MG FF - HOW TO NAME IT? - UPDATED PART 11 & 12 PG 83 Dt. 23rd August. - Page 81

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YES..i am updating O Re Piya in one or two days and will update "How to name it?" Immediately after. 

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*Once again sorry for the delay...I had to put a hold on all my updates during early January and the reasons (NOTE) posted on "O RE PIYA" Thread. Thank you for all your understanding and support. I will ensure to update this FF on a regular basis..I will keep trying and I will not give up.

*Please excuse any editing or spelling mistakes


Dr Robert responds to her hold. You need not talk high about it, you please carry on. Poor Girl is waiting for you. Once you reach home, you can call me and shall have a detailed talk on this and how to take it further.

Geet smiles at his kind gesture and makes her move.

Over to Geet and Ria who are out of the clinic and happen to chit-chat whilst they were walking and looking around.

Ria: Di..Mr. Uncle was such a nice guy.

Geet: Mr. Uncle?

Ria: Woh, the patient whom you had attended to just now. By the way, why were you Mad at him?

Geet has to be very careful in answering her question. You see, he is never following the rules of appointment in spite of me insisting on the same again and again. He just walks in and on top of that he doesn't have enough patience to wait for long..

Ria: Oh I see..But I could understand his plight. He is not able to stop meeting a beautiful consultant like you... and winks

Geet is happy as Ria is having such open talk with her after a long time. Ofcourse she credits Dr. Robert for brining in some positive energy in Ria.

G: Grr!!..whatever...I really don't know what to comment..but its so irritating you see...Anyways, for today, I am glad that he was there so that you could spend some time with him..

Ria: Oh really? Why?

Geet is cursing herself for blurting this out without any presence of mind.

Geet: had a good company till the time I returned back to my cabin.

Ria: Yeah di..he was so jovial and so entertaining.

both walk on a long pathway slowly and steadily and luckily, its not that crowded today. It was the right time when they get to view beautiful sunset as if the sun is shying away behind the huge mountains. Cool breeze adds its own feel of the atmosphere where both are passing thro..

G: Isint it a beautiful evening today? What more you can ask for when you are strolling with a best buddy?

Hmm..says Ria to keep it quite simple and she is again seemed to have lost in a different world.

Geet is again glancing at Ria...the same Ria who used to enjoy each and every beauty of nature with full craziness...and here goes the same Ria who is just walking along with her and no expressions...Its been high time since we have got out for a stroll like this..isint it?

R: Haan, I happen to miss Rabecca Di. How she had arranged and organised for that 2 day Paris city tour. That was the best and last get together we three had.

G: was a trip to remember thro out our life. We had so much fun.

R: Di..

G: Hmm..

R: Rabecca Di must be mad angry at me?

G: No dear..but she really missed you for the last 10 days as she was expecting even your involvement in her wedding arrangements. She was eagerly expecting you to show up for the wedding or at-least for the reception.

Ria feels really bad...but what to do? Her circumstances made it worst for her and she simply couldn't make it. Geet looks at Ria..its clearly visible that Ria is regretting all what she has done.

G: I somehow made Rabecca understand. So, dont regret yourself.

R: Di..she had been so sweet and nice to me always and..Ria stops half way..I will ask for an apology right away...

Ria was about to call Rabecca and Geet immediately stops her...Stop it Ria..Now, you will surely make her angry..

Ria looks at her questioningly..

You will spoil her honeymoon moments if you call her now...and Geet winks..and both burst out to laughter. After sometime, both slowly calm down...Ria, I was so much missing this laughter in you. Please dear keep smiling like this...And I bet Rabecca will be more happy than angry when she sees you smiling like this.

Geet rubs her palm to get some heat...Its a chill weather today...why not have a hot coffee? I will take you to a place where I have coffee regularly during mornings. I bet you will love the fresh cappuccino there.

Ria nods for a YES...and both make their way towards the Coffee shop. Yes the same coffee shop where she had met Maan for the first time and suddenly, Geet is taken back to that eventful Saturday morning, when she happened to bump on Maan and all what followed in the coffee shop and Rebecca's wedding function and until this morning. A smile adorns her lips thinking about all that has happened so far. But still it doesn't cross her mind about what to term it.

Ria notices this...oh look at the red hue on your cheeks...kya baat hain?

Geet snaps out of her thoughts and gets cautious now. WHAT??

R: are for sure hiding something from me. I bet something has happened. hmm..Let me take a guess...she looks up resting her index finger on her chin as if she is deeply thinking...HAAN..I am sure you have met someone interesting...who is he?

Geet is feeling so glad to see this naughty side of Ria after a very long the same time she is in trouble as Ria will not leave this topic easily.

G: Tu bi na Ria...Its not necessary that I am smiling thinking of someone. Woh eise hi.. (Its just like that) she gulps and stops herself to explain ay see I was just remembering the days when we have been out together and used to have lots of fun, maybe in India or here in Paris.

Thank God the cafe waiter attended to Geet. He is the one who regularly attends to her and they have become good friends over a period of time.

“Hello Geet Ma' are you? Good to see you at this point of time”

G: Hey Tamar..Even I am surprised to see you here at at this hour. She checks her wrist watch... Its already 5 30 PM..You work this long?

“Well...I will be working here for extra hours for one or two see, I am preparing myself for graduation course”

Geet sighs...well you need to also take care of your health dear.

