Kangana Ranaut's Simran and Apurva Asrani's script: A comparison

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Finally it landed into Praful and her Bakwas
Posted: 6 years ago
The initial script, however, has many father-daughter sequences where Praful talks about her father's absence in her life. Praful spent 17 years of her life away from the father before she shifted to the US. "Inhone humme nahin, aapko bulaya. Main to chipak ke aayi thi na aapke saath, Praful tells her mom in the original script.

Definitely would have helped audiences understand Praful's resentment towards her father better.

What the script also explores is Praful's frustration at not being able to raise the money to pay back the loan. She begs friends and relatives and no one helps her. At one point, she also tries to steal from her father, after which she loses her head at the gas station and decides to rob the first bank. In the film, the bank robbery happens without exploring Praful's state of mind deeply.

In the script, the Praful researches the robberies properly. She only goes to banks where the crowd is thin, or she chooses a time when the change of the guard happens, and there is a 15-minute gap in the security. The Atlanta Police also exist in the screenplay, and at one point, Praful is chased by a police vehicle, but manages to give them the slip. And because her car may have been identified, she goes to a pound and has the vehicle destroyed.
What we see onscreen was not exactly this. There are montages of shots where Praful checks out a bank before entering, but there is no detailed research that goes into planning the robberies. In the film, the robberies add to film's comic flavour and not its heft. Also the police are practically non-existent till the climax.

The biggest criticism of this movie was the lack of these points- Praful's desperation which pushes her towards stealing and how she researched the robberies and evaded the police. The initial script would have made a coherent and smart product. In the misguided need to make it a comedy, they removed these essential scenes which made Simran's story believable.
Posted: 6 years ago
Keeping the debate about whether the script changes added to the movie or made it bad in the side, this article has proved that Kangana is right in asking for credit in writing and dialogs... Edited by cricketfan1 - 6 years ago

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