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Posted: 4 years ago
It's Hypnotic story telling.
Congratulations on the new thread. Thank you. Smile
Posted: 4 years ago
Popping bubbles kind of felt the sparklers. Like how the top surface needs a lot of preheat to catch before it sets off the next layer of unburnt compound of the sparkler , Mr. Shanbag's memory is also slow to catch the Narang fire. It's on preheat for him now. When he finally catches it and layers exposed it's going to be lot of heat and sparkle all around. Hope none of them burn their fingers more than they have already burnt. The scars are as it is telltale.

But what was truly bubbles was Mr. Shanbag asking for her Husband's name and she acknowledging that query Embarrassed . I love that joy of the initial flicker that sparkler gets when it catches . It's all about compounds and chemistry Embarrassed
Posted: 4 years ago
Congratulations on the new thread Nisha !!
Look forward to you entertaining us with your enthralling tales for many many years to come !

The popping bubbles are also slowly unravelling the mystery from the past, bringing more people into the fray. The name Narang did not ring any bells for Father Shanbag, so the plot thickens.

 Iam sure when we finally know of what happened, it would be like Huh ??! why did I not think of that at all ??!
It is also rather sad that Trisha has cut off all ties ( changed number, no mails and returned binder )  and has resigned herself to peeling and weeping over onions. 

It is low tide time now, but eventually the wave has to move in as high tide approaches !
Posted: 4 years ago
Nisha, thank you from bottom of my heart for writing for us inspite of all odds.
So I guess now Prakash might remember something about narangs ?
Posted: 4 years ago
Congratulations Nisha Clap

Wonderful! Rao Anna is very shrewd :) Aanu is curious now about the 'prince'.
Posted: 4 years ago
Sometimes we get so caught up in matters that we need help to see matters clearly or to set us thinking.
Dadu Narang has prodded both his young friend and Ashvin to think. He has not accepted their contract as it is which is why he introduces Trisha as a friend but accords her all the respect of a grand daughter in law. He pushes Ashvin to refer to Trisha as his wife...urging the old man to keep away from her...he always speaks to Trisha of Ashvin as my grandson or Ashvin but refers to Mandira as MIL could be because they do not act as man and wife...
By initiating the visit, by telling Prakash his daughter is well brought asking Trisha Shanbagh if she would like to speak to  ashvin , should he ask him to call he has indicated his intent.

Rao anna holds the mirror to his friend...Aanu is now thinking and by admitting his name as her husband the bubble of indifference is popping... 
Posted: 4 years ago
Congratz for the new thread nishaSmile
Posted: 4 years ago
Happy Raksha bandhan to all of you

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