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Posted: 4 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

I considered doing a "formal send off" but it gave me Ekta Kapoor nightmares. I wanted to keep this couple unconventional.
Ashvin's reconciliation and pardon etc with Prakash Shanbag will happen with time

I want her to slowly start to WANT to be his wife

Always with your opinion Nisha
As no one can tell what's the best for story
Waiting for the next one more eagerly now
Posted: 4 years ago
Originally posted by Nisha0604

OH YEAH Kalpana
I LOVED Nethra

She was gorgeous... you sound like you belong to the same time frame as I
My sister and I were making each other listen to old Tamil & Hindi songs on YT yesterday. Such good times...
She made me listen to Kumar Sanu's Dum Lagaake Haisha song. OH MY GOSHH. It reminded me of living and working back home taking a bus to office and listening to Kumar Sanu's Ashiqui songs

That movie sounds fabulous. Every little detail has been followed fully.

I think nineties was the scene for the time ...for the connect. That decade and the early 2000 was prime for me as regards music and fashion.
Yeah, dum laga ke song should hv been nostalgic even for Kumar sanu himself LOL

Two or three weeks bk I saw a yupp flix Tamil movie ' power paandi' / pa paandi. I think we have the package till the end of this year that we took when all parents were here. That Dhanush surprised me with this story that he wrote starring Revathy and Raj Kiran would be an understatement. The story is on children's busy lives keeping out parents from inclusivity though there is care shown. The second half that looks at Raj Kiran and Revathy as couple estranged lovers ... each one leading separate lives current times widowed , searching to reclaim their identity and the rush of their prime wanting to live for themselves and each other more than for their children is absolutely brilliant and too cute in scenes, take and climax ... of course cinematic liberties exercised but endearing all the same. And I thought of you as I felt you would like it for it's subject treatment as soon as I watched the movie ... made a mental note even to post it here to ask you to watch it for sure but it slipped my mind to do so somehow. Do watch it.

Jas, Vani, Sri and all folks here not familiar with the Lang pls do watch it with subtitles even ...when you can in your free time. It's on a subject we have discussed here earlier.

Posted: 4 years ago
Will definitely watch Sometime Kalpana. Just got back after a 10 day break...
Watched Dhuruvangal padhinaru a very different kind of film
Posted: 4 years ago
Power Pandi - on my list to watch. I doozed off when my husband was watching. Good start with Raj Kiran and Prasanna relationship! Yet to watch the flashback portion! Thanks for reminding. I will watch the rest tonight Edited by jaschick - 4 years ago
Posted: 4 years ago
Watched "Hindi Medium" this week. Good one ! Always liked Irfans movies - good subject, never seen one on this topic. Worth the watch !
Posted: 4 years ago
Originally posted by jaschick

Watched "Hindi Medium" this week. Good one ! Always liked Irfans movies - good subject, never seen one on this topic. Worth the watch !

This came out in Malayalam first before the Hindi adaptation , the subject theme being the same but it's treatment suited to the kind of audience both the regions bring.
Posted: 4 years ago
I enjoyed Hindi medium.
Even toilet ek prem katha in most recent ones.
Posted: 4 years ago
Nisha - any chance of early update Day Dreaming

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