OS: Are You Ready?

Posted: 2017-08-14T04:14:58Z

Today's is special someone's birthday hence thought of posting this One Shot Embarrassed Wrote after ages, I guess LOL Let me know how it was!

Dressed in bridal wear, she was murmuring to herself that why the hell she have to marry an unknown guy while the ladies doing her make up asked her to sit still but she purposely kept doing opposite as vengeance. With much difficulties, the make up was done and bride was ready. She shooed away everyone from the room so that she can relax herself and her mind. While she was giving herself condolences, she saw her reflection in mirror and was amazed looking at herself. This was exactly how she wanted to see herself as a bride. She was elated and kept admiring herself.

Priya Sharma was a die-hard romantic at heart who always wanted to have a love marriage. Love did knocked at her door many times but it could not sweep off her feet and as a result she was still single. After a point, her mother took the matter in her hands and as a result she was now getting married to some big shot named Ram Kapoor.


The knock on door made her to look away from her reflection, "kaun hai?", she shouted and in answer she got knocks again.

"kaun hai? darwaza khula hai", She yelled. And in response again she heard knocks. She furiously went to see who was at door and the sight infront of her angered her much. Her would be husband, her groom was standing at the door in his sehra.


"Kya hai?", She arrogantly asked.

"kuch baat karni hai", He moved his sehra.

"jo bhi bolna hai yahi bolo", She folded her hands against her chest.

He did not uttered a word showing his discomfort, she moved away allowing him to come inside. She closed the door and sat on the chair, "kya baat karni hai?"

"are you ready?", He was skeptical.

"what do you mean?", Priya gives him a weird look,"kuch zyaada jaldi nahi pucha aapne?", She taunts him while he looks on guiltily. "Shaadi hojane ke baad puchte ya phir bacche hojane ke baad", Priya continues. The word "baccha" makes him bit uncomfortable and he looks here and there "yeh bahot zyaada hi fast hai"

He compose himself, "you mean to say no one asked you if you want to marry me?"

"opinion huh photo bhi nahi dikhayi aapki", She complains angrily, "aapne toh aaram se photo dekhi aur jhat se haan kardi shaadi ko"

"wo maa ne dikhayi thi photo", he answers in voice audible to himself

"phir tum kaise maan gayi...shaadi k liye", he asks bit scared

"maan gayi? manayi gayi", she said with a scowl on her face, "ma toh meri dushman hai par papa ne bhi kaha shaadi karni hai toh karni hai...pata nahi aisa kya dekha unhone tum mai", she checks him out making him uncomfortable, "aur as a result aaj mai is shaadi ke jode mai"

"shaadi toh karni hi thi...maa ko bahot pasand aayi tum toh maine bhi haan kardi", he shares his side of story

"iska matlab tumhe pasand nahi aayi?", she rolls her eyes, "ek bar mujhse milne toh aate"

"tum chahti toh milne aajati", he states the obvious

"mai ladki hokar tumse milne aati", She was disappointedt and mimics his line again

"so what do you want now?", he confusedly asks

She looks at him weighing her options in her mind but then refuses his help, "rehne do tumse nahi hoga"

"She is challenging me...Ram Kapoor ko", he thinks in his head and firmly speaks, "I can do anything"

"toh is shaadi se mana kardo", She excitedly proposes her idea

"What?", he was shocked beyond words

"bhaag jao yahan se...yeh khidki nazar aarahi hai", pointing to a open window,"yahan se direct bahar"

Ram never imagined that the girl who looks so innocent could be this crazy. 

"ek min", he stops her from speaking, "mai nahi bhaag sakta"

"pata tha mujhe...darpook", Priya taunts him

"oye hello mai darta nahi hoon...agar bhag gaya toh meri badnaami hogi...har news channel pe aur news papers pe headlines ban jaonga"

"itne famous ho tum", Priya was shocked and in turn surprised Ram, "you mean to say tum yeh bhi nahi jaanti ho k mai famous businessman ho".

"this can't be true...mujhe Ram Kapoor ko nahi jaanti", Ram mentally kicked himself.

"ma ne bola tha k famous businessman ho par mujhe laga k har bar ki tarha badha chadha ke bol rahi hai", Priya casually answers.

Ram was cursing his idea of meeting her just before the marriage. The craziness of Priya was driving him mad and amusing too. He was actually having second thoughts about marrying her but what can be done now. He certainly is not amongst those who breaks their promises and also he was enjoying her craziness and found her endearing that way.

"dono bhaag jaate hai",Priya's voice break his thought process.

"agar dono bhaag jayenge toh badnaami kam hogi", Priya's idea gave Ram a mini heart attack. 

Soon they were on road walking together in silence and ofcourse attracting unnecessary attention. They kept walking oblivious to their surroundings.

"are you ready?", Priya broke the silence, "matlab you are ready to marry me"

"haan par kya fark padta hai is se", Ram was disappointed

"matlab mujhse bina mile...bina baat kiye...kamal hai", Priya was surprised

"ma mili thi na tum se", Ram said

"par shaadi ma se nahi horahi hai meri", Priya taunted

"ajeeb ladki ho tum yaar", Ram complained

"ajeeb toh aap bhi hai", Priya stopped at juice stall and ordered two glass lemon juice

"tumhe juice peena hai", Ram was amused, "how can you do this?"

