm that she exuded. He had seen the places around, but to see it through her eyes was something he wouldn't say less that amazing. He kept clicking her pics from time to time, capturing her twinkling eyes when she spoke of Captain Barog who built Tunnel 33 and how eventually he committed suicide or when she pointed out towards the hills, talking animatedly about the jakhoo temple or when she spoke about the haunted Charleville Mansion with her eyes going big.

It was way past lunchtime that they realized they needed to eat. Sitting in a cafe somewhere in Mall Road, they enjoyed the food, occasionally talking about the cultures of the valley and how they came to exist.

When the sun started its westward journey, they reached the Ridge, only to find it glittering in light, enticing tourists who had visited there. he looked around the art galleries, the souvenir shops when he heard him call out.

"Maan...come here." she was waving at him.

Shaking his head, he walked towards her and found her point towards the west.

"You know what that place is called?" she wiggled her eyebrows in a weird excitement.


"Scandal Point." She spoke with an air of mystery in her voice.

"Scandal Point? I wonder what clandestine scandalous affairs had taken place to ruin a name like this!" he scoffed.

She ignored his comment conveniently and dragged him towards the sidewalk of that road.

"You know the Maharaja of Patiala, during the British rule had fallen in love with the daughter of the Viceroy and he had eloped with her from this point. The british banished him from entering Shimla and hence, he built a palace of his own at Chail."

He took out his phone and clicked a picture of hers, making her frown, making her eyes shut with the sudden flash. She looked adorable with her story-telling-face.

"hey, what was that?" she whined.

"Nothing. Come on. Its getting dark. we must get home." He held her hand and traced back the way they had come from.

She looked at their joined hands and then at him. he would leave in a few hours.

How did the day end so early?

They sat on the swing in her lawn, eating sandwiches they had packed their way back home. Her quietness made him look at her face. he kept the plate away and sighed, "okay enough of self brooding. I have been observing you since morning. what is it that bothers you? what are you thinking?"

She kept her sandwich down, which she wasn't even eating.

"I was thinking about us."

"wha..." he stopped as her words registered in his mind.


It echoed in his head as his heart suddenly made its presence felt with a loud thudding.

"about us?" he watched her face for any sign that could give him a hint of what she was thinking but he failed.

She looked at the dark sky and then back at his face, "Yes."

"what about us?"

"that I cannot imagine anymore, how am I going to live this life without you!"

>>Alright People. We Stop Here. Wrong place again?Wink

>>Finally the update we have been waiting for.

>>But they still have a long way to go... or may be short??LOL
Until next time...

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Marium paddai kar lo. Switch off your phone and keep it aside.

Shocked I just came back giving exam today or aaj hi padhai karo this is not so me...

anyway someone just told me now to take rest for strictly two days at least and in return I replied what about I rest for 6 days ROFL

I give exam only by reading night before...

Can't study much ..
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