Maneet FF - GEETIKA - Tr2 (Fresh updates) UPATED PT 65 PG 54 - DT 23/7 - Page 54

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Posted: 2 years ago


I Am once again terribly sorry for taking this long to post an update....i have been having lots of ups and downs in my life and the only break and relaxation that i am getting now is by sharing my posts with my friends here. THANK YOU FOR UNDERSTANDING AND EAGERLY WAITING FOR MY UPDATES... I understand my old FFs GEETIKA and JOURNEY CALLED LIFE  has been very long time pending. Its my promise to make up to it and I will do it. Please be with me... and request no negative comments as that will again result in writer's blog and delay in updates...


I am going to post part 65 now..i will not be able to send PMs until next 3 weeks as I am going on a family vacation. I will be back and post the next part. (This time I will be as fast as possible)

Meantime, please do read and comment on PART 65. This post mainly focuses on Bhuvana and Geet's talks and how Bhuvana makes Geet understand certain things required for her future... Hence...There are no Maaneet scenes apart from a telephonic conversation.

As mentioned above, I will be travelling w.e.f 25th July to 15th Aug. and will be able to continue with my updates only after I return back home. But YES...I will be checking on your likes, comments and messages smiley9

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There are whole lot of spelling, grammer and related editing mistakes...+ the text colouring part is a big headache in new IF...i will do it when I come back from my vacations..

I havent sent any PMs for the last 4 months since the new IF has began...Will again be able to do it when I am back.

I am reposting GEETIKA on Wattpad...Have done 8 parts so far..and have made lot of updates in dialogues...hope you enjoy it...please do vote if you like it. Also, I would suggest new readers to begin reading it from my wattpad account. (Link given in below post)

i am once again very ver sorry for the delay...i will make up for it...its a promise smiley31


Bhuvana again looks at her...Geet's cheeks going pink and red with all embarrassment with the teasing looks Bhuvana is giving her and now Geet is feeling so shy to look back at herBlushing

Rendu vaati thaan vandhurukkom...nambu di.. Blushing (Only Twice we have come here...believe me re ) 

Hmm...Naan ippo edhavadhu sonnena?? (Did I say anything? )with a smirk that actually says it all..

She was about to comment...when she gets a call...

G: Officelendhu call...Mostly Bossa thaan irrukkum... (Office call and mostly it has to be boss)

B: Hmm...Bhuvana is not at all surprised as she had somehow expected that either of them (Maaneet) will call each other. Something is really amusing her about Geet and Maan and seriously wondering what is it?

G: Hello... Geet takes her mobile and goes to the other end to continue with the call..

Bhuvana has been observing her.......she is so glad to have met up with Geet in Person. They never ever met after that marriage mock that happened in Rasipuram. Even though there has been lot of talks and teasing going on between them today....but still Bhuvana felt there's something missing. Geet was such an open person with her...she would tell each and everything what's going on in her life, in her mind...but she is not the same after that marriage has happened... Geet has stopped visiting many of her relatives, her interactions with people around including her close relatives and cousins and surprisingly even with Bhuvana...this is really bothering Bhuvana like anything..she wants her old Geetika back. She sighs and looks up... Bhagawane...Geetika Vazhkai avvalavu thaana? Ava unga mela evvalavu nambikai vetchurukka? Naan avakitta avaloda edhirkaalatha pathi pesi thaan aaganum...Bhagawane..neenga thaan enakku vazhi panni tharanum.. (Is this an end to Geet's happiness filled life? How much she trusts you? I must openly talk to her about her life and future... must find a way for me to make it happen)

Bhuvana feels that she must have an open talk with Geet and that will be possible only during this moment she is getting to spend with Geet personally...but how shall I start and most importantly I should make her understand that its not an end of the world but a new beginning...


Right at that time, Bhuvana gets a call on her mobile. It was a call of one other cousin, Akhila from Chennai.

Hey kalyaana ponnu (Wouldbe bride) ...we are going for Shopping this evening....would you like to join?”

B: Ooh Mudiyaadhu di.....Naan Delhila irukken...(Oh its not possible...I am in Delhi right now) ippo Geetikakuda irukken... she tells this so excitedly.

“Appadiya? Enga ava aale kaanum? Ava kitta phone kudu” (Oh really? Where is she? Not to be seen these days...give the phone to her)

Bhuvana looks at Geet if she is free to talk to this cousin who is also distint cousin of Geet.