Tamar sighs...thank you for the understanding. But you know the reason very well about my current needs and requirements”

Of Course Geet knows it..also, Ria silently listens to their conversation.

G: Yes I Do......But overworking like this without a break will just drain you out. Please take care. I have checked with my university professors for some scholarship help for you. Hopefully, I will get to know within a week.

“You are really kind mam thank you so much....”.

G: Its ok.. remember, health comes first...hmm! Take care.

“Sure Mam”

He pauses a second and continues… “well would you like to have anything now?”

G: YES... would love to have 2 mugs of rich hot cappuccino accompanied by a mix of cookies. She also hands over her water flask to him. Fill this with hot water please.

“ will get it in 5 minutes.” Before moving he informs Geet about something.

“Well Mam...the friend who accompanied you the other day..”

Geet's breath stuck on her throat and Ria's eyes opens wide and she is very curious to know further about whom this waiter is talking about.

“You left from here, he too left paying the bill and asked me to keep the change. And when I came and picked the amount, I found that the change amount is almost 5 times more than the bill amount. This was the highest ever tips I have received from any customer here...I couldn't even thank him...You see..this money is very helpful as I am accumulating funds for my further studies. so please thank him on my behalf.”

and controlling her shivers and looking at Ria’s reactions from the corner of her eyes. She just fakes a smile at Tamer... Oh really?? I am happy for you. He moves on to get coffee mugs and Geet is all amused with all what what she just heard… how can he give such huge tips?? has he gone nuts? Tamer is a real sweet guy and also Geet keeps some extra money as tips may be once or twice in a week so that it would help him with his education expenses.. But what Maan has done is way too more than 5 times the bill amount as tips is way too much. Now she is all shouting at him within her mind...

Geet ST: Which clay is he made up of ? Wonder what he thinks of himself...Some billionaire's heir? Yesterday he treated me in that posh place which was not necessary....we could have managed in some simple restaurant na? And on top of that he didn't allow me to pay my share...and today I am knowing about this generous tips.. this way he has to lavishly spend his money? Next time when I meet him, Have to put some sense with regard to finances management...wait wait...what did I just say? Why am I even thinking that we will meet again?

Ria could hear Geet’s murmurs….and she twitches her finger in front of Geet to draw her attention, giving naughtiest looks ever and Geet's cheeks turns red as she controls the flushness of her face to the maximum possible..but in vein.

R: have been caught...

Ria tickles Geet and controls her laugh

G: Chup karo Ria..koi dhek lega.. (Stop it Ria, people here would get to have a watch on us)

R: Oh ho..look at your face..its all blushy blushy haan? So, who is this guy who treated you at this coffee shop?

G: Actually, we happen to meet here on Saturday. You see, I was about to slip and fall and he caught me at the right time.

R: Oh wow…sounds like a perfect entry of the hero...and I will tell you what would have happened both would have been captive in each other’s vision...hain na?

Geet is getting to see the real Ria but such a wrong timing it is... Nahin re (No Re) He just helped me to get seated and relax. we slowly interacted and became friends. That's All. She is trying to keep it as simple as possible avoiding to tell all what has been happening for the last 2 days.

Meantime, coffee has been served and both talk whilst sipping hot coffee.

R: Acha? Then why were you trying to hide it from me?

G: Oh god Ria...You know I was in a complete hush bush because of Rabecca's wedding and didn't have time to even breath and somehow missed on it. She takes a sigh..And you madam, you were late on that Saturday and that Sunday, you didn't show up on the wedding. Then we get to interact only now na? I couldn't talk to you because of all this.

Ria's smile vanishes all of a sudden as some thoughts surrounds her. She simply mixes her coffee mug with spoon and all lost somewhere. And Geet notices this and curses herself within are really spoiling her mood now. You must keep her cheerful then only you can get her to speak!! She clears her throat and continues. Well, what I was trying to say is, we at least happen to meet now and we can share some latest happenings with each other.

Ria:, don't hide from me. Tell me who is he?

Geet: I just told you everything dear... That's it. She doesn't want to disclose much about Maan and take a chance as Ria might innocently tell all this to her mom and this news will spread as a wild fire to both families. She keeps it short and sweet.

Ria: Di...deny as much as you can but I bet...someone has made his way into your heart...

Geet just couldn't stop her own blush..something within her says all what she is getting to hear from Ria is quite true but accepting it is the key and of course she ignores it. Oye Riya...Since when you started reading my heart? Don't assume things...and most importantly, you better don't tell anyone about this unnecessarily.

Ria: Di..why shouldn't I tell anyone? You are only telling me there is nothing but behaving as if there’s something serious...Now, I am convinced to call yours as well as my grandma..and I am sure both the ladies would take care about what needs to be done further..

Geet shouts her name and pulls her ears... RIA!! You will take a sigh only after these News Channels will get live relay about me.

R: Ouch..Di..I was just kidding. Trust me. I will not tell anything about you to anyone until and unless there is some personal confirmation from you.

G: YOU BETTER!!. Anyway, write it down in your brain that all what you got to hear is all what it is….don't waste your time in creative imaginations.

Both finish with their coffee and bid goodbye to the waiter and

happen to have a walk and talk back home..

G: Now, you have to tell me about yourself. What's been going on in your life?

Ria tries to keep her composure. She was kind of prepared for this question to come and tries her maximum to hide her inner turmoil.

