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Posted: 4 years ago
"What I feel doesnt matter Oz, she doesnt care"

You think she thinks about me?"

Ahhh ... poor Ashvin ! He needs reassurance and pretty sure Oz is not going to give that. Let's please not drag the misery Nisha !

So he knows the old man met Trisha. What transpired??? Ashwinnn make a move
Posted: 4 years ago
Originally posted by VeeIyer

Good morning everyone ! 
Read up the last few pages avidly ! And a thought crossed my head...Two rich different !!

R&B was a wild child. I can easily imagine him making trips to Goa with friends, drinking endless beer at the beach, perhaps even sleeping it out there, in mixed company. But he grew up unscathed. And if there was such an incident in his life, he would have had Savvy rally around him. 

Surely justice would have been served and he would have paid a price if he was a culprit of sorts, but the aftermath would not have been what Ashvin is undergoing !
Two mothers. Both doting on their sons ... but the end result would be so different..

Ashvin is a gentle soul at heart, but the rite of passage...trip to Goa with friends...turned out to be a passage thru fire and the burns seem to have scarred him for life.
More so, as we gather now, that one of them apparently passed on..hopefully not that very night...

What life deals out to you necessarlly is not drastically varied for each person. How each person... and the people around you... handles the lemons is what matters...what says ???
Many times the gentle and caring hearts are the ones that get hurt easily..  .a harsh word from those they love and respect an unmindful twitch of the eye curl of the lip is enough to hurl one into the nadir of resort to the becomes the litmus test that demonstrates grit and heart prays for peace and understanding and courage  for even fictional characters...let better sense prevails 
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Posted: 4 years ago
Did ashvin knows is dadu and Trisha friend ship and screat meeting and went to pooja and the gift star fish selection and is dadu cooking food for Trisha i don't think he knows how will he find out the meeting and how he will call is wife she change the number I am waiting for Trisha and ashvin meeting
Maybe weekend we will get more updates
Thank you nisha
Posted: 4 years ago
MJ must be missing Trisha as well. Feeling so sorry for MJ. Poor thing must also be missing her scent and snuggling in her bedcover

Posted: 4 years ago
Maybe ashvin bring one cat for Trisha
Posted: 4 years ago
Originally posted by Errantnomad

MJ must be missing Trisha as well. Feeling so sorry for MJ. Poor thing must also be missing her scent and snuggling in her bedcover

Who knows in a complete turn of events MJ is now best friends with Ashwin. Wink
Posted: 4 years ago
Removing and Separating

Sharanbir came for dinner yet again, Prakash  planned to confront him towards the end with the truth, but before that he asked for Trisha and she went out to greet him.

He wanted her to sit down and eat with him, she declined but sat down to talk. He asked her when she was visiting Bnagalore, she told him straight up she will not be.

He told her it was a dishonoring of the friendship pact. "We did not have any pact" she smiled

"Now you will say there was no friendship" he tapped her head with his phone gently

Lo and behold the glass door opened and JAYADEV walked in, dinner time lights were muted usually, as if on cue they saw each other first
Trisha lowered her gaze quickly

Jayadev's eyes lit up with curiosity, he almost wandered to their table and then went over and sat at a table diagonally across
Prakash was not at the door holding guests to be seated, plus Jayadev didnt need to "Wait"
He had dated the daughter of this place at some point

Sharanbir noticed the look on Trisha's face and turned to the guy

"do you know him?" 

"Umm.. yes" she nodded

"Class mate?"

"Umm.. no friend" she said

"Can I have coconut spinach please?" he offered her his bowl
She went in and brought some

"I will go now" she said
"No, sit until I finish. Ashvin was in Delhi last weekend"

She found herself blushing... Sharan noticed that...

"Uh... umm... oh?"

"He came for a day... he told his aunts he missed his Mom" he laughed in disbelief

"He must have" she nodded

"And  you dont mind?" he asked sitting back "Your mother in law is very demanding" he teased

"His mother loves him" she said politely

"Are you telling me she didnt annoy you?" he smiled mischievously

"Did he tell you?" she panicked, like a fool

"YOU just did" he muttered softly with satisfaction

"Umm.. I dont ... i am not connected anymore" she explained

"Removing yourself from the location does not distance a person, you do know that dont you?" he explained wiping his lips off

"You are giving me lessons" she smiled

"I should be" he leaned and tapped her forehead
"Can I go?"

"Come to bangalore beta for a day?" he slipped the beta word in there

She turned crimson

"I have nothing to do there"

Jayadev was loudly ordering off the menu

"I wish you would" Sharan said thoughtfully

"Good to see you" she smiled

He paid the bill manjunath produced, placed a silver starfish again and got up, his cane falling on to the floor she picked it up and gave it to him
Prakash walked out with a nervous look when he spotted Jayadev

She walked her FIL to his car and returned

Jayadev almost ran her down

"THIS OLD HUH? You had to do THIS OLD MAN for money?" he hissed

She swallowed and stood quietly she couldnt go out until Sharan's car slid off

She couldnt go into the kitchen

"I KNEW IT. I KNEW IT" Jayadev was angry
"Lets talk later?"

"I will not follow any of your instructions, tell it to your cane carrying lover"

"He is not"

"No love? Oh yeah I KNOW" Jayadev scoffed

"Eat and go Jayadev. You said you didnt want to look at me but why will you come here then?"

"See the waves have ears. THE OCEAN TOLD ME YOU ARE HERE. I guess the ocean's right" he smiled gleefully

"Let us talk so I can apologize" she begged softly

Prakash walked over to her rescue... "Good to see you Jayadev" he smiled hoping things can pick up between the two?

"I am sure it is.. why didnt u introduce me to your"

"Jayadev" Trisha hissed  "

"I dont want the food... here... take the money..." he left a wad of notes on the tall host desk by the door, slammed the glass door loudly and left

The occupancy was at 50%, luckily not many were curious...

"This boy is so upset" Prakash muttered

"I will go in and help" she muttered

Posted: 4 years ago
That is a grim start to the day  Shocked
Trisha, though respectful to Dadu is very clear that there is nothing for her to go back to Bangalore for. And though her heart is still there, she has taken the steps in that direction by changing her number and plunging herself in work at the restaurant. 

I can't see her going against that now. Wonder why Dadu does not use the same persuasion with Ashvin and is waiting for him to make the right moves. Ashvin just needs a slight tipping point to move He has already voice that he wants to at least hear her voice. And only him coming  to Ullal, will give him closure confronting Prakash, by being in the same restaurant and by revealing his heart to Trisha..
Speaking of closure, Jayadev's visit was a surprise. Guess he is looking for closure too !! But his vitriolic diatribe was sad. It is a really sad day when someone you have been with , changes their opinion of you and moves to the other end of the spectrum Ouch

All characters evenly poised for the moves now. Guessing who would advance first ??!

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