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Awesome update...So maan and geet are back together...whn they were standing on the bridge..i though maan is abt to confess...nahi hua...
I have one maan not attracted to geet...i mean geet always chks him out but I have not seen maan doing that...
can i request geet seeing maan in gym wala scene pls...
waiting for next part...Pls update soon.
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Maan has actually confessed in his own way... Geet is still taking it lightly? I was finally happy to see Geet ignore Zain when she was going to meet Maan. That confirms there is nothing between them from either side. Thank goodness! Now lets see how Maaneet love developes further.

Waiting eagerly for the next chapter. Work should should give you official paid time off for this writing. Edited by TaranaGeet - 2017-07-28T09:09:01Z
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I don't want to spam the thread... but how ese should I show the eagerness of waiting? Rather the desperation state of heart
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alright, who wants an update?
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Originally posted by kawaii_geet

alright, who wants an update?

I doSmile already waiting! Hope u r well
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@Dilsay: having readers like you on this thread... the pleasure is all mine!! About the big "?" hanging, I would just say hold on!!!Wink

@Kkiran: ohh boy you do hate Zain so much?!!LOL

Geet is just like me you know. Humko ishaare samajh nahi aate. dumbo hain na...LOLConfused I would rather be told things directly than in hints..Ermm

@taahir04: Indeed geet has put him on a very high pedestal... just not realizing what she is feeling. thanks for the detailed comment.
you actually wrote my mind there...Hug

so, Pooja, now you don't hate your name anymore right?LOL

@saadi88: hey... no need to apologize. In fact even I started working a month back and about things being hectic, I totally feel you. there have been days when I have come back from work and remained on my bed like a dead fish.DeadHope you are enjoying your work.Embarrassed

@primafacie: first of all, welcome to my home. I am so glad that you are liking this. Not inspired by any real life couples but it is more like presenting two different parts of me. thanks for your kind words. it is very humbling. truly, it is. About book, a lot of people have told me this. Some day... one day, if God wills it, a book will definitely be on the shelves...Embarrassed

@Desigirls12: thank you sweets for the cutie comment. she is his undoing and so is he...for her.Embarrassed

: she has been in love before and exactly that is why she is being oblivious..LOL

 @Madhuri di:
Aarush didn't shout at her! ErmmIn fact he never told her anything. that is why she felt guilty. Plus those were drafts and that's why he didn't tell her anything.Wink

62.Time Flew So Fast Like It Were On Fire...

"Maan, wake up beta..."

He pulled the blanket over his head and turned away from the sound, "dadima... aaj Sunday hain.. don't wake me up so early."

He felt the mattress beside him dip and felt the warm breath of his beloved grandmother over his head, "Sunday hai tho kya hua? Waking up on time is good."

He mumbled something in his sleep and ignored her. Sundays were meant for sleeping more and relaxing.

Uff... dadima just doesn't understand.

"Does the sun rise late because it's a Sunday? No right? Then why should you? now come on, be a good boy and wake up."

"tch... leave me alone dadi.." he snapped and buried his face into the pillow.

"it's my birthday today Maan and you have to take me to the temple. Hurry up now."

He snuggled more into his soft blanket and ignored her pleas.

"fine! I am leaving. But let me tell you, I made kheer and I am going to give them all to the maid. Then don't come to me crying."

He knew dadima was just feigning anger. She just could never be angry on him. But the faint footsteps of her walking away woke him up from his slumber. The door creaked open and he realized his grandmother was indeed walking away. He pushed away the blanket and sat up straight, forgetting his sleep, "Dadimaa..."

The fragrance of the incense sticks brought him back to this world as the chants of the priest filled the air. He watched his father perform the rituals and bit his
cheeks to keep his emotions in check.

Dadima was gone.

He had dreamed of her that morning and he had woken up calling her name.

The fifteen year old boy had woken up in a 29 years old man's body, crying for his deceased grandmother. The lady who had been strong all her life, the woman who was more than a mother to him, his grandmother...his beloved dadima was just a memory now.

