MG FF - HOW TO NAME IT? - UPDATED PART 11 & 12 PG 83 Dt. 23rd August. - Page 83

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Posted: 1 years ago
Originally posted by taahir004

Thank you for updating 

I hope you and your family are doing well 

Part 10 

Unexpected , and  Surprisingly Fantastic 

Eddie has been given such high position in KE  yet he managed 

to do fraudulent activities 

while Maan does not check the reports thoroughly and thus it gave Eddie

much more room to do his stealing 

Rita too all because she is obsessed with Maan she wants to trap and make issues

for him but I cannot understand in this way how will she get Maan

I really liked seeing Riya smiling and trying her best to be happy 

DR Robet says that perhaps it could be peer pressure or a love problem with Riya

but Geet feels its only peer pressure as she trust Riya 

but Geet needs to look at Riya like a patient and not close friend 

I loved the conversation between Maan and his Dadima 

yes today they had no fights and he seemed relaxed also having an open mind 

to his Dadima's suggestions 

while she is awed about Geet as Geet proved to respect and care for elders 

she even gave her approval to Maan to propose Geet 

Thank you for your long comment again. YES ...Rita follows policy, "Everything is fair and justified in Love and War" smiley2. and Maan's ignorance is making her more and more insecure and she is doing all this.smiley1

Posted: 1 years ago

Wonderful update 10...loved it... geet should follow Riya's routine to know her as she was lying to geet... wow Dadima was happy to know maan liked Geet and asked him to proposed her... but Rita and Eddie were fraud maker in KE... hope maan notice it soon...excited for next... thanks for pm..!!

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Hello Laxmi

trust that everything is fine

update soon 

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(A/N: Here goes PART 11. Note that there are no Maaneet scenes in this chapter. May be in the next part.  but the non-maaneet scenes included in these chapters are very much needed for the future plot of the story. Hence please bare with me. )


He hits his forehead...are you crazy Maan? you want to visit her home at this hour? with your call to her this afternoon, you would have proved that you are a jerk .. now just imagine what will she further think about you when you invade her privacy at this hour?

Simultaneously at Geet's villa (Almost an hour before Maan tries to call her)

Just after dinner, Geet gets a message from Meera requesting her for a Group video chat thats going to happen in next 5 minutes. Its very strange as this chat happens mainly on Sundays. Geet takes wildest of her positive guesses. Hmm..I guess Meera and Yash would have fought out all their differences and have patched up that's how exciting it is for them to call me on Monday... Isn't it? She is in all smiles... I am happy for them.. She cutely looks up and thanks her god...Oh God, Thank You!! Geet accepts the invitation and waits for Meera and she notices another strange thing that Yash is not invited...WHY? She thinks for a while...maybe Meera missed it. Let me add Yash.

She invites him and he immediately accepts it...

Yash: Hey Geet you are really getting professional. How could you read my mind, my cutie tweety?🥰 I really wanted to chat with you desperately.

Geet: Oh dear...its Meera who has invited me to this group chat. But I guess she missed adding you. That's why I did the needful.

Yash: What? That Nagin (Snake) is going to log in here? No way!! 😣

Geet is taken back with his reaction....What do you mean Yash? Till date this chat has happened between us three.

Yash: Well...this you need to find out from that Nagin..she is the one who didn't add me.

Just then Meera logs in and she fumes seeing Yash... Yeh Mongoose yahan kya kar raha hain? (what is this Mongoose doing here?)

Geet holds on to her could she even imagine that Snake and Mongoose would have patched up that easily?🤦‍♀️ She is sure that this romantic date of theirs has ended into a big fight again or a far more disaster.😨 Now she looks up with cute angry baby face..... God...I take back my thanks OK!!😠 You only tell me, is it fair on your part? Even today, I am going to be a kick bag in-between them...Oh god ..I don't mind it but I don't want them to break up! She sighs and out of her prayer world when Yash talks..

Yash: You both girls chat..I am going..

Geet: Where are you going? Just now you said you wanted to chat with me?

Meera: Itna bhaav math de us mongoose ko. (Don't give too much hype for that Mongoose) He is not worth it you see.

Yash takes it to his ego.. Oye hello..Don't think I am here for you. I have been invited by my friend and I am here to chat with her. OK!

Meera: Oh really? By the way, its me who initiated this conversation and I had invited only Geet. And anyone else here is an uninvited guest and that's YOU.

Their fight gets bigger and Geet had to interfere..

Geet: C'mon...stop it yaar both of you!! what's this? When you both will grow up in life? She sighs and continues..Yash...I am sure you have done something miserable and that's why Meera is so angry.

Yash: Wah..always we guys are the one who has to be blamed?

Mer: I don't know about other guys...but I bet they won't be as cunning as you.

Yash is really getting mad at Meera's strange acquisitions and comparisons...Now why are you comparing me to other guys? He checks on Geet...Now, Tweety, you tell me. Have I ever compared her with other girls? Why is your friend like this? What happened to her today?

Mer: Hello, you go ahead and compare me na? Who is stopping you? Do you think I even care?

Geet: GRRR...this discussion is going no where...lets take a break and talk after few days. I know by then you both would have become friends again.

Mer: No Geet...its something very serious and need to talk it out now.

Geet: AAHHH... MEERA...YASH... then talk it out na? ..what happened?

Mer: You ask him !!

Geet sighs and points out at Yash...

Geet: Yash..what did you do to my friend?

Yash: Believe me...I didn't do anything. Infact I dont even know why she is so angry at me. Maine aaj tak suna hain ki Naagin dasti hai..par yeh Naagin tappad bhi maarthi hain..

(I have heard that Snake bites but this snake even slaps). He rubs his own cheeks.

Geet reacts shockingly by closing her mouth with her palm ... 😱kya? Meera, you slapped Yash? How could you?😵

Meera: Oh yaah...I know I have done the worst thing.. I should have actually killed him with my bare hands...Grr!

Yash: Geet your friend is no longer a Naagin (Snake) as she is advancing to become a daayan.. (Witch)

Meera takes a pillow and throws on the system as if she is hitting directly on Yash's face. she takes a glass jar and throws it on the floor.... next time you meet me..I'll prove what you are saying is absolutely right

Geet screams on top of her voice...CHUP BILKUL CHUP!!!!!🤫

there was sudden quietness as if the conversation was put in sudden mute. Geet takes a peaceful sigh as if a world war has ended for her...

G: MEERA...YASH...If you dont stop it here, I will have to force myself to sign off and I will never be available for a group chat again.😤

There is a pin drop silence... and then Geet questions..what's up to you both? You both were supposed to go on a date today celebrating your 4 years of proposing anniversary isn't it?

There is still a pin drop silence...C'mon..what happened to you both now? Either you both fight or you stay quiet?

Yash..You ask your best friend..I kept my promise..we had a wonderful date and also I gave her one more surprise..I took her to my home.

Geet is again shocked and gasps...😳 What? Yash..are you crazy? You took her to your home AND? How could you? Didn't expect this out of you. No wonder Meera gave you one tight slap getting this surprise from you.

Yash hits his forehead with his palm.. 🤦‍♂️ Arre yaar..don't think so cheap about me. I took her to meet my Mom...

Geet takes a phew...Should have told this before na? What all I was imagining🤨

Yash: You both girls should permit me to talk na? Anyway...I also wanted to give my Mom a surprise by introducing Meera as her “Would-be daughter in-law”.

Geet: Gr8..Auntyji would have been very happy with this news.

Yash: Yes of course she was happy to meet Meera and I thought this is the right time to disclose our relationship to my mom..but then, I got a call from one of my important client and I had to excuse myself from Meera and my Mom.

Geet: And then?

Yash: It took me just 5 minutes to finish off with that call and I immediately moved to the room where Meera and Mom were seated...but to my surprise, I found Meera waiting for me at the entrance. When I neared her and asked her how is it going with my Mom? She didn't utter a single world...and she moved towards me furiously and gave me a tight slap and moved away from my home immediately..

