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Posted: 6 years ago
Awesome update
Loved it
Continue soon
Thanks for PM
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Posted: 6 years ago

Here, let me tell you..

First of all.. the italic part are flashbacks, this method I had learnt from few good FF writers but still if you guys had problems in understanding then from next time I will make sure to give the headings of 'FB start and end'.

So for my friends, like Nicronyariya, who didnt understood the update, Thanks alot for the comment and letting me know that I should make the update more understandable and I will improve my writing method.

Originally posted by: nicronyariya

Truely speaking

I didn't understand anything
Coz I'm not able to understand at what point flashback is starting and what is going on presently...coz u have mixed everything so it's very difficult to understand...
Can u plzzz help me out with this...
Can u plzzz brief me what is going on in present???
And speaking on the things which I understood were awesme
Thank God aroya r not apart
Arjun loves Riya so much... I must say their love is eternal
But what is going on in present????
Plzzz do help me out on. This matter
Cont soon
Thanx for pm

Here I am giving you all the summary of my update Part 22

Seeing Arjun all helpless, vulnerable and at the point of breaking. Riya start thinking about the past, one month back, where she was devastated, broken and so traumatized after that horrendous, torturous event that she scares even from the words Male, man, etc. Though she was not raped but  that almost raped sketched in her heart and brain. She got afraid of her own father and best friends forget about others and that time she found solace or I should say her heart found peace and security in her love, her husband's arms (According to her a husband for the time of case). Mr Mukherjee too thought that maybe impured, broken Riya will become a baggage for Arjun so he asked Arjun to leave her after she recovers as her parents will be there for her, but Arjun had reject him rudely in the end for even thinking about separating his Riya from him along with a warning and assurance of not leaving her till his last breathe. Riya too tried to find out through doctor that was she raped, impured or not that night which lead to a big lecture by Arjun along with last warning and scolding for calling him Sir still. As only Arjun can approach her and she get comfortable in his presence only with nurse and doctors too and so he did every possible trial to made her strong and bring her back to her normal self. He supported her to bring her out of her shell. And his constant efforts succeeded after one month.

(Here is the present, where she is trying to help Arjun out)
Thinking about his constant attempt, Riya too determined herself  to help him out of this situation and after thinking sometimes she remembered about Sakshi waiting for orders, so Riya give Arjun few hints and asusual our rebelious Hero, Arjun caught the clue instantly though after seeing her face and getting assurance from Riya. They start fighting verbally as a husband wife which people called banters of lovers with few jealousy hint which distract the goons too while Arjun's bluetooth conveyed the message to Sakshi, who along with Liza and Backup force attacked and freed everyone while after getting rid of ropes, Sameer hugged Arjun tightly and Arjun too hug him back and closed his eyes to compose himself but got astonished feeling hugged by many arms.

Here i guess now did I helped you all.


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Posted: 6 years ago
Thank u so much da
Seriously speaking now I understood clearly...
Thanx for ur reply to my request...
And sorry if hurted...
But still its really amazing ...
Ur idea is good...
But making Riya strong why arjun himself became weak...
I can understand his state...hope Riya will help him out soon
And thank u so much for the clarifications...
Give the next update soon
Thanx for the pm
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Posted: 6 years ago
Thanks for the brief dear 
To make it more clear use FB START and FB END it will be the best or you can change font color too it's just an advice from me I hope this will help readers to understand better 
Waiting for update 
Continue soon 😊
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Posted: 6 years ago
Thanks for brief and ya agreed wt love.gold said change the color also just suggestion
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Posted: 6 years ago
love it
hmm finally riya is getting back to normal
with arjun help...
updates  soon
thnx 4 pm
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Posted: 6 years ago
amazing superb update 
Thanks for brief dear
Continue soon 
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Posted: 6 years ago
awsome update..

love it..

