MG FF - HOW TO NAME IT? - UPDATED PART 11 & 12 PG 83 Dt. 23rd August. - Page 61

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UPDATING  Embarrassed

(Will take few hours...Please bare with me Embarrassed)

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Here goes the update...I understand your long wait and really really sorry. Wonder how these many months passed by between PT 6 & 7 Confused. Well...the good news is, I will be posting the next part (PART 8) in the post below...Buying little more time.

Please be informed that there wont be any maneet scenes in both the parts...but I have delivered my best. Please forgive any mistakes or errors. Embarrassed


Geet just remembered that she was supposed to call Maan...but decided not to call him as its already 12:30 AM...what will he think if I call him in such an odd time? Its OK...will call tomorrow.

On the other hand, Maan has been waiting for her call...he too checks the time and decides not to call her now. Also, he remembered she had a tiring day today...and decides to call her tomorrow.

Even though it was a hectic and tiring day full of events, Sleep was yet to touch the eyes for both.  Their hearts filled with all excitements with all happenings in the wedding and followed by Dinner..Wonder what to consider it? A dinner date? ...their dance at the wedding and the dance on the dinner floor has ignited a flame of new desires which has been still unknown to them..

Their restless minds forces to take their mobiles again to call each other but decided otherwise as time is ticking forcing them to welcome the next busy day of their lives.

Ajay & His friends @ Night Party:

A gang of 5 friends waiting for him...That includes 1)Vishal who is Ajay's very close and childhood friend. 2) Meghna, who is Ajay's Girl Friend.  3) Rajeev, who is Meghna's brother, and 4) Karan and 5) Tarun who are again Meghna's close friend.

Ajay and Meghna's gang are known to each other for over 4 years now...i.e right from the time they got enrolled into the same college for the graduation course. Just over a month ago, Meghna started to trap Ajay and She succeeded. Slowly and steadily, Meghna convinced Ajay to invest in her brother's (Rajeev)new business venture into a chain of night clubs. Ajay agreed and kept this project a secret from Maan and Daadi as this is the first time he is going to do something on his own and want to surprise them once his business takes a positive turn. But he is not at all matured enough to take wise decision and doesn't even have an idea about what all blunders he is going to create in the upcoming days due to this. He didn't even think twice and he managed to get a blank cheque signed by Maan with help of Rita, who is Maan's PA (Yet another major blunder which he did without even knowing the consequences that it will lead to) and he was going to submit to Meghna's gang today and that's why this gang has gathered.

Hey Ajay...why you took such a long time? Meghna is really frustrated on Ajay for being so late.

Phew...My brother is the one who was also trying to be my brother and Grandma at the same time. Huh..You see..he was asking too many questions. Finally I managed to escape from his questioning sessions.

Ajay to the bartender one chill beer please

We are here for Tequila shots and you are ordering a beer?

I just want to keep it simple. On your  (Meghna) birthday party, I literally got drunk with too many tequila shots and I was with a heavy head till next evening. My brother doesn't know that I had consumed this many tequila shots..oh ghosh, I would have had to listen to all lessons of life from him.

Meghna's bro interfares now. Dude...why is your brother so pecky about things? And you..why the hell do you need to take his permission for each and every stuff?

I have to..He is my elder brohter. I lost my parents at an age where I dont even know them and my brother and grandmother mean "everything for me.

Those friends don't seem to give a damn to these stupid sentiments...And what about we friends? all are important too...that's why I make a point to listen to all your demands.

Apart from Vishal, no body else tends to know these feelings. They simply shrug their shoulder and look at each other and decided to get into the main topic for which Ajay has been pulled in here. Meghna continues..

Ajay...what have you decided about your investment in a new night club? Why aren't you taking a decision? You said you love me but don't trust me?

Ajay hugs Meghna sideways...Oh yaar...I have my bro and Daadi who keep giving me emotional lessons. At least you people don't repeat their actions.  I am very much interested but my brother would never agree.

Meghna is really fuming now...Fir se Brother and Daadi?

Listen to me for once yaar...

Oh...stop it Ajay...Meghna turns away and her brother takes over the situation and he takes a lead in making him understand.

You need to take a call on this Ajay. You see..we have been to so many night clubs cum discotheques and you know how much its crowded and packed and you have seen the flow of money by make your investments and inform your bro at later stage. I bet he will be over joyed with the profits that you make in this business and he will be proud of you.

Yeah..I want to achieve something on my own and want my bro to be proud of me. See...that's how I got a cheque with my brother's signature.

OH REALLY? Meghna and the entire gang is jumping away with happiness. The only person who is out of this crowd is Vishal.

YES I did and as promised, I have the cheque with me.

Meghna was going mad on Ajay Again...Then why you didn't tell me first itself? Now lets not waste time. Will sign the deal before starting our celebration.

As per Ajay, he did kept it safe in his purse but when he takes his purse out and opens it, he didn't find that cheque. Initially, he takes his time and searches it patiently but soon he looses his patience and empties his entire purse in a serving tray near by but no luck.

His friends are curious to know what's happening.

Hey what happened?

Ajay is still scanning all what has been kept in his purse. But so far no luck.

