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Posted: 1 years ago

Originally posted by Dangelz

Madzyy! We will shift gear to your gallery, once we end the party here! smiley37 Plus, you were bugging me to update so much so thought I will update first and then go peacefully comment in your gallery smiley36

But now since Krishna is here, we'll have a party there as well...we are not going to leave that opportunity! smiley37

Party destination and spam spot will always be this Dangzy, mine is cleansmiley37

Sure, will be awaiting.

Yes, super happy you updated, after so much of bugging, gosh!! Hoping you have started making new stuff. smiley2

Ofc that we won't. 

Posted: 1 years ago

Originally posted by .Username.

Aal izz well! No worries! Okay, good to hear! smiley20

How have you been doing with all the Covid-19 business? We're all stuck at home basically. My brother and dad are working from home. Schools are closed, so no supply teaching for me at the moment and my tutoring centre where I teach is closed till further notice. But just yesterday, my boss informed me that we will be shifting to online tutoring now. So trying to figure all that out and how it's gonna work for the students. 

I am practically done my last Masters course, will be done by next week! I was looking forward to graduation but seems that might be cancelled and postponed for the Fall. 

I am glad Mozzie is threatening you! Ghee agar seedhi ungli se na nikle toh.... you know what I am trying to say. smiley36 Kya yaar??! I thought you are on my team! smiley22*hmph* smiley37

This place is definitely dead! I was so confused with the changes when I re-joined and then confused as to why this place is so sooona sooona. It was so weird not seeing the same amount of creativity. People have definitely been using Insta and Tumblr moreso than India Forums. Yes, you're totally right about that! Madz has a better idea about this than I do cause she posts stuff on social media now too...she thinks she's too good for us IF PS-ers, so she has shifted to social media now! smiley37Kidding LOLL! 

You are still doing better than me! Atleast you are still updating. smiley37 YOU WILL ALWAYS BE MY MJ! Awwwww! smiley31 NOo one can take that away! And Mozzie will always be my Mozzie. smiley27 Very very true!!  You cannot retire to pass the torch yet. smiley22 smiley37 So basically I have to PS for the rest of my life, baaki kaam aur sab chor ke? smiley37

Work is definitely more busy right now! I am just worried about positive covid mom delivering and seeing the effect on baby. It hasn't happened as of yet but it will.  Hopefully things get better sooner rather than later.  OMG that definitely sounds scary, but honestly...salute to you and all health care workers! You all are the real heroes working through a situation like this! smiley31

We have always been on the same boat! smiley37 Some things never change. smiley31 Very true indeed! smiley37

Posted: 1 years ago

Originally posted by Madhura..

Party destination and spam spot will always be this Dangzy, mine is cleansmiley37 Not for very long! smiley37But I feel honored to know that my shop is the ultimate party destination and a hot spot for spamming! smiley37 

Sure, will be awaiting. Main aa rahi hoon tumhari gallery mein...aaj raat, wait for me smiley2smiley37I hope Krishu reads this and joins me in your shop tonight as well smiley9I sound like a total besharam, planning parties in your shop tonight Madzy, but just deal with it! smiley36

Yes, super happy you updated, after so much of bugging, gosh!! Hoping you have started making new stuff. smiley2 Not yet, but I might start soon! I am randomly having some ideas...so let's see smiley17

Ofc that we won't. 

Edited by Dangelz - 1 years ago
Posted: 1 years ago

Didn't want to Reserve as wanted to post fresh comment. 

But am missing out to comment like you, so will be posting soon.

Posted: 1 years ago

Originally posted by .Username.

I WIN!!! Just like the old days smiley37

And dominating the first page like always! smiley37

Are you around?!

Posted: 1 years ago

Finally am here, Dangzy!

Indeed Crazy 2020 ride. Yeah, right I will definitely smack you. But happy you finally Updated.

Happily taking credit that I convinced and pulled you to update.

Hoping you continue doing it, possibly with old shows, maybe.smiley2

Sidisha icons look beautiful!! Rich colouring and cropping.

Piansh, I feel you should have used a plain bg, cos bg is distracting. But this is wow, apt shot.


How many times do these both do dance in touch me not theme?smiley37

Don't you think posting 5 in each row would have looked nice?

Also, seeing Piansh is a pleasant surprise, am happy!! Had told you earlier, repeating! Please post your Piansh creations, this update and previous ones in Nazar CG.

Wow, all new IF signature styles? So dimension is 400*250? i thought it's 450*300

Dangzy! Excitement we had for Sanjivani 2, and pairing and way it fizzedsmiley37lately we have this often in tv shows, cos content is rare. But yeah, for 1st month show was great.

https://i.imgur.com/hfNaLmB.jpg Classy! Perfect texture use, b/w and apt text and moment!

https://i.imgur.com/ZNStcGi.jpg - Amazing again, simple colouring and texture use!!

Ishani sig looks beautiful, love layout and vibrant touch it has.

4th PB sig look pretty, well done.

Coming to my fav clash, see the tashan!! BB both are fab, love the way you focused on their expressions.

Piansh sig looks superb! Finishing is apt, and styling.

Also, I don't want the icon stack now, but thanks for asking.

Update soon, cos you need to PS this year, smiley37 But happy you posted this update.

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