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Posted: 4 years ago
Day Dreaming
30 minute power nap before I host the last batch of guests. Eagerly waiting to see what next !

Happy Ayutha Pooja !!!
Posted: 4 years ago
Sibling Sojourn

She wondered why her knees always felt as if someone had taken the bones out when he touched her
The delirious way  the shiver cascaded down her spine when she felt his thumb feel the underside of her curve

Small featherlite strokes

"You are going with him to Ullal?" Lissie sent a bunch of surprise, shock, ROFL emoji altogether

"And his sister, she is very cute"

"what is her name?"


"Is she nice?"


"Not like your mother in law?"

"Ashwin's mother?"

"How many MILs do u have?"

Trisha chuckled

"Umm.. yes... she always tells me what I should do"

"really... thats a surprise" Lissie sent a emoji

"She tells me I shud not cut my hair. She tells me I shud not always crouch on the bed"


She tells me I shud not eat rice with hand"

"Does Ashwin say much?"

"He scolds her in english..."

"Oh really? They dont talk Punjabi?"

"No they fight in English only" Trisha giggled

She zipped up her tote... everyone was still asleep it looked like

Ashvin had sent her a reservation code over email last night

She was too excited to stay sleeping, she woke at five showered and made her own coffee
and went to the balcony

She went through old email and text exchanges with her friends about Jayadev

Re read them and deleted them one after another

She was goingt o be like a city girl now, according Rao Anna, "bringing boy friend home for weekend"

She had called Rao Anna to tell him not to tell Aaanu

He had agreed joyously

He had asked her if Ashwin's family was planning anything formal since they were married without anyone's knowledge

"I dont think about such things Anna" she said sadly

"I am sorry if I hurt you love"

"Its OK... I had all my plans with Jayadev... and then all of this happened"

"I know.. I know... dont think about that man"

"I dont... much really... I only think when I plan a trip to Bangalore

"Many many things have happened unknowingly"

Trisha nodded tearfully

"I had no chance of living in this house or talking to this man even... I didnt know about these people. I tried to help Aanu"

"You were extremely lucky this boy did not treat you badly"

Trisha nodded agreeing fully

"these days its very common in big cities to live with whoever anyone pleases to live with. You should not 
let anyone talk like that about you to Aaanu Thats why I keep asking will there be something formal"

"does Aanu ask too?"

"He never talks much... talked much or talks much" "Now also he behaves like that only"

Trisha sighed

"I feel torn... I feel comfortable many days here... but when I think about Aanu I feel guilty"

"You did this all to help him"

"But I got away unscathed... and he is suffering"

"u are not responsible. You went to check on him because he was hurt. there are feelings involved"

"He is a good man"

"He didnt take advantage of you.. so I believe that fully"

Trisha smiled in affirmation through teary eyes

"If I take the nice bed, where will you sleep? Leela asked unwrapping a gum.. she offered to Trisha

"I will find a place"

"If u show me how to fill water in that tank I can do it" she volunteered

Trisha smiled fondly at her

"U will be excited at first, every day... you wont like it much"
"I will.. I will"

Ashvin returned with three coffees

Flight was at noon

They were going to board soon

"I got the ONLY nice bed... sucker!!!" Leela trolled him

"Niice... I will have to now just warn her Dad the sounds he will hear at night are not of any alien invasion but just your snoring?"

"Hee haw... not funny... BTW you get the front porch or the back yard under the jackfruit tree" 

"I am fine... her Dad has a recliner like chair" he shrugged

"U two are fighting like kids"

"HE is... I am the ADULT sibling" Leela said smugly

"Thats not how you define an adult BTW" Ashvin whispered in her ear mocking his sister... she felt the same sensual awareness when his breath stroked her ear

Posted: 4 years ago
Will these two stay together at Ullal to show Annu ?
I wish this is big turning point in their relationship and she doesnt leave with heavy heart this time.
Posted: 4 years ago
New beginnings !!
Trisha reading old mails about Jaydev and deleting them promises a new chapter in her life.

 Her excitement at going back to Ullal, albeit to see Aanu, also hinges on the fact that she is returning with Ashvin and this time I guess, if Aanu talks of parting them, I see her taking a stance as a couple !

her waking up before dawn and getting ready to leave is really cute! Accepting her attraction to Ashvin is now a given, though she has not voiced it aloud strongly... Presume Aanu will be the first recepient of that sentiment.