Ria: Mera kya hain di? College- classes-special classes – exams – and then back life is just a circle with all these events happening back to back.

G: And anything out of this circle and routine that you are hiding from me?

Ria just looks at her blankly...and Geet tries to ask it in a simpler way...I mean, some incidents that you would like to share...or if you met some one? I mean made new friends?

Ria tries to hide and cover up to the maximum possible. Just like Geet, even Ria is a bit careful to tell certain things to Geet as Geet's and Ria's families are thick friends. R: Woh..Na di..nothing special.

Geet could feel some reluctance in her words and trying to hide some thing. She holds on to Ria's hand...Ria, ever since my childhood days, I have always considered you as my younger sister. So, if there is anything that's bothering you, troubling you or..Anything that you would like to share with me then please do so. I will always support you first.

R: Di..believe me I am not calling you “Di” just for the name sake. I truly mean it...She has tears in her eyes which she wipes very quickly. Believe me..if there is something that I have to share, I will surely share with you. Unfortunately, she wanted to request Geet to have trust on her..but she couldn't as she has done few things against TRUST and she feels so low about it and the lies what she is saying to cover it up is simply increasing her burdens and sins.

G: Ria, you need not tell all this as I trust you. All I want to make sure is you are happy in life.

Ria hugs her instantly and cries...She cannot disclose the few incidents that has happened in her recent life and on top of that Geet’s trust makes her feel so guilty.

On the other hand, Geet is Shocked...she further responds by embracing Ria and Patting her gently. RIA..Kya baath hain bacha?

Ria slowly composes herself and breaks from her hug..Woh di.. Just feeling nostalgic thinking about our good times spent in Amritsar. And today, we got to spend time like this after such a long break.

Even Geet's memories got refreshed. are right..Those were the good old days.. She takes sighs and continues...Are you sure this is the reason for your emotional outburst?

Ria nods for a Yes.. and Geet holds her hand... whilst continuing with their slow walk..

G: What to do? Our life never remains the same for ever. We must need to adapt to the twists and turns that it offers and that too with a positive note. Isint it? I know its easily said than done..but do you have any other better choice?

Ria nods for a yes again. She is really amused with Geet's level of understanding. In-fact Geet has always been like that. I really wish I was as matured person as Geet Di...I bet my life would have been quite different then. She was dragged out of her thoughts when she heard Geet Continuing with her talks.

Geet: You are really mad. You are getting emotional for no reason...Soon we will be in India and we will get back to our routines there...hain na? And its going to be so much fun in Ritesh Bhaiya's wedding.

Ria fakes a smile. She has been so selfish that she didn't even think about her family. Also, she didnt even take it into consideration that her own brother's wedding is happening...Haan di..Its going to be such a fun. Cant believe that my one and only bade veerji is getting married now and I haven't even been talking to him.

Geet: Uff fo.. Ritesh Bhaiya was chatting with me few days back. Infact, he was enquiring about you..and was feeling too low about himself for not able to contact you regularly., you go home and talk to everyone..tik hain?

Ria: Sure..I will do that today.

Geet: By the way, how are your friends here? I remember only two of them...and their names? Hmm..yes...Panchi and Babita?

Ria is little bit tensed now..she has to make sure to change this topic...Yeah di..All fine.

Where as Geet feels that she would get to know more things from Ria's friends if she gets an opportunity to have a casual meeting with them. I was thinking why not have a get together with your friends as well?

WHY?..Ria was loud initially and then she calms down and asks this...why di?

G: Just wanted to know more about your friends. Any problem?

R: No..No problem di......but it may not be possible until the time we finish our vacations and come back. You see all are busy with their studies.

G: Acha? Well, I am not able to understand few things...your semester exams were over some time back and then there is whole lot of time for your next semester exams.

R: Well some of our lecturers may not be available during next sem as its going to be festive season. So, we are covering up a lot for the upcoming sem before we leave on our vacations and that includes our project assignments for the next sem.

G: Oh I See..but what ever it dont over stress yourself. You will achieve what you have to achieve. I trust you.

Again the word Trust is hitting back Ria like a Rock. Both get back to their villa. Ria moves to her room and Geet freshen up and prepares a quick vegetable pulao and Raita for dinner. Once done with dinner preparations, she locks herself in her room and messages her boss making sure he is free and then calls him.

G: Hello Sir..

Dr. R: Hie Geet...hope you both had a good time with each other

G: Yes we did...and she was praising a lot about you...Geet smiles for a brief second and then her smile was short lived as she still finds Ria to be in some shell...but...

Dr. R: But she is still not opening up to you like she used to do before. I mean she is trying to keep lot of things to herself before she talks. Am I correct?

Geet is really astonished with his professional observations.. you are a genius sir... you nailed it so perfectly. Now please tell me what could be the reason?

Dr. R: Well, I have just given you an outline with all what I got to know about her during the 15 minutes meeting that I had with her. Now coming to the reason I can just share my experiences with similar cases...Hmm..she is just 18 years old. Am I correct.?

G: 19 years old to be precise as her Birthday is nearing.

Dr R. Well, what I have observed is it could be more of a peer see, almost all teenagers go through this phase, they get upset if they don't get what they like or when they are in a group, they try to portray themselves way beyond what they are ...say for example, among a group of high class friends, you may be shy that you are from far lower class but still you show off by telling all that you can are in equal line with your peers. You got me?

