Maneet FF JOURNEY CALLED LIFFE - Tr 1 - Compiling all 23 Parts (Old)

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Posted: 4 years ago
Hello Everyone...

I'm Lakshmi. Hope you remember me. I was a very active member on IF to read many of MANEET FFs. I myself wrote two FFs on them but its incomplete.

To remind you my works on MANEET... here is the link...

Its been more than 5 years since I have updated my FFs.  I had so many things lined up in my personal life that I couldn't even pen down further my imaginations on these FFs. Now I am taking a first step ahead in determination to complete my incomplete FFs. 

I understand I have disappointed and let down many of my readers and fans here.Ouch But believe me, I have been missing you all more than you all missing me...Cry

To begin with, I am compiling Prologue + all 23 parts of JCL (Thread one and Thread Two) in this thread to begin with and will be posting new parts ASAP.

I am doing a similar Exercise on my FF GEETIKA too. Its my first FF but has long updates left. I Assure not to disappoint you all this time.

I understand its been 5 years and many of my friends have stopped reading IF. But for the friends who have read my FF and still waiting for my updates...I really thank you for your support during the period I was actively contributing my FFs. Even today, I read your comments and encouraging words. It really hurts me that I couldn't continue and kept you all waiting for 5 long years...Hope to read your fresh comments for my new posts.

I Have already started with my process with GEETIKA and JCL updating + a new FF in the making...

Anyone following me? Eagerly waiting for your comments below.Hug

Please read in below mentioned order : 

A)Prologue - Page 1 (scroll down) 
Note: very important to read in order to understand the story
B) Charecterization- Page 1 (Scroll down)

Part 1-23 (Compiled) - Page 1 - 3

Thread 2

PART 24 Onwards (New posts) 

Also, doing similar excercise with GEETIKA

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inspired by  Tamil movie... "Rhythm".  imagining Maneet in it in a different way. 

No body knows what comes next...what lays ahead

We expect a lot out of LIFE but life always gives us surprises...some time sweet, some time bitter, Some times cruel.

LIFE doesn't have one has millions...and every definition is apt for it.

It's strange as you never know what happens next moment of LIFE...It makes you laugh sometimes...makes you cry many a times...hurts you and at times brings you to a situation where you don't know the difference between life and death...But LIFE goes on...



At Delhi Airport...

Dev: Shona...Rothe Rothe vidha karogi?

Geet: Aur main kya karoon? Have you come across any newly wedded couple separated before even they get to start their new life together?

Shona...Do you think I want to leave you like this and go? I have got some emergency in office and hence I  have been asked to visit our Katmandu branch...Its just a matter of two to three days...and I am here right on the New year's eve to celebrate a new year and a new beginning with my beautiful wife.

Maanna wife is lucky for me...This is the first ever time I am going to board a flight and also, this visit to Katmandu will prove to be a turning point in my career.

Ab hans bhi do na please (Please smile now)

Geet blushes

Remember...Not only me, Komal is also waiting for, dont disappoint us

Dev smiles and kisses her forehead... I will never disappoint you both

On the other side of Airport...

Maan: it necessary to attend your friend's wedding that's happening all the way in Katmandu? She is going to arrange for a reception in Delhi anyways...

Neha: Jaanu...try to understand...She is my close friend and none of our friends have agreed to attend this wedding as its happening in Katmandu...Agar main bhi nahin gayi tho bechari bura maanjayegi (If I  too didnt attend the wedding, then she will get upset).And she will not attend our wedding which his going to happen in next 2 weeks.

Main Yun jaaongi aur yun aajaongi (I will go and come back soon)...dont worry jaanu... smile now.

Maan smiles and kisses her forehead.

The flight was scheduled to depart on time...and announcement made...

Dev still looking at Geet

Neha still looking at Maan

Geet: Eise kya dek rahe hain Dev?

Dev: Bas Apni shona ko aakhri baar dekh raha hoon...Mera matlab hain,2 din ke liye jee bhar loo.

(I am looking at my sweet heart for the last time...I mean, to fill my heart for 2 long days)

Maan: Eise kya dek rahi ho Jaan?

Neha: Bas Apni Jaanu ko aakhri baar dekh rahi hoon...Mera matlab hain,  2 din ke liye jee bhar loo.

 (I am looking at my sweet heart for the last time...I mean, to fill my heart for 2 long days)

Both Dev and Neha board the flight.

The flight lands in Katmandu Airport...

Dev He calls Geet Immediately after landing...

Geet cries non stop

Shona...please don't cry and make my life even more difficult...its just a matter of 2 more days...I promise to be with you before the New Year eve begins.

Neha on the way to the wedding venue calls her family and Maan to inform about her safe arrival...

Jaan...please come back...I am not liking to be here without you.

Jaanu...I promise to be there with you before the New Year eve begins

Dev gets busy with his office work...Frequent Calls/SMS from Geet...

Dev replies back to one of the SMS and replies... "sweetheart...this is the hundredth SMS in last 2 hours"

Neha is fully involved in her friend's wedding...Frequent Calls/SMS from Maan...

Neha replies back to one of the SMS and replies... "Jaanu...enough...I guess that was the hundredth one" and blushes...

Two days were normal for any other human being but for these two was worse than two hundred years...least did they know what comes next...

Dev and Neha board the same flight again from Katmandu to Delhi...The flight scheduled for early in  morning hours of 31st of Dec.

Their journey comes to a disastrous end in the mid air just before landing in Delhi Airport...YES...A PLANE CRASH which mercilessly took away all the lives of its passengers and flight board team.

LIFE never takes pity on doesn't spare any one...

