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Hi, I do not know if you are going to break our heart in the next update or Maan is ready to confess his love and of course our Geet will run ten miles away from him I  think...but please do not do is such a beautiful emotion that Maan is  feeling right now and he is on cloud nine...even though he was sad and so depressed the whole day missing his Dadima, he knew in his heart that his Geet will come to him and share his pain with him...she will surely be by his side when he needs her most...but what will happen if Geet will go away from him who will he share his love, his  pain, and his heart with...he will be broken inside and his Dadima also will not be there to take care of him so please...let him live in this bliss with Geet for sometime...the separation of Radha and Kanha is very heart wrenching...
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he missed his daadi... so sad...
siblings r too demanding ...
but both r right ... will he confess...
here she is...
boths chemistry is too made for each other...
but his delay of confession create fear in me... why he dont
here tht blundr of quare... but finally both girls r safe...

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anyone there??
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u told to read replies of 61. but i didnt find mine. maine itna bara comment kiya tha firbi...have read 62 going to read it again before 63...
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Originally posted by kawaii_geet


anyone there??

Yes ... of course ...Big smileBig smileBig smile
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Originally posted by kawaii_geet


anyone there??

eagerly waiting...Day Dreaming
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Hi lovely people,
As promised, here I am with a mid-week update!!
There is something for you people at the end of the updt.
But ah ah ah! Don't cheat!LOL
Finish reading the update and then go for it. Embarrassed

p.s apologies for no replies. work is demanding.
and I am just flowing alongDead
but thank you everyone from the bottom of my heart for all the lovely comments.

63.Someone Like You...

"OMG, are you guys alright?"

"Yeah...we are safe. Geet has injured herself."

"Gosh... how is she doing?"

"Pretty shaken up."

"Sleep Premchand. Its quite late at your place."

"I...I don't feel sleepy."

"then try..."

"I have been doing the same."

"You aren't trying hard enough.."

"I just can't Aarush...its been three days but the memories of that evening still flashes in front of my eyes."

"Hmmm... you know what?"


"People who don't get enough sleep after a trauma or a shock are more likely to die early."


"It is a study..."


"No it isn't. Trauma exhausts your brain which exhausts your body. And you start aging faster."

"So you think I am going to die early?"

"I am not saying that... the study does."


"You just made that up, didn't you, you freak?"

"and you fell for it just like the last time I told you, you were going to get bitten by dogs if you apply nail paint on one hand only..."

"Urrghhh I hate you..."

"Feelings Mutual Premchand..."

"Then stop talking to me.."

"Who initiated this conversation two months back asking for forgiveness?"

"Ugh... I will block you on iMessage and every other social media."

"Go ahead. But I am sure you won't be able to do this!"

"Good night."

"Good night to you Miss Khurana. You should wish me a good day."

"I don't care. Bye."

"Bye. And try sleeping."

Antara switched off her phone and threw it on her side, pulling the duvet over her head. She had been in contact with Aarush for two months now and somehow they had shifted from FB to instant messaging apps. That freak always got on her nerves but somehow she didn't dislike it anymore. She was suddenly so addicted to his senseless teasing that she felt he was unwell if he didn't call her by weird names at any given time.

Next Morning

"Geet, you are leaving?" Radhika asked, while serving breakfast.

"Yea aunty... I am better now.."

"How is your leg? Can you walk?"

"Yes..." she munched a toast, "it is healing. I am even able to walk properly now. I have family visiting from London. They are worried about me...So I have to leave..."

He walked down, settling the sleeves of his crisp white shirt.

"Who is leaving?" he smiled at everyone, setting on the dining.

Geet sighed... this man painted a very fine picture in every damn way he dressed.

Navy Blue.

He chose navy blue today.

Prim and proper, his hair neatly combed and the collar button still open, he looked impeccably handsome in the white shirt and navy blue trousers. His eyes twinkled when they fell on her... she could feel that and she blushed, looking down, for unknown reasons. She knew he'd wear a tie and his suit once he was done with breakfast but heck, she couldn't take her eyes off him. she tried not to look at him as he talked with his family but she just couldn't!

Uff Geet... you are being shameless.

She mentally chided herself and tried to concentrate on her food. College was over. She still had a month or two before she started working. Her current job kept her engaged during the day now that holidays were on. Raj would be visiting her for he had some work in the states.

He kept talking to his parents when his eyes fell on his little storm who was lost in her world. She looked so adorable with that little pout and the toast in mid air between her plate and her mouth... he laughed.