B: Ava vera oru calla irukka. Hmm sari.. naan naalanaiku vandhuduven...appuram innoruvaati Shopping polam. By the way..innaiku enga Shopping?(She is attending to a call...hmm...ok I will be back to Chennai, day after tomorrow and will go for a shopping again. By the way...where you people are going for shopping today?)

“Namma Mount Roadla irukkura POTHYs Showroomla” (Pothys Showroom that's located on Mount Road)

The word mount road hits Bhuvana on her head like a hammer... She recalls the very first encounter of Geet with a stranger and that was 2 years ago...


Hun..... Bhuvana's mind is busy with some other thoughts now... Sorry di...I have to cut the call Enjoy Shopping OK......Naan Chennai vandhadum unakku phone panren... (I will call you once I am back to Chennai) Bye...

Bhuvana cuts the call... she recalls that incident that happened in Mount Road chennai...that was almost 2 years back ...Geetika slapped a stranger...and it was all mistake of identity and then later she felt sorry for him and she started to feel for him... and that stranger is none other than her boss...MAAN.... Huh Bhubana gasps and closes her mouth with this shock. “Idha naan eppadi miss panninen?” (How did I miss on this?) In the hush bush of my engagement and busy schedule in Delhi, I totally missed to check further on this with her... Uhh..MY BIG MISTAKE!!! YES...its HIM...MAAN...That stranger whom she began to like and then...when she came here, she got to see him and that too as her Boss...and Geetika had called me and told me about the interview and her boss is none other than that stranger...It really shocked me at that time but later after that I missed to check on her what happened further? for a long time Bhuvana has been breaking her head on how to make Geet seriously understand about her life and, as if God has given her the clue...She looks up and thanks God for giving her such a hint...

She turns to look at Geet and starts observing her from a distance...Now, she is very close in getting answers for what's going on between Geet and her boss.... HMM... GEETIKA, ...I bet I will not leave you today...and she patiently waits for her to finish with the call.

Meantime, Bhuvana chats with her fiance Prasanna. He had initiated Bhuvana that she has to message him every half an hour to one hour as she is absolutely new to Delhi. She messages him about the present whereabouts.


On the other end with Geet, She takes the call and says HELLO

Maan remains silent for a moment listening to her by day its really getting weird for him...Its barely one hour since she left and now he is feeling as if he has not heard her for eternity..

She looks at her mobile and the signal symbol is clear but still not able to hear anyone from the other side. She gets up and moves away from her table and again tells HELLO...

M: Woh..Hann Geet...

She was about to drop her mobile..but then composes herself.....A slight smile touches her lips as well... Yes Sir..

M: Are you free now? Can we talk?

G: Hmm sure sir...I had told you that you can call me anytime...

There was a silence and Geet is biting her lower lips thinking what she is actually blabbering.

G: Woh..I mean... when I have to be out of office, you might need some info from please feel free to talk...

He rubs his temple and continues to talk...Woh..Yesterday, Manish had called me and fixed an appointment with me for today...around this time and it completely went out of my mind...

G: Oh is it? ...I am so SORRY...

she was sounding so sweet when she was saying this sorry filled with embarrasment.

M: Now, why are you sorry?

G: You see...I wouldn't have come out with Bhuvana if atall I was aware of this meeting. I can come back to office if you want.

He thinks “HOW NICE”...and then Oops... “what am I even thinking..”He sighs and continues.

M: Its alright Geet, its my fault as I completely forgot about it. And today, Manish was on the way and trying to reconfirm the meeting just half an hour before the scheduled time...

G: Oh No....then what happened?

M: As you were out of office, I requested if Sasaha can be present for the interview...

Now a days, the mear name of Sasha is burning her in and out...

G: WHAT? She almost shouts... you tried to involve SASHA... She gulps and continues...Mera Matlab hain SASHA Ma'm

Maan didnt expect such an outburst from her end. Where as Geet is litterally fuming listening to Sasha's name...Bhagavane... why on earth he is trying to involve Sasha when she had done enough damage with that project and moreover Manish hates her too...

G: Woh Sir... Don't mistake me... you see...Manish sir has clearly instructed me to keep Sasha at least 10 feet away from him.. and you are again and again trying to involve Sasaha in the meeting and you are irritating him unnecessarily.

