Mortal Promises - Maaneet FF MG Maan Geet!#T1*|[T6 opened]

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Hi everyone, as you can see I am new to IF and already posted about myself into another post. So after being a huge Geet fan for years and a silent reader(viewer) I decided to pen down the thoughts I might have wanted into my Maaneet world. As geet ended abruptly leaving our desire to explore their vast and epic romantic saga!  Hug
a few points i would like to say: 

1. I still don't know what this should be called an FF , or SS. And it's my first time attempting to write something.

2.  Because 7 years is such a huge time that I fear almost all plots have been covered and I have read only the old ffs from 2010 til 2013.

3. Also given the fact that I am absolutely new to writing about Geet so I don't wanna torture anyone and before having some response by updating the whole story don't want to bore anyone to death as well! Confused LOL So I will be posting a chunk of part only after that you decide if you want to readHug  or / not!Broken Heart

About the ff/ss/os : it's going to be passionate , intense nd Lovey Dovey! So it will contain erotic stuffCensoredBlushing so if someone has problem with that don't bother to read! Embarrassed
Since there are so many FFs already so if somehow my plot is matched with some other ones I apologize in advance!
 ( i feel maaneetians quite think alike, the other day I was making a VM on Maaneet and a few days later just my youtube suggestion popped up with same music with the same scene, the similarity was awful so ... ) Embarrassed

Next post would be about the very short character sketch 

I have limited commenting privilege since I am new so am unable to reply all of you!! But thank you so much for your feedback and support , feel free to add me in your buddy list. 

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Chapter 1 - Page 1    -|
Chapter 2 - Page 2     | 
Episode 1 : The promise!
Chapter 3 - Page 2    -|

Chapter 4Page 5    -|
       Episodes                  | Episode 2 : Forgotten.
Chapter 5Page 6    -|   

Chapter 6 Page 9     -|
Chapter 7Page 11     | Episode 3 : Envied!
Chapter 8 Page 15   -|

Chapter 9 - Page 16    -|
      Episodes                     | Episode 4 : Revelations...
Chapter 10 - Page 20  -| 

Chapter 11 - Page 27   -|
       Episodes                     | Episode 5 : Reconciliation.
Chapter 12 - Page 30   -|

Chapter 13 - Page 35   -|
         Episodes                   | Episode 6 : Her savior
Chapter 14 - Page 38   -|

Chapter 15 - Page 42  -|
          Episodes                 | Episode 7 : His harbor
Chapter 16 - Page 48  -|

Chapter 17 - Page 57  -|
                Episodes           | Episode 8 : My Doll
Chapter 18 - Page 68  -|

Chapter 19 - Page 76  -|
Chapter 20 - Page 91          | Episode 9 : Spied Upon!
Chapter 21 - Page 100 -|

Chapter 22 - Page 109 -|
                Episodes           | Episode 10 : In updating process!
Chapter 23 - Page 119 -|

Chapter 24 - Page 130

Chapter 25 - Page 142

Thread 3


Character Sketch :
Maan Singh Khurana : Age 24, Similar background as the show. MD of KC.
An introvert and loner with temper issues, Little bit arrogant. Very chivalrous, strict , and still shaping up his life and maturity. Strong manly body , light brown complexion,  square shaped jaw, dark brown eyes. 5.11'' tall , well built!

Geet handa: Age 19, Similar background as the show.
Fair,5.6'' tall, a Beautiful simple shy girl who has beautiful big hazel eyes which speak volume!
Bubbly girl with naive features. Intelligent and quick learner, seen emotional turmoil since childhood yet chose to live positively.
In love with Msk since childhood!

Savitri Devi : Maan's Daadima.


Old witty lady with a great sense of care and understanding of the world!

Vijay Singh Khurana and Madhurima singh khurana : Maan's mother and father. 

Dev : 2 years younger than Maan. His brother. Recently joined family business! 

Vicky: 4 Years younger than Maan. Still studying. Very similar with geet's character, Full of life. 

Annie : The youngest of them all. Same as the show.
Mohindar and Rano handa : Geet's parents. 

Brij handa :  Geet's elder brother. 23 years old. 

