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Posted: 4 years ago
What i understood is that dadu wants to meet him the next day for lunch and they are going for dinner today only as it is evening already
Anyhow waiting for there first dinner date with MUMMA NARANG
Posted: 4 years ago
A likes her in what ever she wears weather it's wrap around skirts or sarees but I also want him to take her shopping as we don't know what and how much clothes she bought...

Posted: 4 years ago
SIL 101

Mandira left them alone strangely, after announcing to her son that his Dadu had lunch plans tomorrow

"I cannot go to dinner" Trisha told him sifting through her duffel bag

"Yes you can" he insisted

"I dont go to big places" she said nervously

"We will pick a lil one Trish" he said

She stood up after sifting through two times...

Grabbing a dress... her locks covering her face

"Ashwinn.. you can go and eat. I can make omelette" she said squirming

"Did she say something?"

"No... she said... she said it was dinner time also" she mumbled

"Well then... its settled

"Ashwinnn" she held his wrist as he turned to go

He grabbe dher hand and pulled her towards him

"I know... we have to talk... I am not even sure how this thing happened, we have to live together without figuring stuff out. I dont know if you still want to go back? I dont know if you are OK being here?"

She smiled softly

"This is just about dinner" she smiled

"Phew... so no meaning of life discussions then?" he grinned

"I dont even know the meaning of life" she said seriously, not getting his joke

"I bet you dont... " he muttered groaning at her innocence, bending down and kissing her lips

"What is that?" she asked

"Oh it just means... how many times I get to... ummm.. you know... how do I say this..." he searched for words that would convey his erotic thoughts gently

She listened carefully without any clue

"Umm.. you know... do we cuddle first and fight later... or fight first and cuddle?" he said exhaling, giving up

"Why?" she asked

"I am going to help answer all your "Whys" lets go" he whispered

"Uh... I dont have very fancy clothes"

"Shucks... umm... lets see... he grabbed the dress from her hand, it was a simple chiffon midi dress with daisies all over.

"Ashwinnn" "Give my dress back" she warned

"I love how you scold me" he chuckled the dress high up in the air

He dodged her grab as they chased each other around the room
She panted and heaved trying to get to him, jumping on to the bed, running on it, finally grabbed the dress off his hand (only because he let it go)

He hugged her waist and lifted her off the bed

Slowly letting her slide down

"You trouble me a lot" she said in clear simple English

He threw his head back and laughed

"You thot life with me wud be easy huh?" he grinned, eyes sparkling

"You also trouble your sister?" she asked

"ask her" he urged

"Uh... umm.."

"Yes? no?" Maybe?" he asked

"i dont know her" she said

He pulled his phone out and dialed Leela

"Did you tell Mom I cant see Manav?" Leela shrieked 

He cringed shutting his eyes... making a funny face, holding the phone away from his ear

Trisha watched in awe, how the siblings interacted

"Why?" he asked softly

"Mom has the most RIDICULOUS rules for me... it could have only been because of you DIRTBAG" she shrieked

"Hey... shhh... lee... do you wnat to talk to Trish... Trisha?" he asked holding the phone in front, hitting the speaker

"Oh yeah, I ll talk.. sure... shoreee why not" she was pissed

"Trisha, Leela... leela trisha.." he said holding Trisha's wrist in a firm grip

"Hello Leela"


Ashvin grinned wide...

Trisha looked shocked

"Lee tone it down a bit will you?"

"Dar laga? Sach keh rahi hoon main" she said defiantly

"Do you want to say something Trisha?" he asked

"Uh... um.. do u live in Delhi?" 

"OH YEAH... I could never breathe the same air the... umm... arghhh.. umm.. this man does" she shouted

"Oh boy" Ashvin tried to look sad

"Main aapko keh rahi hoon.. BTW My Mom said you have pretty skin" she said innocently

Trisha blushed... lowering her gaze self consciously as if Leela was staring at her even tho it was a audio only call

"Oh... thanks" she mumbled

"Kya lagati hain aap?" she asked

"Umm... just things I buy from the medical shop near my house in Ullal"

"I HATE MY SKIN... sorry I hate Ashvin more" she said conclusively

Trisha looked up at Ashvin

He let his shoulders slump mock defeatedly

"Just tell him I will be watching him... if he ever tries to be mean to you. Just call me... if he ever tries to push his orthodox sanctimonious bullshit on you. I can protect you" Leela said

"Thanks" Trisha muttered confused

"I didnt say a word to Manav, Lee" Ashvin attempted to defend himself

"Pffftt...I wasnt born yesterday" said the young girl all knowingly, trying to sound innocent, but the almost teen like voice displaying her innocence

Posted: 4 years ago
Leela should get on a plane and come to blore. Three is a riot. It'll be fun to see these three painting the town red. This will help Trisha open up.
Posted: 4 years ago
Leela should visit by for sure
Then these two can team up against Ashwin and rile him
And yes there talk is due and they should talk love...
About future well they can take it easy and see what's there in future as a surprise
A pleasant surprise
Posted: 4 years ago
Leela will make interesting SIL. 
She isn't Sam or Manny or Ruchi.
Lets see how SIL 's relationship takes shape.
Ashwin take her out for shopping. I like this guy more with every passing update. 
He doesn't show off that he has figured out all. he just knows he wants her (same as Trisha) and I am sure together they will figure out things. it would be more interesting that was I am sure. 
Posted: 4 years ago
All these narangs are fun to read!!!!
And all their first convos with trisha are worth reading and remembering Smile
Posted: 4 years ago
Dinner 101... Here it comes !!!!! Embarrassed

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