M: Well..I knew that he doesnt get thro with Sasha..but didnt know that it could be to this level. Also, I personally didnt want Sasha to attend this meeting due to her weird behaviour today. But didnt have any other choice.

Oops...That means Sasha mam met up with him today? Bhagawaane..rendu berukku naduvula enna pechu vaadham nadandhudo? (What all discussions would have happened between boss and Sasha?) Should I ask him further on this?...No leave it..why to waste our time talking about that Sasha? All that matters is he is finally angry on Sasha...HAYYA!! She is happy like a kid got a bunch full of candy.

Wish I was present when he would have poured out his anger on Sasha...huh...She is pauting and murmuring bit louder...and Maan got confused..

M: were saying something?

G: sir..I could understand how mad Manish would be at US now.. if you want, I will call him and talk to him.

M: No worries... Its true...Manish really got upset and then I had to do lot of pleading to calm him down..and then he agreed..

G: Oh I see... Geet is biting her lower lips to control her laugh maximum extent...she missed to see DD's red and pink face when Maneesh would have drooled over him over the phone... Bhagavane...ennala sirruppu thaangala...(I am not able to control my laugh) I bet this Manish is the one whom boss fears the most but he will never agree.

M: I have requested to reschedule this meeting for tomorrow same time...So, be prepared for this meeting tomorrow.

G: Sure...I will be prepared and do the needful for all necessary arrangements that needs to be done for the meeting.

M: You have that Business Development report with you right? You need to keep cross checking and updating each day as this project progresses...and see if you have any more details to ask/add and any more details to be taken into consideration for tomorrow's meeting.

G: Hmm..sure Anything else sir?

There was an awkward silence that followed

Something weird in him is making him feel lonely when she is not in the office at this point of time..and he wants to know if she too feels the same…

M: Woh..haan...have you decided about ..

He wanted to check on her planning with regard to the shifting and just then hot tiffin has been served and Buvana calls out for her loudly

“Geetika..seekaram vaadi.”. (Geetika..please come fast)

She holds her mobile close to her heart so that her boss doesn't hear her talk with buvana..

G: Oru nimisham wait pannu di... (Wait for a minute)

on the other side, Maan could listen to her loud heart beats and closes his eyes..and then got distracted with her voice getting back...

G: Hmm..sorry sir.. Buvana was calling out for me.. so..what were you saying ?

M: woh..haan...have you decided about your evening plan?

G: Actually, not yet sir..will let you know..

Again Bhuvana shouts out for her.


G: Woh..I have got Buvana to Simply South restaurant.. the tiffin has been served and she is going impatient waiting for me to join her...

M: So, are'nt you missing me?

Geet didn't understand in the first place... but could sense his voice got into a teasing spree and Geet was suddenly put into a stand still mode. She didn't know what to comment.


He just realised what he's doing Oh Maan...what are you even asking? and tried to cover up.

M: I mean...we had been to this place together twice. And the last one being just two days ago.

Geet's heart suddenly races up hearing WE and Together... and she is heaving like anything...

G: Woh..haan..hmm..

Thanks to bhuvana...she calls out for Geet...

“GEETIKA...tiffin aaruthu di..seekiram vadi.. “(The tiffin is getting cold...come fast )

G: Sir..I have to go.. Bhuvana is calling out for me...

M: You didnt answer my question...

G: Y..YES Sir... she closes her mouth controlling her gasp that followed with what she just admitted...I...I mean...I am sorry...I have to go.. she was about to cut the call and felt its rude on her part to do so...And have any other task with regard to office, do let me know...bye...

M: GEET...

She closes her eyes anticipating him to repeat his can I say that I dont miss I miss him...Eeh...Ayyo Bagawane...what's the answer??

She gulps before answering Ji Sir..

M: Do keep me posted about what and how you have planned your evening..

Geet closes her eyes and takes a phew...Aum...Sure sir.. Bye

M: Bye...

On the other side..Maan looks at his mobile and is really astonished for asking her such a question. Wondering what GEET will be thinking about me.

At the same time, she cuts the call and again smiles at the mobile and was caught by Bhuvana..

and again Geet had to give a silliest of her smile to Bhuvana.

G: Hmm...sorry had to wait for me.

B: cha...appadiellam onnum illai (Hey..nothing like that) see that call was more important..

Geet again glances at her..

B: Oh dearie...I mean it was official call right..that's what I meant to say.

