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Posted: 4 years ago
Originally posted by jaschick

Originally posted by Errantnomad

I so love the title to this update. It's beautiful...Reluctant Refusals... hmmm!! Trisha's reluctance , Mandira's reluctance , Ashvin's reluctance to let his wife go to ullal ..   all these refusals are reluctant, but what I do think is if Trisha does take this proposition to her Aanu pleading him to go with her to bengaluru... the refusal is going to be nothing reluctant, it would be a straight and blunt 'NO' in caps from her Aanu at least for now given the circumstances.

The Man doesn't even answer his daughter's calls everyday , does not even look at Ashvin whenever he has attempted to talk to him, considers his pride to not accept this marriage as a barter of his daughter... how does Trisha think she can convince him to come here and how does Ashvin think that Aanu could come here. That 's tall ask!!

I get Trisha here... I mean our love for parents is immune to logic most times and so is her love for Aanu but to be honest it was not the best of the moves...And of all the people that she decided to first share her thoughts, its not Ashvin or Even Dadu... but who else ... it's Mandira!!!!! Oh Cmon on now for heaven sakes !!!!! I mean the two Ladies don't even have a conversation most times and our very own Ms. shanbag very muddled blurts out her thought to her MIL when the talk of her Aanu comes.

What a day for Ashvin to bat for his mom to his wife? Ha Ha!!!!Lee is definitely going to phooto the Banda here and I'm waiting for the talk Ashvin is going to have with his mom but I also think that it's going to be more realistic given the background for the reluctant refusals.

Me thinks, how about these two together for starters go with old pop to Ullal and just let the man know that these two are indeed going forward with their commitment towards each other and then take it from there gradually one step at a time???? . Aanu should be already guessing this but still it would be left to no doubt if both of them tell him that they have gone too far ahead in their acceptance of their love for each other to even think of nullifying this arrangement.

Ditto ! Loved the title !

These two love their parents .. Trisha wants to bring her dad to show she hasn't thrown her life away !
Ashvin wants his wife to have a normal relationship with his mom and his sister.

Mandira is just being a MIL. She is not nasty. She is trying to befriend Trisha for her son's sake and trying to be inclusive. Trisha is not budging :( Mandira has her own gripe about Mr Shanbag after his actions that has inadvertently taken a toll on her life (which is quiet natural for any mom). I don't expect her to jump and welcome him into her/her son's home. That will be quite unnatural.

But I do agree that these two should go on a road trip to see Aanu. Nix Daddu from the plan. Make it a romantic getaway. Let them stop overnight somewhere, stay in aB&B, then go to Ullal. What say though !

The getaway round trip , the two of them sounds good . Works super fine for me.Tender cocunuts and guava on the way. No road trip in india is complete without that . I don't think these two after the first time they went to break the announcement have gone again to ullal. They have each only made individual trips. Yeah that would be a nice touch this time with permanence. May be Dadu could directly go to ullal the next day and lend credibility to proceedings ... I want Aanu to just come to terms with their decision , this is what his daughter has chosen to do.
Posted: 4 years ago
Shrift and something...

"I want to go see my parents" she announced to Dadu at dinner

He looked startled for a second

"My father" she said quietly

"Are you telling me?" he asked amused

She nodded and then shook her head

Mandira squirmed if she was going to be busted then now was it

"Are u missing him?"

"He does talk on the phone everyday" she informed

"I am thinking of going with her" Ashvin announced much to Trisha's astonishment

"I can take her" Sharanbir promised
"I am sure you can" Ashvin nodded derisively

"Can I come too?" Leela raised her hand

Ashvin grinned

"What wud u do there?"

"What would YOU do?"

"Umm.. I will work remotely"

"Me too" leela said innocently

Trisha smiled softly

"Internet is not very... umm.. smooth"

"Thats fine... I can use my phone as a hotspot" he promised

Mandira couldnt believe how everything had changed

She was trying to protect her son from having to face Prakash inside his own apartment in Bangalore
Now her son was voluntairily headed there

"Leela and I are here, Dadu is here"

"I can see that too Mom... she misses her Dad"

"She knows how to go to Bangalore"

"I told him that" Trisha nodded harmlessly

"I know you feel that but you didnt tell me that today... you had no idea I was even going to go with you" he pointed

"Umm.. yes... but"

"Thats fine... I have no problem in going"

"Can I go too"

Ashvin nodded confused... "U might have to entertain yourself  because she is going to be busy" Ashvin spoke for Trisha

trisha smiled

"Not that busy, I can take you to some places"

"Yayyy" leela jumped

"Mere naal chal puttar" Sharanbir cooed

"No I want to stay in her house"

"To theek hai na"

"can he stay in your house Tri?" Leela volunteered Sharanbir

"The house is very small, only two rooms are there for sleeping"