Well..I dont know what happened. Believe me..I had kept it safe here in my purse.

What? What are you saying ? How can this ever happen? Maybe someone stole it?

No way Meghs..Only I knew about cheque and Its nearly impossible for anyone to have stolen it and at the same time, I am damn sure that it was not misplaced. Then?? Then?

Meghna has completely lost it. She turns away and walks towards the exit and Ajay stops her.

Please Meghs, I had got the cheque with me...I really wonder what happened.

How careless you are!! Huh... My mood is off to continue with this party. Do buzz me once you find the cheque or arrange the amount.

Meghna, her brother and 2 other friends leave from there leaving Ajay and Vishal behind.

MEGHS...Ajay shouts out but Meghna and Gang didn't give any heed and they exited from the club. Ajay sits down in the bar area and bangs his hand on the bar desk.

Vishal has been silent listener of convo between Ajay and rest all friends. But Vishal is very different...he is Ajay's closest friend right from their childhood days. Vishal had some doubt regarding the missing cheque and he sits right next to Ajay and talks to him

Yaar...Where is the cheque?

I dont know yaar. I am dead sure, I had kept it in my purse 2 days back.

Vishal and Ajay are lost in deep thoughts and something strikes Vishal.

Yaar Ajay...Yesterday at Meghna's Birthday Party late in the evening, someone had met up with you.


Haan yaar,

One thing Ajay does remember is he had too many shots of tequila and got boozed up. He jogs his memory further but nothing coming up to his mind...


You were talking to one young girl. That's all I could recollect.

What? Are you sure?

Yes, I just had about 3 shots but I was in full senses...It so happened that you disappeared from that party crowd all of a sudden and I happen to search for you and when I reached the party hall balcony, I could see you talking to some girl and If I remember right, you took your purse out and kept it back...Now, my doubt is if you gave this cheque to that girl?

Ajay is really getting disturbed now...whom did he meet that day and what made him give that cheque to her?

Vishal, please help me further on this. Did you see that girl? Is she one among our common friends?

I couldn't get a clear view of that girl.

Ajay gives a very serious thought about it..and out of his wildest guesses, he zeros down on one girl... "Was it Ria by any chance? NO...NO WAY!

The last that he met Ria was about 2 weeks ago and on that day he had literally shouted at her..and didn't get to see her since then..but he is still not out of her thoughts..

NO NO AJAY..its not Ria IMPOSSIBLE thinking about that stupid girl...anyways...Meghna is the right girl for you by all means..

Vishal pats on Ajay's shoulder...

What happened? Where are you lost now?

Just thinking who it could be?

Now, stop thinking about all need to worry about that blank cheque. By the way, what is the secret behind this cheque? Did your brother give it to you?



Its my bro's secretary Rita who got this cheque for me...she is madly in love with my bro and you know bro, he doesn't even acknowledge her presence. I just assured to help Rita in this see I am just taking some advantage to benefit me.

Vishal is no way convinced with what Ajay is telling..

My dear are inviting all troubles for yourself. Firstly, playing around with Blank cheques like this is highly riskly and moreover, getting it signed like this is illegal. If your brother comes to know then he will even hold an upper hand in sending you to jail. On the contrary, I am sure if you take Maan bhai's help, he would happily agree...but you are unnecessarily taking trouble just for the sake of your so called lady love.

STOP IT VISHAL.. You are my closest among my friends and that doesn't mean you can talk and advise whatever you want. And by the way, being my friend, have you ever encouraged me to do a should appreciate Meghna's efforts.

Ajay had enough of this Vishal...He just concentrates in consuming his beer now. Even though Vishal is his best friend, his over advising  and matured behavior is the one that forces Ajay to keep himself away from him.

Vishal smiles sadly. He could notice that Ajay has completely changed from the time he has got into the wrong company. But Vishal still takes a lead in advising him and continues.

let me tell you something...I know that Meghna and her gang have become more important to you. But I do not trust them at all. All of them claim that they are from rich families..then why they do not ask money from their family too? They expect only your contribution and you will be just one of the partners...WAH!!!. It looks too fishy for me. Infact, this entire project sounds too fishy for me.

Vishal, what are you coming to say?

See...this night club and discotheques   do mint money. But it comes with a hardship tagged by RISK.

My friend, name one business which doesn't have risk?

I agree with you Ajay. But running a night club means you are in constant police surveillance. And one wrong move and you are pushed into jail. Remember one thing. Jail here is not like in India where someone can bail you out immediately.

Secondly, today , you were about to make an investment into this and the cheque going missing indicates a sign that God doesnt want you to take this project.

Look..I give a damn to such sentiments. Meghna wants this and also she made me realise my objective and I must prove to my brother and my grandmother that I am capable of doing something on my own.

Vishal too has a great respect for Maan as he knows Khurana family since childhood. And He knows very well all what's happening between Ajay and his bro.

Listen Ajay...your Bro is not an ordinary person. He is handling such a big business empire  and today KE is in Number one position and that too in France as well as India. Its such a challenge in itself. Please don't get into something that will strain your relationship with him and your grandma OR you end up doing something that will put into shame.

