Short story: THE ESSENCE OF TRUE LOVE UPDATE NOTE on pg4 (18/11)

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Priya finally decides to end her life because she was not left with any hopes.

The only person who was there for her all these days was her father but now even he left her alone saying their relationship ended.

She was helpless.

She closed her eyes to pray the God to forgive her for giving up her life so easily.

Before she could jump into that flowing water she felt someone held her from behind.

She turned to see who was that but before she could see the person she was made to sniff something in handkerchief.


It was a very deep sleep, after getting up she rubbed her eyes to get a clear view of the place.

What is happening around her? Why she is here?

Still she was feeling nauseating, maybe its effect of some medicine like chloroform or something like that she thought.

She know that she is kidnapped!!!

But who brought her here? What's the motive behind this?
She thought a lot but she was left clueless.

Did they do anything wrong with her? Thinking she checked herself once but nothing that sort of sexual abuse happened with her.

She took a deep breath.

Looking around the room she felt strange, it was a huge room with very rich interior designing.

She went near the door and tried to open it but she couldn't do that.

Something caught her attention, there was a letter on the floor.
She took that and opened it. It was written as
"Hi Priya, committing suicide is a sin and especially a strong girl like you should never attempt such things.
You are very young, your life is just started now and there are lots more to achieve in life. So better drop this idea.
And being my wife I will never able to bear such things dear.
Priya press this bell near the door. I will send some clothes for you to get ready"

She was horrified for a moment reading that. Wife? Is it a prank? She thought.
She is not even married and this person is calling her as a wife and he know her name too.
She was confused like anything.

She thought of pressing that bell so that someone can come inside atleast hearing that.

She pressed the bell over there and waited for some time.
After few minutes door opened before she could go and see there, a packet was pushed inside the room and the doors closed again.

She was really surprised with this and took that packet to check.
Opening it she saw a beautiful red saree with very rich design.
Priya was confused as it was a party wear.

And there was a one more letter.

She opened it
"Get ready Priya. Today is our marriage reception, freshenup and wear this saree. You don't have any other option. If you have any doubts for confirmation you can check the TV news once"

She was shocked!!! 
What the hell it is? This is ridiculous. Who is this? Hundreds of questions darted.

To get assured of what that letter had stated she switched on the television over there and searched the news channels

And there she got the biggest shock of her life.

The headlines showed "Business tycoon, India's richest man RamKapoor tied a knot with Priya Sharma in a secret ceremony and today evening they are throwing a grand party"

She left appalled... She flipped through other channels,
CNN, CNBC,Republic,NDTV,Timesnow every channels are showing the same thing.

She collapsed on the bed.
RamKapoor married me? But when did it happen? What is happening here?
She was shattered with the news.
Tears formed in her eyes, she can't think anything straight.

This story continued in Wattpad as it's going to be 18+
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Hi..  Beautiful start.. Either u continue in watt pad or in if we ll follow you 
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Posted: 2017-08-11T21:34:20Z
plz na yaar. continue ur story here only na. plz
waiting for next part
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2017-08-12T03:23:14Z
Wow... Looks different n interesting too.
Pls continue soon
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Posted: 2017-08-12T03:50:20Z
A different start began with heroine is sucide but seems hero has reached at Nick of time 
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Posted: 2017-08-12T05:52:53Z
nice strt..
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Posted: 2017-08-12T12:28:00Z
Wonderful start 
Pls continue soon 
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Posted: 2017-08-12T22:12:52Z
hiee... link is not working
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