Raj(the dog) sat beside him throughout the puja whimpering from time to time and rubbing his head on him, feeling his sadness. He stuck to Maan all through the day and when evening came, he found himself sitting in dadima's room, listening to her old gramophone.

Its already been one whole year...

He still couldn't believe it. Time flew so fast like it were on fire, like it didn't want to let people cherish the moments. Some old Md. Rafi song wafted in the air and he left a long dragged breath.

...Days will turn into weeks and weeks into months. Months will turn into a year...and another year...and then you wouldn't realize when it would be forever' and you will never see them again.

Her words echoed in his head and suddenly all he wanted was to cry in front of her. it was one year now and soon it will be forever. He had kept his dadima alive in his memories but what about forever? Who will remember her after he was gone? What if he forgot her as time passed? His heart ached just with the thought of it and he knew she wouldn't be here today. She had been out on some project based study tour. Her exams were approaching fast and she was held up... so held up that she hadn't had the time to breathe and he had let her be, deciding against his better judgment of confessing his feelings for her. It had been a month since she had been back from London and they have met only thrice.


That cheerful voice brought his back from his sombre mood and he felt her hug him from the back.

"why are you sitting here alone?"

She pulled another chair in front of him and plopped herself on it. Her brother, she knew, had been gloomy all through the day and everyone had let him be to gather himself. But she knew she had to distract him and so did Kabir.

"No... just like that.." he sounded distant.

"I know you miss dadima and we do too. Remember what she used to say when we were upset about something?" she smiled softly.

He thought for a while and opened his mouth to say something when Kabir entered and beat him to that.

"...that remember the happy times when you are sad and things would turn easy."

He watched his brother place a bottle of wine on the table with three glasses.

"...and so...", Kabir continued, "lets think of the happy times..."

Their cheerful faces made him sigh in defeat. He knew they were trying to distract him from his misery and he played along. Kabir poured wine and they picked up their glasses, chit chatting about everything and Maan just listened to all of them.
Another song came up and the topic diverted to something else. Something totally unexpected at this point of time.

"Bhai, did you confess to her yet?" Ana asked, her eyes going wide in excitement.

He smiled, albeit a faint one, despite himself and watched the curious face of his siblings.

"Why do you want to know?"

Kabir rolled his eyes, "because we want you guys to be together."

"yes bhai... tell us...have you told her yet?"

Their excitement made him laugh but he held himself back.

"Considering the fact that she still hasn't gone paranoid, you should know that she doesn't know yet..."

"But you gotta tell her some day... you told mom and dad that you would introduce her to them soon..."  Kabir pitched in.

"stop vulturing in my life both of you.." he rolled his eyes.

"No we won't stop." Ana fought, "if you go on secret dates and expect none to know, then you are utterly mistaken Mr. Maan 'bhai' Khurana.."

Maan raised a brow, "secret dates? What secret dates?"

"Don't you pretend Bhai.." Kabir warned, "we know a lot about you two than you think we know..."

"those were not dates..."

"Yeah right! Tell us something better..." Ana fanned herself, "I am her best friend for nothing you know.."

"You are bad at lying.." Kabir smirked.

Maan had enough. To be a stooge in front of his younger siblings was such a shame.

"Enough you two... what I do and don't do in my life should be my choice not yours..."

"Huh! Running from us, are you?" Kabir challenged, knowing that his brother hated being challenged. And it was a rare occasion to have his elder brother cornered like this. Ana perhaps had guessed it too and so she played along.

"I am not running.." he kept the empty glass on the table, "and we are not discussing this anymore."

They became quiet for a while, enjoying the music and Kabir hummed the song, knowing they had teased their brother enough.

The song stopped and they could hear voices from downstairs and the voice of the woman he had longed for so much.

"Geet is here..." Ana chimed, "I think she is back from her study tour..Let me go get her."

The moment Ana entered with Geet, kabir stood up with his arms wide open.

"Ahh Mi bella..."

Geet smiled through her tiredness and walked in with Ana.

 "Baharon Phool barsao... Mera mehboob aaya hain. Mera mehboob aaya hain..."