See...I appreciate his and my grandma's hard work. Over a period of time, I will return back his money thro the profits that I will make

Then why dont you tell this to your bro about your project and mention that you will share the profit in future? I am sure he will stand by you. You are trying to take this huge amount from his official account anyways.

He will never ever agree to invest in club house.

He is right at his place my friend.

See...only thing I know is to prove my abilities and that too taking up a business which is completely different than what my family does.

Vishal gives up on arguing. Challo then, what will you do now? You lost the cheque.

That's not atall a problem. I have Bro's PA, Rita who can get the blank cheque for me again.

Both leave from the night club together and Ajay plans it out for his agenda for the next day.


At Geet's Home:

Its a fresh morning but Geet isn't fresh enough due to disturbed sleep. Her alaram rings at 5 AM. It has always been her practice to instantly get up once the alaram rings. But today, she switches it off and lays back to her bed lazily as the previous day's incidents  flashes behind her closed eyes. She somehow pulls herself to wake up as per her set schedule and spend some quality time preparing for her exams. But again, she is all lost in the previous days events and she is not atall able to concentrate in exam preparations. She is a person who is fresh in the morning and prefers to do her studies during early morning hours but today, everything stands upside down.. and at one point she closes her eyes and bangs her hand on her study table.

GEET.. You must get thro these exams at any cost. Now stop thinking about someone whom you met just day before and incidentally, you happened to meet him at Rabecca's wedding and all what followed was just a friendly gesture from both your side...nothing else. You have certain priorities which you need to hold on to top at the moment. HENCE PLEASE CONCENTRATE.

Its a must for her preparing for her exams which is just round the corner and that's the highest of priority and she is forced to pack all the distractions that will come on her way and to that matter, even Maan's thoughts...

Apart from her exam preparation, her other morning routines is to water the plants that's growing in the patio of the villa and then go in for a 30 minute brisk walk that really helps her to stay fit physically and mentally for the entire day.

And when the time nears to leave for her clinic, she freshens up and she is once again fighting hard with her mind to get out of the memories of the previous day that she spent with Maan. The fight is still on without any results. Finally, she decides to call him as she had to abruptly cut down her conversation with Maan when Meera called her. And ofcourse this is one of the reasons or say excuses that her mind builds up to give him a call and she is still not aware of it herself.

I have to call him..she takes her phone... and her hand shivers and her heart beats faster. Wonder why this is happening to her? She again tries and then holds he think that I requested his mobile number for genuine reason and now taking advantage? NO..let him call me or atleast message me..and then I will take a call on this.

She shrugs off all her confusions aside and concentrates in setting the  breakfast in the dining area. Being beginning of new day just after Rabecca's wedding, she is missing Rabecca even more and more now... It used to be such a fun filled atmosphere @ the dining table especially during mornings when our mind is fresh. And how she and Rabecca would arrange so many things over the dining table. MM...those mouth watering cakes and muffins which Rabecca used to make..hmm yum! Geet takes a long sigh making her mind understand that those good old days with Rabecca is just added to her sweetest of memories and it will never come back.

She sighs and calls out for Ria..

RIA...Pls come down, breakfast is ready.

She looks up the stairs and Ria walks down slowly...Geet recalls how Ria would just rush down the stairs with her college bag hanging on her shoulder and few books and files in her hand...and she would throw them in one corner and shall scan the dining table with all curiosity and excitement "Aaha...breakfast pe kya bana hain?

Geet sighs sadly thinking about those good old days...and she simply looks at Ria till she walks down the stairs and slowly makes her way to the dining area where Geet is already waiting for her. Ria is still holding on to her bag and if she is prepared to leave home right away.

Geet rushes to her and hugs her...

Good Morning bacha..and gives her a soft kiss on her forehead.

Ria just holds on to Geet for a sec...Good Morning Di..

Challo...lets have breakfast...

Di..woh..its getting late for my classes...Can I pack it and take with me? I will have it during the break time.

Geet sighs...Ria..I know you still have time. So, please..sit down and have your breakfast calmly..Also I need to talk to you.


PLEASE..She insists.

Ria sits down quietly and Geet sits just next to her..Geet is really feeling sad for Ria.. wondering what's upto her but today, she has decided to have a talk with her.

Geet Arranges Ria's plate...and she opens up the breakfast items set on the table.

See...I have made all your favourates..Cheese sandwich, poha juice...Geet serves whilst talking ...I know that Aloo Paratha is your hot favourite. Will make it tomorrow morning hmm?

All Ria replies is a Hmm.

Geet holds Ria's hand and continues..

Ria..we know each other since our childhood na?

Ria nods for a Yes.

Then please tell me what's been bothering you? are mistaken, see.. I am all fine ...see.. she fakes a smile and concentrates in munching her breakfast...

Geet nods her head as she is unable to understand how to make Ria open up.

Di..The sandwitches are so yum and spicy..

Geet is really confused with what Ria is talking...the sandwiches had only cheese with NO Spice element.

I mean, the Poha is perfect blend of spice...

Geet literally hits her own Ria is yet to taste the Poha and she is praising it without even eating it.

