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Hi people!

Been too long wrote anything. No motivation and busy life can take away your favorite hobby but a great couple like RaShi can bring the hobby back to life as well LOL

Just wrote something. Will take sometime to write good stuff meanwhile you could read this and be kind Big smile 

Take 1 - It's complicated - Pg 1


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Take 1 - It's complicated

At a Bar

'Yaar Tipsy please cheer up,' Sherry coaxed her one more time but saw her efforts failing as Tipsy continued to sulk.

'I told you don't drag me along to this...this,' she looked around in desperation to find the name and spat out angrily, chaddi bar'.

Sherry spout the drink in a go on a random bald guy next table and struggled to contain her laughter that doubled due to his zero reaction.

'It's Chaddy and not what you're saying', she giggled and struggled to sit straight as she was a little dizzy by now.

Rolling her eyes in disgust, Tipsy got off the tall bar stool in a go and ranted under her breath. She could willingly poke an eye or punch someone on face if that could sooth her down. She had had a bad day at work. De addiction was her strength but slowly it began taking a toll on her health as she dealt with worst cases day by day.

She stepped out to get some cool air and just then she bumped into what she could call a walking teddy bear. Large but soft and although that annoyed her a little but she liked the safety of his arms that saved her from the fall. The perfect soothing hug she needed she thought.

'Wow! I just wished for a chic to enter my life and here you are in my arms.' he said cheekily.

Whatever little patience Tipsy had flew off and she stared back at him coldly.  She shrugged of his warm hand on her waist and without uttering a word dashed in the opposite direction.

'Umm..Did I forget to add the adjective hot?', he said that loud having checked her out smartly and soon earned a strong nudge on his belly by his friend.

'Ooh! Her furious eyes. Hot enough', he mumbled as she turned around.

'Watching her step closer to them, Rahul cleared his throat and commented, 'She heard that too'.

Not waiting for her to speak, he pushed his hand forward and said, 'Hi Karan Khanna'. He flashed his cute smile further only to be wiped out the minute she held his hand in hers and crushed it bitterly.

'Ou! Ou! Ou!' He yelped in paid as she spoke through her teeth, 'I am Dr.Tripurasundari Nagarajan'. Throwing his hand roughly and blowing the strand of hair that hindered vision she huffed and completed, 'in short - Miss Hot!'

Flabbergasted Karan stood there and after almost a minute said, 'good to meet you Miss hot...I mean TriNag' he gestured a snake with his hand while he said that.


She turned to walk off, Karan held her wrist in split second and said very sincerely, It will take an entire life to get that name of yours right and also to understand, how you manage to look so beautiful despite the anger.'

After a long pause, he added simply, 'Marry me?'

Not winking, Tipsy answered very calmly, 'Yes I will'

'Wow!' Rahul exclaimed as he witnessed the out turn of events. He thought he was high without any drink.

A surprised Karan opened his mouth to say something, just then Tipsy interrupted, 'But...on one condition...'


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Hi Bhumika, what a pleasant surprise to find you back hereHugI've been a great fan of your works and it literally cheers me up to find you here. Glad that you started writing again. Coming on to the update I know what potential your random writings have and the first part is nonetheless. Please write more. Welcome back once again.
Do update soon!

Thank you!
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Posted: 2017-07-18T08:28:55Z
wow. nice concept. tipsy ready to marry Karan. how?? let's c that in next update. plz jaldi update karo.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2017-07-18T13:05:02Z
Awesome... waiting for the next part
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Posted: 2017-07-18T23:33:35Z
Happy to see you back and so is your way of presenting the story in Ram and Sakshi. Instead of RaYa you brought Arika to live and it was awesome as always. 

The first Meet of the doctor and the superstar was unusual and as well as different place but the impression was good as who in first sight propose some one for marriage. But now waiting wat is the condition Tipsy has put on Karan proposal.
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Posted: 2017-07-19T02:34:47Z
Waiting for the next part 
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Posted: 2017-07-19T05:33:13Z
Very nice,,, continue soon
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