"Is something funny?" his father asked, wondering what made his son laugh amidst a serious work conversation.

He quickly zipped his mouth and shook his head, "ah no dad. Its nothing."

"Ahem...ahem!!" Kabir feigned innocence, "yeah dad... its nothing actually."

Maan glared at him while Kabir winked, enjoying at his brother's expense. He totally ignored Maan's glare and looked at Ana who was busy texting someone.

"Ana... what is that song we heard yesterday on the TV... umm...that Adnan Sami song..."

Ana looked confused for she had no idea what was going on. She had found a text from Aarush and she got busy with that.

"Which song kabir?" Geet asked, totally oblivious to everything.

"Wait wait..." Kabir pretended to think, "I think I got it..."

Maan gritted his teeth, "Kabir stop..."

"Ha! I got it... ye zameen ruk jaye.. Asmaan jhuk jaye... tera chehra jab nazar aaye.."

He smirked looking at Maan and turned to Geet, "Isn't it a lovely song Geet?"

She nodded happily, "Yeah...its one of my favourite songs.."

Kabir guffawed at that, "See bhai... that's her favourite song..."

He whispered to Maan and smoothly slipped out before Maan caught him and chopped him up into pieces.

"So?" Geet sat beside Ana on the couch and elbowed her.

She peeked up from her cell phone and looked at her blankly, "So what?"

"You are suddenly so busy with your cell phone that you have no time for your friend..."

Ana sighed and kept the phone away, "Who said I was busy?"

Geet smirked, "Really? Don't you think you aren't supposed to ask this question... !"

"Come on Geet... I wasn't busy."

"Oh yeah... I think its Kabir who talks to Aarush 24/7 and he does so because he hates him..."

Ana smiled, despite herself, "its nothing like that Geet... he was calling me some weird names so I was teaching him some manners..."

"Huh!" Geet scoffed, "Yah right! You spend more time with him than me these days. Don't you think I notice? Ab sach sach batao... what is going on between you two?"

Ana rolled her eyes, "There is nothing going on between us Geet.."

"Tell me something better.."

"I swear there is nothing going on..."

"Liar Liar...pants on fire..."

"Uff Geet.. there is nothing going on. Now come on.. lets go to your place and chill. When is Raj visiting you?"

"might be in the evening..."

"Okay..till then, lets enjoy."


He shook his hands with the client and felt glad that the meeting was over. The day had been exhausting and he was famished. He walked towards the restaurant of the hotel where he was supposed to have his meeting when his phone beeped with incoming message.

He sighed and typed a reply when someone bumped into him. he stumbled but held himself and looked up.

"Hey...I am sorry.." the man in front of him apologized immediately.

Looking not more than 30, the man in front of him seemed to be in a hurry. Dressed in black formals, he quickly picked his file that had fallen down and passed him a friendly smile.

"Its okay dude..."

Maan sighed and walked away, calling Adi to join him.

Raj put the papers in order and took out his phone.

"hey Miss back home?"

Geet smiled at the other side, "Yeah. Are you done with your work?"

"Yep. I am heading to your place. You wanna go out for dinner?"

"No. Come home. I have cooked for both of us..."

"Alright. I will be there in an hour."


Meeting with Raj had been pleasant as they sat, ate and talked about everything under the sun until the moment he asked about the gunman attack she had witnessed.

"Raj.. I am alright. Stop fretting over it now.."

"How can I not? What if something happened to you? there is no one to look after you here. Do you realize how worried we were? In fact we still are..."

"I know I know... but I am fine now and you all needn't worry."

"I gave you enough time Geet... we all gave you the space you needed. But now, especially after this incident, we all want you home... safe and sound. Bahut ho gayi manmaani... ab bas. The entire family is worried sick...even uncle. Think of them..."

Geet remained quiet and looked at her half eaten food. Raj was right. She had to go home sooner or later and everyone had been in panic mode after hearing the news of the incident.

"But Raj... I have my job here..."

"You have a branch back home. Surely you can transfer. I can help you with that."

He left his spoon and held Geet's hand pleading, "Come back to us Geet. We miss you... and we miss you a lot. I know its tough but its your "home Geet...come back to us."

She understood the emotions her family had and she felt overwhelmed  at that. but there was something that stopped her in NYC... someone who didn't let her go.

She finally confessed, "I... I don't want to go back..."


 "Hello Raj?"

He closed the laptop in his hotel suite after hearing her voice, "Geet? What happened? Why are you crying?"

"I...I..." she sniffed and wiped her tears, "I am fine. I want to go home."