She cutely looks up at her god and ask for her answers what shall I do with this girl? Now her taste bud is also at stake?

Ria finishes with the breakfast in hurry and she is sipping the orange juice when Geet holds her hand.

Hey Listen, Ek kaam Karthe hain (Lets do one task)

Ji Di..

See...I am really missing Rabecca.. and now this villa has "Do bhatakthi aatmaayen ( 2 lost souls) that's you and me.. Geet tells this making a cute baby face.

Ria smiles at Geet's cribbing which she always loves it..and Geet is also happy to see this smile on Ria's face and wants to capitalize it to the maximum.

Why not we go out this evening? I mean, we will stroll around have a walk, talk, and of course will have some we used to do way back in India?

Ria gets into serious thought about what to answer. Geet holds on Ria's shoulder ...I am really sorry Ria, Oflate, I couldn't spend much time with you. You see how busy I have been and I don't even know how the last 10 days passed by as I was arranging for Rabecca's wedding.

Now Ria holds back to Geet's hand...Ria knows very well that its not Geet but she herself is the one who has not been spending quality time with Geet and Rabecca but she simply couldn't help it.

Di..Please, don't ever mention that. To me, my Geet Di can never be wrong...

Ria sighs and continues...Even I miss Rabecca Di...Since yesterday evening, I have been really feeling small that I couldn't attend her wedding and my last moments with her. She pauses for a sec and continues. You are right Di..Lets go out this evening.

Yeah...that's like my good see, instead of we coming back home and fresh up and then leave, it will get too late. How about you come to my clinic in the evening and will go out from there? what say?

Yeah Di...Very Good Idea.

Haan...we also get to enjoy the walk during evening down time


So, See you in the evening Di..say around 4 30 PM at your clinic. have to wait for me for sometime if required.

Geet is happy that all she is planning for the day is working out.


At Maan's Villa:

He lazily gets up from his disturbed sleep. Today, is the first ever time he feels like not to go to office as he is still lost in the sweet thoughts of the previous day's happenings. But alas...he has to as lot of tasks might have piled up as he didn't make it to office on Saturday and moreover, its Monday and  its very beginning of the new week. But he is really getting restless and started missing her already...their telephonic conversation was interrupted yesterday and he is getting desperate to talk to her...he wants to talk with her NOW but how?

He takes the mobile in his hand and then holds back...thinking what to talk or what will she think? Really wondering why he is thinking so much...

He drags himself to have a quick shower and gets ready and moves to the dining area where the servant asks for his choice of breakfast...

Sir..what would you like to have today?

He recalls the previous night's exchange of words... "Im a if Geet is still sitting with him in the chair next to him and voicing it out...and he smiles and all lost in the previous day's happenings.. He got this wonderful idea to take her out for dinner mainly because of her being a veggie, otherwise, that long drive and dinner wouldn't have happened at all. Oh My, Why am I thinking so much?

The servant is still waiting for his answer and he is put into a great confusion seeing his boss all lost. SIIR?

Hun? Maan snaps out of his thoughts and gives a sudden glare to that servant almost scaring him

Pardon me sir...I was asking what would you like to have for BF?

Cheese sandwich

That servant is again confused as he is used to regular order for a chicken or turkey sandwich.. or something meatish and he is all wondering and not sure of what he heard from his boss now...

Sirr..please repeat your order...

CHEESE SANDWICH.. did you hear that now? And haan any fruit juice will do.

Sure sir..

That Servant is again seeing a different side of his boss...still he arranges for the breakfast based on his boss's demand.

While munching breakfast, he enquires about Ajay. Maan is quite sure that Ajay would haven't returned back home yet.

Yes sir...he came back home at 3:00 and he woke up early today. He had his breakfast sometime back and left from home.


Maan is simply not able to believe..his brother came back form his night party and on top of that he woke up early and already left from home?  Its nothing less than a miracle to him..or he must be day dreaming. But where did he go early in the morning?

He takes his mobile to call out for Ajay and then thought back not to do so. May be Ajay and his friends would have planned something for the morning too... Maan prefers not to interfere unnecessarily.

He is about to keep his mobile back and then he again remembers Geet.

Let me send her a message first...and see how she responds...and then call her accordingly.



I think this should help.

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He is about to keep his mobile back and then he again remembers Geet.

Let me send her a message first...and see how she responds...and then call her accordingly.



I think this should help.

At Khurana Enterprises (KE) office in Paris:

There's a heated argument between Ajay and Rita who is personal secretary to Maan.

Hey are you?

I'm fine sir...

I already told you last formalities between us ...You can call me Ajay hmm??

Ajay tries to win Rita again with his charms...but Rita responds giving in a weak smile and continues.

So, why did you ask me to come to office early today? What else do you want from me? see I needed a favour from you.

Rita is already stressed with the previous favour that she has done to Ajay. It was just few days back when Ajay promised her that he will make his bro (Maan) fall head over heals for her and to began with, Ajay convinced Rita to get him a  blank cheque signed by her boss, his bro. Rita got blind with excitement and to get the things done right, she wooed and spent a night with the "finance in charge" and he managed to get a blank cheque from Maan and gave it to Rita and she handed it over to Ajay..Hoping on hope that Ajay would help her in wooing her boss...and coming to present, Rita is mad Angry on Ajay as how conveniently he took advantage of her weak point and promised her that he will help her in winning her boss (Maan) but so far  nothing has been done from his side and he is here to ask for one more favor. ..

