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Posted: 4 years ago
Dinner @ home

"where were you all day?" Mandira softened her tone by the end of that sentence

"First I went to the BU library, then to bookshop, then"

Mandira had lost interest by now

Trisha stopped

"U cannot access MU library online?" Ashvin asked

"Some things... but not everything" she said sitting down wearily

"Do you want to eat at home or go out?"

"Ghar par khaana ban chuka hai Ashvin" 

Trisha looked at her confused

"I made lots of food... no cook lasts in this house" Mandira sighed

"I wish I knew the answer... I am a bad cook" Trisha chuckled

"THANK YOU" Leela thanked her with hands folded in prayer


"My Mom despite looking modern thinks all girls must know how to cook"

"Girls nahi kaha maine kabhi" Mandira went on the defensive

"YOU SAID IT... Dont lie Mom... bhai ko kabhi kuch nahi kehti aap"

"I told him to cook. He is too busy going out with friends"

"I cook... when I have to" Ashvin grinned

Trisha took of her sandals... and bent and stretched her toes

"We should both get a anklet tattoo" Leela teased

"You already have three beta" Mandira dissuaded her daughter

"I need one for meeting Trisha"

"No you dont" Ashvin waved a finger in warning

"Hey Tri.. you and I should go out... like... umm" she looked at Trisha and signaled

Trisha smiled innocently  "Your brother is watching"

"Like I care?" Leela shrugged

"Lets go eat?" Ashvin offered

"You did not eat?" she asked

"Nope... waited just for u" Ashvin grinned harmlessly

"His friend Chirag was here Leela ate with him, he had a bunch of pakoras... he didnt even go to work out at the apartment gym" Mandira was unhappy

"Chirag was here?" Trisha sounded excited

"yep... sadly you werent home" Ashvin's tone wasnt sad at all

"He will come again?" she asked

"Not tonight" Ashvin sat relaxing on the lounger

Trisha got up and grabbed her bag

"I will go with you so we can make plans for tomorrow" Leela chuckled chasing after her

Trisha showered and reappaered in the kitchen in a half hour, wearing a orange night shirt  that came down just below her knees

"You will serve?" she asked Ashvin as he heated the food

"Do u want to eat now?" he asked Leela

"Is that a trick question?" she asked suspiciously

"He never gives u food?" Trisha teased Ashvin

"Trishhh" he warned

"He is probably goingt o charge me for my two week stay" Leela was unamused

Trisha laughed heartily

Ashvin served for all three and they sat down to eat

Trisha ate with her hand, Leela began with her fork and copied Trisha, ate exactly like her

"I see you are eating like an adult today" Ashvin mocked her

"I ALWAYS eat like this" Leela lied

Trisha was amused by their banter

"Yep, always... 90% of the food sits on your plate as u text with icky fingers"

"You have NO friends NERD"

"I have friends
"Yeah all of them dorks like you"

"what is a dork?" Trisha asked sincerely

Leela "presented" him like he were a chief guest

"Did u really have to ask that?" Ashvin pretended to be upset

"I notice you didnt argue... which tells me you agree with the title" Leela said

"i am not a dork.. I wear glasses sure... I part my hair on the side... and like my hair to be neatly combed"

"And you never wear socks"

Trisha almost choked on her food

"Thats not a dork thing" Ashvin argued

"With THAT HAIR and THOSE GLASSES... yep... it is"

Leela got up washed her hands and began to leave, Trisha began to tidy up

"I can do it... you go get picked by my sister" Ashvin laughed

"I" LIKEEE HER" Leela spoke slowlly as if Ashvin was slow to comprehend

"Oh wow... sorry Trish" he mocked

"I LIKE MAN EEE People... just not youuu" Leela said

"You two argue very much" Trisha said decisively

"I wont argue with you" Leela said following her again

They sat on Trisha's bed, she showed her her last vacation pictures, her BF's home, her cousins, their dogs in Delhi, a kitten one of her cousins had

Pictures of vacations from years ago

Ashvin stopped by an hour later

Trisha looked at him longingly

Leela was half asleep on Trisha's bed?... infact snoozing deeply

"You are not sleepy?" Trisha asked in a whisper

"Depends on what I get in return if I answer that" he whispered back

"A pillow?" Trisha offered

He walked around and sat by her

"Was she nice to you?" he whispered

Trisha nodded pleasantly, smiling

"You like her?" he asked

She nodded

"what about me?" he asked

She blushed

Posted: 4 years ago

Thank you Nisha. 

How does Trisha plan to answer that question? 

I hope Leela and Trisha do find genuine friend in each other and stand by each other. Leela seems even more innocent than Trisha at times. 

Ashwin, has found his anchor. Loving this gradual progress in their relationship. 

Posted: 4 years ago
Nisha I want an answer either in words or actin which any way...
Posted: 4 years ago
The more time Trisha spends in the company of these people, the more she will have to acknowledge this rite of passage phase of her life... her marital status is for real. Life is slowly but surely and steadily transitioning. All her inlaws are flesh and blood people and don't just exist as paper ties only.
Posted: 4 years ago
The contract was inked with revenge in mind they shared a flat and lived like strangers. He accepted her whims noticed the dread for his mom grew jealous of the male admirers she found. He let her go thinking things were over.
In Ullal she laboured, returned his cheque hoped to fall out of love and not think of him but found it hard and cruel words of her ex pushed her to desolation. No academic distraction in sight she perfected being a kitchen help.his truth revealed shook her to the core.
She returned for her books she claimed, stayed on to care for him. He realised he had her where he wanted her most. He let her leave when she did, he began to miss her more.
He made a back entry knowing where she'd be found, got fed a meal and got to see what her day was like. He staked his claim that he came in love...she was in tears her father was steely he'd hear none of it.
She landed at his door with his Dadu and cousin as escorts tidings had caused her to panic...she came for him...he stood his  a ground sent the men away and recorded her as As wife   
another visit by his mom to placate the patriarch...lunch meet and discoveries temper flare ups and first fight followed... Mandira realised she was here to stay
Leela arrives and established her ties now a semblance of family sets in...they each smile more discover what gets a yay and what a nope
What is quickly acknowledged with a nod and what evokes the best blush of them all

A fairy tale in the making.
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I remember the first Navratri,the one after the angel arrived and one with Sahana I think...what was it like for II to entertain with twins trailing her around? MM I miss you .. love the Indiranagar home  too...
Navratri reminds me of Nishas singing sensation
Posted: 4 years ago
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Posted: 4 years ago
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