He was surprised at this. A few days back, she wasn't willing to leave this place but suddenly her decision worried him.

"Geet... are you alright? Did something happen? Where are you now? let me reach you.."

"NO!" she spoke abruptly, "I am okay. I just want to go back home to you guys. Can you arrange tickets for me?"

He felt it weird, "uhh yeah I can but I am leaving tomorrow evening..."

"Yeah that is fine by me..." she interrupted, "I will be ready..."


He walked towards the baggage counter, feeling smugly proud of himself to have decided to visit NYC and surprise a certain woman. He hadn't expected to get a chance like this but his research papers brought him here. And he knew that certain woman was going to blast at him for even surprising her like this.

Heck... Life was interesting with Antara Khurana!

He waited for his bags to arrive and looked around, observing people. There was a little girl crying for something in her mother's arms and then there were two teenagers giggling and talking, probably waiting for their baggage too... then there were people flocking around in suits and skirts and then there was an oddly familiar woman hurrying towards the security.

He stopped for a moment to recollect.


And in the blink of an eye, the lady was gone! He shrugged, "Nah! Can't be!"

He picked up his bags and walked out, hailing a cab to his research institute.



Maan Khurana

Khurana Empires

New York

Can I try and reverse time? Can I catch drops of rains on my palms? Can I go back to being someone I was once? You had asked me and perhaps now I know my answer. NO! I cannot turn back time or catch rain in my hands or change myself. I have come a long way from there; walked miles ahead and there is no turning back. And all I have for you is my apology.

Why me Maan?

Why the person who is not worthy of you? Please know that I have been in love with someone before. I thought he is the one for me. That he is the one who has eyes only for me. And when he left, I knew he took away a part of me from myself. I don't have enough Maan... and you deserve more. I am a broken leaf who has nowhere to go. Someday, I will wither and fall. You wouldn't want to be with someone like me then...

You are the bright sun who deserves a person better than me... the best actually. I am flawed Maan. I am broken and bruised and I have marks left on me. You don't deserve this ugliness. You deserve someone beautiful... inside out. Not me...

Please Not me!

I know a simple apology will not even lessen your pain even remotely close to a hairline but now, all I have is this. I am perhaps the most selfish person on earth to have done such a terrible thing to you and I deserve every bit of your wrath. But I want you to know Maan that I never intended to hurt you. I never intended to give you false hopes. I never intended to leave like this, hiding. I am a coward; I know but I don't have courage to keep fighting this stupid heart. You are a wonderful person Maan and I am such a fool to have hurt you so much. But that was all I could have done. I know you have questions but perhaps, I am not ready to answer them right now.

You had asked me, if I could ever fall in Love with you. But tell me, how do I make this heart understand? How can I fall in Love with Someone Like You?
Save Your Love for someone who deserves it. Not me.

Please Forgive Me.

I have had the most wonderful time of my life with you.

Thank You and Good Bye.


The glowing sun turned orange and a made a downward journey, filling the room with its hue and watched fate play her cards. The letter remained on the desk and a certain someone walked in. As the giant star hid under the horizon, he saw one last time... the person who was never supposed to be in such a situation pick the letter up and read it...

>>Short Update? Well, it was meant to be.

>>What Happened? That we shall see soon.

>>Impt: Guys, I am relocating to another city. My flight is in the next few hours and work demands that. I will be in an entirely new place on my own. And I am going to take time to settle down. Updates shall be delayed. Pls bear with me. I will finish this story. So, don't worry about that. Even though late, I will finish this.

>>See You Guys Soon!!

Chapter 62

Chapter 64

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part 62
Really how time flies...sometimes maan n his dadimas bonding n now her memories remind me my bonding with my dadi who was my everything in a-z...who died last year..before passing away her only wish was to c my upcoming child...she was counting days but went away only 22 days before my pathetic isnt it for me.. with her memories...

Lets c how maan will keep alive not only in his hearts but also everyones...may b through some NGOs or nything else...

She is too mch busy bt firvi she came from th study tour...only for pyar nehi to kya hain...even sometimes we cant do nything even for our loved one also...

How maan held her hands to calm his hearts n how she kissed his hands to assure him...

She became his soul...if geet will deny him then will man can move on...maans mom is so hurry to c her sons marriage...

New geet can go back to london n her family wants her n she has opportunity also...lets c whom she will or maan...

There is no better time than "now"...thats th realization of mine too before my proposal to him...

The comment of part 61 is page no 15...n i didnt get ny reply...Edited by paponecon - 2017-08-02T12:45:26Z
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