"Phir to isko chhath mein sona padega" Sharanbir pointed with his fork at Ashvin

"Huge problem... I agree" Ashvin nodded

Trisha blushed gloriously

"I am going... I am going"

"Papaji aap ruk jao"

"Of course I will  wait for Ms Shanbag" he said firmly

"even if I come after two months?" Trisha asked amused by his promise

"then I will have to come see you" he nodded

they wound up after dinner, Trisha did her role of assistant cleaning up the kitchen

Ashvin had cooked that evening, a biryani of sorts and some food was ordered for delivery

"U are really attached to her" Mandira tried to be polite as Sharan nursed a nightcap

"she is a good girl"

"Is she good for Ashvin or Rachit?" Mandira asked

"U want me to answer that?"

"i am hoping"

"I am not very close to Ashvin... he hates the sight of me"

Thats just his defense mechanism"  "he loves you" she claimed

"I am here as Leela's guest, your guest... and to see Ms Shanbag"

"dont say that... its hurtful Papaji" Mandira teared up

"This young girl will not even be here if you... or he hadnt decided to bring her into this situation"

"Oh please dont punish him again" she panicked

"I hold nothing over him beta, dont u see... he doesnt care"

"He only shows ..."

"No he told me"

"there are many boys these days living with whoever he pleases... or she pleases to live with"

"So u are saying this is just a passing affair?"

"Umm.. I hope... I mean... I hope he figures it out" Mandira changed her statement

"Forcing an old man to trade his daughter for a new restaurant?" Sharanbir was unforgiving

Mandira hung her head

"I can never imagine you doing that for Leela" Sharanbir was distraught

"He recovered from it... we all do stupid things"

"He seems to have made a pattern of it" Sharanbir looked at Mandira piercingly

"He lost his friend and... he lost his Dad"

"And he goes off and does this after all that"

As the grandson strived to make amends the grandfather refused to look at him differently...

Mandira began to worry if by the time Sharanbir was willing to forgive her son, he would be too far along on his journey with Trisha

Which seemed like it...
if only she had gone to Trisha's room

"U can sleep on the floor?" she quizzed

"U think I cant?" he asked softly
She was leaning on the wallhe had cornered her near the shut door's hinge

She shrugged

"I have never seen u sleeping"

"On the floor or on the bed?"

"Bed I saw no... when u broke your arm" she waved

"Floor then?" he was hovering closer now

She nodded

"Do u want to test me before we go?"

She laughed heartily

"Its not like its a  umm.. u know..." she smiled

"Ashwinnn" she groaned

He wasnt backing off she was blushing wildly

It was a swift hungry kiss sizzling with passion, instead it was a slow luscious exploration so long she nearly gasped  freeing herself

His hand was under her sequinned heart tee

"Its not lacy or something" she warned

"darn it" he whispered mock sadly, nipping  her cleft

Posted: 4 years ago
Wow Heart
Ashwin, how will not Trisha fall for you. 

Loved that she is going to be accompanied by him. And Leela joining them is going to be even better. 

Thank you Nisha. 
Posted: 4 years ago
So instead of Prakash Shanbag making his way to Blr, we have the whole retinue moving to Ullal !!
All the lesser rooms to deal with LOLLOL

I second Pritee here in saying the young couple need to officially announce that this marriage is here to stay and for keeps. 
With speculation from all sides starting with Aanu not willing to give this marriage a chance, Mandira wishing with all her heart that this is a passing fancy for her son  and with Dadu refusing to let go of Ashvin's demeanours and his past , i actually feel sorry for Ashvin and Trisha ...

The attraction between them is palpable and every day seems to get stronger in every which way.

This trip might also be the trigger point for Aanu to figure that Ashvin and Trisha are not parting ways...come what may !
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Posted: 4 years ago
Nisha ... please don't stop !
Posted: 4 years ago
Doubtful Daddu
Mourning Mandira
Anxious Ashvin
Loveable Leela
Tentative Trisha

Wonderfully etched characters Nisha !!! Thumbs Up Clap
Posted: 4 years ago
Oh my!!ullal's road trip plans are tmrw!!! We will think about tomorrow and room arrangement wonly tmrw . They are going to make easy work of the room Arrangement anyways looks like. The last paragh swiped out everything on ullal or Mandira Dadu's convo..Peeps, Look what's happening today with the shut door hinge and look at the title peeps... shrift and something... this something is S.X's that moment big time looks like LOL .

Nisha are you sneaking SOMETHING on us now??? Embarrassed .

Then going to sleep silently leaving people hanging here!!!! LOL
Posted: 4 years ago
Originally posted by jaschick

Nisha ... please don't stop !

She has laid the trap so sweetly and hit the bed with big cat's sneaky paws here LOL

Good night people.

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