What happens to Geet? She is all waiting for a new start of her newly married life with her Dear Husband.

What happens to Maan? He was preparing himself for the most happening turning point of his life...his wedding with Neha.

Their own Life never bothers to give an answer to them.
The promisses made by Dev to Geet and Neha to Maan...purest and genuine from heart with true intensions to full fill it...but life has an upper hand on every promise a human being makes

(Authour's note: I think about the families and friends during such event than the person who dies...what goes on to their mind? )

Is this the end of a journey or a beginning of a new journey?

Where do they stand 3-4 years later?...lets see.

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28 Year old Business Entrepreneur, MD of Khurana Constructions.  Born Rich. He has anything and everything that Money can buy. But still missing the true happiness in his life. A Tough personality by nature.  He was a different person all together...soft, caring and loving nature... but one tragic incident in his life that happened almost 3-4 years back and it changed him completely. All he loves now is to be involved with his office work and that's the only way he can keep his mind busy.

Maan lost his parents at a very young age. His Daadi is the one who took care of him and his brother Vicky and sister Anvesha. Daadi has been his strong pillar of support throughout his life.

Vicky: 23 years old. Just completed his MBA and is willing to do something challenging on his own.

Anvesha: 20 years old. Undergraduate. She has been the youngest and most pampered kid.


24 years old. Young widow of Dev Sharma. Has been into Middle Class bracket through out her life. A jovial and fun loving girl...till the time she lost her husband in a tragic flight accident 3-4 years ago. Geet  and Dev fell in love  and got married, much against the wishes of both their families.

That one accident in her life has taken away everything...everything what belonged to her. Her husband...her family relations...but she is still alive and trying to be happy for the sake of her daughter...Komal the one and only reason for Geet to stay alive.

She never went back to her family nor Dev's family nor they bothered to support her when she needed them the most.

Dev's Picture

Neha's Picture


More details to be revealed as the FF progresses. Will upload photos later.
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Please read the Prologue (above) before continuing to read the episodes


At KM...

Maan bete

Ji Daadima

Bete...I know that you will say no...but still would like to share it with you. I have got a very interesting alliance for you. The girl's family wants to meet you...shall I arrange for this? Please dont say the family and decide.

Daadima please, subah subah shuru math hoyiye (Dont start early in the morning)

I have told you million times and will keep on repeating it...

Ab kisi aur ladki ke liye mere dil main koi jagah nahin ban sakti (Its impossible for any other girl to make her place in my heart)

Bete...Eisa kab tak challega? (This will go on till when?) You need to move on with your rest of your life.

Maan doesnt bother to listen and leaves from there.

Nashtha tho karke jaao (Have your breakfast atleast)

Nahin Daadima...Bhook nahin hain...aur tho aur Ek urgent meeting bhi attend karni hain (No Daadima...I am not feeling hungry...moreover, I have an urgent meeting to attend)

Geet on her way to office in a taxi and now its waiting in busy traffic signal...every day is a busy day for her...first, get Komal ready and then, she has to get ready pack lunch for herself and Komal...uff...some time to relax when she is on the way to office. Before that, she drops Komal at her nursery...This has been her routine.

Maan's car is again stuck in the same traffic. Oh...this traffic signal takes too long. 

There is a flower seller who tries to sell some flowers to Geet. She looks at it and buys it immediately. Geet loves flowers ever since her childhood...started loving them more when Dev gave her a bunch of flowers. That was a first ever gift from him.

Next comes Maan's car that's waiting in the same signal. He remembers Neha used to love flowers like anything...he doesnt want to come across anything that reminds him about Neha. He doesnt even care to look at those flowers.

Geet enters her office...INDIAN PAINTS...

Good Morning Geet Mam...says the group of three...Pandeji, Romeo and Manisha

Good Morning! Good Morning every body

She gets into her cabin and calls the trio inside her cabin

Pandeji, I have been various complains from customers on the delivery part? Why we are taking such long time to despatch customer orders.

Madam, there has been too many orders and we are only  20 workers.

Pandeji, you are supervising this team's production. Its your responsibility to finish it on time. if required you people need to work over time...Please do it as It doesnt show good on our company reputation getting such complaints.

Romeo ji...please get me the list of following clients file.

Manisha ji...

Yes baby...

Geet gives a tough look to him...he gulps and says Yes mam

You have taken enough of no more that clear?

Now, you all carry on with your work. Pandeji...remember, no more customer complaints..OK!

The day gets busier as it passes. Its 1:00 PM...Oops..Komal to be picked up.

Simultaniously, maan just finishes his meeting...and just comes near his car parked near the office building where he just finished his meeting.

Suddenly, he sees a football sized ball touches his shoe. A little girl runs to him...She is dressed in a light yellow frock with white lace frills and her hair cutely tied into a pony...her eyes twinkling...she looks at him smiling cutely and innocently. Mera ball...she says it with her angelistic voice.

The next minute...Maan grabs her in his arms, lifts her and kisses her on her cheek.

She too kisses him back on his cheek.

Aap...Aap mere PAPA ho na? (You are my Papa right?)

Maan is shocked with what this girl is saying?

Kya poocha aapne? (What are you saying) In a calm way

Meri Mummy kehthi hain ki mere PAPA jab aayenge, mujhe issi tarah apne goadh mein uttayenge aur kissi bhi denge. (My mummy tells me, when my Papa will come, he will lift me and kiss me...just the way you did)

Oh...Acha? (Maan is wondering what this little girl is saying. But doesnt want to discuss further on this)

Aap  ki mummy kahan hain? (Where is your Mummy?)

