MG FF - HOW TO NAME IT? - UPDATED PART 11 & 12 PG 83 Dt. 23rd August. - Page 26

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Sorry dearies

Couldnt update today. Will update tomorrow.

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shall wait 
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Thank you , will be waiting 
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shall wait 
Day Dreaming waiting !!

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Sorry for keeping you all wait for long...

Here goes Part 4...I have tried to give my best ...sorry if I am missing out on Maneet emotions..

some editing mistakes might be there and will check it one by one..

Eagerly waiting for your likes and comments..

I will be updating the next one within 2 days.


Geet and Rabecca hugged eachother...Will really miss you Geet. Thank you so much for being with me all the time...from the time you have moved to France till today...Geet's eyes lined up with tears...Please stay in touch ok??she quickly wipes off her tears before breking the hug...
She is not getting right words due to emotions...she manages to say a Hmm..and bids Rabecca a good bye and immediately after their car leaves, Geet moves to the washroom to cry herself out and wash her teary eyes.

She gets out of washroom and gets call from Ria...

Ria...How are you bacha?

I am fine Didi

As usual she doesnt sound fine to Geet. 

While leaving from home during morning you said you will be back within an hour...what happened my dear? Sab teek hain na? 

Dont worry about me...I am fine. I have just reached home. She is talking like a robot..emotionless and as if nothing happened.

Rabecca was eagerly looking out for you. 

Please give her the phone

I just bid her a goodbye. She is off on Honey Moon Now

Teek hain Didi...I just couldnt help it.

Ok..also, please call your mom..or atleast send her a message. I told her that you are busy with a combined project with your friends..

Dont worry...I will take care.. again a repetitive and careless answer.

Ria..tell me what's going on? were never like this. Sooo careless about people around you.

Didi...What do you mean, I went out today and it got delayed what shall I do? Didnt do anything out of purpose..And my mom has no work she keeps calling me for no reason and when I dont answer, she calls you..

She is your mom..please dont tell like that.  We can understand what goes on in a mother's mind when we ourselves become one. So, understand her POV and pls call her OK?? 

There's a pin drop silence from her end.

Teek hain Ria..tum gussa math ho..relax. I will be home may be in 3 hours. I have my keys with me. Did you eat anything? Shall I buy you something for you to munch on my way home?

No need ...she again answered bluntly (Actually she didnt and doesnt want to have)


Sure Didi

Geet verywell knows Ria...She might have not have anything and she cannot stay hungry for long but for now, she left it just like that as she doesnt want to force her when she is having a mindset like this.

OK Bacha..Good Night...Please sleep on time ok? 

Hmm.. and she cuts the call.

Thank god atleast she called me back to say that she has reached home safely. Now, her mind is restless again..where is Maan? Seems he left already? Oh..couldnt even tell him a bye...

She is leaving from there slowly walking  and still looking around... and no body seems to be around and just then, someone comes out of blue and blocks her way...she gets scared and closes her eyes...


She opens her eyes slowly hearing a voice that's become so familiar for her now...ofcourse...Maan standing right in front of her. feeling happy inwardly, that she found him.

Oh...Maan ...its you...Huh...!!Sleepy

Sorry...did I scare you?Shocked

Hmm..No..I mean, I was in some serious thoughts...Smile

Now, they walk together...taking few steps

Are you ok? I guess you got emotional while bidding goodbye to your friend..

Hmm..yeah...till this time I never realised it. but when she was leaving, the realisation striked me...and that's it...she gives a weak smile and they glance at each other.

Hmm...well, I was waiting for youTongue

Oh... how too..waiting for you. Smile

He gets excited to hear this...Hmm.. maybe she has something to say..Embarrassed

To say Bye. I have booked a taxi and it will be here any moment.

All his imaginations washed away and he  almost...NOOO...Shocked

She looks at him with questioning guestures...

I can you leave without having your dinner?

I told you na...I had some cake and juice...that's enough...

I know its not at all enough...

Oh..Maan...Please  its ok..I am not hungry..believe me...

But I am very hungry...

She is not atall believing what she heard just now.

What? you didnt have your dinner ? Why ? 