Bhuvana is gigling within...enjoying Geet's irritative if her mind is accepting on something and she making sure to go against it...Bhuvana is really feeling all strange about Geet's each and every movement when her boss is arround or even when she is speaking over the phone with him. She has lot of things to clear and make Geet realise and understand to forget the past and give focus to her present and future. And for this Bhuvana has just few hours and she must put some sence into her sweet sister's life.

B: Apparam vera enna vishayam?? Vishesham?? (then...what else? Anything special?)

G: Nee thaan di kalyana ponnu...nee thaan sollanum..Athimber eppadi? Avanga family ellam eppadi? ( are the one who is going to get married tell is Jiju? How is his family?)

B: Avar romba nallavar di...nalla pesarar nalla pazhagarar...Avar Delhila 3 varushama indha velaila irukkar...Avar family ellam chennai settled. (He is a very nice person...he talks so nicely...well behaved...he is settled in delhi for the last 3 years because of this job...his family is chennai settled)

Even Geet could feel there has been such a time gap between her and Bhuvana....wish their lives get back to normal like it used to be 2 years back.

G: Hmmm...Good....Enakku unkitta oru vishayam ketkanum...nee kalyanam 2 varusham kaichu vetchukalamnu sollitrundai...ippo, eppadi otthundai? (I am curious to know one thing. You were keen to wait for at least 2 years and then get, how come you agreed?)

Hmm..idhukku pinnadi oru kadhaiye irukku. ... (There's a story behind all this) sometime back, I attended a friend's wedding and Prassanna was close friend of the groom... We got introduced to each other and had some short interactions and then we both moved on in our lives from there

Geet's mouth was wide open listening to this...Appadinna...idhu love marriagea? (, its love marriage?) Geet waks on Bhuvana's hand...Sollave illa?? Kalli!! (You never told me?? you thief)

A red hue forms in Bhuvana's cheeks.. Geetika...please...naan sollaradha muzhusa kelen...Appuram, unnodaya yosanai sollu. (Allow me to complete my talk and then share your thoghts..

Bhuvana takes a phew and continues...Yes...I kind of liked him but didn't want to get desperate and fall in love or develop unnecessary feelings for him as I had some other objectives in life. Moreover, I didnt know what feelings he possessed for me and if he had similar feeling then, would that be serious enough to decide to marry me?.. .but then, within a short frame, I got an alliance...remember I called you when you were in office and I told you that the groom's family was coming to see me in the evening...and later in the evening I gave you the good news?

Geet remembered that was the night she was stuck in the meeting room along with Maan...a smile touches her lips as it was a night to remember....She just says Hmm and lost in some other world while Bhuvana continues.

B: It was my parents who were forcing me to see him...they were trying to convince me that its a very good aliance...a decent guy and a wonderful family...and “MY” decision shall be the final one... I was not too sure but I could'nt go against my parent's will and I had made up my mind to tell a NO after the guy and his family's visit... But it was a big big surprise for me as the guy was none other than Prasanna... I dont know why, my joy knew no bounds... I didnt know that he was so interested in me that he decided to marry me and ONLY ME. When we got to talk alone..he told me that the moment he got introduced to me in that wedding, he decided that moment itself “I WAS THE ONE”... Now, How could I tell him a NO when I began to like him as well.. And that's it...both families mingled so well with each other and mutually agreed to knot “US” into a relationship.

Bhuvana takes a sigh... Hmm...ippo sollu...idhu Lovea illa Arrangeda? (Now, you tell it love or arranged?)

Geet holds on to her hand and doesnt matter to me now as either ways, its proved that you both are truely made for each other.. Geet has tears of joy and she bites her lower lips to further control on her tears and emotions... she prays to her bhagawan that her sister's marriage and her further married life shall be filled with all happiness.

Bhuvana couldn't see tears in Geet's eyes..She too holds back Geet's hand...and she makes up her mind to sort out Geet's messed up life...

B: Hmm..Naan sollavendiyadhellam solliyaachu...ippo unnoda turn...Nee unnoda edhir galathukku enna mudivu eduthurukkai? (Hmm..I have told all what I have to tell about myself. Now, its your turn......what have you decided about your future?)

G: Enna mudivu edukaradhu? Vazhkai appadiye poindrukku (What decision to take? Life is just going on) She says so spontaneously.

B: Unnoda kalyanatha pathi enna yosikkarai? (What have you decided about your marriage).