What more favor you want?

I need another blank cheque.

She slams on her table and stands up...Ajay SIR.. She grits her teeth controlling all her frustration...Do you even realise what all challenges I went thro to get you that cheque? I am not in a position to help you again...please leave from here...

Hey..Hey Rita, Cool know what all hardwork I am doing to see you as my Sister-In-Law and I am so eager to call you "RITA BHABHI"... Wink

Its not that easy to convince Rita...but Ajay has learnt her weak point and nailing it perfectly. She seriously thinks that if the word "Bhabi from Ajay's is so inviting...then wondering how exciting it would be when the entire world will address her  Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana?

Ajay ST : YOU and my SIL? I know my bro well, he doesn't fall trap that easily for girls...and when it comes to you, he would never ever consider even looking at you even if you were the last woman available in this planet earth. Ermm

Rita tries to calm down as she wants to become Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana at any cost. But at the same time, she cannot take more risks especially with regard to the cheque..

May I know what happened to the previous cheque?

Well..Well...It got lost somewhere..

What? Ajay, do you even realize what you are talking?

Cool can put a stop payment on that cheque and issue a new one

C'mon Ajay..Please grow up..To put a stop payment on that cheque, The bank will request for Boss's permission and do you even know the consequences if atall boss comes to know about it? Even if he doesn't come to know now, he will know during the year end audit.

Rita, Please. Do this one favour for me. I know you can do it and manipulate things to your convenience.

I am sorry Sir..I cannot help you anymore ..

Suddenly Rita stopped her talk and stood like a statue with open mouth and her blinking eyes glued in one direction that's entrance of the KE office.

Ajay is wondering what's upto Rita and he follows the direction of Rita's vision and he was almost about to fall seeing his Elder brother walking in with his typical MSK Attitude but today, the cherry on the topping is he has a smile adorned his face. The entire office stands at ease and wish him one by one. The girls leave no chance to make a group and drool over him and every morning, the hot discussion would be about his looks and attire for the day and today, his smile is almost killing them ...Where as the guys stand in attentive manner as if they are soldiers standing in some war field. And surprisingly, he seems to be in a happy mood and he is accepting their morning wishes with a smile.

Rita rushes out of her glass cabin and she wishes him a drooling Good Morning

GOOD MORNING SIR...HOW ARE YOU? Day DreamingShe sounds as if she in some dreamland and with all smiles. But Maan address her only with regard to the secretarial duties that she takes care of and nothing more than that.

Louis, who is complete operations in charge is the actual right hand of Maan.  Happens to make his presence simultaneously.

Good Morning Sir

Hmm..Good Morning Louis.

He looks at the staff around and yells at them. Everybody, take your position at your respective cabins.

Everyone move back to their cabins where as Rita still stands next to him. Hoping on hope that her boss will look at her at least once...But all he understands is his secretary is still standing next to him inspite of him ordering to take the respective positions and he almost shouts at her.

RITA, what are you waiting here for? Get back to your desk.

Rita's face became so small. She had dressed wearing a revealing official dress to specially impress her boss and he didn't even look at her. Moreover, the entire staff is giggling at her plight. She just tries to cover it up to save her so called self respect.

Sir..I am just waiting here to know what is my task for the day..

Well... I am busy for the day and make sure you take the calls and visit my cabin only when I call you or you have any important thing to discuss..IS IT CLEAR?

Rita nods a YES. While Maan walks into his cabin and Louis follows him so that they can discuss important agendas for the day. One person whom Rita envy the most in office is this Louis...Even though its work related, he is the lucky one who gets to spend maximum time with the boss and he is considered most honest and reliable staff of KE.

At Maan's cabin

It had been an extended weekend for Maan and hence Louis had a lot to discuss. Louis notices his boss to be bit lost today and curious to find out if anything bothering him?



Is everything ok? You look tired.

Hmm..I'm fine ...well..Mr. Chopra will be here any moment. So, please keep the necessary files and blue prints ready.

Sure. Anything else you need to discuss Sir?

That's it Louis...You please carry on and start working on all we have discussed now.

Once Louis leaves, Maan checks his mobile if there's any reply from Geet on the message he sent her..but till now, there's not even a "read" confirmation.

Back to Rita's cabin...

Ajay was hiding and watching all what's going on and he too couldn't control his giggle and just then, Rita gets back to her cabin and glares at him and Ajay immediately composes himself and tries to take a lead again to take advantage of Rita's situation.

Well..Rita...its not as easy as it seems and you know that. Hence please give me sometime. This time, its not bro..I will talk to Daadima.


Yes...Mine and Bro's Daadima...i.e, Savithri Devi.

Rita is all excited now. She knows very well that Maan will never say a NO if Savithriji recommends. Now again believing in what Ajay is telling her and she tries to act goodie once again in front of Ajay. nice of you Ajay...Well..I am really sorry for my rude behavior sometime back. I again need one or two days time to revert back to you.

