MG FF - HOW TO NAME IT? - UPDATED PART 11 & 12 PG 83 Dt. 23rd August. - Page 48

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Posted: 4 years ago
Originally posted by Vaidhumom

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Eagerly waiting for chapter 6  

Next week for sure... Thumbs Up

Still waiting ...LOL
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Originally posted by paponecon

france...geet is psychologist...maan is businessman...thy met...n fell for each other...maan at a high speed...but geet is a terrible past...i think ria is very important in this story...

Hie...Welcome to H2NI..yest...its a different story from my other ones.

Thanks.. Smile
Posted: 4 years ago
Originally posted by taahir004

Originally posted by Vaidhumom

Originally posted by taahir004

Eagerly waiting for chapter 6  

Next week for sure... Thumbs Up

Still waiting ...LOL

Thanks for your wont believe, even I am waiting to post further parts but some or the other busy schedule pops up Ouch

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(Sorry for updating after a long gap...wonder how the time flies..Ouch. Please read and leave your long comments...will check editing and spelling mistakes one by one)

She gets out of the car and waves bye at him before walking towards her gate... Of course Maan's vision is all stuck on her till the time she moves to the other side of the gate...and he leaves from there..

@ Maan's Villa
After almost half an hour of drive..he reaches his Villa. He doesnt even remember that first thing first he needs to message her and inform her about his safely reaching his home but straight away gets to do his exercises...his muscles are getting really tensed with some unusual restlessness. His thoughts are now completely ruled by Geet...only Geet...He cannot thank his stars enough for his luck to have been to this wedding today. otherwise, he wouldn't have witnessed such a beautiful evening as even in the wildest of his thoughts he never imagined or dreamt to meet Geet again in that wedding... now he shoos his thought away from himself and trying to concentrate on his exercises in order to relax himself.

Suddenly, he feels there's someone who is hiding behind the thin curtains and watching him and when he looks there,that person hides to the nearby wall...he slowly makes a move there and caught that person and frozen to see HER...He pulls her hand and brings her forward to face him...and shocked to see her here at this time..she has come in the same white saree...GEET?? She gives  "I'm Cought" look...  I just dropped you home What are you doing here? She looks flushed and doesn't answer...moreover, she is breathing heavy with his sudden pull her cheeks are going red looking at him in this sweaty topless condition...and tries to look away and escape from him when he hold her hand...He smirks and all lost in her enjoying all her face going pink and then red...Kahan Jaa rahi ho?? haan?? if you wanted to escape from me, then why were you hiding and keeping a watch over me? She doesn't say anything and simply blinks at him for  a brief second...and hits on his hold with a fist so that she could escape...she did manage to escape and he pulled her back and hugged her by her waist...His hands knows its way to her waist now..she has made a fist of her palm again and hitting him on his chest to escape and Its simply increasing his desires...Please chodiye mujhe...she pleads and he behaves merciless and shameless. Kiss me on my lips and I will leave you...He is giving all naughty looks at her and her eyes and mouth wide open with  shock and her cheeks going even red and hot...Ooh he is loving it and smirks again ...I am closing my eyes and count 1-10 and you have to kiss me..I will leave you.. She gives him inconvincing looks whilst fighting it out on his tight grips around her but he doesn't care and  starts counting slowly...1..2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9..10...and brings his lips forward and opens his eyes and had a shock of his life to find Ajay standing right in front of him..

Ajay is all scanning his elder brother from top to bottom...
Hie Bro...What's happening?? All fine na?

He is looking around...thinking what just happened now...Am I hallucinating?? But it seemed so real..he runs his palm over his hair Yeh mujhe kya ho raha hain? He snaps from his thoughts and composes himself and smiles at his own plight.

Hie Ajay..
What's up Bro?? What was that??
Wohi jo abhi aap kar rahe the...crossing both your hands and 1-10 ??? excercise...1-10 and take a long phew finding an apt excuse to give Ajay.
Ajay really finds some weirdness in his elder bro's behavior as he could see some tension and excitement while explaining this so called new exercise. Oh wow bro...please teach me this was so nice to see you doing it in the end you appeared as if you were kissing someoneWink

What? Maan clears his throat...I was inhaling and taking a deep breath and its a part of it... he decides to change this topic immediately...By the way...where are you going now?

Woh...bro friends get together at a night club.
Ajay...its getting 11 and you are going for the night club now?
Bro...All my friends are making it there...if I dont go then what respect do I have ? are no more a kid even you are out of that, first come out of the peer pressure...