The word marriage again brings all waves of confusion into Geet's thoughts.

G: Enna Bhuvana? Kalyanama? Adhuvum enakka? Ithanai en vazhkaila nadandhadhu kappuram kalyanatha pathi eppadi yosikamudiyum? (What are you saying Bhuvana? Marriage and that too for me? After all what has happened in my life, how can I even think about marriage?)

B: Nee yen ippadi pesarai? Edhu nadandhadho nadandhu pochu...adhula unnoda thappu edhuvum illai (Why are you talking like this? What happened has happened...and you are not at all at fault)

Geet has a tear in her eyes...enakku kalyanathulla irukkara nambikkai ellam pochu (I have lost trust in marriage)

Bhuvana is holding her hand and continues...Geetika, nambikkai illaiya illa Bhayama irukka ? (You dont have trust OR you are scared )

Geet looks at her questioningly...

B: Ennala un mugathula innum andha kalyana kalai parka mudiyudhu (I can see that shine in your face. Which depicts your fondness about marriage)

Geet looks away and nods for a if she is forcing herself not to accept.

B: Nee oruthara virumbarai adhu enakku nalla therinju pochu (I could clearly understand that you are interested in someone)

Geet rolls her eyes...and her heart beats faster as if she is caught red handed.

G: Ennadi pesarai? Appadiellam onnum illai...enna numbu.. (What are you saying? There's nothing like that. Trust me)

B: Geetika..nee oru sila vishayatha enkittendhu maraikalam...aana, unkittendhu adha maraichu endha payanum illai (There are few things which you can try to hide it from me but there's no use in hiding it from yourself)

Geet looks here and there but she doesn't dare to look back at Bhuvana and Bhuvana simply smiles at her.

G: Enna?? Naan eppo unkittendhu edhavadhu maraichen? (What? When did I hide anything from you?)

B: Oh...Appadiya? Appadinna onne onnu pannu...en kanna paarthu badhil pesu. (Oh really? Now, do one thing, look into my eyes and answer)

Geet has always been straight forward with Bhuvana but doesnt looks the same case today. She gives one look into Bhuvana's eyes and steals her glance immediately.


B: Geetika, oru sila vishayangal nee ethanai vena maraikalamm aana unnoda kanngal adhai kaatikuduthudum. (Geetika, there are certain things which you can pretend to hide but your eyes cannot hide it)

G: Bhuvana, nee enna solla varai, onnum puriyalai. (Bhuvana, I am not able to understand what are you saying)

B: Nee en kittendhu oru unmaiya maraikarai..Adhu ennanu unakku nalla teriyum (You are hiding something from me. And you know very well what it is)

G: Bhuvana, please...marupadiyum marupadiyum adhe Pecha ? (Bhuvana, why are we getting into same talks again?)

B: Appadi thaan Pesuven..aayiram tharava adhe kezhvi ketpen..nee unmai pesara varaikkum. (I will talk like that only...even for one thousand times I will repeat my questions...till the time you speak out the truth)

Bhuvana is also equally stubborn to make the truth come out of Geet as if this chance is ignored, Bhuvana could get to meet Geet again only during her wedding and no way she is going to let things go like this.

G: Bhuvana..ingendhu kalambalam..Mani Parthiya? Naale Gaal (Bhuvana..Lets leave from here...Its getting late and its already 4: 15)

Geet gets up to leave and Bhuvana pulls her down back to her chair..Geet is really shocked

B: Mani Pannandu aanalum enakku kavalai illai..ippo sollu...yen enkittendhu ivvalovu periya unmaiyai maraikarai? (Even if the clock strikes 12, I dont care..Now tell me. Why are you hiding such a truth from me?)

G: Enna maraichen?...Geet thinks seriously...and she assumes Bhuvana is talking about her (Geet) shifting base from Pinky to Boss's home. Oh...Purinjupochu.. Pinky unkitta ellathayum olarita (Now I understood...Pinky has blabbered everything to you). Aaamam...Naan innailendhu boss veetoda outhousela thangaporen. Naan idha unkitta sollalaam thaan irundhen adhukulla, Indha Pinky..huh (Yes...from today, I am going to stay in the outhouse of my boss's home. I was about to tell you this and before that this Pinky...Huh) See..Appa Ammaoda sammadhathoda thaan indha mudivu eduthen (See..I took this decision with Mom and dad's approval).