Meantime, there's a call from the receptionist that Mr. Rahul from "Chopra and Sons is here to meet Maan. Rita checks with Maan via intercom and grants permission for Rahul to get into Maan's cabin. And once done with this task, Rita continues her talk with Ajay and in a very calm manner but she is really burning within with a desire to Make Maan all hers and she is prepared to go to any extent for that matter.

OK Ajay...You carry on and I will update you on what can be done further.

Hmm...Ok...I can wait for maximum for a day or two. Challo then...I have to meet bro now.

Oh have to wait as someone is already there to meet him.

C'mon Rita, I can meet him any time.  I had promised bro that I will visit office today in the early morning hours. He must be waiting for me.

Ajay, Its not cant get into his cabin like this.

I am his younger brother and have equal rights here in this office. you have no authority to stop me...did you get that?

Ajay leaves from her cabin and Rita is again fuming within with Ajay's rudeness. But still, she is forced to remain calm.

Rita ST... "Mr. Ajay Khurana, let me get a strong hold on your bro...then you will know who this Rita is"Evil Smile

Ajay walks towards his bro's cabin and about to open the door but he could hear the convo between his bro and Rahul and instantly stops giving in a ear to what they happen to talk... It all started off with business and then with a sudden personal turn.

At Maan's cabin..

Mr. Chopra of CS (Chopra & Sons) was suppose to attend the meeting in the morning with KE. Since their project is focusing on Indian Investors, Even the India branch is also involving into this project. Once this meeting is done, Maan is supposed share the minutes of meeting with Aaditya, who is Operations Manager of India Operations and he will in turn discuss this with Ms. Savithridevi, (Maan's Daadima). Maan is wondering why Mr. Chopra sent his Partner Rahul over here. Rahul is No. 1 Casenova and Maan doesn't have a good opinion about him ..

Maan is still wondering how come Mr. Rahul is still here in spite of warning Mr. Chopra during the last meeting between KE and CS as Rahul was openly flirting with the Female staff here. Still today, Maan preferred to stay calm and ensure smooth going of the meeting.

Maan calls Louis via intercom and to bring in the necessary documents .

Hey Maan..what's up?

Hmm...Well..I was expecting Mr. Chopra to be here.

Well...he isn't keeping well and he requested to attend this see..even I don't know much about this project what you and Chopra are handling. He has been keeping me away from all KE projects from the time we happen to visit your office last time.

Hmm.. no issues..I can give you a brief explanations...Maan takes out one of the blue prints of the project and shows is the project plan for the villas colony at Marseille (Name of City). To remind you, Chopra is considering to attract Indian investors for this project.

Maan notices that Rahul is not concentrating.

MR. Rahul, are you following what I am explaining.

Arre yaar Maan...

Well, we have gathered for an official and crucial meeting. So, I would appreciate if you could address me "Maan" instead of Yaar and friend and also, come to the point what you want to discuss..

Rahul doesn't take his words seriously...

OK..MAAN...This project I have never handled you just give me the blue prints. I will hand it over to Chopra., you are here to just do the postman job...isit?

Hey...that was a good joke... and he smiles sarcastically.

Maan is really not liking this Guy...time and again he needs to warn Mr. Chopra that he needs to look out for a partner who is serious about business.

Well..what to do? I had to come here for the sake of my partner...but still I am glad that I could meet you today as I needed to check with you on something.

Yes..Please go ahead. Maan is still being patient for the sake of Mr. Chopra.

You see...Yesterday, I happen to see you at David's wedding reception but I got there very late and couldn't talk to you personally.

Maan was scanning some file and he stopped then and there wondering how come he missed to see Rahul yesterday...ofcourse he must be busy taking full lead in flirting with the ladies who walked in for the reception.

Must admit,  I got to see the different shade of you yesterday...

Again, come to the point Mr. Rahul.

Well.. well, I am very curious to know who is that girl?

Maan didn't even think for a second that he is referring to Geet...he thought Rahul must be referring to some other lady who was present there may be he wants some lead with regard to business..


That gorgeous girl in white both were leading the dance floor and then you drove away from there taking her along with you...

Rahul winks at Maan now...and Maan could feel his own body fuming listening to someone enquiring about Geet and that too in a lustful manner... he clinches his fist to the maximum level in order to boost his self control..and what he listens further makes him completely insane...

Oh...must say she was looking HOT Man! was it spending a night with her?

Maan gets up from his chair and makes a slow move towards Rahul's seat.

If you don't mind, can I have her contact number? I want to...


The next minute, Rahul was on the floor with a bleeding nose. Maan was not satisfied with this short punch he once again hold Rahul's collar and gave him few more.

Ajay who was silently listening to the conversation, couldn't really comprehend what Rahul was talking about...Bro and some Lady and Bro took her for a drive?

Ajay and Louis walk in at the same time and try their level best to hold Maan and control him. But Maan didn't even notice who is trying to control him. His vision is all stuck on Rahul  and he is still holding on to Rahul's shirt collar. and today Maan is determined to kill him with his bare hands...

How dare you talk about her !!