Ajay is not convinced with him as he is still acting as an irresponsible teenager. I am just going for friends get together at a night club. Why are you making a fuss out of everything?
Oh yah...its not for today Ajay...its been going on and on for last couple of years... and you are out with your friends most of the time.

Ajay rolls his eyes and looks here and there whilst folding his hand...and it clearly expresses that he is least bothered with what his elder brother is talking about.

How long will you be wasting your time like this? And coming to your friends, I dont think they are interested in friendship, they are all interested in FUN and that too YOU are the main contributor when it comes to money. 
He takes a long sigh before continuing...Ajay..You have to move on into your career life...if not into KE business, if you have something else going on in your mind, you need to consider that I will always support you.

Bro...even you have started to advice me like our Daadi. Now..Pls...I just want to spend my life with my friends and I will take my career life into consideration when I am mentally prepared for it.

Maan seriously nods his head wondering how to make his brother understand. Ajay, I understand that this is your age where you enjoy more of your friend's company but in your case you are way too take their words seriously but not mine and Daadi's? This is the right age you need to set your career path too. Its high time we need to talk about your responsibilities mainly towards yourself.

Ab bro, I told you na...I am serious about my career too but will take some more time..that's it...As said, mmy friends are waiting for me... I am really getting late...Please do me a favour...transfer some amount to my credit card account.

I will do that Ajay...but ...

Ajay cuts him off...Bro, I keep visiting your office na...then what's your problem?

To correct you, its not MY office...its OUR office. and just visiting will not do...You need to take up responsibilities. is sunday na...tomorrow morning shall we?? Hmm??

And Tomorrow morning you will not wake up early because you were with your friends whole night partying

Ajay slightly pinches his own throat and promises...I will be there in office tomorrow...I promise Bro...
Maan nods his head again thinking how many promises he has broken in the recent past...
He holds his hand on Ajay...see..I am really worried with how things are going with you ...It should not put me into any fix. Already me and daadi are worried for you...
Ajay is really not willing to give an ear to his brother's words. He is just waiting for that one moment when he will escape out of his brother's Advises and joins his friends. Ajay's mobile rings at that time...and he takes a long sigh of relief and attends to the call...
I will be there in 10 mins...and cuts the call..BRO...My friends have already reached the venue...BYE...And dont forget my credit card...and next moment he disappears from the place.
Maan nods his head andd moves to take his shower...closes his eyes and again loose himself in Geet's thoughts...It was the most beautiful evening of his life...with all series of incidents that had happened ... Was she really here or it was my hallucination? and what was I doing? I was asking her to kiss me?? Oops...what am I even thinking about her? I have met her just yesterday and I feel as if I know her for ages

He finishes with his shower and just then realizes he is supposed to message did I forget? She must be waiting for my message...The feeling of her WAITING for him is putting his mind into a strange feeling of grinning as well as winning ..

At Geet's Res:
Geet walks in by gently opening the entrance door making sure without any noise. thinking Ria must have slept by now followed by a tiring day for Ria as well...and closes the door and leans herself for sometime on the door...Thinking all the events that had happened in one single day...She closes her eyes and feels an unknown shiver passing down her remembering the time she spent with Maan ...their time spent during Rabecca's wedding... their drive...their dinner together...their dance together ...and their drive back home and without her own knowledge she drifted into a sleep in the car and she had her usual dream..and this time it was stopped half way as she happen to hold Maan's hand...Geet opens her eyes  wide all of a sudden...WHAT? DID I REALLY HOLD HIS HAND IN MY SLEEP? she gives a deep thought again...DID I? she is not able to recall due to her subconscious state. She goes restless..Oh no..hope its not true. What will he think about me? No...its not possible its all my imaginations giving way to a sweet dream...OH MY GOD...did I say it a sweet dream? A blush touches her lips..Me going mad I guess.
Her sweet thoughts gets distracted when she sees the lights are still on in Ria's room ... she makes her way there to check on her..and to see if she is all fine. But with Ria's current mindset, Sleep has become one of her big enemies now. Ria hears the sound of door opening and knew Geet has walked in. But she doesn't want to talk anything  at the moment and pretends to have slept.  The lights of her room is still on and Geet assumed that Ria might have drifted off to sleep due to tiredness and would have missed to switch off the lights. Geet takes a sigh looking at her condition..Wonder what is bothering Ria?  She comes and sits next to Ria and caresses her so very gently from her forehead thro hair..making sure there's no symptom of any fever. She covers Ria with the duvet, switches off all the lights and leaves from there.

