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Character Sketch

Geet Handa - The ever vivacious, happy and fun loving Geet gives up her love for Raj when she gets to know that her best friend Pooja and Raj are in love. She moves to NYC to complete her studies and to search for a reason for living until she finds the Khurana family... more precisely a certain man named Maan Khurana.

Maan Singh Khurana - Settled in New York with his Dadima, siblings and parents. A man of few words, he isn't the ideal man to date or fall in love with. He is rude, he is arrogant and he doesn't think twice before speaking out the truth and keeping you grounded.

Antara Khurana
- Maan's sister, youngest of the Khuranas and Geet's best friend. She found Geet and connected to her like a soul sister. She has a strong personality just like her brothers, doesn't have alot of friends, or may be she has only one friend i.e Geet.

Kabir Khurana
- Younger to Maan but older to Antara. Fun loving, charming, excatly the person girls love to  date or fall in love with. Chivalric, understanding and a little flirt, he loves to love the people who are important to him.

Pooja and Raj Khanna
-  Geet's childhood friends who feel in love and got married. They are settled in Manchester and feel responsible towards Geet.

Can You Mend a Broken Heart? Can You Forget Your First Love? Isn't it like Asking to Reverse Time? To Catch Drops of Rain! To Go Back to Being Someone Like You were Once?

And Can You Find The Lost Love Back? To Find Someone Who Can Mend That Little Heart of Yours! Can You Love Him The Way You had Loved Once?



Maan Khurana

Khurana Empires

New York


Can I try and reverse time? Can I catch drops of rains on my palms? Can I go back to being someone I was once? You had asked me and perhaps now I know my answer. NO! I cannot turn back time or catch rain in my hands or change myself. I have come a long way from there; walked miles ahead and there is no turning back. And all I have for you is my apology.

I know a simple apology will not even lessen your pain even remotely close to a hairline but now, all I have is this. I am perhaps the most selfish person on earth to have done such a terrible thing to you and I deserve every bit of your wrath. But I want you to know Maan that I never intended to hurt you. I never intended to give you false hopes. I never intended to leave like this, hiding. I am a coward; I know but I don't have courage to keep fighting this stupid heart. You are a wonderful person Maan and I am such a fool to have hurt you so much. But that was all I could have done. I know you have questions but perhaps, I am not ready to answer them right now.

You had asked me, if I could ever fall in Love with you. But tell me, how do I make this heart understand? How can I fall in Love with Someone Like You?

Save Your Love for someone who deserves it. Not me.

Please Forgive Me.

I have had the most wonderful time of my life with you.

Thank You and Good Bye.

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Marium ka new home  open ho gayaLOL
Congrats  Marium 
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Banner to bahut kuchh bol raha hai.  Aishu wo sab kab likhegi pata nahin
Good job  HinalClap
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Congrats for the new thread ClapClap
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Congrats for new thread!!
Nice banner!!
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Posted: 2017-10-01T22:22:27Z
Ohh my my Is it a dream Shocked????

Really like thread 9 Mila mujhe mera new home ?

I'm sooo sooo happy and it's unbelievable cause I've thought maybe I'll not see this one before I go but You have turned it into a beautiful sweet Dream...

Love You My Miss.Kawaii sooo sooo much You are The best...

May Almighty always always keep you blessing so that even I can be happy that Miss.Kawaii is happy Embarrassed

It's still feel like a dream and I'm like over the moon cause it was an unexpected surprise...

we have so far in this journey my madness started from thread 3 and you are still bearing me where as I keep troubling you all day...

thanks for being so humble and still not getting fed up of me Hug

And With A brand new thread we got a brand new banner...

banner Is really beautiful promising us many things...

OK now I should now climb from my cloud nine and come back to earth and start study again...


Thread Mumma chodke jaa rahi tumko but tum apne mamma se miloge only in November she can come and stay with you... usshe pehle alvida my new baby Cry

Kuch zayada drama ho gaya kya LOL

aaj subah hi mujhe koi bol raha ...

tu ek hi piece hain you know that too original one jiska kuch nahi ho sakta ROFL

and I said of course original duplicate abhi tak bani nahi I'm original one exclusive Wink

Marium pagal ja rahi bye bye...

love you Mr.Sensible phir milenge though lambi judai but bas rehlo mere bina kuch din or then hum phir milenge or pending shaadi humari yaad toh hogi so preparations start kardo Embarrassed

Hayeee Mujhe toh abhi se sharam aa rahi...**** moi hiding face ****

ohh ohh face hide kiya toh type kaise karungi OK sharmana cancel kabhi or ...

bye...apni fiance ko bida karo or ha shaadi mein little Strom ko bhi bula na ROFL

Usseh bhi pata chale kya miss kar rahi woh ...

accha Miss.Kawaii an important question kya sabki tarha tumhe bhi lagta hain main pagal hoon Confused???

Tumne kabhi nahi bola aisa but tum always ye blessings deti hoon that I don't change and stay like this only so you do Think I'm mad???


main toh congratulate karna hi bhul gayi...

big big congratulations for new thread ..

pichle thread pe at least 30 pages spam kiye honge Maine phir Jake ye mila...

sabar ka phal meetha hota hain I can feel that now...

okay... bye or bore nahi karungi...

lots of love and hugs to you...

Iove you too bolna yaad se barna tumhari mom ko batati hoon main abhi Tongue

Now breathe peacefully finally it ended ROFL

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Congratulations ...
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