Mummy school katham hothe hi mujhe lene aajayegi. (Mummy always comes to pick me after school finishes)

He looks at the next building to the office where he attended the meeting. It was a nursery and primary school. Assumed this kid is probably studying there.

He continues to carry her and she is holding the ball in her hand.

Acha, Yeh batayiye, Aap ka naam kya hain? (Now tell me...what is your name?)


Sweet name...bilkul aap hi ki tarah. (Just like yourself)

Komal kisses his cheek again.

He gets into the school and drops her back.


He didnt want to stop her calling him like that...after all she is a sweet little kid.

He yells at the security guard. Aap log itne laparwah kaise ho sakthe hain? Yeh bachi gate ke bahar aagayi aur aap logon ko patha bhi nahin challa?(How can you people be so careless? This kid came all the way out of the Gate and you people didn't even notice?)

Maaf kijiye saab ji...Gate pe ek watch man beta rahtha hain par woh aaj chutti main hain.  (Sorry sir..the Gate watch Man is absent for today that's why)

Maan leaves from there. He realised on the way back to office that he found a glimpse of happiness after such a long time. All this while he has been just thinking about that little angel and her innocence...really apt for her name.

Geet comes to the nursery sharp at 1:30 PM...picks Komal and brings her to the Indian Paints office.

Komal was all excited...Mamma...Aaj patha hain kya hua?

Mmm...Hmmm... Just keep quite and finish your luch and then sleep...Mamma too busy. Will listen our long talk in the evening...Tik hain? It gets difficult on Geet when Komal starts talking, she goes on and on without any full stop.

Tik hain mamma...makes a baby face

That's like my cute girl.

Both have lunch together and Geet puts off Komal to sleep. Geet has arranged her a small bed with pillow and bed spread & sheet, in one of the least disturbed corners of her cabin. Komal sleeps peacefully.

Komal is a sweet heart of Indian Paints...all workers take their turn to spend good time with her during the evening time.

Komal is matured enough to not to disturb her Mamma during her office hours.

End of the day, Its a routine for Geet to call Yash, MD of Indian paints about the day's activity progress and simultaneously send him daily routine reports.

Ms. Geet was your day? How is Komal Darling?

All fine...Komal is Mad Angry on you! You promised her to take her out last Sunday and you missed on it.

Sorry Geet...I had to be in Noida on some emergency work. I promise for the coming Sunday for sure.

I know my Komal darling...A box of chocolates is more than enough to manofy her.

They both chat for a while. Once done, Geet and Komal head towards home.

Precap: Maan is despirate to meet Komal once again.

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Part 2:

Geet and Komal reach home

Pinky and uncle ji (Pinky's dad) were eagerly waitng for them

Aagaye tum log...hum kab se garma garam pakode lekar intezar kar rahen hain (We have been waiting for long with hot pakodas)

Pakode...Komal is all excited as she loves to have them with tomato ketchup

Geet smiles at her daughter's happiness.

Uncleji...kyon itni takleef utathe hain? (Why do you want to take so much difficulties?)

Takleef kya hain beta...mujhe kushi hothi hain apni Komal ke liye yeh sab karna (No difficulties  dear...I am happy to do this for my Komal)

Challo...chai banadetha hoon...(Let me make tea)

The four have a Tea session which is a usual evening get together.

Uff...this summer is really killing.

Thanks god...its a month of June and hopefully, the summer will slowly vanish.Geet...when will Komal's PreKG-1 will start? Did you check in her school?

Yes uncle...another 3 weeks to go. Till then she will continue with her summer education and activities in the same nursery and school.

That's good...I remember Komal was a little baby when you walked into this house for the first time...yeh 3-4 saal kaise challa gaya patha hi nahin challa.

Geet got quite again. Uncle sensed it.

Geet bete...tum ne abhi tak pakode nahin kaye...


Yash bete...aao aao (Hey yash...come...come)

Pranam uncle ji...hello Pinky pulls her cheeks...hey are you?

I'm fine Yash

Komal is still angry and gets up to leave to her room.

Yash clears his throat and tells...Aaj job hi ache bache hain unhen mujhe gale lagakar kissi deni hogi...aur jo acha bacha eisa karega...use yeh chocolate box milega (Today, all good children present here need to hug me and kiss me...and which ever kid does that...will get this box of chocolate)Wink

Komal's eyes pops out by seeing the BIG Chocolate box filled with all her favourites. She runs to yash..hugs him and kisses him immediately.Hug

Everyone there were shocked...Maanna padega (Must accept)...Only Yash can handle Angry Komal.

Arre Komal ji...aap tho mujh se naaraz thin a ( were angry with me right?)

Naaraz? Koun? Kab? (Angry? Who? When?) Tells Komal innocently holding the chocolate box with her kiddish greediness

So, what all happening in School Komal Darling?

Yash uncle...Yash uncle...guess whom I met today in School.

Everybody look at each other...who could it be...

I met my PAPA...says komal proudly and innocently with a  smile.

Geet couldn't gulp her tea further...her eyes opened wide...

WHAT? Komal...What are you saying?

Mama...I came to tell you this but you were busy at office.

Everyone looks at each other with shock.

Yash gestures at Geet to keep quite...So, how does he look? What did he say?

Oh...My PAPA...Most handsome and strong PAPA...He took me into his arms...lifted me and kissed me.

Yash...dont know who is this person...What's going on...oh no...I need to talk to her principal tomorrow.

Relax Geet...Lets find out more

I came out of school following the ball and that ball hit my PAPA. He lifted me kissed me and asked me where is mummy.

Geet is going blank in front of her eyes.