Geet: Oh no..but why did she slap you?😯

Yash: Oye..this is what I myself don't know and I want to know..😧

Meera: Just shut up OK! Geet..he knows what his Mom is up to...he is just behaving like a lost kid in front of you and me.

Yash: Tweety, at least you believe me..Why would I have to hide anything from you? Now ask your friend what my Mom spoke to her? I am worried about what both my Mom and this Nagin discuss?

Meera: well Geet..this Mongoose's mom was indeed very happily receiving me. Mainly because I am very close to YOU(Geet) as well as this mongoose (Yash)

Geet: Oh..Ok..its true that you are close to both of, what novel about it?

Meera: Yeah..and then, she started saying “ You are a good friend of Geet and Yash right?” I nodded with a blush... and then she made a request which I didn't understand at all...she requested me to “Please help Yash and Geet to know each other even better”

Geet and Yash couldn't understand what Meera trying to say...

Geet: Well Yash...what happened to your mom? Aren't we best buddies already? We do understand each other so very well? Then, why your mom make such a request? 🤔

Yash is all confused trying to understand why his mom mention something like this?

Meera: Well..exactly what I thought at that point of time Geet...but what I heard further from his mom is, She wishes YOU to get married to Yash.

Geet and Yash shout out loud....WHAAT? 🤯

Meera: Yes..and I am sure this mongoose is the one who is insisting on this but he is a liar you know?

Yash: wonder why my mom was so happy to receive you as all this is going on in her mind???!!! AARH!!! Yash couldn't believe that his life has got even more messy with the twist that his mom gave him...but he has learnt from his bestie tweety about what needs to be done when life surprises you with such twists. Anyway, Just set aside what my mom happened to discuss with you. From my side, I make myself very clear. Me and Geet have been very good friends in fact best of the best buddies and we have never ever overlooked our relationship status beyond this strong friendship.

Meera: I got your point...but your mom believes that a husband-wife can share a stronger bond when they have been thick friends...and that way, she thinks Geet is the ideal match for you...Meera gets emotional and starts crying..Even I feel Geet has a better stand than me...she see..we have known each other for over 5-6 years..but your friendship with Geet has been from your early days of your childhood..So, Geet stands a better chance than me..Isn't it?

Geet gets Mad listening to this...JUST STOP IT MEERA!!

There is a pin drop silence again and then Geet continues..didn't you get what Yash said? Me and Yash are thick friends and we have never thought of crossing our strong line of friendship that we share

Meera cries out even loud...Yash feels so helpless. Even though there have been more fights in this relationship but still he cannot imagine he is getting married to anyone else apart from Meera.

Even Geet has never witnessed Meera crying like this. Geet makes a request to Yash...Yash..if you don't mind I would like to have a quiet chat with Meera.

Yash: But Tweety, I want to clear this unnecessary misunderstanding.

Geet: One thing you need to be assured that there is no misunderstanding what's so ever., we'll catch up later.

Yash has his trust on Geet and she would sort out all the confusions. Hmm...I am ok so far as your friend understands.

Geet: She will! I will make her understand.

Take care Bye both of you.

Yash logs out trying to give both the girls the required space. He knows Geet will call him and brief him.

Geet waves hand for Yash...BYE !!!..but Meera still holds to herself trying her maximum to control her sobs.

G: Oye Meera...what is this? Never got to witness this side of you.

Meera still sobs....Please Meera..calm down..Now what has happened ? Its not anything that serious you see.

Meera: It is very Serious Geet!!..Today, I have been made to feel that I came in-between you and that Mongoose..

Geet is dumbfounded hearing this. What? I know “Kuch Kuch Hota Hain” is your favourite movie. That doesn't mean you need to copy and paste those dialogues in your real life. Geet Hufs..How could you even think like this yaar? Firstly, understand you and me are not Kajol and Rani to drool over Sharukh.. We trio share a very strong friendship..Isn't it?

Meera smiles for a sec but then, she has to open up about what she feels... Well, its not that Geet. I have seen you both know each other so very well. Also, whenever he is in need of any help or whenever he is upset with someone or any other issue, he always seeks your guidance. Over and above all, I have never witnessed even one single fight between you both for these many years..

G: So?? Is there anything wrong with that?

Meera: I am trying to explain to you the contradicting and complicated relationship that me and Yash share. You see..We end up fighting...all the time.

G: Uff fo...frequent fights doesn't mean that you have a complicated relationship. In fact seeing you both I have started believing in the theory. “Opposites Attracts”.

Meera: Aarrh...Geet..please understand...I strongly feel you should be given a fairer chance than me.....I and Yash make a far better pair..

Geet huffs ….is there anything else you need to add madam?

Meera remains quite...

G: Even though this silence is even more dangerous at this point of time, It helps me to clarify..

Well..its true that true friends deserve a chance to take their relationship to the level above...but it doesn't mean that it will be applicable for all friends.. There are so many permutations and combinations to this. Basically, it all depends upon what those two friends truly feel for each other. Geet is finding ways to explain such silly simple things to Meera...In simple words, I have found a very good friend in Yash..but I can never find my husband in him.. and same applies to Yash...he can never see a wife model in me. Moreover when you find a life partner in a person, you really have a spark you see.. but never got to feel it for Yash... and this spark just happens with or without any specific can happen with a friend or with someone who is an absolute stranger.

Geet suddenly thinks about Maan about this point...why his thought has to cross my mind now? Especially when the discussion is about life partners?

Geet's heart beats fast and she closes her eyes to calm herself down. While Meera mistakes Geet is upset with her.

Meera: Geet..please don't think that I doubt you both. Its not true.

Geet is pushed out of her thoughts... I know you are not doubting us Sweety. But it hurts that you have not understood the friendship that's binding me and Yash.

Meera: You are mistaking me..I really didn't mean that..

Geet: I know what you feel.. You feel that you have invaded our lives?... you know its not true. Even if you weren't there, me and Yash would still continue to be good friends only.

This one sentence from her is making an ocean of difference in Meera's further thought process..while Geet still continues.

Well, I have not been close to only Yash, but his family too I.e., his mom and younger brother. Especially, when Yash lost his dad at such a young age and following this, he had his own ups and downs in life. And at that point of time we became good friends.

Meera: I know it Geet..Yash has told me everything. How you had supported him during the tougher times...even with regard to his studies..even financially when his family was going thro tough times, you paid Yash's school feels by saving on your pocket money.

Geet: Oh..yes..those were the days...and even Yash has a fair share in supporting me during my tough times. Her eyes gets teary... If he was not there as a good friend, then, I wouldn't have been where I am today.

Meera notices that Geet has got emotional...I am sorry Geet..please don't cry. You know that I have always considered you and Yash as my closest friends...I really wish I was blessed to be with you both right from the younger days of my childhood... and Its just that I got carried away with what his Mom spoke today has really forced me to think deep about you and Yash..

Geet: Well, Meera, You don't know much about Yash's mom. She is way too sweet and kind.

I have spent a quality time with her and we really get along very well. That could be the reason why she felt like that about me. But it doesn't justify that me and Yash must get pushed into a life long marriage bond isn't it?

Geet could feel that Meera is calming down a bit and her sobs have stopped.

G: I think you got your answers for all your confusions. Especially, when it comes to trusting Yash.

Mer: I have always trusted him Geet.

G: Then why did you slap him? Poor fellow!😳

Mer: Well, I don't have an answer for this. I know I shouldn't have done that but what to do? I felt so insecure you see. And at that point of time when Yash appeared in front of me, I didn't know how to react and I slapped him.

Geet: C'mon Meera... now rubbish all these thoughts about being insecure. It makes you feel so low you see. She sighs. I am going to meet Yash's family during my upcoming vacations anyway and I will handle it gently. As of now, you stay calm. Hmm? And I expect this topic should never ever re-appear amidst our friendship.

Mer: IT WILL NOT REPEAT...and I promise you that.

G: You better !

Geet checks the time.. she has lots of pending tasks for the day.

G: Have to take your leave now..

Mer: GEET..just spare me one second please..

G: Hmm?

Mer: Woh..Please pass on my apologies to Mongoose. I know he must be upset with me for my behaviour today.

