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Around 8:00 PM

One usual night, somewhere in Bangalore.

 I don't want to live...Ammmaaa! Cry CryCryCry . 

Madhumita entered the melodramatic text and pressed 'Send'.Being one of the most frequently used lines, she had it saved on her phone dictionary, thus saving herself the trouble of typing. Thanks to technology, the entire process of her moan traveling all the way to Chicago , Harshit at the other end receiving it,reading it and finally smirking at it took less than 5 seconds. 

Cool realization. Go ahead ! I would like to know today's reason though. 

He waited for the drama to continue, sipping the hot drink from his mug. Along with this  'Ms.Bro'  of his, sarcasm and masala chai too are his can't-live-withouts.  

 After an hour long shower, roomie madam got out of the washroom. When I finally entered  with a bursting bladder, I find a huge ugly lizard on the wall right next to the commode. I can't handle this  life anymore. As if I did not have other reasons to worry. Help me loser!  Angry

Help? Okay! See you're as tall as the ceiling so hanging yourself won't work. You live on the first floor so even jumping off balcony is useless. How about some Mortein rat kill with your favorite Idiyappam for dinner? 

You shut the hell up !Angry I'm not dying. Why should I, when an unemotional pig like you is alive? Bye. And yeah, I hate you. Angry

 Thank you!Wink A smile crossed his face. How much he missed getting kicked by her!

Debugging the super long program code, as a part of project simulation has exhausted all the patience Madhumita ever had. She is someone who had ended up hating  computers and had run away from them. The impending thesis submission is making her restless. Bangalore traffic gets worse day after day. The professor continues to be impossible. A million things she feels but is unable to voice , are making her insides churn. And she hasn't visited home in 8 months.

 At the end of all this, she at least deserved a washroom that did not house a lizard, the biggest of her fears.

But no. The lizard decided to stay. The crazy human who unfortunately happened to be her best friend wouldn't send her a single sweet or comforting message. And his reason is simple. 

"You are the 'Madhu' among the two of us. You be sweet. Harshit can only utter harsh words!" 


" Thanks for letting me use your washroom, Poonam. I hope they fix our flush soon! "

Yeah, right!

" Mention not re! Arre Madhu,  Sayali had asked me to remind you of registration once again. She's at a friends place tonight. Bye ! "

Madhumita uttered to herself as she said bye and walked away.

" Of course, I know your room mate isn't here. That's why I stepped into your room." 


Around 11:45 PM

"Tonight is the night. If I don't finish the thesis tonight, I'll change my name to Harshit! " 

 She repeated for the tenth consecutive night and continued documenting, with strong determination.However, three lines of thesis and three episodes of Sherlock (TV series) later, she decided to lie down  and relax a bit. 

 I have to decide upon the registration today. Hiding from Sayali really doesn't help! Madhumita thought.

In spite of the uncertainties involved,post graduation in Astronomy was something she chose on her own, leaving behind an IT job she had begun to loathe. Especially after Harshit left to US on his long term onsite assignment, she found her workplace all the more suffocating. Madhumita loved this subject to the core. Right from childhood,the sky fascinated her.She wanted to know the secrets of the outer space. And hence, Astronomy. But now, it's not exactly turning out to be the smooth ride she thought it would be. Forget smooth, it wasn't fair. Favoritism and internal politics are making her wonder if the daring plunge she took was a right decision at all. 

Somehow she managed to balance everything and hold on. But of late, the monotony of her life was so bad that  even her Holy Grails : a pack of tapioca chips or Oreo, a romantic chapter of her favorite fan fiction on IF, or even episodes of Sherlock weren't easing her frustration a bit. And not to forget the weird people of her life who annoyed her. 

However , these weird people mattered a lot to her. In fact she had a melting heart for everyone. In Harshit's words, 'If someone climbed a mountain to kill her, she would first sympathize with him for his trouble of having climbed the hill'

All of a sudden, she came out of her thoughts and picked her phone up, for the usual missed call routine to alert Harsh. In seconds she received his message.

What now? Confused

What should I do with the camp da? At one instant I feel I can use up my entire stipend for it. But next moment I feel scared.What will I do for a living if I don't get a job? 

Don't miss the camp. You can sell your kidney if you don't get a job. 

But Sayali is coming too. She is not easy. She is eating my head to pay and complete my registration now. I mean, she is fine , it's good to have a known person. But she will keep talking about guys and bore me to death. 

Are you jealous that you don't have cool guys to talk of? Show her my shirtless pics from Miami holiday da! 

 You @&#$ ... AngryAngryAngry

Ok ok, relax! Big smile Why do you even bother about the kinds of people?? Your aim is to have fun, get adventurous. So just do it! Plus meeting different kinds of people is fun man. An experience! Do not miss the camp. Now you at least have the money and circumstances. 

Who knows, this time next year you might be busy cooking Puliyodharai for some Ambi your Dad got you married to! 

 F***  YOUU! Don't text ever again, please!

Harsh went back to his computer, chuckling.

Tossing her phone away in anger,she opened her sleeping laptop in a jiffy, went to the tab that was open for over a week now, and completed the payment. YES! She is now an officially registered 'Royal Rajasthan Adventure Camper'. A smile of accomplishment adorned her face. 

"After all why would I let him win this argument. Loser thinks I'm boring! I'll even give up my life to prove him wrong!

BUT WAIT! What if the toilets in the camp have lizards? And I just made the payment! "

I don't want to live... Ammmaaa! CryCryCry

-End of Chapter -
Feedback Appreciated!Smile
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Posted: 2 years ago
This is so sweet. Another nice story to read.

Another set of characters, circumstances and everything associated.

The introduction to Madhumita and Harshit is stupendous. Such easy going, and warm characters. 

Love Madhu's tag line. And now that she has signed up for the Camp, let's see what is holds for her.

Bring on the 2nd part already. 
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Posted: 2 years ago
Thanks for Update,Dear.Smile
It was So Interesting Concept.Smile
Madhu Character was so Interesting.Smile
Harshit Part was so Nice.Smile
Madhu and Harshit Messages Part was so Nice.Smile
Madhu and Harshit bonding was so Nice.Smile
The Story is getting So Interesting.Smile
Please Continue soon.Smile
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Posted: 2 years ago
This is new fresh and interesting 
Loved it 
Madhu is super adorable 
And well harshit is cute too

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Posted: 2 years ago
This was super cute Subha! !
Do continue. ..waiting for the next part!!
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Posted: 2 years ago
Nice start Subha Ji :)

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Posted: 2 years ago
Wow awesome subha..
Madhu's character is interesting - Scared over lizard and wants to die for that... ROFLROFLROFL Now registered to go on adventure camp... Waiting for your future updates to know what she is up to.. Tongue

Harshit - Love his character too.. Its good to have a friend like him to vent out your frustration..

Good start... Thanks for the pm

Way to go girl...Clap
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