Bhuvana is really feeling like banging herself on the wall near by...this is not the truth she is talking about. Now how to put some sence in to Geet? She is really not able to understand. Meantime, she patiently listens to Geet as Geet Continues with all coincidences that had happened with Daadi and Annie..Buvana is pretty shocked to know that Annie is Maan's younger sister. Its really the biggest coincidence.

B: Enna? Unnoda Bangalore Aathukku unkittendhu tution padikka varuvale...Andha Annie thaane? (What? You mean, that girl who was attending tutions under your guidance at your Bangalore home?)

Geet nods for a YES.

B: Ava unnoda boss oda sondha thangaiya?

She again nods for a YES cutely

Bhuvana is really humbled with the sweetest of the surprise learing about loving and caring Daadi and innocent Annie are actually Maan's Grandmother and Sister respectively.

G: Annie vazhkaioda, naraiya vishayathula romba weaka irukka..Padippilum kooda (Annie is still weak in so many aspects of life and that includes her education as well) Ava Bangalorela irundhappo ava nalla improve aana. Adhukku enna karanamnu unakku nallave therium. (She had improved a lot when she had stayed in Bangalore and you know the reason why). Adhanaalathaan.. Daadi ennai avva aathu outhousela thanga solli request pannina..Annie kosaram. (That's why Daadi requested me to stay in the outhouse...because of Annie)

Bhuvana is absolutely speechless now. Above all this she is convinced that these are not mear coincidences that's happening in Geet's life. And this gives her a clear picture about what to talk with Geet now. She thanks god that she has asked for one hint and she got these many hints.

Bhuvana rests her hand on Geet's shoulder.

Geet...I am happy for you and all positive happenings in your life and Daadi has taken a wise decision to accommodate you within KM premises..

Bhuvana thinks deep within her...There's some strange bond which is tying Geet and Maan together. If at all that so called disaster in name of marriage didn't happen in Geet's life then, her life would have been completely different. She would have happily accepted that she is truly, madly and deeply in love with Maan.

Bhuvana sighs sadly...she wants to make things happen now...and she has to talk about it.

Aana naan solla vandhadhu innoru unmaya bathi... (I was referring to other truth that you are hiding from me)

Geet looks at her questioningly.

B: Nee Chennaila oruthara Aranjiye..Adhu unnoda Maan Sir thaane? (You slapped someone in Chennai...wasnt it Maan Sir?)

Geet skipped her heart beat as least did she expect Bhuvana to ask her this.

B: Nee yaaraiyavadhu virumbaraiyannu un paati ketappo..Unakku Maan Nyabagam thaane vandhadhu? (Didnt you remember Maan when your grandmother questioned about your interest in someone)

Geet skipped her heart beat as least did she expect Bhuvana to ask her this. Her head bent down.

B: You had accepted this fact and many a times you were openly talking to me mentioning “That Stranger” as you didnt even know his name that time and how you wished you get to see him again...didnt you admit this?

Geet remains quite...

B: But you just shut the door on this topic when you got married to that Shankar...and you never ever opened that door again...even after that marriage is considered as a void.

Geet is all lost for words now. She is not able to accept nor deny.

B: Badhil pesu di. (C'mon...speak up)

She nods her head for a YES cutely...aana Bhuvana...all that is a past now. ippo avar vazhkai vera ennoda vazhkai vera. (Now, our lives are different) . When I got to meet him again, I asked him for forgiveness for all that happened in chennai and explained him under what circumstances I had slapped him..he understood and forgive me..that's it and there ends the story..

Bhuvana Chukkles listening to this...Geetika, good that you apologised...but that was not the end of the story my was a new beginning(So far as I have doesnt seem like that)

G: Appadina? (Means?)

B: Means yours and your Maan Sir's lifeline are connected with each other.

Geet's mouth wide open...Bhuvana....Nee enna pesarainnu unakke theriyutha? (Do you even realise what you are talking?)

B: Nalla therinjuthaan di pesaren...unakku thaan onnum theriyamaatenguthu illa appadi nadikiriya? (I know what I am are the one who is denying it or you are acting as if you want to deny?)

