Raya OS: Lag Jaa Gale

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Hi people, 

After a long time, I thought of writing an OS on lag jaa gale episode. So here is the update. Hope you all will like it. Please ignore if any mistakes are there. Tongue

Ram helps priya to reach their room. All those precious moments they have spent comes in front of their eyes when they enter their green room. Their eyes filled with tears. Ram managed to make her sit on the bed. He tried to speak something but words didn't come out from his mouth. 

Ram: Priya, take rest I will come back after sometime. 

He turned to move but stopped when he heard her sobbing. Somehow he managed his tears till now but he too breaks down when he see her weeping. Their life has changed a lot in these years. They had behaved as strangers because of what had happened in their lives. They haven't showed their love for each other. But today they couldn't able to control their emotions. They don't want to care about anything. Now all that matters is their love for each other and their pihu's future. 

Priya hugged him tightly and started weeping badly. He tightens his grip on her and tears rolled out from his eyes. They stayed like that for some time. He cups her face and looked deeply into her eyes. 

Priya is still in her semi conscious state due to the effect of spiked juice. 

Priya: please don't go anywhere. Don't leave me alone. I am done with staying away from my soul. I need you in my life... I love u Ram!! I can't stay away from you anymore. She said in between her sobs.

Ram: I love you priya. Even I can't stay away from you. I just don't care about anyone. You are my life priya. I don't know what happened to me. I shouldn't have behaved rudely with you when I met you after 5 years. But mai kya karta tumhare jaane k baad mere life mai bahut kuch hua ths... mai toot gaya...jeene ka wajah hi nahi tha... but majboori mai ayesha se shaadi karna pada... aur... he tried to say something but priya cuts him in the middle. 

Priya came out from his hug realizing that now her little sister is his wife. She cannot ruin her sister life. 

Priya: Nooo... I can't ruin my sister's life. You are her husband now. She must be waiting for you there and ... and ... here I am with you... she felt very filthy thinking about it.

Ram: Just stop the nonsense priya. Let me clearly tell you I just gave her my name. I just married for the name sake... to give her life that's it. She will not wait for me aur hamare bich mai aise koi rishta nahi hai jo tum soch rhi ho... How can you even think like that? 
mere life mai tumhara jagah koi nhi le sakte... isse toh acha haii mai mar javu... saying this he turned his face. He is very upset with her words. 

Priya felt bad for hurting him. She knows how much this man loves her. She made him upset.

She hugged him from behind. I am sorry ram... I am sorry. I just don't want to think about anybody else... Saying this she turned him to face her. Ram is not looking at her just gazing down still hurt with what she said. She cupped his face made him to look into her eyes. Their eyes filled with lots of love. Priya took a step forward and catches his lips in his. 
It is not just a kiss... It shows ...How much they love each other and how much they have missed each other... 

Priya dominated him and kissed him passionately with so much intense. Her fingers already made up their way into his hair... he deepens the kiss. They broke the kiss to inhale some air. They smiled looking at each other. 

He bends a little and started nuzzling her neck. She gasps a little and started to unbutton his shirt and removed it in no time. Ram is taking his own time to caress her body. She placed her hands on his chest and kissed him on his chest. 

Priya: I love u ram!! I missed u so much. Saying this she hugged him tightly. 

Ram: smiled at his wife confession. I missed u more. He locked her lips with his... he unpins her pallu n let it go off from her shoulder. 

Ram: Manna padega...!! You become expert in kissing. Saying this he winks at her.
Priya: Aur nahi toh kya... sikhaya kisne...pointing him She said biting her lower lip. 

He blushed hearing this.

Ram: pata hai ye mole mujhe bahut tempt karti hai... said caressing her mole on her upper lip. Mai kudh ko control nahi kar pata hu jab tum aise sharmati ho toh...

Priya: Control karne koun bol rhe...said in low voice.

Ram: Ahaa..!! That's like my girl. Look at u you r blushing like a new bride. You become so sexy day by day.

Priya: Aap bhi kuch kam nahi...