Kabir sang, eyeing Maan and when he glared he looked away and pulled Geet into a warm hug.

"hey... what was the song for?" she laughed.

Kabir smirked, "Nothing. Just like that..."

Maan gritted his teeth making a mental note to deal with his brother later and stood up to face her. Dressed in a simple red salwar kameez, with her hair down, she looked every bit the beauty that she was inside and outside. His heart skipped a beat there.

"Hi..." he gave her a faint smile.

Still in the embrace of Kabir, she gave him a faint smile, " are you?"

Her tired eyes made him want to pull her into his embrace and cradle her to sleep.

"Good..." he mumbled, understanding what she meant.

"when did you come back Geet?" Ana asked.

"Umm.. Just an hour back. I feel terrible that I wasn't here today..."

"its okay Geet... you are here now. Come on lets have dinner."

Dinner was fun and fulfilling but all she did was to notice Maan. He was oddly quiet and she knew he just wasn't okay. She had no energy to even think of moving a finger let alone visiting the estates but she somehow felt like checking on him. And thus, despite the tiredness, she had dragged herself to the place and she felt glad that she did.

Everyone picked up their desserts and walked towards the couch. She lingered because Maan was taking too long. He was lost in his own world. And when everyone had walked away, she picked her dessert and stood beside him.

"Maan... you okay?"

He left a breath and looked at her, her tired eyes still twinkling, "Yeah... yeah am okay."

"Sure?" she asked lovingly.


"Hmmm..." she turned to leave when he held her hand.

She turned back and looked at her hand and then at him. He looked so broken and so sad. She knew he wouldn't show it to anyone. And so, she just quietly went and stood beside, not asking any questions, not waiting for any explanation... nothing. He held her hand tightly and she held him back, quietly, for as long as he wanted.

They stood by the counter, like that, for some time until she felt his hold soften a bit. She felt relieved at that. She gave his hand a little squeeze assuring him that it was okay.

He turned to look at her and she blinked, smiling faintly.

"Geet..." Radhika called, "Come here..."

She lifted their joined hands and pressed a soft kiss at the back of his palm, "It's okay!"

She mumbled and walked away holding her bowl.

He watched her retreat and stood there for a long time, lost in his thoughts. How easily she understood what he was going through and how easily she let him be. He was perhaps a fool to have not confessed his feelings to her sooner.

"I...I can't drop her." kabir refused out-rightly, making Geet frown.

"But why can't you?" his father snapped.

"erm... because... because I am drunk."

"What?" Radhika fumed, "what is wrong with you?"

Maan watched the drama unfold quietly. It was quite late and Geet was supposed to go home. Ana giggled and kept to herself.

"Mom...I had wine and I am drunk and I can't drive while drunk. Ask Ana..." he pretended.

Geet wondered if he was really drunk or was he just pretending?

Ana stopped giggling and yawned, "I can't drop Geet home. I am too tired. Ask Maan Bhai na... am off to sleep. Good night everyone."

She ran away to her room and Kabir fell on the couch.

Radhika sighed, "You both are good for nothing. Maan... drop Geet at her place."

She knew he wouldn't back out for he was the most responsible of the three.

Maan sighed and picked his keys.


While walking across the hall, he slapped Kabir's head.

"Hey... what was that for?" he whined.

Maan ignored and walked out with Geet.

"How was your tour?" he asked, turning towards the main road.

"Tiring but we are done with the project. That's a good thing."

"Good. And when are your exams?"

"Starting next week."

She yawned and rubbed her eyes.

"When you were so tired, you shouldn't have come Geet.."

"I had to..."

"And why is that?"

"Because its dadima... and.."


She turned towards him and smiled, "and You."

He opened his mouth to say something but then he just couldn't. She came for him and suddenly he had too much in his mind to even speak anything. everything seemed like a sign to him, beckoning him to tell her that she meant the world to him... that she was his beginning and she was his end... that she was the one who owned him to his very soul. But perhaps he knew his little storm way too well. her exams were a few days away and she needed to prepare well. And he knew well that his confession would brew up a storm in her heart but she had to know. She deserved this. She deserved everything and more.