Geet on the way to her room and could already sense the emptiness as Rabeccca is no longer a part of this Villa.. She recalls, how Rabecca and herself were all over this place on the previous day in accumulating things in one place, packing, cleaning, cooking...and what not...Geet again sighs and accepts the facts positively. A call on the new room mate will be taken only after Geet and Ria come back here finishing off with their vacation on their cards.

Geet moves into her room.. and there are some Photos framed and arranged on her table. she picks one of them and hugs are you today?she caresses the image behind the photo frame... I am sorry, I couldn't spend much time with you for last couple of days..and you know the reasons...but I never missed and will never miss to update you with my day to day happenings...Hmm?!!! She sighs and continues...You know, today I happen to witness the most happiest day of my life? ...Geet opens her heart out hugging that picture. I didnt tell you yesterday...I met this guy and today, again I happen to meet him at Rabecca's wedding know he made me feel so very special?...He didnt feel like having dinner there as I couldnt have it and he invited me for a dinner outside...You know I was so very scared...She voices in all what happened between her and Maan...especially the dance. He took his friend's help when it came to car but Dinner?? I guess he spent his this  full month's salary...Poor Guy...Isnt he? She smiles with tears..she really wish this person is in front of her in real instead of hiding behind that photo frame... She again hugs that picture..I really dont know what it is but I felt so very comfortable with his company. more thing..I again got one of the bad dreams which I get...and I wonder how I didnt see it till the end today...I have a doubt if I hold his hand while he was driving...I guess it was a collision of 2 dreams...hopefully, otherwise...a blush touches her lips...Now stop giving me naughty looks ok...We became good friends somehow...that's, get back to sleep OK...Good Night...and she gently caresses and kisses the image in the photo frame and keeps  it back to its place.

She looks at the time. See..Maan hasnt yet messaged now he might have reached home right? OR...some trouble? She shivers with some bad thoughts...Chee chee..he must be fine Geet...give him some time to message you...she checks the time its 11:00 PM...

In meantime, she freshens up and  checks her mails and there has been 2 different messages on messenger from Meera and then from Yash...Oh..why seperate seperate message from them? Guess they fought again.. Oh no..NOT AGAIN... Shocked

Meera's Message: GEET...I am your BEST friend and you are suppose to reply to my message first..OK!!

Geet shakes her head surprisingly...

Yash's Message: GEET...I am your  FIRST friend and you are suppose to reply to my message first ...Is it clear??

Geet is hitting her forehead with her own palm...HUH...seriously yaar... I have seen more of the fight and less of romance between them...and soon they patch up and then on they will conveniently forget that they have a friend by name GEET... and  I become such a fool between them... She cutely looks up...You have specially designed my friends...huh!
Anyways now, its double work to send messages to both of them that I was away today and we can talk tomorrow evening. I missed to tell them that I am not available this Sunday...Now she looks up angryly...Its not fair that like other humans I get only 24 hours...Atleast make it 26 hours for me na?? Dont I look an exception case for you? That extra hours will make ocean of difference for me isn't it? She snaps out of her god's world...Hah...LEAVE IT!!

She sends message to both of them without thinking twice.., tomorrow evening, I have to talk with Appa (Dad), Paati (Grandmother) and then chat with Yash and Meera... Hmm...lets see how I can accommodate.

She is in mid of so many things  to do for the next day and still fishing her laptop...and just then ,her mobile rings.. and  she assumes its Meera...
Oh no..I forgot this Meera always calls me immediately after reading my she will be even more curious as she has to win over YASH. AAAHHH...Huh..This Meera should have been born as my Sweet Paati's (Grandmother's) Granddaughter instead of ME...The moment she gets my message, she has to call me then and there...otherwise, god will prick her eyes... and with all these cribbings, she takes the call...without even checking the ID and continuously bashes..

Oh hello...I knew this must be your call...

The caller on the other side is stunned and looks at his own mobile with amusement.

Comeon karne se pehle time tho dhekha karo
(have a watch on the time before calling)
The person on the other side invariably looks at his watch...thinking Why she expects to see the time whenever someone calls her? (LOL) the only difference is this question was raised in Tamil language last time and now in Hindi...huh..this girl will really make me mad by all means Ouch

Is it necessary to call me the moment I send you message? God will not punish you if you dont do so?? Hain na?? Angry

Finally, he understood that she is trying to talk to someone else..but he is still lost in her non-stop blabbering. while Geet is wondering why Meera is all so quite as its always Meera who bounces on her first..