G: Ayyo...nee enna solrai? Onnum puriyalai? (Oh...what are you saying? I am not able to follow)

B: Well...I will explain... You come to get job in KC and your boss “Maan Sir” is none other than the person you bumped in Chennai...then Anni turned out to be Maan Sir's Sister...Inbetween all this his Daadi and you get into a strong friendship bond... Bhuvana takes a phew... and you dare to deny all this? Do you need further have got into a situation where you have to stay in your boss's place....ithanaiyum edharthama nadakalai di...Andha bhagavan ennamo planning seyyarar... (All this is not a coincidence...some planniing is going on in Babaji's mind)

Geet is still not convinced...or she is forcing herself not to get convinced easily.

B: All these are indicating that your life is moving towards a common goal..

What Goal could it be now? Already that marriage has created enough havoc in her life and here, all the confusions that happened between her and Maan...that email and then all acquisitions that followed when she visited Khurana Mansion for the first tme... Even though Maan truly regretted for all his deeds but still his fuming eyes and those harsh words are still haunting and haunting her mind and soul...she can never ever bare it if he again accuses her for proving all what he thought about her was true... Yes...she has that soft corner for him but she cannot move beyond the thin line between her and Maan...she is just a secretary to him and now, she is going to stay in KM for the sake of Annie and Daadi...nothing more than that. She instantly puts a stop to all what Bhuvana is telling....


Bhuvana is really taken back..she could clearly see how much Geet still loves Maan but what is stopping her now.

G: If at all God had intended on what you are saying now, then he would have got us to meet again before I was forced to marry Shankar. But NO...we never got to meet again..and see..our life has taken different turns after that.

B: Its all because of a valid reason may be...but all is well that ends well... and over and above all, I have noticed that your boss is also interested in you..

Geet nods for a NO... you are completely mistaken... he is just being nice and kind to me.

B: I am not mistaken dear..I am damn sure...I could clearly read in his eyes ...the way he looks at you...the way he talks to you.. a natural smile touching his lips when he sees you hear you talk...and even now he called will say it was to inform about a meeting...and to tell this he will take 10 mins? Hah...he was simply finding means and ways to talk to you.

Geet doesn't want to think seriously anymore..moreover, with the recent past incidences between her and Maan, she still thinks that its wiser to maintain a safer distance than getting disappointed at a later stage. she would prefer to keep this relationship as simple as possible. Also she cannot tell all that to Bhuvana as Bhuvana will outrightly began to hate Maan for his behaviour...

G: Bhuvana...idhellam othu varadhu di (All this is not possible di) ....lets leave this topic here.

B: I will leave it...but can you really?

G: I am not at all in a position to face another tragedy in life.

B: See...till now you never said that you are NOT INTERESTED in are only worried about the problems that might occur.

G: YES...I AM interested in him... but that's restricted to admiring him from far..that's all. I cannot move any further and this distance cannot be reduced.

B: What if he moves ahead towards you? Will that not cover the distance?

Geet is just blinking back at Bhuvana... she had enough and she has to pull down Bhuvana out of her imaginative world.

G: Dont think too much about it will never ever see he can get one better than other girl. He is Maan Singh Khurana...Richie Rich business tycoon...

B: But he is a human being end of the day who is looking for someone who would love and care for him.

Geet is immediately put into silence.

B: He will get many girls coming on his way but not every girl is GEETIKA...and he wants YOU...

G: NO...

B: What if its a YES?

G: NO...

B: What if he proposes you?

G: I Will accept

Geet closed her she spoke her heart out without her own knowledge...

G: mean...

Dont even try to mean anything else as its an absolute lie. .... Bhuvana smirks at her... now, you have admitted that if he proposes you, you will accept it...and for me that's a promise..

Geet holds Bhuvana's hand and nods for a no...

Bhuvana sighs...see...what I wanted to hear from you, I have heared...Taht's it.. and that's all matters to me. And dont tell that it will not happen...IT WILL HAPPEN...

Geet's mobile rings again and she almost jumps as if she is pushed back from the another world.

B: Oh...boss calling again? Bhuvana teases her...with a naughty smirk..

She checks on the caller and takes a sigh of relief…

G: its call from Daadi, I mean Maan Sir's Paati..She looks up and thanks her god that it was not a call from Maan sir this time...but also surprised to see Daadi calling for her.

Bhuvana chuckles within looking at her dear sister's face which is flushed with all colours of emotions...while Geet answers the call.

Geet: Hello Daadima

Daadi: Hello Geet beta..Kaisi hain aap?

Geet: I am absolutely fine tell me how are you? Howz your health?