You have insulted me today and that too for that RANDOM GIRL? 

Two more punches followed on Rahul's face Louis and Ajay managed to hold Maan with great difficulty..

She is Not any RANDOM GIRL You...Ba****d...


Maan stopped abruptly as he hears Ajay's voice. He slowly turns back to see that the two people who were controlling him happen to be Louis and Ajay.. And Maan had a real shock of his life seeing Ajay in KE Office.

Louis immediately calls for security guards to escort Rahul to be taken out of office.

Maan loosens his tie. It will take a while for him to settle the fumes that was ignited by this Rahul...Louis helps him with a glass of water and he gulps it down in one go and tries to calm down and also compose himself as Ajay is here.

Louis, please take back all these documents of chopras...

Sure Sir...but I am supposed to mail the minutes of meeting to Aadi as Savithriji is waiting to know how the meeting went.

Just hold for time being...

Louis leaves from there taking back all the documents that he had got for the meeting leaving both brothers alone to have a private talk.

Ajay is terrified with his brother's avtar...more than his bro's anger part, he is surprised to learn that his Bro was out with a girl yesterday night...Incidentally, Ajay remembers some weird changes in his bro's behavior previous night when he got to meet his bro in the Gym.. and just lost in some thoughts..when Maan calls out for him...



Maan comes to him and gives him a side hug...

Sorry...You are here and I didn't even know about it. And all this happened. You could have come to office along with me.

I wanted to give you a surprise...but I never realized that its actually me who is IN for a surprise here.. Confused

He notices his bro is restless as if he has been caught. I am once again sorry.

No problem bro...Sometimes things go out of our control. So, no worries at all., What bought you here?

You remember our conversation yesterday? I promised you that I will be here in office..I mean, OUR Office and I will get to start understanding our business operations.

Maan is just staring back at him..he is really lost with the happenings around him. On the other side, Ajay could sence that his bro is physically present here but mentally else where..

BRO...Are you there?

Hun...Hmm... Seeing some positiveness in Ajay with regard to the business management, He composes himself again so that he can encourage Ajay further.

Good Ajay...I am really feeling proud that you kept your words and my pride.But when you have made it here, there should be no looking back.

Ajay just gave him a weak smile. He is least interested to get into this KE business he feels its so boring...all what got him here is that missing cheque and he had to meet Rita regarding this. But how the hell he can voice this out to Maan?

Also, initially, I will not force you to come here daily or stay here full can move in here slowly and gradually

Oh..Thank You Bro...

What thank you? We both are equally responsible for this business and Neither of us are doing any favour for each other...Am I right? And I expect that soon at one point, you need to take up a full time commitment and involvement.

Ajay nods for a Yes again with his weakest smile.

Now, Visiting office is just your first step and you have a way long to go...Louis will take you for an office tour to each and every department and how it works..

Oh...sure...I will... Ajay was abruptly stopped by Maan now. next two weeks, I need a report on your understanding and your point of view with regard to KE, your personal suggestions and inputs.

Ajay ST...LO GAYI BHENS PAANI MEIN...D'oh (It's a Hindi proverb...which Goes like "what every you planned has been washed away)LOL

But why bro?

Ajay, I have given you enough time. Now, you need to do what I say and no arguments about it...I can give you max 3 weeks time. I need Your Report and Views... IS IT CLEAR??

Haan Haan...Bro..I will submit my you said, within 3 weeks.

Hmm.. You can leave to Louis cabin now.  Its right next to the reception.

Maan gets busy scanning some important file now.

Well..Bro before leaving I want to know something...


What was that Rahul saying? He was mentioning about some girl...

Ajay, personal talks can be done at home. He talks spontaneously without even thinking twice and still pretending to scan the file., ITS PERSONAL BRO? That means?Wink

Ajay looks at him knotting his brows with a smile filled with naughtiness. ... And Maan gives one of the deadliest looks to  Ajay...

OK..OK..ChilI am leaving to Louis's cabin...and he rushes out without looking back at Maan.

Maan just slams his file on the table. Its not atall a smooth going day for him. Now, he needs to give explanation to Ajay and Daadi as well. Now, what will he tell them?

By now, its clear for Ajay that his bro is serious about this girl ...he is very curious to know more from his bro ...unable to wait till evening...

At Geet's Clinic:

Again Geet and Janet exchange a warm and welcoming hug...

Hey are you today?

Hmm..great.. and you? do I look?

Janet turns around and poses by standing still...And Geet just smiles at her liveliness.

Oh my cutie Pie is looking pretty as always..Geet Pulls chubby cheeks of Janet.

Ouch...Janet continues her talks by rubbing her cheeks. , what's up? How was Rabecca's wedding?

Geet is again lost in her dreamy world of all what happened the previous day.

Hmm..the wedding event turned out to be so much fun filled.

Oh really?

Yeah.. being Sunday, there were lot of crowd gathered.

Just then, Janet gets a call on her intercom... Yes Sir...Sure Sir.. and she cuts the call.

Hey Geet...Mr. Robert is here. He wants to meet you at his cabin..

Oh yes...I was suppose to meet him once he is here in office. Its important meeting so, please take my calls and messages...