He stopped in front of her flat and found her asleep. She had been extremely tired and sleep had overtaken her. He knew it was a guilty pleasure but he couldn't have helped it. He leaned forward and placed a quick peck at the corner of her lips.

"Thank You." he mouthed to her and got off.

She felt something tickle her forehead and she smiled in her sleep.

"Geet... we are home."

His soft loving voice tickled her senses and she hummed, making herself comfortable on the seat.

"Wake up..."

His fingers tickled her forehead and his breath fell on her cheeks.

"ummm...let me sleep." She mumbled.

She had been extremely tired.

"I would have let you little storm if I had the keys to your apartment. Come on now.. sleep once you are inside."

He shook her gently out of sleep and she made all kinds of faces. Once they were inside and he made sure she was well and good, he took his leave.

"Good night Geet..."

She smiled softly, "Good night."

He walked out of the door and then stopped.

"Uh... I have got something important to tell you."

"Tell me what?"

"Not now Geet."

She twisted her lips, "then why did you start?"

He smiled and shook his head, "I will tell you but after you are done with your exams."

"That's so mean of you, You Monster! When you don't want to tell, why do you start?"

"Because now  is not the time. Bye now. Just sleep."

She fell on the bed, feeling happy that he was feeling better. He had bestowed a part of him on her and she would do everything to protect that part. He was a man of simpler needs. She understood more of him now. He would do everything in his hands for others but all he needed was someone who could stand with him all through, not demanding answers or explanations. All he ever needed was just a presence of someone.


"Maan, tonight you have to go to dinner at the Guptas."

He raised his head from the news paper and looked at his mom who had given her verdict.

"And why is that?"

"Because they invited you."

His mother replied just as he had, impersonating his tone and he knew she meant business.

"if this is another bride hunting trick of yours, then Mom, its a No!"

She sat down beside him and pulled away the paper from his hands, "Then tell me what should we do? You told you like someone and that you were going to introduce her to us. But it's been ages Maan and people are waiting for you to say yes. Either you introduce her to us or go for this dinner and meet the ladies there!"

His mother was going paranoid!

"Fine Fine! Calm down mom. I will bring her to you soon..."

"You said the same thing last time but nothing happened! Don't take me and your father as fools Maan..."

He went closer and hugged her, "Don't get angry. I promise by the end of this month, she will be in front of you all."

His mother, though angry, looked at him from the corner of her eyes. Her son knew how to melt hearts.

She sighed, "You won't back out?"

"No mom... I give you my word."

She smiled and he felt happy seeing her pacified.

He checked the date... few more days to go!


"Hey Miss Universe... Congratulations on getting placed! I can't tell you how proud we are of you..."

Raj's call made her close the big fat book on Global Financial Management and relaxed back. She was mid way through her exams and the news had arrived. She was so busy that she had no time to rejoice but everyone else did. Maan had sent her a congratulatory message for they couldn't have talked. He was travelling along with Kabir and Ana was home studying as well.

"Thanks Raj... "

They talked for a while when he asked something she hadn't expected.

"You do have an office of the company in London right?"

"Yeah why?"

"Great. Then you can come back home and work from here!"


"Yeah. You would come back home after you are done with your exams right! You can work from here. There is no point in staying in NYC anymore. Everyone is looking forward to your arrival back home..."

Pooja seemed so excited at the thought if it... but did she really want to go back to London leaving everything behind in NYC?


He checked the time and smiled. She would have been done with the last paper of her final year. It was time. He reached home from the airport and looked for his sister to congratulate her for graduating.

"She is out with Geet."  His parents informed him.


"They told they'd be with their friends at the Times Square, celebrating..."

He felt happy. He had come back home wrapping up work deciding to tell her everything today. But then, decided against his better judgment. Her exams ended a few hours back and she deserved this celebration.

The sun was going down and scattered its orangish glow on the New York sky. He freshened up and fell on the bed, switching on the tv. Navigating through the channels, he stopped at NBC news which had a live coverage of some attack .