G: Sir, sorry to mean to say all teenagers behave in same way? Please don't mind me asking this. I am your student and trying to gain knowledge.

Dr R just laughs at Geet's plight. If not Ria and it was someone else, she would have got to know the reasons long time ago..but here, she is taking Ria's case so personally and that's not helping her at all.

Well Geet...I would love to give “YOU” as a best example.

Sir? ME?

YES! Where did you stand at the age of 19? Your focus and concentration was only on one thing..your studies and you have achieved it by all means and its still good going. I bet you had like minded friend circle who have been with you and always supported you.. And like that each and every teenager has an objective to achieve something but the level of success depends upon their friends circle, surroundings, positive attitude that they possess...and How strong /weak they are to face problems... And that could be the case with Ria. She might have lost her focus and got into this condition...

Geet is reminded of her closest buddies from school, Meera and Yash...and they were such a sweet hearts and its all their support from time to time that has greatly and positively contributed to her life.

G: Well I kind of agree with you. And at this juncture, I want to tell you something... even Ria until the time she came here, she was too naïve and she was a nerd...I mean she was overly simple in her appearance and she was wearing thick glasses...

Dr. R: Oh really?

G: Yes was about 6 months back or so she got her contact lenses and she completely transformed herself from tip to toe. Also, she was not a reserved person any more and she started moving out with her friends..

Dr. R: Well..did she say why did she get into such a sudden change?

G: Not really...but I was happy for her as at that point of time this transformation was giving her a feeling of positiveness..she was in a different world I can say. She would share each and every thing that's been going on in her life..But slowly slowly, she stopped telling me anything. I don't mind that..but I cant see her feeling so low about herself.

Dr. R: Hmm.. So this could be an outline for her current condition..quite possible as she might have got influenced by new set of friends here. She has got herself into peer pressures. I mean, she has started giving into her peer surroundings, trying to mould herself with what they are, what they like, dislike etc...and during this process she is also feeling low about herself for letting go of her true identity.

G: Well that could be so true. How could I miss on this angle? Its my mistake. I guess her new friend circle is the main reason to have polluted her mind. I shouldn't have left Ria on her own here or at least I should have safe guarded her to some extent.

Dr. R: Geet..My are already doing a lot for her. Don't blame yourself.

G: I said, she is just like my sister. Our families are too closely connected and they have sent Ria here as I am here. They have trusted me and I have neglected her.

Dr. R: See..firstly, you have not neglected her. If that was true then you wouldn't have approached me to help her out. Isn't it? And secondly, its nearly impossible for you to follow her like her shadow. Even if you manage to do, she will still manage to escape to her own world. That's Teenage...its so blindfolded and also it can blind the people who are in the surroundings. This phase is the most challenging one in a person's life. Hence it could be Ria's turn to face such challenges now.

G: I am little bit relieved that at least we are getting somewhere nearer to her problems.

Dr. R: Well..We have just got an outline that's it...but yes, we can take it from here. Huh... now, please don't mind me asking this...Is she in love with someone?

Geet is getting really restless now. What if someone has played with her feelings? But Ria had given her answer as NO and Geet trusts her.

G: Well..I doubt sir..she would have told me if she was in love.

Dr. R: Well...I really hope so. Please don't mind me telling this as in many of such cases that I have handled, it has been related to LOVE life. Moreover, it would have been hidden even from the closest people.

G: I really doubt in case of Ria as she would have told me about it. I would surely stick on to some kind of a peer pressure that has led to her current state of mind.

Mr. Robert is very sure that Ria might be involved with some guy. But Geet is not prepared to buy this as a reason. He just left it. Well..I have just shared my observations with you. Beyond this only Time can reveal the exact reasons. But don't rule out any possibility. Look at things from different angles. This I am not only suggesting as Ria is your close friend but also, look from a perspective of a Psycho consultant.

G: Sure Sir I will learn the best out of it from a consultant perspective..she sighs...Any ways, how soon she can come out of this state of mind.?

Dr R: It depends on what is her exact problem..and also on her ability and maturity level to handle such pressures. I really wish if I can meet her one more time..That could help He sighs and continues.. Anyway, dont worry my dear. I dont want you to take more pressure in your life. Stay optimistic. Maybe she will be all fine after this holiday period and spending quality time with her family and near and dear ones.

G: Even I look forward to this trip and as you have suggested, I should leave it with TIME now.

Dr R: Hmm..That's better. There was few seconds of silence and then he continued. I really appreciate your efforts and dedication in dealing with other's problems. But what about YOU Geet?

Geet understood his question. Mr. Robert knows everything about her life and the kind of hardships that she has been going thro. She just remains quite.

Dr R: This is what I am not convinced about. You care so much for others and when it comes to yourself, you show no reaction. And as I told you, showing no reaction can prove to be the worst disadvantage. He pauses and asks her straight...Are you still getting those nightmares?

Geet has tears welled in her eyes...even she had a hard and tough time during her very young age to an extent that she still gets those nightmares. Sir, I guess those nightmares are part of my life and it will not leave me that easily. In fact I am trying to get used to it than fighting it out. I am practising some mental and stress busting yoga and medications. Its really helping me. Also, I am concentrating more on my career and future plans based on that.

Dr. R: That's like my girl... I really wish Ria takes some inspiration from you. Now, I am sure you will excel in the exams that you are preparing and may all your hard works and hardships yield you good results. Please don't ever hesitate to ask me for any help in this regard.

