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Posted: 2017-07-17T12:03:22Z
As per my Ekta-Serials-Knowledge i feel both the brothers will fall for the elder sister and the elder sister will fall for the cricketer bro too. The younger sister will also fall for younger brother and then when the elder sister will get to know it she will scarifice her love and get married to elder brother LOL and then they will fall in love...It happens in all Ekta Shows if 2 male leads are shown. Kumkum Bagya was an exception though but it has happened in all Ektas Shows.

For example. Kahin tou hoga, Kasamh Se, Kayamath, etc.

Sorry guys for spoiling the excitement for you guys already but thats how the Ektas Serials work and she always breaks the beloved pair. Thats why my only vishaish Tipni is watch the show but dont get too involved with it and give the pairs fair chance i mean the elder sister with both Brothers. U dont know ke uski shaadi end mein kis se hogi LOL

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Posted: 2017-07-17T15:05:39Z
well...i am shipping karan-preeta...there is some attraction that pulling me towards them...i hope they end up together...shrishti end with rishabh...but on 2nd might be right too
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Posted: 2017-07-17T23:21:00Z
Hey!  Good points!Smile  Just take it as it comes is good advice.Thumbs Up
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Posted: 2017-07-18T01:49:26Z
like kasturi -Robbie,there is Karan-PreetaEmbarrassedLOL
" Woh hisaab ka usool hota hoga ki 2 mein se 1 nikaalo toh 1 bachta hai. Mohabbat ke usool kuch aur hain, yahaan 2 mein se ek nikaalo toh 1 bhi nahi bachta "
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Posted: 2017-07-18T05:24:52Z
I think it is the opposite 
Good girl Preeta is going for the good guy only that is Rishabh 

Rishabh is also going to fall for Preeta only 

Srishti is going to fall for bad boy Karan and Karan will not fall for anyone i guess

But but but 

Rishabh and Preeta's bhagya will not let me them unite and instead Preeta's bhagya will connect with Karan and hence she will get married to Karan 

So, we will get opposite pairs 

the sensible , good guy Rishabh will get married to bubbly not so good girl Srishti 


The sensible , good girl Preeta will get married to the bad boy Karan 

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Posted: 2017-07-18T05:27:40Z
I have seen such love stories where the good girl ends up with the bad boy and frankly speaking it is a done to death concept and nothing fresh about it 
and that is why for a change i would want the good girl to end up with the good guy.

I want Preeta to end up with Rishabh and Srishti to end up with karan 

I have see how bad boy and good girl dynamics is explored but i want to see how similar people can fall in love and how their dynamics can be further explored...I really think Rishabh and Preeta will make an intense couple

but in the show m sure we are going to get Preeta ending up with bad boy Karan and Srishti ending up with Rishabh

opposite pairs will be made and it will be a common story of opposites falling in love 
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Posted: 2017-07-18T07:19:26Z
It's going to be like preeta n Rishab liking each other but daadi will get preeta's kundali n she will fix karan n preeta's marriage and after a, series of events both are going to fall in love and in exact time karan will get to know his brother loves preeta so he will sacrifice his love LOL .

And here Rishab n Shristi will have their own sweet love story.
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