Because you didnt have it and I didnt feel like having it too

Oh...she looks here and there and then looks back at mean, you didnt have your dinner because of me??  why? this is too much ok.. she is not able to understand whether to feel delighted at his so called friendly gesture or to get angry...

Now, you are joinig me for dinner...that's it. 

She is once again put into a shock...What?Shocked

Yes...we are going for dinner nowSmile

ooh what a confusion this guy is creating in my life in just 2 days...D'oh

I will take you to a place where there are lot of options for vegetarians..Embarrassed

That's not the point Maan..She sighs and wondering how to make him understand..I have never been out like this before..I mean, alone with a guy...You know what I mean? 

I can understand...but for today...please...he litterally pleads..

But Maan...

Yesterday, you said no, but today I will not listen...


Do you want me to die out of hunger?..

She cutely nods for a no..

Now you have to join me to the place where I take you for dinner..

Even though she has developed a soft corner for him but she hesitates..She thanks god, she has called for Taxi. Its much safer to go in Taxi..right? 

OK...the taxi will come here anytime and will leave for dinner together alright??

Oh...she agreed to go out with me...Dancinghe is all excited ...but yeh kya ..TAXI...Confused

No need for taxi

She looks at him again surprisingly...

Then how will we reach the dinner venue?Shocked

He prefers to hide his true identity from her...All girls are behind him for his rich background and fame but she is different...He shows his own car and keys in his hand..but tells something else...See...I have got my friend's car as he and his friends are straight out for a night party and has left his car keys with me.Wink

Geet doesnt show any excitement on this. She is infact scared to go all alone with him in a car. She is still building that trust within her for him

But Maan...There is no need for this. Taxi will be here anytime. Confused

UH..yeh ladki...she is making me mad in just 2 days!! I have never taken any girl in my car. this is the first time I am showing an interest for this girl and she is...Oh myD'oh

Maan...I have never been driven in a car...with a guy like this..all alone this...she looks embarrassed...not able to meet his eyes...

Oh...dont worry...You can trust me..I am a very good driver...Hmm...Wink

Now how to make him understand I dont doubt his driving skills...I doubt him ...She talks to her god...from which planet did you send him here and that too I had to bang on him only  D'oh

So please...He opens the front door of his car...

The taxi comes...Before even Geet reacts, Maan rush  to the taxi driver and cancels the trip by giving him some Euros.. and the taxi leaves..

Now, she has no other option but to get into his car. She looks up and prays for her god...She has given up on thinking more on this for the timebeing.  She quitely takes the front seat next to the driver seat...Its going to be a pretty long drive the restaurant first and then to her home. she really wonders how did she agreed for this drive in the first place. Her heart is really beating fast and she is really getting nervous now. Being first time ever she is going on a drive with a  guy. She closes her eyes even for a sec, she gets into the horrific imaginations of one of the movie she recently watched where the lonely girl escapes from the car gets chased by the guy who was driving it and...

GEET... he calls out her name very softly...but it sounds like thunder to her..
She is litterally kicked out of her imaginative world and she turns to look at him...haan

Are you ok?

She nods for a Yes with a slight smile.

You dont seem to be...are you comfortable with the seating? Should I adjust it for you?he comes closer to her to help her out with the seat adjusting and helping her wear her seat belt. Unknowingly he got into a semi hug position...and their cheeks brushed very slightly. Geet instantly closes her eyes and again silently inhales his scent...and her heart beats faster than ever... 

He slowly turns to look at her..Again their lips are tooo close. He looks at them for a brief second. His inner desires were pushing him towards those trembling petals but he controlled himself. At this point of time, he is building trust in her mind and of course this is not at all the right time for it. 
She too controls herself and her heart beat slowly gets back its normal self.

Are you fine now?  Is this seating ok? 

I am fine.. thank you...

The drive begins...she is still in her tensed state...her fingers playing with the thin chain that she is wearing on her neck.

Again a moment of silence followed...

You look tired...

she again was a very eventful day for me...have been busy thro out the day...But soo happy to see off my friend happilly married.

He now prefers to listen to her talk...

Rabecca is not only a room mate but a very best friend...She has helped me and guided me so much from the time I have landed in this country. And will miss her when I go back home...sighs...

And now you will be living all alone?

No, Ria is there..again, she is my close friend...