Ram lift her in his arms and placed her gently on bed removed her saree completely. She is in her inners. Their eyes filled with full of love... they kissed each other like there is no tomorrow. Priya started nuzzling his neck. He slowly removed her blouse from her. He gave her wet kisses on her shoulder blade, neck and cleavage. He kissed on her earlobe. He took nice time to caress her body from head to toe. They undressed each other and entered into their love land.


In the morning,

Ram woke up first. He hugged her dearly remembering last night memories. He gave a kiss on her forehead which caused her to stir in her deep slumber. She somehow managed to wake up by holding her head. She is shocked to see the scene in front of her. She is realized that both of them are inside a blanket without any piece of clothes.

She managed to utter ... "Shit...

Ram: What happened priya are you okay? He asked with so much concern in his voice.

Priya: Kya kiya aapne mere saat...? She asked covering herself with blanket.

Ram: Maine kya kiya...? Don't tell me ki... tumhe kuch yaad nahi... sab kuch nashe ki haalat mai hui... He asked her in utter shock.

Priya: Exactly... You took advantage of me when I was not in my senses. You are too bad Mr.Kapoor. I didn't expect this from you.

Ram: Priyaa... maine tumhari advantage nahi lia. Try to understand... said caressing her cheek with his thumb.

Priya pushed his hand away. She tried to collect her clothes but they were spread all around the room.

Ram: Tumhe sach mai kuch yaad nahi hai kya...? Kal tum yaha iss room mai ayi aur hum baate kiye aur... 

Priya: aur aapne mere fayda utaya... completes his sentence.

Ram was baffled with what she said... Common priya what are you talking... don't you have sense... ram started his ranting...

Priya couldn't able to control her laugh... she laughed her heart out.
Thinking about her golu husband and how cute he is... 

Ram understood that she was just joking.

Ram: Common yaar!! Majak ke bhi hadd hoti hai...  ram turned to get up from bed. But priya managed to pull him towards her. He landed on her. She held his face in her palms kissing him on his forehead. 

Priya: Sorry my dear golu... I was just kidding. 

Ram: Iska punishment toh tumhe jaroor milega...

Priya: what?
He pinned her hands above her head... kissed her passionately pushing all his weight on her. 

She moaned in between his kiss. He bit her lower lip before leaving her lips. 

Priya: Ouch..!! That hurts... 

Ram: Punishment abhi baaki hai madam abhi se tumhe takleef horha... winks at her.

Priya encircle her arms around him. 
Priya: I am all set for punishment. She said winking back at him.

Ram: You have become so naughty. 
Priya: Everything is fair in love and war... saying this she hugged him tightly.

They ended up with few more love making sessions.

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Posted: 2017-08-19T09:11:51Z
Nice os...
After long time get something to read in forum...
Keep writing like this...
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Posted: 2017-08-19T10:22:29Z
Superbly written os.
I'm eagerly looking forward to the conversation
About what ram whispered in Priya's ears.
You've ended the story quite abruptly and please Continue this os and write about their future also
Thanks for pm and eagerly waiting for your future update.
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Posted: 2017-08-19T10:32:45Z
Lovely OS... 
Beautifully written.. 
Please continue.. want to know what future holds for them..
Thanks for PM
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Posted: 2017-08-19T11:55:45Z
Wonderful Os 
Very beautifully written...full of Raya... loved every bit of it
Finally Raya United. They loved each other truly. 
I loved Priya teasing.
Want to see how Ayesha react to this... Pls continue jo
And write on Arika pls... 
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Posted: 2017-08-19T13:14:48Z
Very beautiful n romantic os jo n plss keep writing like this more often
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Posted: 2017-08-19T13:37:49Z
too gud... awesome OS
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Posted: 2017-08-19T14:41:40Z

awww awesome it was really beautiful happy to know before being together they really clears the mess between them... it was wonderful too amazing the things went as show story but even things got much lighter at end I loved it for sure I enjoyed it a lot it was too good to read will be waiting for more do update some next IS soon will be waiting...

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