Sure dear...

It's a common thing for her to hand over her mobile to Janet. This is her official mobile contact and has to be attentive in taking the calls and reading the messages. But today, while Geet was about to hand over her mobile to Janet, she suddenly stops. "Oh god..what if Maan calls me?

Janet is just looking at Geet...wondering why she is holding back her mobile..

Hey...what happened?

Geet is controlling her restlessness to the maximum level...Hmm...Nothing

Geet ST Geet...I doubt if he will call you. Now, forget all what happened and don't act like a headless creature in front of Janet

Janet rests her hand on Geet's shoulder... Is everything fine with you?

Geet nods for a YES.

Janet takes the mobile that Geet was holding...Now, Don't worry...I will take care. You carry on. Once you are done, we shall have coffee together. Hmm??


Geet moves to meet Mr. Robert and within 5 mins there's a Ping on and Janet opens and reads it out..



And This message is from...MAN... (Being a French girl, she still pronounces his name as "Man")LOL

M-A-A-N??  She is initially confused as the name sounds too familiar and  then she recalls. ..

Is this the same guy whom Geet bumped accidentally on Saturday...Hmmm YES ...HE IS...THE ONE Wink, they have probably met this weekend...and... this time managed to exchange contacts.

Oh baby doll... Janet has a Naughty smile and she is all set to welcome Geet Teasingly..Tongue

Geet finishes with her meeting with Mr. Robert and when she is out, she finds Janet in a calm posture and busy with her usual front office routines...

Hey Geet... how was the meeting?

Yeah...we discussed few important things...Also, I needed some guidance from him as my exams are nearing., howz it going with your preparations?

Its going good..but bit nervous you see...its just 3 more days to go. 

Don't worry...Mr, Robert and Senior staffs are here to guide you and ofcourse...THE GREAT JANET is always there to help...

Oh yes...Geet Again pulls her cheeks...

Ouch...come lets have a hot cup of coffee..

She checks her watch...I have to have it in my cabin only...See..I have lot of work and some key appointments...

You can spare 10 lets go.


At cafeteria, Janet hands over Geet's mobile back to her.

Any calls?


Geet looks up and thanks God that she is safe from Janet...but somewhere she feels low that he hasn't called her... She wants to call him as she left the conversation in half way yesterday. Wondering what to do.  Hope he is not upset with me.

Janet observes each and every reaction of Geet and smiles within before continuing.

But..there was a message...

What message? Geet checks her mobile curiously and finally happen to read the message from Maan...It was a casual morning wish but a cute blush touches her lips and she is all lost in a different world which is still unknown to her...

Now, Janet takes a full lead in teasing her..

Hi! GOOD MORNING... Janet shouts coming near to Geet's ears..litterally jerking away Geet..

Huh...What was that?

I was reading out the sweet message some one had sent you and my sweety is all blushing reading it.

What? Me and blush? No...

C'Mon Geet...atleast now, don't hide from me. He is your boy friend right? started again? It's again a coincidence that I happen to meet him at Rabecca's wedding and...


Geet tells him every thing...about the dance and how it happened they drove for a dinner together..and ...

he took a gentleman's lead in taking me out for a dinner...That's it. And while dropping me, I requested his contact so that he can keep me posted that he can reach safe...I have told this to you right? This is a formality followed in my family and I strictly follow it...

Hmm...Janet is all lost in Geet's talks with all happened in the weekend...

Hmm...So, you met him both danced together...He took you for a long drive...and then dinner...and again another dance ...and  you exchanged contacts...Phew...that's all happened yesterday...


BUT HE IS NOT YOUR BOY FRIEND...Hmm..I agree now! She tells this giving all teasing look and Geet's cheeks are really going read without her own control Blushing

You have to agree... she is avoiding looking at Janet and sips her coffee

Geet gives a stern answer but it clearly proves that there's something more to it but may be its not yet accepted.

So, where did he take you?

Oh it was amazing place. Really loved it...If I remember right, the name of the venue was "At the terrace - Le France"

Janet shouts in excitement... LE FRANCE? OMG! He took you there and that too to the terrace?

Yes...what happened?

Oh...My Goodness..its such a posh place. I mean, it's a perfect dream date...and my dear...he would have really spent huge.

Eventhough, Geet truly appreciates his kind gesture and genuinely worried for him to have borne the dinner expenses 100%... She is still not willing to consider it as a date...

Oh please don't call it a DATE... think like that...what about him? I am sure he would have thought it otherwise...

How can you be so sure?

I am damn he had taken all efforts to make it look all perfect and making you feel so comfortable...and he arranged everything in a posh place like LE FRANCE

Hmm...I am not in a position to give in to any more thoughts into it... But have to admit that we had a great time.

She looks at the time in her watch...Oops...Have been sitting here for quite some time. Need  to get back to my cabin...BYE...


Janet is really wondering...what's going on. Even though Geet is denying all possibilities but she could sense something seriously piling up within.

PRECAP: Will They (Maan and Geet) meet again?  

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Yeh ria stupid she became insane

Cheating her boss just because she thought she love him

Pyar paney k liye pyar ko hi dhoka dena

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