G: You have always helped me. I can never thank you enough. You are one of the best and inspirational person I have ever met and I would thank god for that.

Dr. R: Anytime my dear..and I need only one thing in return. You must pass this exam.

G: I will give my best...I promise...and you know very well that I am equally determined to get thro.

Both bid good night to each other and cut of their calls. Geet and Ria have early dinner today. They had minimum talks relating to general stuffs. After knowing the possible reason for her condition, she is even more curious now but Dr. R advised not to talk much about anything that's relating to her state of mind as Ria might get alerted because of this..and hence Geet is tongue tied

At Rita's house..

Rita once again tries to seduce Eddie, the finance head of KE with her charms...but never expected the severe outcome and all what that follows when she requests for the second cheque.

a crash sound of a wine bottle being thrown to the ground..what did you say? ANOTHER CHEQUE? What happened to the first one? YOU SWALOWED IT?

Rita didn't expect such reaction from Eddie, . No..I mean..I lost it...

Eddie: Oh how cool haan? Do you even know how much I have risked to get you one single sheet of that cheque? I still got it for you as you mentioned you need some money that could improve your life style here and And all you are so cool after loosing it and asking for another one?

Rita smirks...oh really? You are talking as if you have never got yourself a blank cheque! I know how you got your new car and that too BUGATTI!

He pulls her hair roughly...

Rita: Ahh...Behave yourself YOU..

Eddie: That's what I am doing... I am behaving exactly how a man behaves when he loves someone and gets cheated by the same person.

Rita is not willing to give up..she taunts him back. HA...look who is talking about it!! YOU have no right to talk about my loyalty when you have been cheating the entity you are working wtih.....

Eddie: How dare you?

Rita: Haven't you been swindling money from KE recently?

Eddie initially gets tensed but then, he handles the situation pretty well.... Well, you know too much about me..he comes close to her and smirks...she moves back and he pulls her back..Dont you dare blackmailing me you stupid woman..mind will be digging your own grave by doing so!! he sets her free. Now, come to the point....what did you do with that blank cheque? Before that, speak out what's the actual reason for requesting that cheque? I bet you have another boyfriend and you want to have some gala time with him and of course you thought me to be your ATM?

He holds her hand more harshly. You better speak the truth now..otherwise, you prepare to face the worst side of me.

Rita: Ouch.. I gave it to Ajay...Ajay Khurana.

Eddie: Ajay Khurana? You mean MD's younger brother?

Rita: YES! He is the one whom I had given the cheque. He has been behind me for quite some time to help him out

Eddie: What? The heir of this huge Enterprises? He already has billions of Pounds in his kitty and he comes to you and requests a cheque? Why would he do so? Are you even talking any logic YOU LIAR?

She frees herself from his hold. I am not a Liar OK! You might have seen him in office this morning!

Eddie: Yes..I did. So what?

Rita: He was there to meet me as he lost that cheque and requesting a new one.

Eddie: Oh really? Now why he needs it? And by the way, even if he needs it, he would as well ask his grandmother or his elder brother.

Rita: He didn't specify any reason to me. But he told me that he is fully dependent on his brother for every single penny. And for time being, he needs a huge amount and he cannot ask this with his own brother.

Eddie: Oh really? Then why he is taking help from you specifically? What's going on between you both? He the way, is this the reason you agreed for the date last time? And you did a good job in seducing me and taking the cheque from me? Hah, I bet I would have never met a cheap woman like you.

Rita: Just stop it!

Eddie: This is just a beginning ...I have much more to tell stupid woman! Do you even think that I would just get you a blank cheque by overseeing the risks involved in it? You said you would need few thousands while taking it and I set 20000 Euros as a Upper limit just to be on the safe side as I had to safeguard myself before trusting you.

Rita was shocked hearing this as she knows..Ajay aims to withdraw Minimum 200K Euros

And proved your worth...Eddie smirks by holding her arms tightly...and if Ajay thinks he can withdraw millions with that cheque, then he is the biggest fool on this earth. Anyway, he has proved his level of intelligence by taking your help in this regard. He throws a bunch of Currency notes on her face...This is the money for the wine bottle that I threw it to the floor. I bet you can buy 10 wine bottles as cheap as this one AND as cheap as your service..

Rita: Mind your words Eddie. Remember you are in my home at the moment.

He smirks...oh well for a Pr******te it doesn't matter if she goes to her customer's place or her customer visits her place. And that's what suits you the most.

She hurriedly gets up from her bed and covers her n**e body with the night robe. JUST GET OUT otherwise, I will call the police.

Eddie: POLICE? Are they your customer too?

Rita is fuming within...GET THE HELL OUT OF HERE...

Eddie: I am going out you B***h... before I leave, let me warn you..

AND...Its your responsibility to produce that missing cheque otherwise, you are the one who will face the consequences.

Eddie, moves out of her home by banging her door harshly...

Rita holds her spinning head...all she has been doing this is to trap Maan. And that's why she had to help Ajay and that's why she had to trap Eddie whom she knew the right guy from the finance department... HUH What a mess I have made out of my life? I will not leave it here. I will get what I want...Maan, from the time I have known you, I decided you are mine and I will make you mine at any cost. AND THAT AJAY...AAARH...I wish I could kill you with my bare hands...I will see you when you meet me at my office next time.