FB was heart touching..

wah Riya ke trick se Sakshi tak message pahucha..n they get saved on time..

plz continue soon

thanks 4 pm
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Posted: 6 years ago


Getting rid of the ropes, Rathod hugged Arjun tightly and sigh deeply. Arjun too hugged him and closed his eyes still trying to get rid off his fear but next moment he get astonished as he felt himself being pulled in hug by lots of arms. Arjun tried to break away and look who are hugging him but arms tighten their hold on him, not letting him see anyone. Soon he felt wetness on his chest and forcefully break the hug with frown, he was ready to shout in frustration but melt down on the sight infront of him.

There he saw Ayesha with tear filled eyes, Shree Chotu are sniffing, Sakshi and Liza are standing with moist eyes behind them sighing in relief. While Rathod is standing beside Arjun looking at his team come Family with a look of satisfaction, relief in his eyes and small smile on his lips. Seeing them all Arjun's anger melt away and his lips curved up, as he thought to pull their leg for behaving childish instead of reputated, brave cops.

But before he could speak a word out, his breath got stuck in his throat on hearing a soft yet clear voice of cry which made him realized that he just forgot about the wetness on his shirt as no one in his team has shed a tear other than having teary eyes being brave officers, they are. And realizing this, he look down and saw the heart wrenching sight of Riya, his Riya crying badly on his shirt, still clutching his colar tightly.

Gulping the sight, Arjun put his one hand on her waist while his other hand try to cup her cheek but Riya shrug of his hand from her face while snuggling more into his chest rubbing her face on his shirt. Arjun sighed understanding that she wouldn't stop anytime soon as he knew how his helpless state affect her, especially after whatever she went through. So he put his hand on her head and let her cry while look towards Sameer, who nod at his gesture and said "Team lets go back, our work is finish here."

Sameer walk out with others, after throwing SUV keys at Arjun and they went along with backup force. Now Arjun and Riya are standing there, hugging each other, in silence except the sound of Riya's sobbing and sniffing. Finally after few minutes of her crying, Arjun have had enough and said in a stern yet low voice "Riya, now stop it. Enough of your tears."

Hearing his voice, Riya tried to control her tears by taking deep breath and mumble in cracked voice "Please..iss tarah phir kabhi pareshan mat hona ap... Mu..mujhse nahi dekha jaata..." saying so she again start crying.
Arjun gulped before hugging her tightly and whispered "Riyu.. if you keep crying like this... I also start crying as you know your tears made me feel helpless. Tum jaanti ho mai us waqt helpless kyu feel kar rha tha? Mujhe tension nahi thi that I will lose my loved ones again because untill and unless I didnt saw everything finished. I would have not break down but seeing your tears aur tumhe us ke gun point par dekh kar I got scared thinking that what will I do if you again go back to that state. Your fearful wide eyes, your screams on seeing haunted nightmares almost every night, you getting scared by sounds of shuffling anything especially metallic things, your heart wrenching sob in every morning as you relive that day. I cursed myself in all these moment to not able to protect you. And today also I was afraid of losing you again which panicked me and I was not able to think anything calmly. I was scared to lose my family like team but more over I was afraid of losing you. Please do not ever leave me or go back to that state. Please. I beg yo..."

Riya stop him from continuing by putting her fingers of his lips and shook her vigorously in NO. She said softly "You don't have to beg anything, just say I will do it. Hmm.?" Arjun smiled slightly and nod his head before kissing her fingers which made Riya took her hand away immediately while her cheeks get red as she blushed profusely.
Sighing in relief, Arjun said "Come lets go home." Riya look up at him and said "But Case..?"
Smiling slightly, Arjun shook his head and said "Don't worry, Shree Chotu kal tumhi se report puri karwayeinge but I know Sam must have call for night till now. So lets go." Riya turned around towards the exit gate on hearing his words curiously and got stunned on seeing dark outside. Arjun came behind her and whispered in her ears "Wifey its already half past Seven."
Riya shivered as she felt his warm breath on her skin and tried to walk away from him, to hide her blush on his words, but her vision started getting blur while the world around her spin, she tried to compose herself but was not able to do so and gasped whispering "Arjun", as she was about to faint.