She didnt come for the wedding?

She is in her second year of Graduation. She had to complete some combined projects along with her class mates...
hmm...I see
Maan is now relieved that she is started feeling comfortable.

Also back home both our families are well connected. 

Just then...Ria Calls on Geet's phone..

Haan Bacha..

Woh..Is there anything to munch at home??

Geet sighs she expected this call from Ria..she knows very well that she cannot be hungry for long..She thinks for a while..

Oh haan...kal Rabecca ne tumhari favourite fish curry banayi thi...Check it in the fridge.. Garam karke khalo. and check the bread box which is kept in the table. Hope this helps..

Wait di...let me check..



Haan..Nothing excites her anymore...

Geet really wonders...if it was a ria 2 months back , she would have been so excited and jumps to hear about her favourite fish curry...Geet really wonders where she lost that Ria..

And...very important...You are eating must wash this vessal and plates by yourself right after eating...dont keep it in wash basin...alright?

Maan has been quitely observing her talks...and smiles within..

Ok di...dont worry...

Please time pe khao aur so jao. Hmm??


Geet again recalls her old Ria...Her old bublee Ria, she would have ended the call saying...ACHA MERI DAADIMA..listening to geet's long advices..and she sighs.

Geet smiles...Bye...and cuts the call.  

Is it think of the devil? are was Ria...She giggles... (He skips a beat with her giggling) Me and Rabecca had complete incharge of this home. Ria, would never take interest or, her struggle starts..

I am really Amazed..

oh why...

You are living on your own in a foreign really takes lot of courage for a woman.

Hmm...yes it does...Initially, I was confused if I made a wrong decision of landing here...but as time passed by, I have got adapted to this place so well...Infact, began to love it.

I am curious to know why you didnt opt for higher studies in India? I have heard there are lot of options available there?

She smiles...its all by luck and not by choice...

Oh really?  Curious to know...

She smiles again...The univeristy, where I was doing my MSc, had strong understanding with the university here in France with regard to some scholarship programs. Every year,based on the performance during their 1st year of or two student gets scholarship to continue his / her second year MSc...+ Internship and further specialization in the university here in France.   So, I was the lucky one when doing my 1st year MSc in india..

Oh even I am lucky that way he murmers and smiles 

Excuse me...?she gives a questioning look with a smile.

He looks at her for a sec...I So, which university it is in India?

Its...she was about to answer but her mobile rang again.

She looks at her mobile and gives a shocked reaction..Oh no...dont tell me..Shocked

She takes the call immediately


PAATI (Grandma?) Shocked she almost screams...

Kuttima...yen nee innum phone pannalai? Adhanaala thaan naan phone panninen...(Baby...Why you dint call me? That's why I called you)

Geet is not able to believe... her grandma has been waiting for her call?...guess Appa forgot to inform her. Geet doesnt know what time it is...

She holds Maan's hand to check for the time in his watch...LOLand he is again lost with her touch.. and her language Embarrassed

Innum thoongalaya? Mani Paarthela? Anga  ippo Rendu  mani (You didnt sleep yet? Did you watch the time? Over there it must be two o'clock). 

Maan someone asking her money??ShockedLOL

Unnoda phone kosaram thaan innum thoongama iruken Kuttima ( I have been waiting for your call and that's why didnt sleep yet baby)

Geet sighs doesnt know what to tell her grandma who is nothing less than a 5 year old kid.

Paati...naan thaan Appakitta sonnene.. Innaiku ennala pesa mudiyaadhunnu...naalaiki pesalamnu.. (Grandma, I had informed dad that I am unable to talk today..lets talk tomorrow) 

Oh..Appa enkitta edhuvume sollalai..(Oh your dad didnt tell me anything)

She rolls her eyes...Avar neenga toongitenganu nanaichurupaaro ennavo... (He might have assumed that you are already asleep)

Enna panradhu...unkitta pesanumnu romba aasai...Nee India vandhadhukappuram indha dharavaiyaavadhu un kooda naraiya pesanum... indha dharavai 2 naal aavadhu en kooda thanguviya?? (What shall I do? I want to talk a lot with you. This time when you come to India, I want to talk  a lot with you. Will you please stay with me at least for 2 days? ) Her grandmother gets emotional..