Eddie moves to his car and takes his mobile to make an emergency call to

to the bank head for a stop payment of that cheque...but then, he don't know what reason to give. Even if he requests a stop payment and if someone comes with that cheque requesting a huge amount, the bank will have to directly inform MD about it. DAMN!


A note about what Eddie has been doing in order to understand the story behind that blank cheque -

Well, every month there are over hundreds of cheques issued by KE to an entity by name Max constructions as KE Deals with their various branches across the Europe. No one in KE is aware that Eddie is also a partner in his Dad's trading entity by name MAXI. Hence Eddie Got this criminal idea of enclosing one or two blank cheques and later fill in the MAXI's details and required Amount to be withdrawn.. making sure he encashes within the limits set between KC and the bank. All this got so easy for him as he is the finance as well as audit head and ofcourse he is very well aware of the limitations set for bank transactions and he makes sure he encashes within that limit. by filling apart for once in 3-4 months blank cheques from KE every now and then. This is how there were a couple of exchanges of blank cheques in last six months. Maan and Louis have never got any doubt about such offence happening in transactions between KE and MAX as they just have a glance of the financial transactions and reports. They dont go indepth into financial matters as they feel Eddie and team would take care of it. All went smoothly till the time Eddie came under trap of Rita and he ended up handing over a blank cheque to her. Apart from boss’s signature, all other details were left empty to be filled in. Oh ghosh! he has really done such a blunder and now that he has realised what kind of a woman this Rita is and her stupid act of handing over this blank cheque to Ajay can get him (Eddie) cought for all the crimes that he has done so far.


Eddie throws his mobile on the next seat out of frustration and thinking about what kind of a trouble he has got into and that too because of a woman. Till date he has played the card smartly. That was so very easy for him as it was all a fool proof planning. But now, he must make sure to get that cheque back as it may get him caught and if it happens, he will be sued for all the swindled cheques. Now all he could do is warn Rita and make sure to get that blank check back at any cost.

At Maan's villa…

Maan is in his Gym performing his usual exercises and all his thoughts are about Geet. he still wonders what made him talk all those weird things to Geet and on top of that he is not feeling guilty but he feels its his right to do so and then a serious thought crosses his mind...What am I thinking? What am I doing? I am really not able to connect ME to myself...and its all because of HER and from the time I have met her, I have changed completely. He gives a kick on the punch bag a couple of times and he is trying to find an answer..Why? Why he is welcoming these changes with an open heart? This is not ME! He now gets into his tai-chi session whilst lost in her thoughts that’s when his mobile rings....he checks it and takes a sigh as he was expecting this call..

a call from the iron lady herself. And this is the first time he is welcoming her confronting call where in he starts talking Calmly.

M: Hello Daadima..

His voice had so much of a gentle approach today and she feels very strange about it. She is seriously wondering what's the reason behind this sudden transformation?

...she knows her grandson loves and respects her a lot but he had his own way of showing it and many times he would be a fuming good listener or he would give irritated response...And she assumes that Maan is trying to impress her to calm her down by softening his tone. And this has been happening since the time she has called him when he was in restaurant assisting his vegetarian friend. Now what could be the actual reason OR what's going on? Daadi has her own way to find out..

D: Kya baat hain Maan? Aajkal Aap kuch jyadha hi narmi se pesh aa rahe hain? (What is it Maan? You are too soft and kind in your talks these days?)

Maan is still not showing any irritation to her taunting talk...he answers her straight..

M: Its because someone made me realise that I have only one Grandma and have to be polite and nice to she has only ME in this entire world whom she can talk to and pour out her sweet and bitter feelings..

Daadi skipped a heartbeat and was about to flatten on the floor level...but Daadi is Daadi and she cannot show that she is impressed..she still maintains her stern behaviour. By the way, who could be this person who has made Maan understand to value his relationship with his grandmother? And over and above all, Maan is taking that person's advises so seriously? Also Daadi thinks positively about the person without even knowing who is it as she has rarely come across any one who has valued elders this way and also has transformed her grandson's mindset. She gulps and tries to hold back her emotions to the maximum level and she continues.

D: MAAN..dont think that I will come into your sweet talks and forget all what we were suppose to discuss..

M: Now, when did I ever try to divert your attention? More than you, I have been waiting for your call..Daadi did expect he is MAAN, her own Grandson...but he picks up a topic which she has already sorted out...

I know by now Mr. Chopra would have complained to you. But what his partner has done?? his blood still boils thinking about that Rahul and he clenches his fist to control his anger...Daadi could sense it very clearly....she waits till Maan finishes...That Rahul!!! he being Chopra's close relative doesnt mean that he can misbehave with any female staff of KE or insult my close friend like this...I am least interested in their personal relationship or their personal life. All what happened and done by Rahul is totally not acceptable. Now that I am sure Mr Chopra would have decided to take this project back.

Daadi finally heard what she wanted to hear... A Close Friend? Is this that Girl Mr Chopra as well as Ajay were referring to? She clears her throat and maintains a strict composure and continues..

D: Wait !!! Do you think I am calling you so that I can waste my time and energy talking about that Rahul? She sighs frustratingly...That Rahul issue is like a sprinkle of salt for me. It didn't take much time to sort it out with chopras..In fact, I had expected much more out of you. You should have given him few more punches and damage his face to an extent that he never ever dares to look upon or look down upon any female in his entire life.