G: Well.. Well..that's why I am here. You both fight and then I am needed as a mediator to patch up between you both and then when you both patch up, I become a hindrance. I am at at your service throughout my life...she bows her head down so cutely...

Geet sighs and Meera smiles at Geet.

G: and like usual..I can only hope that there will be no more fights...but has it ever happened that snake and mongoose don't fight?

Meera makes a baby face...I really don't want to fight with him yaar..Everyday I take a promise and fail miserably.

G: All is fair in love and the fights that you both had has made your relationship only stronger....I really admire one thing amidst all the fights, you both never ever thought or voted about breaking stand strong in taking this relationship to the next level.

M: You are the only one who is talking like this...All my other friends are bullying me still.

G: They are bullying out of jealousy as many of these batch mates had a crush on Yash. And he ended up falling for you. I had my fair share of facing these jealousy vibes as Yash is my close friend too. End of the day, you and Yash know each other very well. So, please just show your deaf ears to such talks.

Meera feels much lighter after her talk with Geet. It was a good thing that she invited her to this voice chat today. Me and Yash are truly blessed to have you as our true friend...

Geet feels really happy to hear this and enough of these praises OK!! I would never entertain any talks that would make you feel low...and you better understand this. Hmm? Now carry on and take a peaceful nap...

M: I can only sleep when Yash will call me..

G: Ok..Ok..I will be calling him anyways and I will tell him..hmm? BYE

M: Bye

Geet had no choice but to have a quick chat with Yash – she sent him a skype invite and he immediately accepted it... and started blabbering...

Yash: Tweety...I am really sorry!

Geet: SORRY? For what?

Yash: I never knew my mom has these thoughts about you... It has put me into such an embarrassment or say, SHAME!!

Geet: Yash..its alright..Nothing wrong has happened… and these thoughts are common among elders. things are still straight and normal between you and me..we will always remain good friends no matter what.

Yash: This you and me can understand...but that Nagin? Why didn't she tell me at that time? Why Can't she trust me for once?

Geet: She trusts you more than herself Yash..

Yash: Is it? Then why she react like this?

Geet: Well...she got a bit insecured..Actually, she started feeling as if she is the one who came between you and me..

Yash: WHAT???

Geet explains to him all what she happened to discuss with Meera and how this discussion was concluded. And listening to it..Yash takes a big sigh of relief.

Yash: thing Meera and I have thought commonly is that WE both are lucky to have YOU as our best friend.

Geet: I had enough praise please call Meera. She will not sleep until she gets a call from you.

Yash: Ha...I will not call her..let her have a sleepless night today.

Geet: C'mon yash..if you don't call her then she will again get trapped with in-secured thoughts.

Yash: Yeh lo..she is the one who confronted me and now I have to comfort her?

Geet if you want to keep up your relationship then this is the simplest task you need to do hmm?

Yash: Yaah..end of the day, you girls team up and corner me.

Geet: know me..I want to sort out things between you both ASAP...and by the way, it's high, you both need to start planning your wedding soon.

Yash: Arrh!!! That's why I took her home to meet my Mom...and all these confusion happened. Now, how shall I sort out things? I must talk to my mom in this regard.

Geet: I understand that all what has happened has created a lot of confusion, and everyone is right in their own place. Anyway, please don't get into any argument with your Mom. It will hit her emotions and things might get worse.

Yash: What shall I do Tweety?

Geet: Hmm..just remain calm and avoid discussing with your mom regarding this topic for some time.. Also, I will be in India in few days time. I am confident that I can convince her.

Yash: Yeah..this should work. Because my Mom gives more importance to your words than mine. And Thank you sooo soo much Tweety.. you are the best!!

Just then, Geet receives an incoming call from her Appa.. Appa calling me at this time?

Geet: Hey Yash..its a call from Appa...I have to take this call....Have to take your leave...

Yash: Oh..I haven't spoken to him for quite long...convey my regards.

Geet: Sure.. AND YOU ARE CALLING MEERA RIGHT AWAY...she tells this authoritatively.

Yash: Haan meri I have any other choice? Otherwise, that Nagin will take a lead in slapping me on the other side of my face.

Geet giggles...BYE !!

Yash: Bye and take care...

Geet attends to the call made by her Appa.. again very rarely he calls her during week days.. and that too its a bit late to talk..

[A/N: Geet's family consists of her Father (Appa) and her paternal Grandmother (Paati).

1. Geet's father's name is Raghavan. Geet calls her dad as "APPA" and while framing sentences, it will be “PA” And will refer his name here as Rag.

2.Geet's nick name is "Kuttima" which means dearie or baby which is a very common nickname in the south for girls.]

G: Hello Appa..

Rag: Hello Kuttima..

G: Eppadi irukeenga? (How are you?) Ellam nalam thane? (All fine?)

Rag: Hmm..nethiku ne Rabeccavoda receptionla busya irundhai..sariya pesa mudiyalai... adhunalathaan innaikku kupadren.. (Couldn't talk to you properly yesterday as you were in Rabecca's reception. That's the reason I am calling you today.)

G: Its alright don't need reasons to talk to can call me any time..

Rag: Puriyidhuma.. (I can understand)

there was an odd silence from his side as if he had something to discuss but not doing so..

G: Appuram..vera enna vishayam? Unga velai ellam eppadi poindrukku pa?

Rag: Hmm..Ellam nalla padiya poindrukku kuttima. Unnoda internship eppadi poindrukku? (All going well. How is your internship going on?)

G: Romba romba nalla poindrukku pa.. (Its all going very good) I am loving this place, this city..this atmosphere...enakku ellam romba pidichirukku. (I am very happy with all what’s going on)

Geet's appa notices that she is so excited about her present life in France. Now, he is in a fix to tell her the actual reason for the call.

G: Innum rendu naalula exams (I have exams in 2 days)

Rag: Hmm.. I do remember.

Geet is now taken back with her dad's lukewarm response. At Least he could say, “I am happy for you” or “ All the best”. She knows that her Appa loves her so much but he somehow refrains himself to express it in a right way or say he too has built a thick wall surrounding his mind so that he doesn't feel anything.

G: Appa, is everything really fine with you?

Rag: Y..Yes kuttima..

G: You didn't like what I said just now..

Rag: illa ma..I am not only happy for you but feel proud about you.

Geet knows her appa...he is hiding something for sure...finally he accumulates some courage to talk to her..

Rag: kuttima, adhu vandhu...naan vandhu.. (Kuttima, That..I mean..) he is struggling to frame further sentences

G: hmm..sollunga pa (Yes Appa, speak)

Rag: Nee Tappa eduthukkalena, oru mukkiyamana vishayam pesanum.. (If you don't mind, I want to discuss something important with you)

she has never liked this hidden silence its been the worst torture.

G: Appa, Naan unga ponnu thaane?.. ( I am your daughter right?)

Rag: Kuttima, enna kezhvi idhu? (What question is this?)

G: Pinna, yean pa enkitta pesaradhukku ivvalavu tayangarenga? (Then why are you thinking so much before even starting any conversation with me?)

Her voice gets heavy and couldn't control her sobs anymore. Her Appa doesn't like it.

Rag: Appadiellam onnum illai kuttima...please azhadai ( Nothing like that Kuttima. Please dont cry)

G: I know our lives have changed after some unforeseen and unfortunate incidents that had happened. but one thing that I do not expect to change is our bonding..but unfortunately, this bonding is also fading away slowly.

Geet cries out loud now..she is not able to take it any more. She always tries to put up a strong face in front of her Appa and Paati..but couldn't hold back her tears anymore.

Rag: Ayyoo..kuttima, appadi ellam solladhe...Naan vazharadhe unakkaga thaan.. (Please don't ever mention something like that...I am living my life only for you)

Even he starts crying..and Geet doesn't like it...

G: I am really sorry pa..I didn't mean to hurt you with my words..but when I see so much formality in your talks, it really hurts me.

Rag: You know your Appa, I didn't intend to hurt you..he sobs...I noticed that you are so happy in your present life and I didnt want to say something and spoil your mood

G: Ennapa idhu? neenga enkitta edhu pesinalum tayangama pesalam. ( What is this Appa? you can talk to me about anything without any hesitation) I have full trust in you. Whatever you do will be for my good and betterment only.