Even Geet gets tears in her eyes...and she instantly composes herself..

Sari Paakalam Paati...Nalaiku pesalam...poi thoongungo...(Ok Lets see Grandma...will talk tomorrow. ...go and sleep now) Good Night..

Good Night kuttima and she cuts the call

Geet is really trying to compose herself taking a long breath.

She slowly looks at Maan...Sorry...its Sunday, I keep getting lot of calls...

Its alright geet...why sorry? Actually what worries me is..You looked a bit tensed..Is all fine? Is someone bothering you asking you some money?


You were mentioning money in the conversation

Geet thinks for a while and bursted out laughing...LOL She really needed this change of emotion and she naturally couldnt resist laughing after what Maan asked her...On the other hand, how could he miss on this laughter?

 He cannot help but simply admiring her.

She composes herself again...I'm sorry...its not Money...its Mani...
In tamil language, Mani means time. 

Oh...OK...he nods and he takes his turn to smile learning new language...

That was a call from my Grandmother...Even if I miss one sunday, she cant wait. She must talk with me...she has been waiting for my call till two o' clock India time...

What? He seriously wonders why all grandmas are like his own daadima

Yeah... I couldnt talk to her today because of the busy day... and  and now she calls me complaining why I didnt call her?? Uhh..
That's when I saw the time and asked her if If by any chance she knows what's the time now?

 she sighs and continues...The problem is she wakes up 4 o clock in the morning what so ever happens...she doesnt need an alarm for this...

4 o clock in the morning?? ...SERIOUSLY ?? Shocked

Yeah...even she sleeps now, she will wake up at 4 ' O clock and that's she will take a nap for an hour in the afternoon. That's it. She has been bought up like that in those days where she has to strictly wake up at 4:00 and do all house hold works...and now this time sensor is running in her blood which she can never change. 

She turns towards him ...Now tell me Something...why all grandmothers are like this?? she pauted cutely. She knows I will shout at her for her behaviour but still she does such kiddish acts. She rolls her eyes and continues...have to literally shout at her sometimes. she needs to take care of her health na? She has to eat and sleep on time...Huh...I can handle 100 patients but easily loose my patience on her 

Maan really falling for her every cuteness. She is angry on her grandmother but still it reflects her love and care...Least does she knows that even he is suffering from his own grandmother (Daadi) who is troubling him in a different way on daily basis...what to do...even he loves her unconditionally.

Your grandmother is a godess when compared to mine...
Oh really? 
Yeah...she calls me daily...and litterally threatens me if I dont take her call or dont reply her emails maximum within a day and when she needs something, she needs to get it done on time and with perfection. 
Geet giggles... LOLShe is so cute...LOL


Yeah..she is a modern savvy... and she is experimenting all her technical skills on you...that's her way of showing all her emotions but shows her pure love for you...Isint it?? Who else she will call like this apart from you? I bet no one. Hain Na??Smile

Maan seriously thinks now...YES...he is the only person whom his Daadi calls and almost threatens.. Now he turns towards to look at her...Oh...this girl...I wonder how many surprises that I need to get from her today. her POV for my Daadi is so amazing...I bet Daadi will instantly fall for her listening to this...

Coming back to my granny, its just last one or two years she has been using mobile...can never forget what all my appa went thro to train her to use her mobile. Oh goodness..LOL

He is all lost in her talks and enjoying every second of it. 

they chat for a while and then he plays the music on...

The song just began  oh...its a english 80's classic collection..she maight find it boaring...let me change...

He stopped it and she interupts...

Why are you changing it? 

its English might find it boaring...

BOARING?? Huh ...English classics are my favorite...and I guess your friend loves english classics too...

My friend?Shocked

Now, geet looks back at him confusingly...Maan...YOUR FRIEND, who owns this car...

Ohh...Oh yes...My friend...hmm...Maan smiles within thinking about his own silliness...oh my...I shout at my staff when they lie to me...And today, I must admit that its so difficult to lie and above all portraying it as the ultimate truth.Ouch

Please dont change...Especially, this song is my favourate...Tongue

Oh really? ...its my favourate too...Tongue

They smile looking at each other learning their common liking for the particular song...but their smile fades slowly and replaces with a strange embarrassment as this is the first ever time ever the  lyrics of their very favorite song hits them back strongly... as if its reflecting true state of their mind...