Oh ho..I cannot believe you are so quite today...challo...mere daantne ka kuch tho assar hua...Tongue

Maan on the other side is ready to burst out anytime..but loving her continuous blabbering

I promise I will call you first but tomorrow evening hmm??, get back and get sleep..Bye Good Night...Embarrassed

Hello Hello...

Nothing doing OK...I said we'll talk tomorrow means we shall talk tomorrow... and just then the realisation strikes her...Geet is surprised with Meera's voice...Oh..wait, what happened to your voice? you have a sour throat I guess...Finally, she checks the number to make sure its Meera...and again, she has a shock of her life...Geet opens her mouth to a "O"Shape...and composes herself immediately and continues to talk...

Oh..H...hie...M...M...AAAn...its you...
she bites her tongue with high dose of embarrassment and gulps...He is really melting hearing his name from her lips again and again...HIE...I got to see the watch like you instructed...and will follow the same all the time I call you...On the other hand, she is recalling all what she told him thinking its Meera and he has been so patiently listening to her blabbering.

Hie...MAAN...Woh..I'm sorry... all those talks were not for was for my friend...

Oh...another set of blaberring from her and he is simply enjoying it.

You see..I had just sent a message to my friend in India and its her usual habit to call me immediately after she reads my messages...that's why... I am really very sorry

Maan could sense her face dipped in embarrassment and her cheeks going all red..actually enjoying it. Wish to see it in person...

Acha...I was thinking , you didnt like me calling you...

NOO NOOO...I mean..Not like that...I didnt see the number before I took the call...a..and moreover, I was waiting for your message and you have again surprised me by calling me...and she bites her lips with what she is blabberring...and she cutely looks up..Oh god, today, I have to declare myself MAD. where as Maan is enjoying every bit of her cute continuous blabbering...

I...Mean...Its good that you called me...So, you reached safe?

Haan...that's how it is possible for me to call you right?

She waks her forehead again and smiles at her own plight...

Yeah right...Actually, I got little worried as I didnt get any message from you...Thank God..and thank you so much for updating me on this...
Oh..its ok...Actually, I had few other works to finish and that's why I called you late..hope you dont mind...
No...Not atall...a smile touches her lips as the actual fact is she is more than happy to receive his call than his message...wondering why??

So, you are not off to sleep yet?
I have to ...but still have some works pending..will finish that and will hit the bed in half an hour
And how about you?
Me too have some pending works and once when done with it, will hit the bed...

and a moment of silence followed...and silence can give way to devilish thoughts...

Did I hold his hand in my sleep or its an illusion?I must ask him but how can I? If YES, then what will he think about me? I must apologize for my behavior.

Did she come over here or it was my illusion? what ever it seemed to be so very real. And I took her by her waist with a tight grip..Oh no...I must check and apologize for my behavior.

May I ask...?

Both voice out together...and smile at each other's plight..

Maan, last time you allowed me to talk first..and this time, you do the talking first...and smiles..

He doesnt know how to ask but he asks indirectly as it would sound silly..
Did you go out of your home after I dropped you?

Geet didnt understand his question in the first place...What?
No..I mean..

You must be kidding right? You know, from the time I have got into my home, I didnt even have time to sit for a sec...and you are asking me the way, what made you ask this question?

He is rolling his eyes as he doesnt have an answer...Well..I just imagined that you were out of home...

Geet is really wondering what is Maan up to...She looks up at her god and again questions his creativity in making different people like Meera, Yash and Maan...and she wouldnt exempt herself too...

Hey...are you there?

Yes..very much here...dont think I have gone out of my home LOLand couldnt help herself from giggling LOL

Oops her giggles...he has already started to miss her and this mobile talking is no way helping him.

Just then, there's an incoming call on Geet's mobile...and she checks it and its none other than Meera.

Woh Maan..sorry, my friend is calling me..see...I told you right? The moment she sees my message, she will call me...I will finish with this call and call you back..

But you had something to ask too?
Yes..but later...pls..I will finish with her call and call yaou back hmm?
Bye..and she cuts his call so that she attends to Meera's call...

Maan looks at his mobile as if he is looking at Geet and a smile touches his lips...Oh gosh..I really wish I could get back to her right now and ...he is controlling all his naughty thoughts.Embarrassed

On the other side, Geet has no time to think about anything else as she attends to Meera's call..