Raghav clears his throat before continuing Kuttima, Ellam unnoda kalyanam pechu thaan

Geet got completely silent...this is the first time in this many years her dad has spoken something openly and that too it's about her marriage. She is actually not liking this topic. After that unfortunate incident had happened, she had to stay away from her own family...but still there is a binding factor. And now the talks about her marriage from her Appa is like as if he is trying to get away with her. but she doesn't want to cut off this discussion for the sake of her Appa..

Raghav could very well sense Geet's silence...but he still continues...

Rag: Infact, oru varan vandhurukku..Ava namakku doorathu sondham thaan.. (I have got a suitable alliance for you...they are our distinct relative)

this was really shocking that her Appa has already sourced an alliance for her. But why this hurry? Am I such a burden? She clears her throat and asks...yaaru pa? (Who is it Appa?)

Rag: Remember my distant cousin Kokila and her husband Prasad?

Geet: I havent met them for years but yes, I do remember them well.

Rag: They are looking for a suitable bride for their elder son Ashok. He is settled down in US. Working in a senior level within a multinational software company. They have been asking a lot about you. I had taken some time from them to think and decide. And also in the meantime, I have tried to find out more about Ashok. Seems to be a perfect match for you.

Geet gets into some serious thoughts..Kokila athai ( Aunt) has not been that interactive with our family for these many years. Then why all of a sudden they are remembering us and that too they want to fix me with their son? And also, Appa is taking so much interest? Coming to Ashok, he had moved to US long time back…what is his age? how to ask Appa all this?

She further questions her Appa ensuring not to spoil his mood.

Geet: Adhellam Sari pa, (All that’s fine). But I somehow feel its a hurry. I felt I need at least 2 more years. And moreover, Kokila athai has not been actively interacting with us... Then why all of a sudden they are interested in our family? Especially ME?

Ragavan got a bit tense with Geet’s questions..but he tries to give a suitable answer to all Geet’s questions.

Rag: Well, I can understand what you are trying to say. I know Kokila has not been interacting much but that doesn't mean our relationship is winded up. She was always busy with her family know how life is in metro. Couldn't blame her for these things. You see, if they had any ill feelings against us, then they wouldn’t have asked your hand for Ashok.

Geet is not getting her answers infact she is put into further confusions. She kind of knows Kokila and her family...she always thought them to be high headed people . Even if they never visited our home, They would choose to keep very limited talks whenever we happen to visit their home, or whenever there is a family gathering or get together. Now, what's going on? Geet didn't want to argue with her dad on this. She listens to her Appa as he continues to talk further on this.

Rag: Kokila has been regularly in touch with me these days. Just 2 days back, she visited our home along with Prasad...thats when she happen to speak about Ashok in detail and expressed her interest in you. I just couldn't say no for this alliance when it's from a distinct relative. I can assure and ensure you are loved and well taken care of. And learning about their son Ashok, he is well settled in his life.

And if things work out positively, it would take at least 6-8 months for the wedding to happen. Over and above all, they are very open minded about their would-be bride and would value her career and future ambitions. imagine if this match gets fixed, you will settle down in US..and you have amazing opportunities there.

Geet is really lost in her thoughts..accepting this alliance in near future will mean leaving France for good and relocating to US. She has such wonderful memories here and she has decided to settle down in this place. This place is not like US but its so calm and peaceful. She looks up at her god and closes her eyes.....why I like something and it goes off my hand for ever? No are still here so don't think too much and take each and every day as it comes.

Geet consoles herself but still her mind gets restless..

Rag: Kuttima..are you there?

G: Hmm

Even Geet's Appa feels a bit strange with her very unusual quietness.

Rag: Before getting into any further discussions with them, I want to know something very honest from your end....

G: Hmm...please go ahead pa..

Rag: Are you liking someone else?

Geet didn't expect this question or say, it strikes her like a surprise..She remains quite as multiple feelings lash out on her and its all about Maan. and why is she even thinking about Maan? Infact, she is thinking about him all the time. Why? Its been barely 2 days since she has known about him. Why am I feeling like this? I am not even sure if I would get to see him again. Then what to name these feelings ? NO..I am not supposed to think like this..

Rag: Kuttima..I have asked something..are you listening?

G: YES..YES ...Appa... I mean, I am listening to you. She takes a long sigh...There is no one..

Geet's Appa feel something very different in her tone. He has his doubts.

Rag: Kuttima, now, its my turn to tell you. Don't need to think too can discuss anything and everything with your appa. You can be open to me if you are liking someone.

G: Appadi ellam onnum illai appa.

Rag: So, shall I carry on with this alliance?

Geet thinks for a second and answers...Hmm..go ahead!

Rag: Thank you kuttima..I am feeling so very happy .

Geet is glad to feel a positivity in his tone after so many years.. Of late, he has been living a life that's deprived of happiness...

Rag: Well, Kokila also told me that Ashok would be visiting India for a week or so. And luckily that's the time when you are in India too. Isn't it a coincidence? I will see if we can get to see him.

Geet is again answering lifelessly... Hmm

She is still not very convinced about this alliance due to various reasons. She really finds it fishy that Kokila Athai's (Aunt) family would be interested in something like this. But still, she is valuing her Appa's views as this is the first ever time in these years when he is requesting something and hopefully she could meet Ashok and then decide further.

Rag: Kuttima, before going ahead with this alliance, I want to make sure that you are interested and happy.

G: Well...Appa...that I can tell you only when I happen to meet him and interact with him.

Geet was quick in sharing her views and she is right in her place. I mean, how well he respects my opinion and gets along with me as well as my family. As my family’s respect means a lot to me.

Rag: I understand how much you value your family kuttima. Dont worry, they are our distinct relatives and they respect our family a lot. Of course you know your Appa. I will consider your decision to be final after you meet this guy. Till then there will be exchange of only basic details between both the families.

G: Sari pa (ok Appa) can do what you feel is right.

Both talk for some more time and bid goodbye and good night to each other before ending their call.

Geet's Appa is done with the call and turns to leave and he found his mother (Geet's Paati / grandma) standing behind him. She has overheard the conversation between Raghav and Geet and she is fuming listening to their convo.

(To be continued)

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A/N Note 1: This chapter is more focusing on Geet’s family and certain details about her past and about her upcoming visit to India etc...all this will help future plots. Hope you don't mind. Maaneet scenes will be up w.e.f next chapter.

[Once again to remind you - Geet's family consists of her Father (Appa) and her paternal Grandmother (Paati).

1. Geet's father's name is Raghavan. Geet calls her dad as "APPA" and while framing sentences, it will be “PA” And will refer his name here as Rag.

2.Geet's nick name is "Kuttima" which means dearie or baby which is a very common nickname in the south for girls.]

Request you all to read and understand this chapter carefully as it may be a bit confusing. I had included lot of tamil dialogues with proper translations. Please feel free to ask me if any part of the chapter confuses you.


Geet's Appa is done with the call and turns to leave and he finds his mom (Geet's Paati / grandma) standing behind him. She has overheard the conversation between Raghav and Geet and she is fuming listening to their convo.

A week ago: Geet’s Appa consulted his family astrologer cum matchmaker. He found that Geet's horoscope has some major planetary changes and in next 6 months her marriage has to happen otherwise, it wouldn't happen within next 7 years. And there's no pariharams (exemptions) for this. This has put Raghav in such a tension. On the other hand...the same astrologer has been consulted by Kokila’s family. This astrologer has been sick and tired of getting suitable alliances for Ashok and nothing seems to work out. He is not able to know the actual reasons behind it and moreover Ashok is already aged 30+. Also, there were 2-3 times when his marriage got fixed and then got called such alliance was called off right before his engagement. As the time is ticking, kokila and her husband’s stress levels are increasing day by day. This matchmaker casually informed Geet to Kokila. She gave serious thought about it and found that Geet would be a perfect match for their son by all means, primarily being STATUS and also, she knows Raghav that he would love to marry of his daughter within a distinct family network and that too during this crucial phase where Geet’s horoscope has some major flaws.! Also financially, she knows Raghav would have made a hefty savings in Geet’s name. She immediately calls Raghav and expresses her interest in Geet. Even Raghav gave a serious thought and apart from age factor, he didn't find any flaws in Ashok. He hasn't met Ashok in recent years but with the inputs that he has received from the family astrologer as well as kokila’s family, he felt Geet and Ashok would make a perfect pair. Kokila's family are distinct relatives and Geet would be happy to be wedded there and well taken care of. That’s why Raghav made a decision based on these factors...but yes, Geet’s opinion and happiness is his priority.