(The link to the  video song and lyrics are posted in the end)

Especially, these few lines...

Cant stop now I have travelled so far...

change this lonely life...

I wanna know what love is...

I want you to show me...Embarrassed

I wanna feel what love is...

I know you can show me...Embarrassed

Love that you feel inside...I know you can show me...Embarrassed

I am feeling so much love...Blushing

They slowly turn to look at each other for a brief moment and they steal glances as the lyrics of their favorite song is now putting them into a sweet embarrassment. Blushing

Thank god, they are nearing the place. Its a hotel with big ambiance. Geet has never come across this side of the town...its really beautiful and this hotel seems to be huge...He parks the car and comes to Geet's side and offers her help by bringing his right hand. She smiles and holds his hand and her to come out of the car. Her eyes wide open looking at the place around.  

Its slightly windy and she decides to tie her hair. she takes a hair band from her pouch and about to tie her hair when Maan comes and stops her by holding on her hand...Mmm..hmm... please dont...let it be open...Her heart beats faster when she hears this sudden claim in a soft manner that too  very close to her ears and she could feel his breath on her shoulder.. and his husky voice sends shivers down her spine...She slowly turns and blinks at him for a brief sec...and they are lost in each other for a brief moment...

their eyelock lost its track when they hear the valet parking assistant call out for them and Maan hands over the keys to that person.

May I?? He again brings his right hand gesturing her to hold his hand while they walk pass the place...and she happily gives in to his gesture. Embarrassed

They reach the terrace which had this French-Arabic Restaurant and the corner table was booked for them from where they have a clear view of outside world...

She is simply lost in the beauty of the place and the surroundings... WOW...It was full of mountain in the far end  and the plains are covered with greenaries here and there and  a river passing in between...and the cherry on top is the full moon which is beautifully shining on them. Geet is simply lost looking at the scenery outside... of course, he is all lost in her...

Precap: Dinner...Long drive back home...Smile
Ek aur dance chahiye kya?? Wink

Song: I wanna Know What love is... (1985)      Singer: Foreigner
Amazing song from my collection of will loose yourself to it when you hear it with your earphones on.



I gotta take a little time
A little time to think things over
I better read between the lines
In case I need it when I'm older
Aaah woah-ah-aah

Now this mountain I must climb
Feels like a world upon my shoulders
And through the clouds I see love shine
It keeps me warm as life grows colder

In my life there's been heartache and pain
I don't know if I can face it again
Can't stop now, I've traveled so far
To change this lonely life

I wanna know what love is
I want you to show me
I wanna feel what love is
I know you can show me
Aaah woah-oh-ooh

I'm gonna take a little time
A little time to look around me, oooh ooh-ooh ooh-ooh oooh
I've got nowhere left to hide
It looks like love has finally found me

In my life there's been heartache and pain
I don't know if I can face it again
I can't stop now, I've traveled so far
To change this lonely life

I wanna know what love is
I want you to show me
I wanna feel what love is
I know you can show me
I wanna know what love is
I want you to show me
And I wanna feel, I want to feel what love is
And I know, I know you can show me

Let's talk about love
(I wanna know what love is) the love that you feel inside
(I want you to show me) I'm feeling so much love
(I wanna feel what love is) no, you just cannot hide
(I know you can show me) yeah, woah-oh-ooh
I wanna know what love is, let's talk about love
(I want you to show me) I wanna feel it too
(I wanna feel what love is) I wanna feel it too
And I know, and I know, I know you can show me
Show me what is real, woah (woah), yeah I know
(I wanna know what love is) hey I wanna know what love
(I want you to show me), I wanna know, I wanna know, want know
(I wanna feel what love is), hey I wanna feel, love
I know you can show me, yeah

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Beautiful update 
Continue soon 
Posted: 4 years ago
Vry vry vry beautiful update yaar. ...nd pleeease don't say sorry for anything. ...I luved maaneet's eye lock nd maan inharofying of geet. ...aur geet is scare going alone with maan. ...well done. .eagerly waiting for nxt update

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