I told him she will come to pick me only after school gets over. And then, he dropped me back to school. many times I have told you not to interact with strangers. You are getting to be a bad girl...not listening to me atall.

Komal starts crying...Mummy I met my PAPA not a stranger.

Komal Darling...How do you know he is your PAPA?

Uncle...he hugged me...lifted me and gave me a kissy immediately after seeing me.

Geet was about to shout at her...Yash stops her.

Pinky..please play with Komal for a while.

Pinky takes her to the play area.

Geet...I think this person just got her back to school...that's it. Nothing to worry about.

Yash...I dont know who is this person...anyways...I am least bothered about him. How did Komal came out of school and no one noticed it. Thank god that this person got her back otherwise what would have happened? Yeh sochke main gabrarahi hoon (I am thinking about this and worried). What ever said and done...need to talk to the principal tomorrow. Will do it when I go to pick her.

At KM...

Maan was thinking about that little angel whom he met...She called him PAPA and surprisingly he was not angry at her...but why is he loving it? Mera us bachi ke saath kya rishta hain? (What is my relationship with that little girl?) Why am I miss her and willing to meet her again?

Next day, Maan visits that school again. He comes to the School reception and requests to meet the School Headmistress. He walks in and surprised to see the School Headmistress is none other than Nandini Ji, one of close family friend.

Arre Maan Bete...Aap?

Nandini Ji...Aap...He touches her feet.

Jeethe Raho bete..I am the headmistress here.

Maan...I am sorry for what ever happened beta...I wish you to carry on with rest of your life. Can you imagine how much your dadima is worried for you?

Maan keeps quite...

Acha, you have come here for some important work or it was a casual pass by?

Woh...I was passing by your school yesterday...I mean I had a meeting here in the next building and my car was parked near your little girl came running to me following her ball crossing the school gate. She was  a cute little angel...I saw her and don't know what happened to me...I immediately lifted her up and kissed her cheek...she started calling me PAPA.

Oh...what's is that girl's name?


Komal? Maan bete...I am sorry for this...she is a kid and wouldn't know anything what she is talking. Actually, she lost her dad when she was very young. She might have called you PAPA in a different context...sorry dear.

No no...I am not angry with her...Us phool jaisi bachi se koi naaraz kaise ho saktha hain?(Who will get angry with a little girl who is as soft as a flower) Infact, I have come here to request you if I could spend some time with her say just about 10-15 mins ' 2-3 days in a week.

Nandini was shocked to hear something like this and that too from Maan Singh Khurana.Shocked

Bete...I can understand your feelings. Am happy to see you happy after such a long time and Komal is the reason behind it. No wonder...Komal hain hi eisi (Komal is like that) ...even that little girl will be happy for sure. But I must  discuss this with Komal's mom. See...We are answerable to parents/guardians. If we hide this fact from Komal's mother, she might get upset with the entire issue. I will speak with her and let you know the outcome.  You can call me on my mobile this evening.

I appreciate your efforts Nandiniji. Even I dont mind if Komal's mom knows about it...I have one more concern...I came into the school yesterday and shouted at the security for being careless in giving enough concentration on the school kids of Komal's age. How can she come out of the school that easily? Please look into this matter.

Nandini was shocked...Maan has a point. Maan takes her leave and she calls the security guy on duty immediately after Maan leaves..she blasts him and warns him that such mistakes should not be repeated again.

Precap: Will Geet agree to what Headmistress requests?

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Nandini was shocked...Maan has a point. Maan takes her leave and she calls the security guy on duty immediately after Maan leaves..she blasts him and warns him that such mistakes should not be repeated again.

After some time, she calls on Geet's mobile number


Hello...Am I talking to Komal's Mom


Hie..I am Nandini...Head mistress of "Kinder Garden Starters".

Geet gets up from her chair as if Nandini is standing right in front of her...Oh Hello Maa'm...Good Morning...I mean Good Afternoon...What a surprise..I was about to call you just now.

Oh...real co-incidence. ..Anyways...Need to discuss something with you. Can you meet me today before picking up Komal?

Sure Maam...but...hope everything is fine

Nothing to worry my dear...just a casual discussion...anyways, you too wanted to meet me right? So, lets meet.

Maan had to meet the same client near Komal's school and then on his way to meet another client.

Geet gets down from the taxi and going to cross the road to reach the school. She is an hour early as she has been called by the principal.

There is a marriage procession with band baja (Loud Music used in North Indian weddings) passing on the road where the school is located...Maan and Geet are standing  on the either side of the road  watching the procession.  Four ladies lead the procession by throwing red rose petals on the road and either side of the road making a path filled with rose petals. These petals falls on Geet and Maan. Both are actually looking at each other...but completely lost in their own past incidents that had happened.  


Geet: Dev...Look at that Dulha...and gigglesLOL

Dev: Geet...Comeon why are you laughing  at him? Bechare ki khushiyon ka anth hone wala hain aur tumhen hasin aarahi hain (Poor guy's happiness in life is going to come to an end and you are laughing at him?)Ouch

Geet: Arre Dev...I am not laughing at him...I just imagined how you will look in that "Dulha" attire covering your face with flowers and you sitting on that poor horse putting all your weight on it.LOL

Dev: Udao aur mazak udao mera (Hmm...make more fun of me). But I am not like you...Looking at that Dulhan, I imagine how you'll look in that attire... "Dev ki hone wali Dulhan". (Dev's would be wife)... Dev takes her face in his hands and covers her face with her duppatta... "SO BEAUTIFUL" Smile

Geet blushes and not able to continue looking at his dreamy eyes filled with passion...but still continues to pull his leg

Geet: Oh yah...No wonder you'll not laugh at me...Dulhan thodi na Gode main bethkar aathi hain? (The bride never comes to the wedding by sitting on a horse). Accept the will look funny and I will look beautiful during our wedding Tongue

Dev: Ruk...Abhi batata hoon...Dev chasing Geet and Geet laughing louder at his plight.


