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Dadi refuses to get her treatment from Preeta despite her saying Abhi recommended her. Karan interrupts and ruins whatever chance Preeta has. Preeta buys balloons and 2 fly away-she talks to Karan and Rishabh regarding the balloons they've found. Pragya suggests to Sarla a plan to make the girls stay

Scene 1

Dadi asks Sarla whether she feels Pragya has changed vis-a-vis her clothes, way of talking etc. Sarla says she might have been influenced from the people she stayed with when she was swept away. Pragya calls Alia and addresses as Madam Ji and tells her she has good news.She says you gave me a mother and grandmother but the world has given me 2 sisters. Alia orders her to talk clearly so Pragya says she will take time and Alia should wait. Alia thinks about how big a hassle this fake Pragya is becoming

Scene 2
Dadi is practicing air cricket when Karan comes and they talk about how he's a good cricketer coz of Dadi's genes. Dadi tells him about Preeta being hired as her physiotherapist, which anger Karan.
Preeta is thinking about how she couldn't refuse the job offer and will have to bear Karan everyday so as to earn money. She observes two girls drooling over Karan's BPL poster which surprises her about their taste. She finds 1000 faults with him.
On the other side, Karan continues to whine about Preeta and declares that she doesn't have good intentions vis-a-vis him. Dadi pulls his leg that since when is he scared of girls eyeing him wrongly. He says her intentions are something he can't put a finger on.
Preeta says that Karan is a contagious disease that has spread all over Mumbai but she knows he's a horrible person in reality.
Karan asks his dadi to make sure she doesn't enter the house. They are interrupted by Kritika, Karan and Rishab's cousin, who has returned from Jaipur and asks for her mother. She is followed by K & R's dad (who complains about Kritika's shopping) and mom. They show everyone the wedding jewellery they've bought for Kritika's wedding. K&R's mom assures their bua that they didn't have to face any difficulty and infect earned extra bonus points for helping Kritika which bores Dadi. Their mum hopes this punya they've earned manifests itself in the form of a good bahu for Rishabh. Dadi tells her nobody can change his mind and he won't ever marry. They continue pulling her leg regarding her choice of girls (including a dancer) for Rishabh. Karan leaves and assures his Dadi he will handle Preeta.

Scene 3
Shrishti asks Preeta about her day and asks her whether she got the job. Sarla interrupts them and demands cash as rent.This angers S who says we have stayed here for 3 days only. Sarla is adamant and S continues to argue. She finally says that they will stay here for 30 days and Sarla agrees which confuses S. Sarla thanks Pragya for helping her resolve this conflict. S tells P that something is wrong and she agreed so easily. P tells her to stop over thinking it and to be grateful that they get to stay for a month. S takes out clothes for tomorrow and informs P about her job. P freaks about when she knows she's got a job in Karan Luthra's house and teases S about Karan. P praises Rishabh which makes S announce that the jodis should be P-R and S-K and they will be devrani-jethani. S continues to tease her by saying what if both boys fall in love with her?

Scene 4
Rakee (K and R's mum) is talking on the phone asking where the prospective bride's side (for Rishabh) is. Sarita (match maker) informs her they've left and the girl is working and doesn't want to stay as a house-wife. Dadi throws cold water all over her Rakhee's plans and makes fun of her optimism. At that moment Preeta enters and Rakhee mistakes her to be the girl. Dadi is watching from the side-lines and enjoying the whole confusion. Rakhee asks Preeta about her education, profession and interests. Both talk about Dadi's pain in different contexts. Preeta thinks of it as a job interview and answers all questions sincerely. Rishabh comes and Rakhee tells him that she likes P. R says even I like her. When the whole confusion comes out, R clarifies that P is not who Rakhee thinks. P is feeling awkward and Rakhee gets embarrassed. P leaves for dadi's room upstairs. R requests his mother to stop showing him girls as he is not interested. R observes P as she walks to dadi's room.

P falls in K's arms and they indulge in banter. He drops her but then her dupatta gets stuck in his locket.
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Thanks for the updates

appreciate your effort
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