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Posted: 4 years ago
The challenge is she loved her Aanu more than she loved Jayadev to leave him and get married to Ashvin then . But what has to be seen is does she love Ashvin more than her Aanu now for her to stay bk and again not keep Aanu under water like she did the first time.

Tricky here...

How can she stay here for herself when it's happening the guilt way both times . Staying here for herself or him won't do them any good. The first time she left to be in Ashvin's home her Aanu not knowing the circumstances did the unsuspecting thing by letting her go to lead her married life. You must go to your husband's he had said then. The second time that she is spending here at Ashvin's also is under cover. She needs to go back now I feel so that the third time she comes bk is for 'the us' and not him or her, With no cloud cover of threatening skies.

She should ask Ashvin why don't you want me to go? If it was revenge then now is it your way of penance that you want me to stay ? She did not ask the right qtns the first time that's left her hurt. Sorry never undoes anything , it's just a patti on the wound. Actions are the ones that speak louder to let the wounds heal and scabs fall off. Well said Noufi.

Any outsider from the 'them ' perspective like Mru or Aanu have no reason not to suspect Ashvin's motives even today. There are not going to give a thumbs up because he hurt 'their own'. Believing him again when they are not the ones in love like Trish is... is little far fetched . Ha Ha. If Trisha was a girl who did not care about hurting her own, staying bk would be the most easiest thing to do. But we have her who does things hurting herself to keep her own happy. Now that her 'own' also includes Ashvin.

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Posted: 4 years ago
Dee why others. 
Even Trisha is not sure and confident about Ashvin's emotional status and what she means to him. 
She is  having her own demons  and conflict. 
One side she wants to believe that Ashvin loves other side she it is all about Aanu. 

No one can do anything now. 
Only person who can bring them together the fastest is Aanu but for that he has to see good of Ashvin and how is it even remotely possible. Ashvin is not going to Ullal to impress anyone. 

I guess only way is Aanu seeing depth of their relation beyond things, but we should not expect it to happen. 

Daadu played well but his play is not enough. 

Ashvin seems like surrendered to fates cherishing every moment extra with her. He know it's his making 
Posted: 4 years ago
'Proper apologies have three parts:1) What I did was wrong.2) I feel badly that I hurt you.3) How do I make this better?'
This from Randy Paushs Last Lecture , I found very meaningful. Many times apology is rendered without much inner reflection. I think that's why people are rejecting his sorry...Trisha however feels otherwise.
Ashvin now is in phase one. Unless the apology progresses to the next two stages, the reconciliation will never be complete.
Posted: 4 years ago
We are torn between our feelings for our loved ones. Especially when we feel they have been unkind to the other, especially when one is helpless. The triple fractures have put Ashvin in a helpless state so she is inclined to concede to h his plea.
Aanu should see them together. Without the pain...without guilt...the colour that his voice brings  . The sparkle in his eyes she evokes. 
Then he will realise where her happiness lies.
Then the Aneka ashirvadha will be truly significant.
Posted: 4 years ago
Good morning hope for early update 
Posted: 4 years ago
To drive out love...
Wonder how Sharanbir got a hold of her number, he called her soon after

"Can you come for lunch today?" he asked

She was in shock at first

"Who gave you my number Mr Narang?" she asked a lil shaken

"Lets say I found it"

She suspected Aanu might have knowing it was all over and there was not going be any stalking anymore.

"Umm.. I cannot meet for lunch. I am in Bangalore"

"I know that" he smiled

"Oh? how?"

"I do... I can come pick you up"

"Umm.. no..." she shook her head
She didnt any any further complications

Ashvin was washing up, and shaving as best as he could with his left hand

She wondered how he buttoned up his jeans everyday... socks wont be a problem coz he didnt wear any.

A small smile appeared on her lips

"Rachit said you were his best tour guide" he said appreciatively

"How does he know?"

"Umm.. you gave us a tour remember?" Sharanbir insisted

"I just took you to Somehswara temple and beach and the fort" she said reasonably

"But some things about the tour was so specific, only a history lover could narrate"

"Does Rachit like history?" she asked curiously

"Rachit loves a lot of things. If you come to lunch you can ask him"

Ashvin was at her doorway when he heard the last part of the convo

"Is Rachit there also?" she asked in shock staring out the balcony

"Yes... is that making you change your mind?" Sharanbir laughed under his breath

"No" she said sadly

"Well... think about it, if not lunch then dinner" he said

"Probably not" she mumbled hanging up

"Were you talking about Rachit?" Ashvin asked outraged

she turned around surprised

"Ummm... yeah" she nodded

"With WHO?"


"Oh yes... Dadu" he said under his breath

"He came to Ullal and I showed them around"

"I know Trisha.. I dont care to hear about it" he warned passionately
Her heart did a somersault when she heard the tone

"He said..." she wanted to finish her thought

"No... no more... I will pass... thanks" he said inaudibly, stopping her, raising his index finger

He looked fresh, but had nicked himself a couple places trying to shave with his left hand

He had something white dabbed on it

"You are ready to go to the doctor?" she asked eyeing her backpack

She hadnt begun to pack her journals and articles
She had enough for a suitcase

Her collection was precious to her
For the first time in life she had been without having them with her for a month

"I will pack" she said

"I can send it to you" he insisted

"No... it will take long" "Thanks" she nodded compassionately.

"You hurt yourself?" she asked staring at his jaw

"Have you tried shaving with your left hand?" he asked

"I dont shave" she smiled, rubbing her jaw

"You... are trouble" he said huskily, waving a threatening finger

He bend down, she dodged, he rubbed his smooth jaw on her cheek, smearing the white astringent?

"dont do this Ashvin" she whispered

"It hurts like hell Trish" he whispered answering her original question

They nuzzled for a bit

He stepped back

"I can drop you off at Majestic"

"You drive?" she asked shocked

"You shouldnt ask caring questions when you are trying to fall out of love!!" he declared deeply looking into her eyes

She nodded innocently, her eyes big pools of love, in awe of his appearance

"I should hide my concern?" she asked thoughtfully

"You should go with me to see if I do drive" he flirted

Posted: 4 years ago
Will she? Wont she?
Trsha, you are in fix. What will you do?
Posted: 4 years ago
To drive love out
To Drive hate out with Love
To Drive flirting out with his love

Love is driving him crazy. Compounding his misery is Dadu. Dadu is applying Dettol to his scratches and open scars. Though Dettol is an antiseptic, it does its fair share of burn first in application as a method of cure. LOL

Vinayaka chathurthi wishes everyone.

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