Maan: Jaan...I have been observing for a long time...Why are you staring at that Dulha? I am feeling jealous now.

Neha: Jaanu... I was imagining how you will look in that "Dulha" Attire and your royal look when you'll  come sitting on that horse...Sooo Dreamy

Maan: Sacchi.

Neha: Hmm

Maan: Even I was imagining how my Jaan will look in Dulhan's  attire... "Maan ki hone wali Dulhan" (Maan's would be wife)...Maan holds her face in his hands and covers her face with her duppatta... "SO BEAUTIFUL"
Neha blushes and not able to look into his dreamy eyes filled with passion as she is really shy

Neha: Hamara yeh sapna poora hoga na? (This dream will come true right?)

Maan: Kaise nahin hoga...Aakir hum Mr & Mrs Maan Singh Khurana jo banne wale hain(Ofcourse...After all we are going to be Mr & Mrs. Maan Singh Khurana)


Maan and Geet snap out of their past incident and turn to leave to their respective destinations...

Geet has tears in her eyes thinking what she and Dev dreamt and what life choose for them.

Even though Maan doesnt want to be reminded of...some or the other incident drags him again and again about his past...yet he thinks about his promise to Neha of getting into Mr. & Mrs. Khurana which he failed to what life choose for them

Geet reaches Komal's school and meets Nandini

Namasthe ma'm

Namasthe Geet...Have your seat First. begin with, I am sorry for the carelessness of the security guy yesterday.

Geet was shocked...Ma'm how did you know I came to discuss this as one of the issue.

I know it dear thro another person.

Thro another person?
Yeah...Komal happen to Bang on someone yesterday and that person came to see me today. He explained me what ever happened.
Geet is restless. ...Oh no...this person has met the Headmistress today!

Firstly, he was really upset with this fact that a student of that age was left unattended. I have warned the security guy today. Secondly, he told me that Komal has been calling him "Daddy"

Ma'm Komal told me everything what had happened yesterday. I know this person must be upset on this issue...Komal ke taraf se main maafi maangthi hoon (I apologize on behalf of Komal)

Not At all dear...He was not upset with her in-fact he liked her very much...he told me that Komal is an Angel.

Geet has all surprises written on her face.
Geet...I wouldn't tell you complete details about this person...but would like to tell you few basic informations about him...he belongs to a very well to do family...but doesnt have happiness in his life. He had seen a lot in his life...he had even forgotton to smile but today when I got to see him..I could see he was happy and is desperate to have this happiness in his life...And this happiness he got thro Komal. Hence he requested something from me.
Headmistress remains quite for sometime..
Ma'm please continue with what he is requesting.

He wants to spend some time with Komal daily.

Geet is rolling her eyes with shock not able to understand what to comment

Geet...He wants to  meet her during school break timing...May be half an hour a day/2-3 days in a week. I told him that I need to check with Komal's mother, i.e's you.

Tell me dear...what's your opinion?

Geet is not able to answer.

Geet beta...komal is also missing that father figure in her life. She misses her papa when other children gets dropped and picked up by their father...its natural for any child to feel that dear.

Tears roll down Geet's eyes

Geet...I am sorry for this...its ok...I will tell NO to this person.

Ma'm...No Ma'm ...I mean please tell him that its an YES from my side.

Nandini feels very happy after listening to this.

Ma'm Komal was at all praise for this person yesterday. I had my doubt about this person's intentions...but I really appreciate his gentleness in requesting my permission thro you and moreover, he had the same issue with the school security what I had...I have absolutely no problem in him spending some time with Komal.

Geet has tears in her eyes again...Ma'm I wanted to be Komal's Mom as well as her Dad...I never wanted her to miss her dad...but I failed...I cannot bring her dad back...but at least I dont want to stop her to meet a person in whom she see's her father-figure...especially when even that person is equally desperate to spend some time with my daughter.

Nadini gets up to console dear...its not your fault...By nature, its a challenging role be both mother and a father to a child... Please Don't blame yourself . I really appreciate your decision and the reason behind it.

Nandini hugs Geet and assures her that everything will be fine.

Geet picks Komal and both get back to Indian Paints

Later Nandini calls Maan and gives him the good news...Nandiniji..I just finished with a meeting in an office near your school. Shall I come and see you now?


Precap:  Maan Meets Komal and gives a Greeting card for her mummy.

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Later Nandini calls Maan and gives him the good news...Nandiniji..I just finished with a meeting in an office near your school. Shall I come and see you now?


Maan reaches the school

Maan Bete...there is a good news for you

I had called Komal's mom and spoke to her...made her understand about yours as well as Komal's situation. ...and she has understood it very well and agreed to it. Initially, she misunderstood you...but learning the fact that you dropped back Komal to the school and raised the issue of security carelessness...above all, you took the permission from the headmistress i.e ME, for meeting komal...which proved to her that your intentions are clear. have made my day...thanks a lot

Anytime my dear...but let me tell you more about Komal's mom...just for your information.

It seems Komal's dad passed away when she was just less than a week old...from then till now Komal's mom tried her best not to make her daughter miss her papa...but are kids...when Komal got to see other children with their Papa..she also felt a need of her Papa. Komal's mom has understood the fact that whatever  best she can do for her daughter, she cannot bring Komal's papa back and doesn't want to tell a Harsh NO to Komal for meeting a person in whom she finds her "father figure".

