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Posted: 4 years ago
Ohh God
Poor Trisha.

Ashwin please please take her out of this misery. You too will be relived man. come and own up to all before her father spills the beans and she changes her opinion about you. 
Posted: 4 years ago
Nisha, how many more days of them being apart?
I am so desperate for them to get back together. Atleast tell us how long till they are back together in their Bangalore "HOME".
Posted: 4 years ago
Prakash has connected the dots and understood...he is not angry so what is it that happened that has shattered the Narangs but has left the Shanbagh act like saints? 
Posted: 4 years ago all I can say too .
With her father having put two and two together, the ball remains in Ashvin's court to take it forward. I don't see the old man going to Blr to look at refrigerators when it is obvious to anyone's eyes that his daughter is hurting. 

It has also become crystal clear to him that the hurt is not about Jaydev anymore...he has become a chapter from the past in Trisha's book addressed only with guilt once in a while.

It is our rusty armoured warrior who occupies her thoughts and dreams. As promised, the plot unravels slowly and layer by layer. Each one with a new perspective added on.

Bhagvan jaane aisa kya hua , which has festered in the hearts of two families for a decade ?!!
Posted: 4 years ago
Though Prakash now knows who he is he cant charge off to go butcher Ashvin. He is poor penniless and has no power.

He is not a saint, he is bitter and cynical thats why he used those words for the hawker.

He is wondering how to share with his daughter

He wants to understand what she thinks of him
There will be no melodramatic parda faarsh type scenes

When she finds the truth she will not go to Bangalore

Going to Bangalore AGAIN without knowing the truth is plain stupid

She wont go to Bangalore for now.. lets just say that.

Ashvin's plot has to be revealed. Everyday people dont punch each other or threaten nasty consequences. If Prakash promises such a thing how will he even carry it out?

He knows his daughter is a changed girl now. That makes it harder for him to come out and say it bluntly.
He will tell her in his own dignified way soon
Posted: 4 years ago
90% of the time Kids run away from home when they fail board exams or familes hold grudge against each other because a kid stole a watch at a wedding.
The reasons for bitter breakup and feuds is often obscure

There is no grand shameful horrific secret whatsoever, like I said before

Just a unfortunate convergence of events that caused extreme reactions from people in two families
Posted: 4 years ago
Nisha , Saint is the expression Ashvin had for Aanu  and he thinks Trisha has got the quality from him when Mama Narang i think wants to know if Trisha had hurt him.
"He seems to be a hermit. Uncaring and unaffected... she must get that from him" he was startled when he said that about her...Ashvin to his mom in Booby Trap
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Posted: 4 years ago
Just a unfortunate convergence of events that caused extreme reactions from people in two families
Heard of many such mundane  incidents right from coffee not having been brewed right leading to in laws walking out and cutting off connections..
And a notebook was taken by a sibling without permission, leading to ties being cut for over a decade..

These two are incidents I know of, so Iam not surprised that a combination could have such repercussions of huge proportions. 
And Iam quite sure that Ashvin would not have gone seeking revenge on his own. It was meant to be that Trisha walked into his office when their destiny changed forever SmileSmile

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