"I am tired", Priya whined, "itna heavy lehenga aur heavy jewellery lene ki kya zaroorat thi"

Ram kept quiet and waited for juice.

"kitni girlfriends thi?", Priya asked

"kabhi time hi nahi mila", Ram answered, "tumhare boyfriends?"

"7-8 toh the", Ram looked at her in surprise

"love marriage karne k liye boyfriend toh zaroori hai na", Priya explained

"un mai se kisi se shaadi kyu nahi ki", Ram asked

"koi bhi perfect nahi tha", Priya made sad face, "kisi mai bhi wo baat nahi thi...4 din se zyaada koi tika hi nahi"

The man brings them juice and keep staring at Priya which do not go unnoticed by Ram, "hogaya bhaisaab? ab jayie"

"ma ko laga mai kabhi ladka nahi dhund sakti isiliye tum se shaadi fix kardi", Priya sipped her juice.

Ram gets a call from his friend and Priya heard one-sided convo, "aaraha hoon Vikram". Ram disconnected the call and asked Priya to continue.

"papa ne bhi tum mai pata nahi aisa kya dekha ke shaadi k liye maan gaye", Priya sounded upset, "mere papa ne meri side nahi li"

"I am sorry", Ram apologized, "ma ne mujhe tumhari photo dikhayi aur tum mujhe acchi lagi aur maine haan kardiya"

Priya was listening him intently, "i should have followed Vikram's advice"

"kaunsi advice", Priya asked eagerly

"he asked me to meet you and I intended to meet you but my busy schedule did not give me time", Ram shrugged, "I was so involved in finishing the projects before marriage that I could not meet you...I wanted to spend time with you after marriage"


Ram again gets a call and he assures the caller that he is coming within minutes.

"chale?", Ram asks Priya

"nahi...aap jayie, I will come on my own", Priya answered

"I wont be leaving you alone at this hour...come lets go", Priya smiled at Ram's concerns.

They hired a taxi and reached their destination.

"you just dont worry, I will talk to my mother and stop this wedding", Ram walked past Priya in hurry

"iska matlab mujhse shaadi nahi karna chahte", Priya stood still at her place

"kya fark padta hai yaar", Ram turned back to answer

"fark padta hai isiliye pucha", Priya smiles

"you mean to say you are ok with marrying me", Ram approaches her. Priya nods her head in yes

"tumhe toh Love marriage karni hai", Ram reminds her

"haan par pyaar toh shaadi ke baad bhi hosakta hai", Priya winks at him.


Since it was OS, a lot is left for reader's imaginations LOLreaders are more than welcome to share their imaginations. Also share, what you guys think about Priya agreeing for marriage. what could have been her reason(s) LOL

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Posted: 2017-08-14T04:47:16Z
Hatake as always n love it n unique story n concept priya hatake hai like want to hv love marriage n ram big business man now i think priya is liking ram company issiliye she told that she ll marry him abb main kya bolu apki story hoti hai hateke so jo bhi likhogi superb hi hoga so update soon
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Posted: 2017-08-14T09:29:19Z
Hey naseem...   ROFL OMG LOL
Crazy stry... Crazy raya LOL LOL
Itni jaldi shaadi kliye haa krdi priya ne... Lol
Reason b tum hi bata sakti ho LOL mahaan ho aap
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Posted: 2017-08-14T10:18:51Z
It's superb...
But wondering at Priya's unpredictability!!!!!!!
Continue this os and please make it as SS.
Thanks and please do continue...
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Posted: 2017-08-14T23:42:12Z
Now this is truly crazy...!!!!LOL
Loved every bit of it...!!Hug

and the way it ended...truly Balh-licious..!!!!WinkHeart 

Keep Writing more...!!!HeartDay Dreaming
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Posted: 2017-08-15T01:27:46Z
Hawoo (hello)
Thank u for making my day all the more spl with this after Ur wishes ..wubb uuu ( love u) couldn't help

Ram, Priya or Naseem..Crazilicious combo 
Ram itna busy tha ki mil nhi paya Kabhi..mrg ke liye time kaise nikala
Perfect timings hai Ram ki..mrg se just pehle ..or sahi kaha Priya ne..badi jaldi yaad agya usse puchna bacche ho Jate tab puch leta 

Best lines..
Mujhe Ram Kapoor ko nhi janti

"dono bhaag jaate hai",Priya's voice break his thought process.

"agar dono bhaag jayenge toh badnaami kam hogi", Priya's idea gave Ram a mini heart attack. 

Or Priya ne mrg ke liye Haan kyu kiya.. hmm 
Uski or writer ki marzi..hum kaun hote hai question karne wale
Uska Mann kiya isliye Haan kar di

Loved it..Aise hi likhte raho or hum padhte rahenge


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Posted: 2017-08-15T03:28:26Z
crazy story. crazy RaYa. waiting for next update. pl jaldi karo.
thanks for pm
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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