Now, coming to the point... Komal's Mom said YES to you as she purely intends  of not snatching away this little happiness from her daughter as well as YOU.

Maan has been listening quietly whatever Nandiniji was telling...why destiny chooses few people to face all the sufferings of the me, even Komal's mom has seen a lot in her life.

Maan bete...Are you fine? what are you thinking?

Oh..Ji Nandiniji...I was thinking how much of pain Komal and her mom has gone thro in their life.

Haan bete...she has really gone thro so much pain in her life...that's why I guess she  could understand YOUR Pain and your point of view that easily and agreed for yours and Komal's regular meeting.

That's really nice of her...I really dont know how to thank her for this.

Nandiniji smiles at him...I am sure you get that opportunity soon.

And you can meet Komal from tomorrow...with the following conditions...

You can meet her during the break time...i.e 11:30 AM to 12:00 PM...This schedule is till the summer camp is over and this timing is likely to change when once Komal starts with her regular schooling  which will begin in next 10-15 days. you can meet her all the days...but choice is yours as you need to concentrate on your business. You can meet her only within the school premises...let's start from here...later on I will allow you to take Komal out of School depending upon Komal's Mom's comfort level. I hope you understand these rules before you start meeting Komal.

Sure Nandiniji...I agree to your rules 100% with a smile on his face.

Bete...Keep smiling like this...You really look cute with this smile on your face.

Maan continues to smile and takes her leave.

At  Indian Paints...

Geet is quite thinking about what she discussed with Nandiniji...She's really guilty for not able to fulfil the gap of Komal's Papa...and she is missing Dev very badly at this point of time. could you leave me and Komal like this...see what all we both are going thro without you.


Yes beta

Aaj Papa nahin aayen...she makes a baby face

Geet hugs her  and tears escapes from her eyes which she immediately wipes.

Zaroori kaam aagaya hoga...kal aajayenge. (Must have got some important task...he'll come tomorrow)

Mamma...aap ro kyon rahi ho? (why are you crying?)

Hey..noting dear...just a dust particle went into my eyes that's it.

She hugs Komal once again and cries silently and wipes her tears instantly.

Komal bete...finish with your lunch soon and then go to sleep for some time.

Ok Mamma

Komal goes off to sleep in her usual place within Geet's office cabin room

Geet gets a call from Yash

Geet...did you manage to meet the Headmistress?

Yah yash...In fact, she was the one who called me first.


Geet explains whatever followed

Oh Geet...I really dont know what to comment...

You told YES without thinking should have taken some time

Yash...I didnt see anything wrong this person meeting Komal...He really doesn't possess any bad intentions...he gave the same complaint to the Headmistress regarding the security and secondly, I appreciate his gentleness of taking the headmistress permission before continuing to meet Komal.

Well Geet...I know you and you always take wise decisions...its just that I am little concerned for you this time.

Dont worry Yash...The headmistress has asked me to be rest assured

Anyways...I believe all is well that ends well...Catch you sometime later...bye



Maan was in best of his mindset... This was the happiest day that he got to see after 3-4 years of depression. This happiness is clearly visible in Maan's face.

Arre Bhai...Aap Aagaye? This is a usual happening when Annie eagerly waits for her brother till the time he enters the home

Maan hugs her with  a smile

Arre Maan Bete...Kya baat hain?...Aaj aap bohuth khush nazar aarahe hain! (What is it? You seem to be very happy today)

Daadi hugs Maan...Bete...eise hi muskurathe rahiye...yeh muskurahat dekhne keliye yeh aanken bechain rehthi hain (Keep smiling like this...I am always to curious to see this smile on your face)

Haan Bhai...What's up? Oh...let me guess...I think Vicky bhaiya would have called you and informed you... You are happy that Vicky is coming back soon after completing his studies...Am I correct?

Hmm...Haan Annie

He doesn't want anyone to know the true reason for behind his happiness

Annie...Give him some time to fresh up

Daadima, Annie...Will join you people at the dinner table in next hour.

Sure bhai...take your time

Maan gets into his room...He gets into a serious thought about what ever happened in that school today...About What Nandiniji told about Komal and her mom...He again feels bad for them... Anyways...he wants to tell  THANKS to Komal's Mom for her decision. He strolls for a while but unable to decide on anything...Finally, he gets an idea of buying her a Greeting

I have given a Greeting  Card only to Neha...How can I again give it to someone else?He again thinks for a while...Well...the purpose of giving  it is different this time...I will give her a THANK YOU Greeting card...that's final.

He finishes with his shower and joins Daadi and Annie who are waiting for him at the dinner table.

Next day...

Sharp at 11:30 PM...Komal just finishes with what her Mamma had packed in her tiffin box.

Komal is worried...Will I be able to meet my Paapa again? Was it a dream that I met him?

That's when the attender comes to her...Komal...Someone is here to meet you...the attender takes her to the play area and Komal is surprised with what she gets to see


She instantly hugs him and Maan grabs her in his arms and kiss on her cheek.

She kisses him back

PAAPA...Main Aap se bohut Naraaz hoon

Kyon Kya hua?

She gets down immediately

Aap mujse kal milne nahin aaye

Maan kneels down to reach her level of height.

Oh Baby...I had lot of work...I have a big office to handle all alone

She is still not convinced...She goes and sits on the chair under the tree in the play area...Maan sits next to her.

Baby...Are you still angry with me?

She is showing a fake anger...still trying to look at him from a corner of her eyes...

