Ishra SS: Pyaar Ho Jaayega [pt 7 on pg 55 on 06/02/2020]

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Hlo friends.

This is not from Nisha but for Nisha. She is not so much active these days on IF due to some work. At the end of the day she will not forget to read the stories of all the writers here as usual but she forgot to notice that we changed colour now, Rockerz now.

So on changing the colour we, her friends starting a new story that she was about to post for someone special, her lovely friend on IF. Sorry dear we don't know ur name for whom she was posting but yes we r here with this story for u and Nisha both. Surprise for Nisha.

We hope u all will like it. Fingers crossed, a try on prologue. Title from the current lovely song "Pyaar Ho Jaayega"

Scroll down for wish and thank you...

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Congratulations Nisha for new red colour and turning into Rockerz. Enjoy it (along with us as we will not leave u alone forever).

Lots of love and wishes for u From Khushboo and Neetu.

And Thank u so so so so so much to all of u friends for all ur lovely wishes and threads. It really means a lot. Thanks a lot for love and support. Hope this will continue forever...

Scroll down for Character sketch...

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Character sketch

Ishita Iyer-50% partner of Iyer Textile Industry in Delhi which has different branches in many other cities of India also. She was a Software Engineer but started handling her father's business after her parents' death in a plane crash. Elder daughter of late Mr and Mrs Iyer.

Mihika Iyer-50% partner of Iyer Textile Industry. She is a designer head of their Industry along with working as a designer with RKB-The Wedding Planner. Younger daughter of late Mr and Mrs Iyer.

Raman Kumar Bhalla-Known as RKB-The Wedding Planner, one of the most famous and talented Wedding Planner. He started his career working in some event company and then started his own company as a wedding planner. Elder son of Mr and Mrs Bhalla.

Romi Bhalla-Manager head of Iyer Textile Industry. He also helps in his elder brother's business. Younger son of Mr and Mrs Bhalla.

Mr Om Prakash Bhalla-Retired govt lecturer.

Mrs Santosh Bhalla-Housewife.

Iyers lived in Delhi while Bhallas lived in Amritsar from starting but now Bhallas also shifting to Delhi as their both sons living there and established their career. Raman is living in Delhi in flat from past 8 years, studied here and started his career and now well settled in Delhi, after some years Romi too came for studies and he started working with his brother. Romi joined Iyer Industry six months before as a manager head as he wanted to work in a different environment also and through Romi Mihika and Raman met. Raman was impressed with Mihika's designs so she started working with him as designer of his weddings and all. Ishra never met as Romi works with Ishita and Mihika works with Raman. Raman and Romi bought a house of their own, just 5 minutes away from Iyer mansion and now their parents too coming permanently to Delhi.

Scroll down for Prologue...

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Iyer House

At 10:30pm, Ishita was working on laptop in her room when Mihika came to her and stand beside her but she didn't respond. Mihika took a deep breath and called Ishita slowly,


Ishita(without looking at her)-Ha Miku bolo, kuch kam hai.

M(nervously)-Akka, vo I want...I want to say...

I-Miku fast, Itna kyu nervous ho.

Ishita was looking at laptop screen only when Mihika declared in a second and closed her eyes tightly waiting for her reaction,

M-Akka I'm in love.

Hearing to her Ishita just smiled and was concentrating at the screen only while after few seconds Mihika opened her eyes slowly not getting any response and called her like a soft whisper,


Finally Ishita put her laptop on table and stood in front of Mihika smilingly making Mihika confused.

M-What happened Akka? Why r u smiling?

I-Whom do u love?

M(looking down)-Akka vo.. Aap jaante ho usse. Actually vo...

Mihika was taking so much time when Ishita said making her shocked,


M-Aapko kaise pta?

I-I know very well my little sister, how she is changing from few months and for whom she is changing.

M-Akka, Romi ne hum dono ko kal grah pravesh pooja mein bulaya hai or...or

I-Or uske parents se milna hai or unse bat karni hai.

Mihika nodded while Ishita agreed and both sisters hugged each other.

At the other side, same time in Raman-Romi's flat,

Romi came to Raman's room and saw him talking on phone with his parents about next day. Soon he cut the call and got busy in checking the list of things which will need for Pooja when Romi came and stood behind him and called him,


R-Ha Romi bol. kuch kam hai.

Ro-Ha Bhai, bhot important hai.

Raman heard his voice full of nervousness and understood what he tried to say. Ha didn't turned and was busy in his work with a soft smile. Romi saw him not giving attention, so he called him again stretching the word.


R-Sun rha hu Romi, bol.

Ro-Bhai I'm in love.

Finally Raman turned to him and saw him looking at him with curiosity for his reaction.

R- Whom do u love?

Ro-U know her Bhai...


Ro-Bhai vhi..vo...wait a min I'm telling u.

Saying he walked fast in room and was trying to calm himself when Raman said making him shocked,


Ro-Aapko kaise pta Bhai?

R-I know my brother inside and out very well. Someone is changing from few months for someone special and vo someone special kon hai yeh bhi pta hai.

Ro-Bhai, Maine Mihika or uski sister ko kal grah pravesh pooja mein bulaya hai..


Ro-What ok, Bhai? Try to understand what I want to say. Actually..

R-I know. Mummy papa se baat karni hai. Don't worry. Sab ho jaayega.

Ro-Thank u bhai.

Both brothers hugged each other.

So that's it for prologue. It's a story of Ishra where they will fall in love with each other during the marriage of their brother and sister, Romika. Simple and sweet without villain and negativity.

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Prologue scroll up

Thank you note and Part-1







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Updated prologue of new story. Hope u like it...
Posted: 2 years ago
Congratsss Nishu..
Nice prologue..
Posted: 2 years ago
Congrats for the new colour nisha
Nice cs and prologue
Waiting for the 1st part
Update soon

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