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Sarla is going through a cupboard and cribbing about not finding something when she finds a bridal joda. She starts crying and tells Bee ji that she misses her two daughters whom she gave birth to but has lost (Preeta and Shrishti). Bee ji consoles her saying that they are Raghu's daughters not hers and she has also lost her only son Raghu and Sarla must be patient. The doorbell rings and Abhi is there with Preeta and Shrishti. He explains that he found them on the road side and decided to bring them there, as he believes them to be a match to what Sarla is looking for.

Shrishti asks Abhi for a selfie to make her Nasik friends jealous which makes Abhi flashback to the accident with Pragya.

Preeta likes Pragya's room and asks Sarla whose room it is. Sarla answers it is her daughter's (Preeta has a faint recollection of the name Pragya) who is usually happy but is acting distant these days. Shrishti remarks that Sarla speaks a lot. Preeta draws similarities between the way Sarla and Shrishti speak, which makes the latter irritated.  On realising that Preeta is venturing on the topic of their mother (by talking about mother-daughter relationships), Shristi declares that she never wants to meet their mother and they don't even know her name. Preeta tells her their mother's name is Sarla.

The wind knocks down Preeta's bag and the money Karan had given her falls down. She hopes she never has to meet him again.

Karan returns home with some girls but his grandmother is at the door so he tries to play it cool. Dadi shoos the girls away and Rishabh tells off Karan for being late, takes him upstairs and asks him to sleep as he has practice the next day. Rishabh tells Karan to get serious about his career as he still needs to qualify for the national series. Karan doesn't take it seriously and falls asleep.

The next morning, Sarla is woken up by loud music and makes up her mind to give the girls an earful. On reaching the room's  door, she watches Shrishti dance and Preeta scold her for disturbing others. Sarla remembers Pragya and Bulbul and gets teary-eyed.

Shrishti announces that her objective to come to Mumbai is to become the most famous model in the city and then become Karan Luthra's girlfriend. Preeta gets angry on hearing Karan's name and chides her about who will manage the expenses till Shrishti's dreams are fulfilled. She shows the newspaper where she has marked all the hospitals. As she turns to leave, Pragya and Bulbul's photo falls down on floor. Shrishti recognizes Pragya as Abhi's wife and makes fun of Pragya's looks and Preeta calls her jealous.

Rishabh gets doughnuts for Dadi but a boy snatches the packet before he can hand it over. Rishabh and a bunch of men run behind him. The boy runs into Preeta, who forbids anyone to hurt the boy as he claims to be hungry. 

PRECAP: Preeta goes for a job interview. Sarla shouts at Shrishti and tells her they can't stay here anymore. Later she finds Raghubir's photo in their luggage and thinks if they are her daughters?

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