He has done his ground work before zeroing on this the next challenge is to make his mom (Geet’s Paati/grandmother) understand all this. She is so very upset listening to Raghav’s talks with Geet. She is gripping on to her walking stick to support herself to stand strong.

Paati: Dei Raghava, enna da nadakuthu? (Hey Raghav, what’s happening?) You are fixing kuttima’s wedding without even telling me and that too with Kokila's son?

She sighs angrily. Now, I got to know why Kolila and Prasad visited our home few days back

Rag: Amma (Mom) please calm down. I was about to talk to you regarding this.

Paati: When? After marrying off kuttima?

Rag knows that it's nearly impossible to make his mom understand this. Trust me..I was about to talk to you tomorrow morning.

Paati: Naan un amma da! Enakku nee onnum velakka vendam. (I am your mother and I can very well understand. You need not give me any explanations) she twists her lips and faces off from him. Raghav too remains quite and not able to face his mom now and after a brief pause, she continues.

Paati: Ennada idhu? En Pethi kili mathiri...evvalavu azhagu! Evvalavu arivu… oru ponnuku vendiya athana gunangal ava kitta irukku. Poyum poyum avala Ashokuka kalyanam panna ninaipa? (What is this? My Granddaughter is like a parrot.. She is so beautiful and so intelligent and she has all the good cultures that are required for a girl. And you are seeking to get her married off to a person like Ashok.)

Raghav did not expect such a reaction from his mom in the first place. Appadi enna Ashokitta korai kandenga? (what is the fault you found in Ashok?)

Paati huffs angrily. HMM...ippo kelu !(Now you are asking me this?) You should have asked me before checking with Kokila's family regarding this. Aren't you aware of Ashok's age? He is already 30+ . And I know what all has been happening within our clan. I am well aware that they have been looking out for a suitable alliance for Ashok for so many years and nothing seems to work out. Moreover, there were about 2-3 alliances which got fixed for him and then got rejected. Now you tell me why they didn't find a suitable girl for him for this long in spite of him being well settled in US and earning a handsome salary? She sighs and continues..I can assume the major reason why..He is a heavy headed person by nature. His mom's nature is -do- passed on to him. NO WONDER!! Also, I have heard they are so demanding by all means when it comes to his marriage.

Rag: Appadi Ellam onnum illai ma...these are common human nature… they are trying to behave like a normal parents of a Son. Kokila told me that there were 2 alliances in the past which got fixed for Ashok and then got cancelled for some or the other reasons. All these happened due to some unfortunate situations and for that reason we cannot ignore this alliance. I believe in Geet. She will adapt herself into any family and will bond well with her life partner.

Paati: Very True!! Kuttima (Geet) is of highly adaptable nature. BUT WHY ASHOK? Dont you think she deserves a far better alliance than this?

Rag: I checked with Geet about her interest. She has told me to go ahead.

Paati is fuming as Raghav is just trying his best to twist and change the topic that will highlight his convineence. Interest? You were almost emotionally forcing her to agree for this alliance....and what is this? In this entire planet earth, you found only Kokila's family? How come they are so interested in extending this marriage proposal for Geet? Have they ever interacted with us in this many years? Has Kokila and her husband ever come to meet me even once in these many years?

Rag: They came 2 days back right?

Paati: Yeah..I was so surprised with their visit. But then over here, they were busy scanning our entire home. And she was indirectly asking me if we have any more properties and how much we have invested in gold and jewellery and so on. I felt so weird that day but today, I came to know why. They came here after you approached them with regard to Geet's marriage. They wanted to know our net worth. They know that we live in heart of the city and this property has high worth as on date.

Rag: Idhellam sagajam thaane. Pona poguthu. Namkku irukkuradhu ore ponnu. Idhellam avalukku thaan poi serum. (These are common things that happen in marriage right? Let it be. Geet is our one and only daughter. All these properties and savings will go to her one day or the other)

Paati: Ippo thaan nee sariya sonnai. Namakku irukuradhu orre ponnu. Avalukku yen avasarathil kalyanam panni vekkarai? Adhuvum ithana vayasu vidhyasam? Ayyo..Paavam da kuttima...ava enna da paavam pannina? (Now, what you are saying is absolutely right. We are blessed with one and only daughter. Why are you hard bent to get her married so soon? That too to a person who is much elder to her? What wrong did Kuttima ever do?)

Rag: I had thought a lot about Ashok before taking it into consideration . I understand there's an age difference but see, he is well settled and US green card holder.

Paati: I don't care if he is a green card or pink card holder... All I care is, Kuttima's marriage should bring a lot of happiness in her life and I doubt if she would get it if she gets married to Ashok.

Rag: I understand your concerns, Trust me, kuttima will be the happiest...

Paati: Seri da, lets assume Kuttima is happy with this alliance..why to hurry? She has just started with her internship and she needs at least one or two years to settle down.

Rag: Ava jaadagam padi, Innum 6 masathulla avalukku kalyanam aagalaina, adutha 7 varushathukku avalukku mangalyam bagyam kadaiyaadhunnu namma kudumba josiyar sonnar. Enakku enna panradhunnu theriyalai. Andha nerathula thaan Kokila ennai kuptrukka. ( It seems current planetary positions are not favouring her horoscope. And her marriage has to happen within next six months or else it will not happen for next seven years. This info was given to me by our family astrologer. I was tensed from the time I got to hear this and that’s when Kokila called me)

Raghav tells the complete story and Paati is getting mad angry on Ragav..

Paati: Did you tell Kuttima about all this?

Raghav bends head and nods for a no slowly. I know she wont trust and may be she wouldnt agree if I tell her this reason.

Paati is losing it as this cannot be considered as a valid reason... Idhallam nee nambariya? Padichavan thaane nee? Adhuvum indha kaaranathukkaga thaan nee Kuttimavayum Ashokayum katti vekka paakurai? ( You believe in all this? Arent you educated enough? And that too you are trying to fix Kuttima’s marriage for this reason and that too with Ashok?)

Rag: Aamam ma. Idhe jyosiyar kitta namma veedu katti mudichadhum, Grahapravesathukku nalla naal kurikka ketadhukku, avar adutha 13 varushathukku idhu nadakaradhukku vayipu illai....adhu mattum alla, namma kuttima nammakittendhu pirinju vazhara nelamai varumnu sonnaga...appadiye nadandhada illaiya? (Yes Ma...when this home was getting constructed and when I approached the same astrologer for an auspicious day when a housewarming ceremony can be performed, he found out that it doesnt seem possible for next 13 years..and also, he mentioned that in near future our kuttima will need to stay away from all of us...didnt all this happen?)

Paati feels sad and its true that all these happened in the past and her kuttima had to stay away from her own family. she couldn't live with her grand daugther...she would visit this house once or twice a year depending on her school summer/winter holidays. That's it. She sighs sadly and continues..., Appadina 7 varushathukkappuram kalyanam nadakattum. Enna kettu pochu? Idhu thaan ava vidhina, appadiye nadakkatum (Let her marriage happen after 7 years. What’s wrong in that? If this is her fate, then let it be.)