Arjun smiled on seeing her shyness and look at his mobile phone but instantly turn his eyes at Riya on hearing her gasp, he rush towards her and held her before she fell down. Arjun panicked and pat her cheek saying "Riyu! Riyu! Kya hua? Riya!" He pick her up in his arms and rush towards car. He made Riya who is still half conscious, sit on the passenger seat, carefully and drive towards home, after messaging Doctor Sheen to reach home fast.

ETF Headquarter

After clearing everything at the crime scene, team along with back up reached back to headquarter. Rathod asked everyone to get some rest and refreshment for some time before completing the case report, everyone did relax little bit and get back to work while Shree and Chotu whinned in frustration and gave pity look at each other saying "The Perk of marrying your only helpful best friend to your own boss."

Soon after 6:30, Sameer calls for day as he knew it was a tiring day for all, physically as well as emotionally. He saw everyone left but the light of Conference Room is still on. He went inside to switch it off muttering how irresponsible and careless his team becomes sometimes, but stopped at the threshold of the room on seeing Ayesha sitting there lost in her thoughts while her eyes were moist. Sameer clear his throat to get her attention but didnt get succeeded. Frowning at this he walked inside and put his hand on Ayesha's shoulder while calling her "Ayesha!" This broke her trance and she got startled "HUH!? Ap?"
"Itna kya soch rahi ho? Koi pareshani?" He asked.
"Umm.. nahi.. nahi kuch bhi nahi. Ap yahan.?" She asked and start looking at the file in her hands.
"I should be asking this. Everyone had left half an hour ago but you are here lost somewhere. What happened?" Sameer asked taking the file away from her hand. Ayesha just hang her head down in attempt to hide the moistness of her eyes but Sameer raised her head and look straight in her eyes which make tears to spill out on their own. She closed her eyes while Sameer rub the tears and asked softly "What happened Aayu!?" She threw herself at him and mumble in his neck in between her sob "I am scared, Sameer! I am scared after seeing Arjun sir this helpless. I thought him to be most strong hearted person, i thought no one can break him but seeing his vulnerable state, my whole perception changed. He is not even stronger than Sakshi emotionally. He is too weak..Riya was more strong than him even after that horrible day."

"Ayesha relax. Rawte was like this only from the time his mother died. But after Roshini he pretend himself rude and heartless which he is not in reality, I told you that before too. Anyways now relax, everyone is fine right." Sameer said.

Ayesha nodding her head and hug him again. Sameer too hugged her tightly and whispered "Come I will drop you, love."

After reaching home, Arjun found Doctor Sheen at the door. He thanked her through his eyes and brought Riya inside their room while Doctor followed him. Arjun made Riya lay on bed and let Doctor check her, who later asked the happenings of the day. After checking Riya and understanding the situation Doctor told Arjun that she faint because of physical weakness and mostly emotional stress but otherwise everything is perfectly fine and gave him few vitamin pills for Riya. Arjun sighed in relief and send Doctor back after thanking her. Somtimes later he prepared food for dinner along with two cups of tea and brought them in their room.

After putting everything at table he tried to wake Riya up for dinner, who woke up lazily and hug him lovingly. Arjun smiled at Riya's childish acts to protect herself from getting scolded and hearing long lecture for not taking care of herself and all. Pushing them for later, Arjun took her to washroom for getting fresh and then made her sit properly on bed before sitting beside her and start feeding Riya, who  enjoys these pampering alot and teased Arjun by feeding him one or two bites, they drank their tea. Then Arjun give her medicines along with water before making her lay properly.

Riya whin innocently calling him "Arjunnn.." He ran towards her hurriedly and asked "Kya hua?" Riya poutingly gestured at empty side of bed through her eyes which make Arjun smile and happily lay down beside her while cuddling her after shutting the lights off.

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Posted: 6 years ago
Awesome update
Love it
Cont soon
Thanks for pm