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Posted: 4 years ago
Ladies...note all the back and forth about some people being able to vocalise their thoughts and channel them into words better than others !!
Took me back to three years back, when I was a silent reader for over six months and the fear of being judged held me back from writing even a well done Nisha ! Those were the days when people would line up and within a couple of minutes of a Sosy update, we would have in depth reviews, point of views  and stances taken by over a dozen people.

And there, i was afraid to even say I appreciate your work. All that I would do is use the Like button "freely " LOLLOL

Took me a while to realise that no one judges anyone here and this is a place, where one can be your own self with no marks being scored ! So...please do write whatever comes to your mind and thoughts.
 And let me tell you, nothing whets an author more than, appreciation by way of reviews and analyses. So there is a hidden agenda here too !! Look forward to pages being consumed !!!!
Posted: 4 years ago
Ayyyooo...A house of cards came tumbling down Ouch
A youngster who has held this in his heart and let the poison take the shape of this relationship is heartbreaking...why oh why ??!
A few hours in the lock up, an irate grandfather who would have bailed him out and today he drinks sparkling water to appease the demons from the past. 
And the person who is the recepient of all the outcomes, unwittingly, is poor Trisha. What a sad state of affairs !!!
A son ran away unable to face his father's anger, a city boy lost his family's confidence by one silly action and today, we are at the cusp of the breaking of a beautiful connection.

Trisha, justly would not be able to swallow the fact that she is connected to Ashvin only because he chose to use her as an instrument of vengeance Ouch
Posted: 4 years ago
Hmmm!!booze, drugs and the freedom of being 18/19!!!!!. What a heavy price to pay !!!!! Still processing the update
Posted: 4 years ago
This is Shanbhag's side of story
Nicely written, Nisha!!!
Posted: 4 years ago
Now we get the clear picture!!
I like how the story is turning around
Aage kya hua Nisha 
Posted: 4 years ago
This explains his shame of commenting on stoned touristers visiting the beaches of Ullal in the first few updates . It's all falling in place now. The brashness and imprudence of youth ... the lady that night would hv had the worst nightmare of her life being subject to indescrition of the loaded boys. Sad.

I guess the 'boy' had to become a man that night !!!!
Posted: 4 years ago
And so the beans hv been finally spilled. So it was nothing big yet big enough to spoil the reputation of Ashwin's family.Ashwin was booked it seems which wld hv hurt his daadu as he ws his favorite. For Shanbaghs dis proved d catalyst for their elder son to leave dem.the young man had a difference of opinion regarding y liquor is important to garner customers. The reason y d cook's wife's arm was pulled is still nt clear . Ws it done in an inebriated state or was der a genuine reason for doing this which ws misunderstood by the elderly restaurant owner leading him2 call d cops. Thank U Nisha for d update. What needed to be seen now is how is Trisha gonna react to dis revelation and how will Ashwin N Trisha resolve dis situation.As Nisha hs already spilled dat after dis Trisha wld no more be going to bangalore den certainly Mr no socks will hv2 cum2 Ullal to claim his wife Embarrassed
Posted: 4 years ago
Something's going to die in Trisha when she comes to know this. It's going to be an uphill climb looks like for Ashvin.

Where does one even start explaining what transpired exactly that day !!!!!

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