Rag: Ungalukku vayasu romba aayiduthu ma.. 7 varushathukkapuram Kuttima vayasu iruvathombothu aayidum… (You are really getting old Ma.. bye end of seventh year, Kuttima will be over twenty nine years old)

Paati: Aana Aayitu poguthu da, adhunalla en kuttimava andha Ashokoda katti vekka naan sammadhika maaten. En pethioda azhagukkum aruvukkum vera oru nalla varan kandippa amayum. (Then let it be...but because of this reason, I don't want Kuttima to get married to Ashok. For my Granddaughter’s beauty and personality, she swill get some one who is far better)

Rag sighs as he is tired of making his mom understand. Neenga enna solla varelnu nalla puriyudhu. Aana Adipadaila appadi nadakumnu enna nichayam? Andha madhiri oru varan amayumnu kaathunde iruka mudiyuma? Ippo Vandha varanai vendamnu sollitu, vera endha nalla varanum kidaikama pona? Edhirgaalathula naama thaan kashtapadanum. Enakkum kuttima mela akkarai irukku. Ava vazhkaila romba kashtatha anubavichuta. Varum kaalathula ava vazhkai nalla badiya amayanumnu naan nanaikiren. (I know what you are referring to. But how sure are you that what ever you are wishing will surely happen? What if we didnt get such an alliance in future? We would be the one who would suffer because of it. Even I have that affection towards Kuttima. She had such a sorrow filled life. All I wish is for her bright future)

Paati is also tired of making her son understand...Naanum adha thaan da solla varen, andha kondhai kashtam pattadu ellam konjam nanjam illai. Varungaalathulla avaluku ellam sandhoshamum kadaikanum. Adhunaala thaan enakku Kuttimava Ashokuku kattivaika konjam kooda samandham illa. (I am also trying to explain you the same thing. That child had a tough life. She needs to get all happiness in future. That’s why I am not willing to get her married to Ashok)

Rag: Amma.. please try to understand. I am not getting her off married right away. Lets take a call after they happen to meet each other.

Paati: You do what ever you want to do. Nee andha josiyarai nambu...naan en bhagawanai namburen..en bhagawan eppovum kuttimavukku thunaiya iruppar. (You trust that Astrologer..Where as I trust my god. My god will always be there with Kuttima)

She pauses for a while and continues...Anyways, I was about to call her and talk to her as well. You carry on..

Rag: You please don't talk about this topic.

Paati: That me and my grand daughter will decide what to talk and what not to talk...its getting late for you...go and sleep ...Good Night!

Raghav knows his mom very well. She will not take a sigh till she discusses this with Geet regarding this topic… Anyways, he is glad that Geet has given her approval to go ahead with this alliance.

Raghav hands over his mobile to Paati.. You can talk to her from my mobile.

Vendam da..Enmobilela naraiya call time irukku. (I have lot of talk time in my mobile). If I need any help I will ask go and sleep. She talks with full attitude..she turns away to face the other side to avoid Raghav as she wants to show off how upset she is with him.

Raghav knows that its nothing but a silly act of his mom to prove her self respect and he smiles and moves from there giving enough privacy to both Grandma and Granddaughter so that both can have their talks peacefully and that too when today’s hot topic would surely something titled “DEVIL RAGHAV”...i.e about himself..He smiles at his own joke.

Raghav makes his way to his room...Paati has been looking at him till he gets into his room and locks it… Ayyo...Jambama vera pesiten...en mobilela avalavu credit irukkanu theriyalaye (I spoke with such an attitude before even checking if I have enough credit in my mobile or not?) ...she blabbers whilst checking her mobile and sighs finding there is enough overseas talk time.

Over there Geet is not herself from when she has got Raghav’s call. Something is really bothering her since the very moment Raghav discusses her marriage..She is sitting in the backyard of her villa where there is a mini garden full of plants...and its lovely weather today but still she is restless and disturbed. Just then she receives the call from her Paati (Grandmother)..she composes herself before taking the call...making sure she doesn't express what she is going thro at the moment as her Paati is quite aged and wants to maintain a happy talk whenever she calls.

But one thing that always bother Geet is when her Paati calls her on Odd timing like this. Even though her Appa too had called little late today but he is flexible with his sleeping timings. Where as her Paati wakes up sharp at 4 AM in the morning no matter what happens and Geet is always concerned about her sleeping habits these days that is not good for her health.

Geet takes the call

Paati: Kuttima..Eppadi irukkai? ( are you?)

Geet: Naan nalla irruken paati...neenga? Enna indha nerathula? Innum toongalaya? (I am are you? Why you are calling this time? You haven’t got to sleep yet?)

Paati: Ivvalavu nadandhadhukappuram eppadima thookam varum? (After all this has happened how do you expect me to sleep?)

Geet: Ippo Enna Aachu? (What has happened now?) Of Late you are becoming an expert in finding more problems in your life and invariably finding reasons not to sleep on time.

Paati: Hmm...You and your Appa have teamed up again to tease me, trouble me so much and you expect me to get good sleep?

Paati is complaining like a kid again and Geet holds on to her head..It seems her Paati and Appa had a tiff again and of course, Geet plays an important role of being a Punching bag between both. She looks up...Oh God..cant you have some pity on me? Just sometime back I was sandwiched between Meera and Yash.. I somehow escaped from them and now you are pushing me to stand in between My Appa and Paati? This is not fair..😨

I am really stuck between both of you...even Appa has complained to me many times that both grandmother and granddaughter team up and corner him every time. She huffs Aarh...Anyways, All this keeps happening … you didn't tell me how is my dearest Paati doing?

Paati is already feeling light after talking to her sweetest granddaughter...but still, she cannot show it off: Hmm.. cant you see I am still alive?

Geet is terrified with what paati says..she understands that something is bothering her. Her paati has been the one who loves her beyond any limits, highly understanding and always jovial and fun filled. Moreover, her Paati has always been her energy buster as she is always full of life. But today, Geet feels her paati is completely different. .

Geet: Yen ippadi ellam pesarenga? (Why are you talking like this?)

Paati remains quiet and Geet tries her best to cheer her up first…

Geet: Hmm...Let me take a guess...No Guess...its a confirmation...something serious has happened in one of your favourite TV Serial?

Paati: Po Kuttima.. Our family story is nothing less than that TV serial drama with a lead role of a Villan played by your APPA..smiley24

Now its confirmed that her Appa would have told something to Paati. And if its true, then she is going to have a tough time Patching both of them. But she has to find out what happened in the first place?

Geet: Appa is the culprit?...OOH… NOT AGAIN!!😖

Paati: Yes..who else do you expect to dare to upset me? Sobs...I am not hurt because he hasn't been talking to me openly these days...sobs..he has started making his own decisions without even consulting me.

Geet tries to calm her down...Sari please calm down..what did he do now?

Paati: I felt the earth slipping away from my feet when I heard him speaking to you about that Ashok.

Geet rolls her eyes with restlessness...she too is hating to even hear Ashok’s name..don't know why she is feeling so? Anyways, what to do? She had to respect her dad’s wish at this point of time. She couldn't tell him a NO as her dad’s wish and happiness is more important.

Paati: Enakku unmelayum romba kovam! (I am also very angry with you)

Geet has never seen her paati getting so emotional. Ippo naan enna seinjen? (Now what did I do?)

Paati: Appavum ponnum seyyaradhellam seinjuttu, enna kelvi kelunga!! (Both father and daughter do all what you have to do and then ask me questions!!) She sighs...Unnoda Appa thaan edhuvum puriyama unkitta andha Ashok batthi keta, neeyum onnum yosikama Amma-Ammanu Mandaya aatitai! (When your appa checked with you about Ashok without even making sure its right or wrong to do so, you too didn't think twice and you have been nodding YES for what ever your Appa says!!)

Geet was assuming that Appa would have discussed with Paati about this alliance. But he didn't? He never does this.

Geet: Ayyo..Paati..sorry..I never knew Appa didn’t discuss with you. Anyways, he wouldn't have done anything intentional. He might have been in a different thought process and might have missed.

Paati: OK he missed to discuss with me. But why you had to agree with what ever your Appa says? I know you in and out and I know Ashok is not the right match for you then how could you?

Geet: The issue is these many years he never asked me anything and today when he asked something I just couldn't say “NO”.

Paati: I heard you both talk..he has made you tell YES by emotionally forcing you. That’s why I gave him a good piece of my mind.