I got something for you...Well, you are angry so I'll take it back to my office

He acts as if he is about to leave...she holds his hand with her tiny hand and smiles at himSmile

Hmm...yeh lijiye...and gives her a box full of chocolates


Aaan Haan...I will give it to you...but you have to do two things for me...

She is curious to know
Firstly, I know very well that you will finish this many chocolates at one go...Hence, you need to promise me that you will give this box to your mom and take her permission before taking chocolates from this box...

She is not convinced...Yash uncle has never put such condition on me before giving me chocolates...I will not say NO to my Paapa...otherwise, he will stop meeting me then

OK paapa...I promise you...

That's like my good girl

Now the second one is...I have got this Greeting card for your Mamma...Dont forget to give this to her when you meet her...and dont dare to open it...Its for your Mamma and only she has to open it.

This condition is easier...Sure Paapa...I will give it to her the moment I meet her...i.e after school

Maan makes her sit on his lap and kisses her cheek again...You are a real good girl...a sweet angel.

They happen to play for few minutes...Didn't realise when the time struck at  12:00 PM.

Ok baby...will see you tomorrow...Have to leave now..

Paapa...such a short time...she makes a baby face..

He kneels down again to reach her, you have to get back to your classes...Paapa has to get back to his office...I promise to meet you tomorrow...and you dont forget your promises ...OK?

She kisses on his cheek...BYE PAAPA

BYE Baby

Later Geet comes to the school to pick up Komal Mamma...and she hugs Geet with lot of happiness

Geet is speechless to see this happiness in her face. Geet knows the reason behind it

Komal hands over the things to Geet after they reach Indian Paints.

Yeh lijiye...

She handsover the greeting card and the chocolate box to her.

What is this?

Today Paapa came to see me today

Oh really?

Yah Mamma...He gave me this chocolate box with a condition that I should take chocolates from this box only with your permission hence I am giving this box to you...Geet is shocked with such a condition and Komal agreeing to it...Uff...Only I know what I go thro when Komal consumes so much chocolates and I have to fight with her to stop it...I must agree..Komal's paapa is really smart...What? Why am I calling him Komal's Paapa? What to call him by the way?

Maama...Geet snaps from her imagination

Take this Greeting Card...this is for you...

For Me? She decides to open it after having lunch with Komal and after putting her to sleep.

Once done with her routine task with Komal, She is about to open the card when she realises...The last greeting card I got was from Dev...and now from this person...She is not sure to open this or not...Oh Geet, the reason to give you this Greeting card could be different...comeon open it.

She opens it to find a beautiful greeting with a THANK YOU message in it and a small note..."Komal ke Mamma...Thanks for everything...Its all because of you that I am able to see some happiness in my life...and I really wish you get all happiness in your life that you deserve"

Happiness? She takes a you really intend to give it back to me? Tears rolls down her cheeks.


Posted: 4 years ago

Happiness? you really intend to give it back to me? Tears rolls down her cheeks.

Geet continues with the rest of the day with her busy office schedule. Komal wakes up later and has good time with Manisha, Pandeji, Romeo and rest of the gang till the time her mamma finishes with her office work.

Later in the evening, Pinky and Uncleji were eagerly waiting for them to have the usual evening get together.

Uncleji had prepared nice tea and served them with some readymade snacks

Pinky takes Komal to the play area.

Geet bete...I don't know why I am feeling this by looking at you today, I could make out some glimpse of happiness in your face...If my assumption is right, your meeting with the headmistress went on well yesterday. Geet lost in her own world of thoughts...Sorry bete...Myself and Pinky had to leave for that wedding and I missed to enquire about what followed in Komal's school...please tell me.

Geet tells him what ever happened yesterday and today in Komal's school, this is the reason behind your happiness... I appreciate your decision...I know you so are happy with Komal's new found happiness. life is over...If I am alive physically, its only for Komal

He rests his hand on her shoulder...Please beta...don't ever tell this again for god are a brave girl... just close your past chapter thinking bad days are over and happy days are here.

HAPPY DAYS? Hmmm...Geet has a sad smile...Lets see it uncle

Komal runs to Geet...Mamma...Can I get one chocolate please?

Uncleji couldn't believe what he heard... Arre Komal bitiya...Aap kab se chocolate khane keliye permission lene lagi? (From when did you start asking permission to have chocolates)

This is the strict order by her new friend...he has given her a box full of chocolates with strict condition that she has to take her mamma's permission.

Oh...that's good...Komal listens to whatever this new friend says...that's amazing.

Dont call him friend...he is my Papa Making a baby face

Tho yeh baat hain...challo...acha hi hain...I must say your papa is so well, listen to what ever he says...Hun?

Geet gives her one chocolate and Komal back to play area

Geet bete...This person seems to be good...see, he is not trying to spoil Komal and seems he has a way to deal smartly with the kids... But I have only one concern...

Boliye Uncleji

What if there is a situation where this person has to stop meeting Komal sometime in future...I am worried as Komal is really getting attached to this person and She will not be able to face this grief of missing him...And...

Uncleji...I can understand your point...but what could I do? I cannot bring back Dev...Is it possible? And how can I tell this bitter truth and hurt that innocent angel who is the only happiness of my life? That's why I agreed to the Headmistress request...Over and above all, I heard from the headmistress that even this person has gone through with his tough life and has seen a glimpse of joy in Komal.

Par beta...

Uncleji... Babaji has not left me with any choice. What can  I do? At this point of time, Komal's happiness is what matters to me and I cannot hurt her at any cost...and cries endlessly

Uncleji hugs her immediately...Beta..I am really sorry...I didn't mean to hurt you...I was only worried about few things in this regard...