Maan didn't expect this reaction from Daadi about Rahul...but he knew his Daadi is a lioness in true sense who would bounce on any person who's action is totally unacceptable. Especially an outsider who dares to do such a crime and that too in KC work place. Seriously Daadi? This is the first time I am hearing you talk positive about what I did..WOW..

D: Now stop flying in the air without wings. I am upset with you as I expected you to share something else which is very important to me...which you have been conveniently hiding till now...

Maan really didn't understand...what? What am I hiding from you?

D: Well, I heard from Mr. Chopra that this fight was over a girl with whom you left after David's reception party. Mr. Chopra told me that the reason for all this mess is “That Girl”. Now, who is THAT GIRL?

Maan gets really wild now... Now, its Mr. Chopra's dare he tells you all this? I will beat him up so that he too can accompany his dear brother in law.

D: MAAN!! He just mentioned the reason to, calm down...AND By the way, what are you up to? I have been hearing about this girl from many other people. So you will hit each and everyone?

M: one has the right to..

Maan instantly stopped thinking what he has been blabbering...he closes his eyes, clenches his fist and hits hard on the wall nearby.

Daadi on other side could feel how frustrated he gets with mear discussion about that girl. Ruk kyon gaye? Boliye Maan.

Maan is really not able to get what to tell Daadi now....but no way he can tolerate anyone to take even Geet's the big question mark is WHY?? and he has no answer for this yet.

M: Well...that Rahul...he is really asking for more...he is talking all rubbish to Mr. Chopra, just to save himself by degrading some one's dignity.

D: Now, will you stop over reacting and answer me. Whose dignity you are talking about? That girl's?? Hah, she who tried to seduce you and you drove her out away from that reception venue?

M: Now, who told you that she seduced me?

D: see..she achieved by what she needs to by going on a date with a rich billionaire...

M: And do you think I can get seduced that easily?

D: Then what is it?

M: DAADI, you need not get attracted to a person's seductive move towards you....there can be various other aspects like their innocence, simplicity or even their very casual behavior.

D: you admit that you are attracted to her.

M: Well...something really drew me to her and I really don't know what it is? I don't know what to name it? But yes..we are in good terms so far.

D: By the way, you didn't tell me who is this lady with whom you went out for dinner with?

M: Well..Daadi, At least you need to understand me..I will never go behind a girl who will draw my attention in a seductive manner. Anyways, she is my friend and lets keep it simple.

D: Please don't mind me asking you this as far as I know you never had a close female friend...

M: I never had till date but that doesn't mean that I can never have one?

There was such a twist in his talks... Daadi has never been so silent during any of the talks and her silence is adding more stress on him.

M: Its very true Daadi...I met her on Saturday morning at a coffee shop in suburb of Paris ….and Incidentally I happen to meet her during the reception party on Sunday. She happens to be best friend of the bride.

Daadi sighs now...She is really surprised with the level of possessiveness that he holds for this lady now. It clearly shows that he is interested in her. But she must know more about that girl....what if she turns out to be a gold digger?

D: Maan.. what if she is trying to trap you knowing you are from a rich background.

M: Well...I have not disclosed anything about myself and my background or my status.

WHAT? Daadi is really not able to believe it.This is the first time a girl has befriended him sidelining his actual background.

M: YES...doesn't know anything beyond my first name and She thinks I am employed in this country and she never asked me anything more about myself.

Daadi kind of understood that this girl is different from the girls whom she herself have come across but still she wants to know more truth about what has been going on between Maan and that girl and hence Daadi tries to pull the words out of Maan.

D: can that be? She would have learnt the truth about you during the reception...and see..she dragged you out for dinner? Mujhe tho yeh ladki kuch jyada hi chaloo lagthi hain. (To me she seems to be way too cunning)

M: Please stop it Daadi...Even during the reception function, she was with Rabecca most of the time. Since we met the previous day, I had asked her if dinner can be had together in the reception. She refused to have dinner there and when I asked her the reason for her refusal, she told she is a vegetarian and over there in the reception, there was not even a single veggie item in the menu.

Daadi has a soft corner for vegetarians and that too this girl living in a foreign country like France. It must be very difficult to depend on vegetarian food on daily basis. She is curious to listen further.

M: So, its ME who forced her to dine out in a place where she can have something vegetarian. Also, I lied her about my own car that I had borrowed it from my friend. She was not atall prepared to come with me. I even shooed the taxi which she had booked in advance and then I had to take her into complete confidence before she took her seat in my car…

AND on the way to the dinner venue, her Grandmother calls her..and She happen to take good lessons on TIME and HEALTH Management. Ofcourse I had casually mentioned about how often my Grandmother call me and how you talk to me authoritatively. And she found all this so cute and made me understand that I am the one whom my Grandmother relies on as she doesnt have anyone else.

Maan had guessed it right...Daadi has very rarely come across girls who would love and respect their grandmas to this extent and talk positive about the relationship in spite of having such a huge generation gap.

He shares all the tiny miny details that showcased Geet’s behavior and how she stands out from other girls.

Daadi kind of liked this girl and got her first impressions right. This girl seems to respect elders and holds such cultural values..but still I must find out more from Maan and what exactly is going on in his mind.

D:, you like her?

M: Yes I do..

D: Then when are you getting her to meet us?

M: Meet? Why?