"...We are reporting live from The Times Square where two unidentified persons had opened fire amidst the busy square half an hour back at 4:45pm. At least 5 have been critically injured and have been rushed to the hospital. NYPD has sealed all the routes and are on a hunt for the men who could supposedly be people from a terrorist organization...

The blonde reporter went on and on describing the scenario but all he could see was people running behind her and then there were police. He could see blood spilled on the road and things scattered.

Geet...and Ana...

He froze for a moment out of fear.

He heard footsteps approaching and Kabir entered, "Bhai... .we have to go..."

He had seen it too. Picking up his phone and keys, he rushed out with Kabir, silently praying that the two of them be okay.


He mumbled in his head and hoped the two of them be okay. All the roads leading to the Times Sqaure had been cordoned off and there was a huge traffic jam.

"Kabir call Geet or Ana... and ask them where they are."

"right away.."

He parked the car in a mall's lot and rushed out on foot, calling the two. There was huge rush as they neared the place, almost like a stampede. Scared people and crying children and screaming men, calling out to their loved ones filled the air thickly. He called out too, to Geet and to Ana but his  voice drowned. Fear made his stomach churn and his heart stopped beating.

There was suddenly a sea of people who came out of nowhere. Suddenly New York felt over populated as if the entire nation was here at the Times Square.
There were crying ambulances and police vans and paramedics looking out for injured people. Kabir had separated from him but he couldn't think of anything else. he looked around, calling out to them like a mad man, almost at the verge of crying. Sweat marred his forehead and he ran around losing his mind until he stood in front of a dark alley and saw the two women, scared and calling out for help.

He ran to them shouting, "Ana..."

She looked at her brother and felt life returning to her.


He pulled her and hugged her tightly, "Ohh thank god... you are safe..."

"We were so scared Bhai..." she broke down.

"Shh... Sh... its okay. I am here. where is Geet?"

Ana pointed towards Geet who was sitting down, holding her leg. He broke the hug and rushed to Geet. Cupping her face, he checked for any injuries, "Ohh god... are you okay?"

She sniffed, her face and eyes red in fear and shock, "Ummm..."

And then she hid her face in her palms and sobbed. He pulled her into his embrace and pressed a kiss on her head, "Its over now. Lets go home."

He called Kabir and told them their location. Holding both the women he walked out when Geet stumbled and cried in pain.

He looked back and found her leg bleeding at the calf.


"I don't know..." she whimpered in pain.

"Never mind..."

Kabir reached them in minutes and held Ana while Maan picked Geet up and rushed towards the paramedics.

Her injury wasn't that bad but she had torn her skin against a sharp object whilst running. She was given a tetanus shot and sent home with pain killers. Everyone back home were in a panic mode. They had quick dinner and sent to sleep. He watched her enter her room and walked into his. Ana had been pretty shaken up and so was Geet. But he couldn't fall asleep that night. He watched tv for a long time, every channel airing the same news talking of the casualties and the possibility of a terrorist mastermind behind all this. He couldn't concentrate on anything. Although he was glad that the two were safe, the fear still lurked inside.

There is no better time than "now"...

That was it. He realized time never waited for anybody. And he could be robbed off everything in the next moment. He finally closed his eyes, struggling to sleep, deciding to let his little storm know what she had brewed up inside him since the day he had seen her for the first time. He would confess...

>>Things Getting Interesting??Wink

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>>The faster the response, The quicker I update!! fair deal?Big smile

>>Shower all your love peopleHug

Chapter 61

Chapter 63
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Hi Ash..
Lovely update ..
This time maan in little mess...he is missing year went by and gone the golden time which maan spent with her ..geet at last moment there with the way kabir and Anna tease maan .hope he confess soon ..geet got a job and now raj want her in UK..last blast part ...emotional one ..hope this helps maan to say geet his feelings ..
Thanks for update 
Waiting for next 
Plz. thoughts still going jalebi ways ...why geet refused maan ..
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Lovely update 
Waiting for next update. 
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