Lots to look forward to...dadu's arrival at Ullal and if Mandira chooses to accompany him ( just to protect her son !! ) it will be spicier...Aanu taking to Leela like everyone else has and their banter..and a lovely night under the stars in the beach is all that we now can dream of for our protagonists !!!! 

Posted: 4 years ago
So it's a surprise for aanu... hope not a shock Shocked
Everything seems so joyful Leela being around. She is so adorable full of life. She can surly ease out the tension there in Ullal
Well there are so much to look up to when all three are there
And as an afterthought bed of trisha's room is damaged na... so what now
Posted: 4 years ago
Navarathri done ! Lunch done ! Relaxation time !
And Sunday afternoon landing is at Nisha's IF pages Day DreamingEdited by jaschick - 4 years ago
Posted: 4 years ago
Sleepless shenanigans

They landed a little after 2, Trisha didnt fly much, in the last year, 
she flew down from hyderabad to meet with him the first time, she flew with him to Mangalore after she secretly tied the knot.
and now with him and his sister...

The whole ride Leela had listened to music on her phone, dozed and ate gum

Trisha had partially read two articles hoping to get caught up for the chemist interview at BU
If they invited her to interview, i.e.,
Ashvin did his favorite thing to do on weekends... he took a nap

He woke midway sat up grunted, reached for her hand

Leela sat in the aisle in the same row next section
 "I get claustrophobic"  "And when we were little he would always sit in the aisle and never let me out when I had to go to the bathroom, he is evil Tri, so good luck with umm... your clothes"

Trisha laughed heartily

His sister made her crack up every time she opened her mouth

She was protective of him unknowingly but every time she spoke about him to Trisha she was cynical and or mean

He reached for her hand... boldly

"How will I hold my journal, the clip is loose" she complained shyly

"I can hold the journal with one hand and ur hand with my other"

"What if u have to scratch your eyes or jaw or nose?"

He bend down and rubbed his face on her shoulder and lingered

"There!" "thats how" he told her

"Neck?" she whispered

He leaned and rubbed his neck on her shoulder

"Stomach?" she darted a glance

"Hmmm" he thought and then took her hand and scratched with it

She grinned

"Do u wantt o go lower?" he whispered

"Ashwinnn" she scolded

"Take a nap" he urged

"I can hold ur glasses" he offered

He used her hand and took them off and put them on her tray table.

they both stared at the seat in front pensively

"He probably still hates me" Ashvin said using her hand deftly to ruffle his hair nervously

She shifted uncomfortably

"I dont know" she responded honestly

"I dont think Dadu gives me much credit... any in fact... he probably gives us 6 months max" he said softly

Her heart sank she nodded trying to be brave

"I wish I had met you under different circumstances

"As tourist?" she smiled weakly

"Oh we know how THAT went 10 years ago" he said ashamed

"there was no way we could have met Ashwin"

He leaned back squeezing the hand he held, placing it on his chest

Turned sidewasy, his sis snoozed excatly in his pose

He gently pulled out a ear bud, and then plugged it back in... and pried her phone free and changed the selection to death metal and placed it on her lap, increasing the volume as he did

ALL with one hand

"Ashwinnn" Trisha hissed

"shush" he warned

The second the blast of sound hit her ear she sat up in a jolt

He on the other hand turned to his wife and held waves of amusement down

"U are the most horrible brother" she punched his back

His eyes were teary as he held back laughter


"Oh pleez... I am posting po*n on your insta page"

"tagging me u mean?"

"I hate you so much, if there was a hatch, I wud release it and set u free" she said gruffly, still angry and sleepy

"He is not nice" Trisha nodded

"And YOU have to live with him" Leela shrugged coolly

"If I were u I wud lock the bathroom door, sleep in my own room and feed the food to the cat first" Leela said ominously

He pulled Trisha's arm, her shoulder on his now...

"And may be never try to sleep" he whispered in her ear continuing his sister's warnings

Posted: 4 years ago
That's a lovely morning surprise Nisha ! Hope your weekend was good, filled with Navratri celebrations.
The trio are on their way to Ullal and would be catching Aanu unawares . The promise of an extra update is exciting, specially since we have got a bonus so early. Hope you prove my predictions right Nisha !!

Look forward to lots of happenings...all good, after they arrive in Ullal
Edited by VeeIyer - 4 years ago

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