Geet is not convinced with what her Paati says now.

Geet: Ayyo Enna Paati idhu? (What is this paati?) Why you had to get angry on him for such a silly issue?

Paati: Dare you call it a silly issue!! He discussed your marriage without even considering major aspects of your life and future? I can never forget the pain and challenges that you have gone thro.. And All I want your future to be filled with happiness.

Geet closes her eyes and wonders why her eyes got teary...Do you think Appa has been leading a happy life?

Her Paati remains quiet..While Geet continues...He had a far painful life which he bore it all alone and he never spoke about all what he is going thro emotionally neither with you or with me...WHY? Because he never wanted to further burden both of us...And he got concealed within himself.. Geet sighs..wipes her tears and continues...and today, after a long time, he has not only opened up and spoke with me for a long time...but also asked me for something and that turned out to be about my marriage…She pauses for a second and you tell me. How could I just say a blunt NO?

Paati: OK Kuttima...I understand. But I didn't like this hurry and moreover that Ashok.. Grr!!

G: I know why he has developed a liking for Ashok as its an alliance from a distinct relative.

Paati doesn't want to disclose the actual reason being Geet’s horoscope. But still, she tries to convince in her own way. Kuttima..Your Appa at this age is taking key decisions based on emotions and relationships. But you need to think wisely and decide and not to hurry in telling your decisions… ITS YOUR LIFE…

Geet sighs...she also understands her Paati’s concerns. Don't worry... I have clearly told Appa that my last call will be only after meeting him (Ashok) .

I know my Granddaughter...she would make wise decisions only…But still I could clearly sense you are not atall happy or excited about all this.

Paati feels the only good thing Raghav did is he asked Geet this one question before giving a start to this marriage proposal. She is even more curious to know the answer for this question from Geet.

I heard your Appa asking you this question...DO YOU LIKE SOMEONE?

Geet sighs and immediately stood up and can't answer quickly and her Paati can sense something. See..I don't know what answer you gave your Appa, I want to hear the actual truth.

Geet is in real dilemma she could somehow answer her Appa..but this wont be that easy with her Paati...but why she is thinking so much? She doesnt have an answer... When there is no one in my life yet...then what is stopping me to say a NO?..She is trying to tell a NO and but unable to...she is sweating and shivering...

They say, the silence of a person can be much more audible...that’s what Paati is feeling now. Yen Kuttima amaidhiya irukkai? Appadina nee yaraiaavadhu virumbaraiya? (Why are you quite kuttima? This means you are liking someone?)

Geet gets back to her senses and she realises what she has been doing...she tries to cover up..

Geet: Oh..I just nodded my head for a NO… Silly would you know about it without seeing me?

Of Course Paati is not convinced...also she found a strange shiver in geet’s voice now...Kuttima, Don't think that by speaking over the phone, I wouldnt know your emotions. So, don't hide anything from me. You can talk to me openly.

Geet is trying her maximum possible to control the heaviness in her voice...A..A...Appadi Ellam onnum illai (N..Nothing like that)There’s no one in my life so far. Trust me.

Paati could sense some kind of a hesitation in her talks. I am sure someone you might have known or who expressed their liking for you...maybe someone during your college days or may be in your workplace, or could be anyone else…OR...

Geet: NO Paati..

Geet answers her but still she herself is fighting with some strange confusions of her own mind. You are right..I have got to mingle with many guys in my life say, friends, class mates, colleagues but never got into anything serious.

Paati huffs..enna kuttima, in these many years, you didn't like anyone for yourself? You have really been such a dumb in this topic..🤦‍♀️

While her Paati thinks of possibilities where Geet can marry to a person of her choice. Whereas Geet happens to give a serious thought about what her paati just said. Now she found an answer for what is actually bothering her since the time she has heard about her own marriage.

Geet: Vaastavam dhaan…(So true) her eyes filled with fresh tears now... I don't know what to say or comment on this.... I had to concentrate on so many other aspects of life that I never got to express or feel any such thing for anyone... and today, I have been made to feel that my time’s up and I must get married to someone ASAP...Her voice is getting very heavy..she composes herself and continues...Its just after Appa’s call that I have realised that I missed to experience something that’s such a beautiful,special and exciting feeling… I never felt it as a big loss until this very point of time...And now, its too late!!

She did remember those precious moments that she happened to spend with Maan. Right from the first meeting in that coffee shop till the time she was pulled out for a dinner by him.. And ofcourse...she never danced with any one..but HIM. Even though she enjoyed each and every second of the time that she got to spend with him. This is the first ever time she had been out with a guy...and sadly the last time! She doesn't know what to name it but she was made to feel so special and she cherished the feel. That’s it and that was the limit.. She cannot think about anything beyond this.

She was so lost in her thoughts that she suddenly went into a silent mode. She almost jerks when her Paati calls out for her.


Geet: Haan!!

Paati: Enna Aachu? Why you got so sad and then followed by a weird quietness?

Her paati just wanted to cheer her but ended up hurting her unintentionally, without knowing what is bothering her dearest granddaughter. I am sorry.. I didn't know my words had hurt you so much..I was just joking my dear just like how you have been doing with me all this while.

Geet: Please don't be sorry! You can never hurt me... Its my life, my fate that has been playing with me from time to time. ..... She fears if she would outburst all her emotions that she has been piling up and again her Paati could sense that there has been something which Geet is hiding for sure.

Paati: I am sure something is bothering you..please speak up.

Geet: Nothing mind boggling!!! Its just that I have realised I am actually a 22 year old woman. At this phase of life, I have no other choice but to give in to accept what comes my way.

Paati: Cha..enna pesara kuttima? (Chee...what are you saying Kuttima?) What made you feel like that? Just because your Appa is trying to fix your marriage? I know you stood strong these many years… you have achieved what many of the girls just dream of… and the right person is just on the way to hold your hands forever and never to leave you…

Geet: Its right next to impossible. When it has not happened so far... It will never happen in near future as well.

Paati: You are just 22 and you are talking as if you have reached your grandma’s age!! Don't you know there is no age to fall in love? In fact this is the right age where you are still young, highly matured and you view this world and people very differently. Your Mr. Right gave you enough time to settle down in your that he doesn't come in between you and your dreams. And now he will not wait any longer and there is no escape from him.. Paati tells the last sentence with a pinch of naughtiness.

Geet smiles sadly… I don't have any expectations in my life ...Anyways, I will take it as it comes.

Paati: Kuttima, although every girl feels what you are going thro whenever her marriage discussions come up. But your case is quite different….you are concerned about your Appa’s happiness..All I request is you also take your life and happiness into consideration first. She pauses...And coming to that Ashok, her paati sighs with anger with the very thought of him. Its not atall a must that you should get married only to you said, you meet him and take your decision. I am always there to support you.

Geet: Thank you Paati.....and don't worry about all this...And please don't argue with Appa on this issue.

Paati: Hmm..Your Appa too gave me same advice… “Don't discuss about this Topic” Paati cutely imitates Geet’s Appa and Geet again smiles at her Paati’s antics

Naan unkitta innaiku vera oru mukkiyamana oru vishayam pesanumnu irundhen. Adhukulla unnoda appa ivvalavu comedy panniyachu. (I wanted discuss an important topic with you. But before that, your Appa came up with all these comedies)

Geet chuckles.. You can talk 100 different things with me but this is not the right time. Its too late now..please go and sleep.

Paati: Just two minutes Please…

Geet sighs..OK..Go ahead..

Paati: Harpreet called me yesterday and we spoke for a long time.

(A/N: Harpreet is Ria’s Grandmother. And Harpreet and Geet’s Grandma are very close friends...More about Geet and Ria’s family bonding will come up in further chapters)

Geet: Hmm..How is Harpreet Ji?

Paati: She is fine healthwise..but she was a bit sad. She has been all the time telling me that Ria hasn't been calling her regularly these days.

Geet sighs..What to tell her Paati about Ria and her aloofness.. She doesn't want to say something that would unnecessarily spread like a wild fire between these grandmothers.