Daadi: All fine dear...I guess you are still in office. If you want, you can leave early so that you can pack your things. I will also arrange for a pick up from your home in the evening.

Geet: mean.

Daadi: I know you are worried about your boss...I will call him and inform him

Geet: Nahin woh..I am already out. My cousin Bhuvana is here in Delhi.

Daadi: Acha? That's nice.

Geet: Haan Daadi. Her fience is here in Delhi so, she is here for 2 days. Today she gave me a big surprise by visiting me in office.

Daadi: Oh very good. I am so happy for you.

Geet: Thank You Daadima... and you know, Bhuvana was well received by Maan sir...and also he agreed when Bhuvana had requested half a day leave for that she can spend decent time with me today...that too without any argument or second thought.

Daadi couldn't believe what she is hearing. Definitely her grandson (Maan) is changing for all good.

Daadi: Oh really? This is just unbelievable.

Geet: Haan Daadi...but this time its not me its Bhuvana who made this request... and he agreed. Infact I had been telling him that lot of works are pending in office..but I was forced to take a break today and you should see how Maan Sir and Bhuvana Teamed up in chasing me out of office.

Geet is telling this with all the excitement and Daadi is all giggling...and listening to her.

D: I am happy for you beta. Daadi sighs now...I know how much you have been missing your family and Bhuvana being here would mean a lot at this moment. So, spend quality time with her and don't take any trouble with the shifting chores. If you want you can move to our place tomorrow then.

G: No Daadima, there's no trouble at all. I will be shifting today and I am almost done with Packing and stuff. Just tiny miny things pending.

D: Par beta..there's no pressure what so ever take your time and move in tomorrow.

G: I am absolutely fine with it. I have promised you and I will keep up my promise. Moreover in my family, we consider it as a bad omen when we unnecessarily delay on implementing things.

Daadi is really moved with Geet's concern for her and now she is even more happier with her decision to have asked Geet to move into KM GH.

D: Jaise aap chaho but on one condition...

Geet is really getting curious to know what condition Daadima is going to put now...hope there's nothing serious. And Daadi Continues...

D: Dariye mat beta...All I request is, please bring Bhuvana along with you when you move in this evening. She is your cousin and guess its her first visit to Delhi. I would love to meet her. Hope you dont mind.

G: Woh...woh ...sure... Why would I mind? Its just that I have to check with Bhuvana on her evening schedule. Just hold on..

Geet doesnt know how to check with Bhuvana...Geet murmurs to Bhuvana to check on her availability keeping Daadi's call on hold....

G: Bhuvana, Daadi vandhu unnayum aava manscionku varasolranga. (Bhuvana, Daadi wants you too to accompany me to Khurana Manscion this evening) Are you free...?

B: Hmm..enaku tight schedule thaan (I have a tight schedule) ..but its ok...shall manage.

Geet takes a sigh and replies to Daadima... Done Daadima...she will accompany me this evening.

D: Gr8...will eagerly wait for you both. So, see you in the evening.

G: See you Daadima..

Geet cuts her call and takes a sigh again...... Thank you di.. I know you have a very tight schedule and still you have agreed to accpet Daadima's request.

B: Anything for my dear Sis hmm... :) And I will be happier to meet Maan sir's family...

Geet again gives her a stern look..

B: are going to stay there right that's why...Moreover Daadi seems to be such a sweet lady...

G: Aaamam di ... avanga appadiye ennoda paati mathiri (Yes...just like my paati)

B: the way, you have to pack your things and move out of Pinky's house.

G: Everything is done..Pinky will come back home and then have to bid Good bye to her and leave with my things..

Just then Bhuvana's mobile pings with a message...

B: Geetika...Have to go out...I will be back in a minute...

G: Hey...enga porai?

B: You will know...please wait...will be back in a minute...

To be continued...

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I would suggest new New readers of GEETIKA to start reading on Wattpad as its a revised version.

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WELCOME DEARIE...HOW ARE YOU??? long long time!!smiley31

By the way, I have added a short note above. Please read it. Will be posting my update in some time.

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Originally posted by Vaidhumom

WELCOME DEARIE...HOW ARE YOU??? long long time!!smiley31

By the way, I have added a short note above. Please read it. Will be posting my update in some time.

Read di and I am fine yup long time 

 enjoy your vacation with family 

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Originally posted by fariya20

Read di and I am fine yup long time 

 enjoy your vacation with family 

Thanks Dear smiley31

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