D: You said you like her...

Now, he really gets mad at his Daadi. Yes I do but nothing beyond that.

D: O really? Then why don't you check on the other girls profiles that I have been sharing with you?

There's something that went on to his mind and stops to accept what Daadi says...He is getting irritated with the very thought of viewing those girl's profiles and he almost shouts. NO..I dont want to..

D: Why?

M: I dont like any of them.

D: How can you say that without even viewing a single profile out of that lot.

M: Well I don't have an answer for this..but I didn't like any.

D: But I have the answer. You didn't like any of those profiles as you have started to like someone..


D: Do not unnecessarily deny just because you need to always argue and prove your point with your own Daadima.

M: No..its not that..But..

D: I know my Grandson...if he says he likes someone then he must be really interested in that person.

M: Well..I..

D: You know Maan, this is the first ever time you are thinking so much before talking? All I need to know is a Yes or a No. he knows that its a dead end with his Daadi and he is in such a fix that he can neither speak truth or lie Well..I need some time. Can I take it from you.

Now its quite clear for Daadi that Maan is very much interested in this girl but he is holding on for many reasons. Daadi couldn't help smiling...When ever Daadi would say, I am giving you some time, he would raise his voice saying “I have my own need not give me” and today, he is trying to buy time from her..

D: Well, its your time that you have it with you and I need not give it to you.

Now, Maan too couldn't help smiling and its been very long time both grandma and grandson are smiling together...and of course Daadi is convinced that its all because of the girl Maan is interested in but he is trying to keep it in wraps..

D: Be happy always like this beta...challo I will take your leave...and remember that I will be waiting to hear from you further on this.

M: Daadi... he tries to stop her.. he feels like talking to her for some more time but then he doesnt want her to feel weird... just wanted to tell you that..THANK YOU!

D: Thank you? For what?

M: For everything, for all what you have been doing as a mother, grandmother, mentor and super boss.

She has never ever heard him talking like this...forget thank you, he would always argue and make sure to say a NO for every damn thing...and today, he is all appreciating her.

D: Well...i have to have a multiple personality as I am grandmother of the Great Maan Singh Khurana.

And I would like to thank you too that in spite of all our differences, you have always been by my side and had been my all the time cribbing but obedient grand son.

Daadi had a giggle followed by tears of joy.. challo I will take your leave now. And before leaving I want to make certain things clear..

again Daadi had a tough tone and Maan is astonished with sudden change in her tone.

M: What happened Daadi?

G: Uff fo maan...Nothing serious. Now, what shall I do? after continuously talking to you for so many years, my tone has got tough toned like this.

Daadi has all smiles... well, if you like that girl and stopping yourself to propose her as you would want to put my preference into priority, then let me make myself very clear.. I am OK with that girl. Please go ahead.

Maan couldn't believe. His Daadima who doesn't take any decision before various analysis and verifications, has quickly taken such a decision...a decision which he is yet to confirm to himself.

M: Daadima, what are you saying?

D: You didn't understand buddhu, I am telling you to dont hold on to your self. Go ahead and propose her.

M: Dadima..I am yet to decide on this.

D: are not saying a NO...and that shows your interest in this girl.

M: But..

D: Dheko Maan..I am sure she is a very different person. In fact I am still not able to believe that she has changed your complete thinking about your grandmother.

It proves that she values relationships more than money. Aur tho aur, this is the first ever time we both will cut the call with happiness and peace where as till date, we would end the call with arguments and fights....and the credit definitely goes to this girl. My first impression about her is highly positive. I am sure yours...I mean our lives will be wonderful when she will walk into your life and be part of this family. So..dont delay further. Decide fast and tell me hmm...I will be eagerly waiting to know more about that girl.

Even though he hasn't taken any such decisions yet, and he is yet to know more and more about her. but he is truly happy to know about Daadi's opinion.

M: I will take some time Daadi.

Daadi is kind of getting impatient now but she doesnt want to show it to him. I can understand beta..Its quite normal that many confusions will over power you at this point of time...but you can fight it out when you make your decisions.

Maan is all lost in her words..yes he is confused as he is fighting to get answers.

D: Bye happy like this always.

M: Bye Daadi..and please take care of your health.

D: YES....I will take special care as I need it more at this point of time. See you very soon.

Bye!! He cuts the call with all positiveness...Even he too notices that its the very first time he had such amazing talks with Daadi and he never knew this side of hers...and yes he would thank Geet for that.

But the confusion still his interest in Geet is way beyond interest? He needs to find it out and he can do so only after interacting with her. Without any second thought he calls her right away but she doesn't answer..he calls her a couple of times until the time its switched off.

He is worried what could have happened? Is she ignoring my calls because of my behavior today? No..Not possible.. Let me go to her villa straight away…

He hits his forehead...are you crazy Maan? you want to visit her home at this hour? with your call to her this afternoon, you would have proved that you are a jerk .. now just imagine what will she further think about you when you invade her privacy at this hour?

DAMN What was I even thinking?..I have to wait until morning..I will meet her at her home straight away.


Meantime, keep thinking...why Geet didn't answer his call?..will Maan be able to meet her at her home? what next??

in upcoming parts...a very interesting-unexpected-unusual day smiley3 or say, DATE !!!smiley2

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Hi Laxmi, how are you and your family?

looking forward to the update

take care

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Thanks will be waiting for the update 

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