Geet: Next time when Harpreet ji calls, tell her that Ria is doing very fine and she has been extremely busy with her studies..

Paati: Aanalum oru daravaiaavachu kuptu pesanum...ippo neeye eduthukko...evvalavu thaan busyaanalum vaarathukku oru daravaiyaavachu enkitteyum un appa kitteyum pesarai illaiya? (But still, she can call atleast once..Now you see ever busy you are, you make sure you call me and Appa atleast once in a week...Isintit?)

Geet: Aamam paati..but Ria has been like this for the last 2 months. She hasn't been that interactive even with me off late and above all, she didn't even attend Rabecca’s wedding.

Paati: Oh..That’s bad

Geet: What to do? Her studies are keeping her busy. It seems she had so much of pressure related to study and project submissions. Anyways, Ria’s mom called me regarding this and I had explained to her as well. Also, Ria was free today and we had a long talk. She said she will be calling home today. Hopefully by now she would have spoken with everyone.

Paati is still not convinced. What studies? Cant she call and talk to the elders in her family? Harpreet has been asking this many a time.. “Why Ria is not like Geet?”.. You see...she loves the grandma-granddaughter bond that we both share even when we both are living miles apart. And she feels so low when Ria is not even calling her. Although I admit I'm very proud hearing something like this about you..but on other hand, I felt sad for Harpreet.

Geet: Ria romba chinna ponnu. Avalavu vivaram pathadhu…(Ria is very young and not mature enough) Please make your friend understand. Anyways, We both will be there in Amritsar very soon. And when I am there, I will lock Ria in Harpreetji’s room for one full day. 😜

Paati laughs out loud...This is the best idea...! 😂. Well..that was about Ria...and secondly she spoke about one wish of her’s.

Geet: What wish is it? We will surely do the needful if we can fulfil it.

Paati: You see, a wedding is happening in their family after 15 long years...she wanted to do some special religious ceremony and she needs our help.

Geet listens to her carefully….Hmm..

Paati: During the days when our family was also settled in Amritsar, we had arranged for this sumangali prathna...Do you remember?

Geet jogs her memories..I guess this was the function where all married women were invited and you pray in group….

Paati: Exactly and that too in our brahmin style!

Geet: Oh...this is quite a strange wish of her’s. I am really moved with the love that she has for our south Indian culture.

Paati: Very true. And In their family, they have arranged for satnarayan pooja as well...Harpreet wants to club both the functions together before this wedding happens..

Geet: Oh no..this could be quite tough.. We have to plan and do so many preparations in advance.

Paati: YES..but have spoken to the same sastrigal (Priest) who performed our previous function. He is now based in Delhi. He would travel all the way to Amritsar... They will take care of this function.... Hence the major issue is sorted out.

Geet: Wow..that’s excellent work from your end! Now, I am even more thrilled to be in Amritsar.

Paati: Yes..I know you will be excited. Also, from your end, you need to help them in organising and arranging for this function during your stay in Amritsar. There will be a whole lot of things to do and only you can help in assisting.

Oh..sure paati. Anything good for that Family...I will do it… When I am in Amritsar, do let me know from time to time what all arrangements need to be done.

She is all excited on one end re-living those beautiful moments of her childhood...but slowly got engulfed with the harsh memories that lopsided her life for ever. This visit to her past again proved to be a walk on fire for Geet and she lets out a loud cry….

It was a sudden outburst which was least expected and this worries her Paati...

Paati: Enna aachu kuttima? Ippo yean azharai? (What happened Kuttima? Why are you crying now?)

Geet just curses herself for such an how will she explain her Paati? Onnum illai paati..(Nothing Paati)

Paati: Enna Onnum illai? (What do you mean by nothing?) You were so excited just a while ago and what happened all of a sudden?

Geet speaks at a slow pace..enaku Ammaoda Nyabagam…(Nothing Paati...Remembering Mom…) she bites her lower lips and controls her sobs…I don't know why..I am really missing her today.

Again Paati feels sorry for Geet… Kuttima..Please ...

Geet: I just remembered how YOU and MOM together organised this function at that time…Also, THATHA (Grandpa) was there.. and...Geet stopped as she couldn't continue.. And she cries out loud.. I really wish “THAT ONE DAY” is erased from our past and our life would have been completely different.

Paati too is getting emotional. But she has to stand strong and give moral support to Geet especially today when her granddaughter is bottled with too many emotions at a time. Please don't cry like this... I understand what you have been going thro….. It hasn't been easy…She sighs...The lives lost can never come back. But we have to move on and look ahead of us.

Geet Sobs uncontrollably.

Paati: You are a strong girl my dear… I am sure you are not giving up on your life that easily.

Geet: Ennala mudiyalai  (I am not able to take it anymore)

Paati: Please control yourself.

Geet: I you go and sleep.

Paati: How do you expect me to sleep now?

Geet didnt want to open up in front of her grandmother like this...She gulps down a glass full of warm water..wipes her tears and sighs.. I just had a glass of water hmm? Feeling much better now. Now, you please sleep and don't give me further stress..

Paati: OK kuttima..I will try to..I mean..Sleep. But you please take care of are all alone there. I am so eagerly waiting to see you.

Geet: Hmm..Same here… now Please sleep! Good Night!

Paati: Good Night!

Her Paati cuts the call and now she is even more angry at Raghav. I know All this happened since the time he came up with this marriage topic. I have to somehow make him understand. She goes to the god’s room and prays… Bhagavane..(Oh God) enough is enough..please have some mercy on my granddaughter. Her life till now has been very challenging..ensure her future is filled with all happiness.

Geet is feeling heaviness in her heart after talking to her Appa and now with her Paati.

Her mobile buzzes again and her lips curves into a smile looking at the caller ID. It was call from Maan. She is about to take the call and just then she remembers her talks with Appa and Paati and she no ways wants to take his call with such a state of mind where she is not herself. better stop interacting with Maan...he is a stranger after all...its better you know your limits. She rolls her eyes as she is not able to win the battle over her heart and brain..GEET...its just that you are enjoying someone's company ..that's it...but he is a know nothing about him and let it be like this. She is in such a fix that she doesn't want to cut the call nor she can take the call and hence she puts this mobile in silence and sets her alarm in one other mobile which is her personal one but rarely calls anyone from that.

(A/N: This is when Geet didn't take Maan’s call by the end of Part 10. And he decides to visit Geet’s home right away but stopped himself)

She takes the photo frame from her side table... she gently runs her fingers over it. I am sure you have heard my talks? Tears wells in her eyes again...and a few tears dropped on the photo as well. She hugs it tight and cries out..Why Suddenly so many things are happening in and around me...where my life is heading to? Do you have any answer for this? Please speak up for once. Even though she didn't get an answer, She is relieved when she hugs that photo and closes her eyes…and she slowly dozes of to sleep.

(To be continued…)

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hope all is well with you

thanks for updating

Part 11

fascinating update.... awesomely written

adore Geet's friendship with Yash 

great that she also share a wonderful bond with Meera

of cos Geet knows her friends very well 

well Yash and Meera have fought

poor Geet playing referee

like how she handled the situation

at least she got Meera to open up what happened

Yash's mom thinks Geet is an ideal match for Yash

can understand why Meera was upset but slapping Yash was unjustified

loved how Geet made Meera understand and cleared the confusions

so Geet does see Yash like that

wow Geet thinking of Maan when the discussion veers towards life partners

Geet's confusion is reasonable

Yash and Meera are indeed blessed to have Geet as their friend

nice that Geet will speak to Yash's mom

Geet's dad called

and she is perplexed as he never calls then....

oh no he wants Geet to get married and mentions a suitable alliance

Can understand Geet's questions and restlessness

Geet is suspicion of the aunt

what is her dad hiding?

at least he asked Geet if she likes someone

as expected Geet thinks of Maan

she has yet to realise she has feeling for Maan

why is her dad in a hurry for the alliance? 

however she says no and agreed that he dad can continue with the alliance 

pleased that Geet will make a decision after meeting the guy

will Gete realise she likes Maan?

eager to know why Geet's mom and grandma are angry?

hope they confide in Geet

update soon 

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