Hello Meera...


Its late night here dear...kal baat karthe hain yaar...
Meera smirks...haan then, that mangoose would have called you and you will give your full support to him.

Geet is unable to control her laugh even in this serious discussion between them...during School days, Meera and Yash were nick named "Naagin" and "Mangoose" respectively as they keep fighting all the time to the extent only one of them will escape alive out of that fight just like snake and mongoose

Meera continues..Aur main usse is baar jeethne nahin doongi...she takes an anger filled sigh...aur kabardar jo tum ne us ki side li tho..

Uf fo Meera, please calm down na...You know me, you both are such close friends of mine and I always support and fight with you both equally...

Rehne always feel that that Mangoose is always correct from his Point of View...Angry said it right..."From his point of View" only...and I equally support you na.. Now tell me...what happened?

Woh...yesterday was our love proposal anniversary...and now we complete 4 years

Arre, its high time you both plan your marriage. 4 years passed for that day? Oh My Goodness, no body from our friend circle could believe that YASH & MEERA...Geet Giggles... and from the time you both met, would always fight and slowly slowly your lives got to witness this day...and 4 years have passed for that...still cant believe it. Anyways...Congrats dear Wink

Hmm...Rehne do..firstly, he completely and conveniently forgot about this special day. I too didnt remind him purposely as I wanted to see how important is this day in his life...and yes, I WON this time...and you know I didnt want to win...I wanted him to remember this day equally as I do. and today when I reminded him, forget a SORRY, he is talking with so much attitude.

Yash and Attitude? Nahi..I am sure you are mistaken...and by the way, why are you creating such a fuss over it yaar?

Huh..I know you will support him only. You wouldnt understand how important this day is for me? Moreover, I guess he is loosing interest in this relationship. Confused

Oh Ghosh, I need to know what's the actual matter with you dear...I am just trying to be a mediator to you both. But I would never buy your last sentance. He is not loosing interest in you..if YES, then he wouldn't have messaged me in the first place. Instead, he would have took this as a first step to wind up this relationship. But he is equally fighting just like you that means he is still very much in love with you. Dont you agree with me?

Meera keeps quite as if she is agreeing..

Meera, I know you both so very well and I always wonder how you two from 2 different poles fell in love...

Meera is really wondering how and why they fell for each other...but its impossible to live without him.

But you both are also the best example to prove "OPPOSITES ATTRACT"... hain na?

Meera is quite and blushing...Embarrassed stop blushing okWink
Meera's mouth wide open...Tumhen kaise patha? ..Geet..have to agree that you have become a professional psycologist.
Geet giggles...LOLYes, as I have been treating  patients like you and Yash for this many years and that too free of cost. challo mera kuch tho faida huva iss se..and she again giggles.LOL
By the way, tweety doll..Aaj tumhara gigling kuch jyadha hi ho raha hain..Kya baath hain? Wink (You are too much gigling today...what's the matter?)

Geet composes herself and doesnt want to get cought by Meera..

What else could be? I am getting entertained free of cost by you...
Acha? But I am feeling so different?

Oh..I enjoyed Rabecca's wedding today...may be because of that I am still sounding excited...
Acha...aur kya huva?
Aur kya yaar? Bas, I am back home and listening to your bak bak..

Meera finds Geet sounding different today...wonder why...she is eagerly waiting to meet Geet and look forward to her holidays.
Simultaneously, there's another incoming call on Geet's mobile...she checks and its from Yash...

Hey Meera...guess..who is calling me now...its Yash...

What? that mangoose calling this time?
See...if he doesnt care for this relationship then why would he call me at this time? hain na...aakhir wo apni Naagin se door kaise reh saktha hain?
Geet ki bachi...Is baar tum India aao...main dhekloongi...
Wahi tho main bhi keh rahi hoon yaar...and this time, I need to pull you both ears...enough of me getting churneed between you both.
Challo...let me talk to him...will have a group chat tomorrow hmm? bye..


Geet takes the call of Yash... tweety are you?
Here even Geet is nick named by Yash and Meera as Geet used to love to play with tweety dolls

Me fine...and you?

What do you expect out of me when that Nagin is around me?Anyways,  I understand You were in talks with her all this long right? and ofcourse, she might have listed out all her complains...