Geet still cries in his embrace...

Main ne kaha na...sab tik ho jayega (I told you right...everything will get back to normal)...Please don't cry.

I am sorry if I hurt you...

Na beta

What to do? I am forced to take each and every day as it comes without worrying about my past and without expecting anything out of future.

Sab tik ho jayega...Apne babaji pe barosa rakho (Everything will get back to normal...Have faith in your God)
Later in the evening, Geet buys a "Thank You" Greeting card for Komal's papa with a written note which she hands over to Komal the next day

Beta...Please give this card to papa when he comes to see you today.

Sure Mamma

And...Dont open it...Your  Papa is the one who will open it and Dont forget your papa will get angry if do so.

Komal Kisses her cheek and promise not to open. 

At Khurana Construction...9:00 AM

Pinky at the reception...And she stands up immediately after seeing Maan

Good Morning Sir...says Pinky

Hello MK...Good Morning says Sasha

Good Morning Sir says Tasha

Go...Go...Go...Good Morning Sir Says Aadi

Aadi, Sasha, you both need to meet me at my cabin in next  half an hour

They have a usual meeting...

MK...Good News is that our London project has got approved

That's good

Ss..Ss..Sir...this is the Gurgaon project file...its progressing well
The meeting goes on till 11:00 AM and then Maan happens to see his watch

Ok Guys...I have some task to complete...will be out of office for an hour...see you after 12:00 PM

Sure MK

At the school...11:30 AM

Maan and Komal meet...

PAPA...PAPA...and hugs him and kisses him

Papa, Mamma has given this for you...and hands over the Greeting Card to him

Maan was surprised...he was actually worried what if Komal's mom is upset with the getting a greeting card in return states that she is not angry with him...THANKS GOD

Ji Papa?

Kuch nahin beta...will open it later. honest with me...Did you give the chocolate box to mamma?

Yes Papa...I did.

And you are taking chocolates with her permission?


That's like my good girl.

They spend a quality time together till 12:00 PM and then Maan returns back to his office holding Greeting card between a file he was carrying...He calls Aadi into his cabin this file and give me your opinion about this project

SS..Ss..sure SS..Ss..Sir

Aadi leaves and Maan just remembered the Greeting Card...Oh did I forget that...I need to take it from Aadi.

Aadi gets back to his cabin and runs a check and finds a Greeting Card Enveloped in between the file. He takes the Greeting card envelope out and was about to get back to Maan's cabin and handover to him and just then Sasha walks in.

Arre Aadi...what is this?

This was in-between the file...I need to give it back to Sir

Oh Aadi...use your brain! Who will dare to give a Greeting card to him?

It might be some card from a client

Mmm..doesnt seem to be...There is no name written on the envelope...I dont think its from a client...let me open it and see

STOP IT  Sasha

Sasha and Aadi turn to look at Maan...he was fuming with Anger can you open an envelope which belongs to me?

Sasha was getting nervous now... MK...I dint know its yours...Moreover there is no name written on it and that's why I was trying to open it

Henceforth you find any letter or envelope which has no name mentioned on the cover, you should hand it over to me...IS THAT CLEAR? Maan gives a glare at her and snatches the Greeting card that she was still holding...and leaves from Aadi's cabin. She is wondering and despirate to find out the details wrapped up in that envelope... I am sure this card is from someone special If MK is so possessive about it.

Maan comes back to his cabin...sips water and try to compose himself before reading the Greeting Card

He is opening it wondering what could be the content...It was a Greeting Card with "Thank YOU for your kind Gesture".

He instantly smiles and He opens the note...

"Dear Sir...Friend...Komal Papa...I am confused and  don't have a clue of how to relate or address you...But All I would tell you is THANK YOU"

Why is she thanking me? I am the one who is thankful to her. He continues to read.

"THANK YOU for being Komal's PAPA...She misses her PAPA...I can fight with this world to give her all happiness but not her PAPA as he is no more...I have hidden this harsh truth from Komal as her tender heart does not have the ability to face the loss of her father and to accept the fact that she will never get to see him in her life."

Maan closes his eyes to feel the pain in this note

"I have been in a helpless situation whenever Komal used to ask about her PAPA...God only knows how difficult it had been to lie to her... but what could I do...I was really HELPLESS...I have been telling her the lie that her PAPA will suddenly appear in front of her one fine day and the moment he sees her...he will take her in his arms and Kiss her...and she was living with that dream..."

Maan is gaining courage to read further...

"...and she found YOU in reality. I couldn't explain to her that you are not her she is not willing to believe...I left it as I am happy with her new found happiness..."

Finally, a smile appears on his face...

"I have one request from you...When the time comes where you plan to quit meeting Komal, please let me know sometime in advance so that I can prepare myself to handle the situation"

Why is she thinking in this term? Maan is actually worried

"I can make out that this sentence in the note might have hurt you...I am SORRY if I have hurt you knowingly or unknowingly...but believe me, I never intend to hurt you... Its just that I am concerned about my daughter...she is the one and only happiness of my life and I can never ever bare to see my little angle getting shattered"

Now he is able to clearly understand her point of view.

"Anyways...I hope my little angel is not troubling you...If YES, then I apologize on her behalf...The thing is she is very naughty and at the same time she is very very innocent. Please...Please share your true concerns if any. You take care, BEST REGARDS, Komal's MOM"

Maan runs thru a mix feeling... He is finding her pain to be much more severe than his own. For the first time, his mind is seriously thinking about something which is keeping him away from his past.

PRECAP:  Oops...Yash decides to sell "Indian Paints" Shocked

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