Oh Yaah...She was at  all praise for you ...and she was not at all tired of it... LOL By the way, how did you guess she was on call with me?

I tried calling her and it was coming engaged... know her so very well..then kyon itna tang karthe ho usse?

Arre..Main ne kya kiya hain?

Why you didnt wish her on the 4th annivarsary of your love proposal day? By the way...CONGRATS...Embarrassed
Thank, she has already succeeded in misleading you..and you are already supporting her?
Arre wah...On one side, I am forced to be a mediator between you both and you both are teaming up in blaming me?
Aur nahin tho kya Yash?..even she is blaming me that I listen only to YOU...and YOU are also blaming me that I listen only to her...Aur kisi baath main match ho na ho, is baath main perfect ho tum dono...

Now, atleast will you allow me to speak?

Geet remains quite and listens to him...

I wanted to make it special and that's why I didnt call her the whole day. I had booked a surprise dinner for her

Geet rolls her eyes hearing surprise dinner and her heart beats faster and faster thinking about all those sweet moments of the day that she spent with Maan..

OYE Hello...are you there?

H..Haan... I am listening...phir kya huva?

Aur kya hoga madam ke saath? I was trying to call her since yesterday evening so that I can come and pick her one hour in advance. but madam ji didnt answer my call nor replied my messages...

Geet sighs... aur phir...

and today when I called her...she is showing all attitude and she is not even allowing me to give any explanation.

E Lo...She is saying the same sentance about you...That "YOU" are showing her an attitude..
she takes an anger filled sigh...You both are real partners when it comes to crime...she looks up ...Oh god...sach main both will never grow up in your life? I am seeing you both still in that childhood mode...only difference is that school uniform is missing HUH...

There is a silence for a sec as if Yash is agreeing to all what Geet is saying...

Ab yeh sab call her and talk to her tomorrow and sort it out OK...we shall have a group chat tomorrow evening if required...

Hmm..But how was she sounding? Is she still angry on me?

She was Mad angry...but I made her understand and could sense that she has cooled down a bit...but doesnt mean you take her for granted again..OK!!Angry

OK ...My tweety doll...atleast you stop shouting at this poor guy. Ouch

She smiles at his plight...Then be a Good Boy OK...and please stop fighting on these petty issues...

Hmm...lets keep that Naagin aside for sometime...Angry now, tell me Good Girl...what's up how was the wedding today?

Too good a real fun filled atmosphere and I really enjoyed it.
She tells this in all excitement and ofcourse Yash has been quitely observing her talks and noticed that she is quite different today.

Geet..wonder why I feel you are sounding so different today..I mean, usually you are a positive person but after a long time I am seeing a happiness mixed with it.

Geet admits it by her heart but still doesnt mention about it to Yash...
Woh..haan..I told you na..I really enjoyed the wedding and still in that excitement mode...

Yash knows about Geet's life very well and what all she has went thro and witnessed in her life and she still remained positive... hiding her pain and sorrows from the outside world. But today, he found some strange happiness in her tone and he too feels happy for his close friend. only request is be happy like this always...hmm?

How will I not be? I have such best buddies like you...

hmm.. woh tho hain.  Wink

And howz everything in Amritsar? how is your mom and brother?

All fine Tweety...And..Mom is the one who keeps asking about you..

Yeah me too missing to be in Amritsar and missing all of you and Please do convey my regards to them..

what are your holiday dates?

I will be there in two weeks time.

Do keep updating me. I will arrange to pick you from Airport.

Woh...I will leave to Chennai and then will be visiting Amritsar...will surely update you on this..tik hain? And also, I would need to visit Delhi University. Have to club my Masters Degree progress see, my first year was in Delhi University and second year I have completed here...Can you please check on these procedures before hand?

Sure I will do that...

Thank You So much...

Its my pleasure tweety...and stop saying this Thanks haan...will do anything for my best friend..

Acha..., now plz sort out your issues with Meera...

Dont worry...I will take care of my Nagin...And you too Take Care of your self...Bye...


Geet smiles again to have Yash and Meera who continue to be her best buddies right from her school days.

She just remembered that she was supposed to call Maan...but decided not to call him as its already 12:30 AM...what will he think if I call him in such an odd time? Its OK...will call tomorrow.
On the other hand, Maan has been waiting for her call...he too checks the time and decides not to call her now. Also, he remembered she had a tiring day today...and decides to talk tomorrow.


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MG FF - Pyar Hua Chupke Se - Part 32; Updated June 18; Page 83

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