Ahluwalia : Same age as Maan. Studied together in college. Sameera is the grandchild of Savitri devi's friend. Gorgeous Lady. Very beautiful. Tall and lean, fair complexion. 
Friendly and well spoken. 

Rest of the characters would be revealed later!
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congrats on ur first Maaneet story! Lovely cs! eagerly awaiting update! pls add me 2 ur pm list! hope u will continue . Pls post first update today Edited by khwaishfan - 2017-07-13T00:26:12Z
Posted: 2017-07-13T00:45:59Z

Congrats for your first story
Posted: 2017-07-13T00:47:29Z

Nice CS
Waiting for update
Posted: 2017-07-13T00:59:42Z

Chapter 1 : When they met! 

There was shimmering light in the skies! Moon was shining brightly through the window! She was never ready but today is her first day at Khurana mansion!

She was feeling restless, no it's not because of the new place it's because 10 years ago she use to play on these very grounds with him and now she doesn't even know how to look into his eyes anymore! 

She has done nothing wrong but still, she feels very strange!

She is 19 and her name is Geet Handa! She used to be friends with the great MSK aka Maan Singh Khurana but that was in the past! But time doesn't end relationships, does it?

She clearly remembers how he used to be, how he smiled at her! 

But now his name is creating havoc within her, she is not as strong as she thought herself to be! Today she has somehow managed to escape facing him but she can't do that for an eternity! Coming here was a mistake after all! She doesn't want to think more but the moonlit is taking her to the flashbacks! 

10 years ago!~~~

"Geet, Geet... wait" a voice overwhelmed with shortness of breath has just spoken!  

" he he , you can't catch me, he he he" Geet giggled! Then suddenly she bumped into something strong!  

"Yes, but I can catch you!" said Maan. He simply caught her both arm with his and looked at dev who was chasing the little Geet of 9 years! 

Dev was a little bit afraid of the tone of Maan but then later upon he caught that he was just acting! Meanwhile Geet looked up at the boy she collided with. Her big hazel and his dark brown eyes met! She doesn't know why but she feels restless when she is with him! This never happens with dev! But with Maan... Something makes her nervous and she does funny stuff like starts stammering or trip and fall here and there cause she was not paying enough attention! 

Hmm, or it's because she eavesdropped her mother saying to Maan's mother that they are going to create an alliance by making Maan and Geet married in the future if everything is right! And nothing could get weirder when he was also beside her while she was eavesdropping the whole incident! This was yesterday afternoon! Geet aged 9 could not understand the idea of marriage but she certainly felt funny while she looked at the expressions of Maan. He was getting all red! Maan was 14 and not so naive like Geet ! 

He didn't comprehend the idea of marriage but he certainly comprehended his mind which has a growing passion for that little chirpy Geet handa! She is just too cute to resist! But the next following words from her mouth disappointed him!

"But I don't wanna get married"Said Geet looking with the big hazel at Maan! 

Maan who did not know how to react just grabbed her with hands and said " never say that again, you are gonna be my bride. No matter what so put that in your mind!" His voice was sharp and cold! Which made Geet afraid and that's why she is feeling awkward today! After that whole incident, this bumping into his arms is the first time they met! 1 whole day! Maan just came back from his school! Today was the last exam of this semester! Finally, he can play with all of the baccha party and Geet! 

"Maan, Aap aa gaye! Wow!" Geet spoke and Maan left her hand while reaching out to his pocket and fetched the dairy milk out! Geet screamed with happiness "Mere liye? Thank you sooo much! You are the best!" Making Maan smile instantly with her chipiness! And they played and played until the summer break was over! 

They kept meeting until they were engrossed in their studies. Handas and Khuranas were family friends and so now Geet is 19 and for higher education, she has shifted to Delhi to the Khurana mansion as it's like her 2nd home. However, she has not been here for last 5 years. Due to various reasons, they couldn't meet! 

At least that's how he tried to show her but he was avoiding her! 

Now she understands the definitions of marriage! Geet is feeling very strange cause 5 years ago when they met he said something! They made few promises together! "Geet stop over thinking, I am sure he has forgotten everything, he doesn't remember that promise to marry you! It's just a silly mistake by two amateur kids!"

Yes, teen kids! He was 19 and she was 14! 

"That was embarrassing, to be honest! Now when I think this I feel I was the stupid one am sure he doesn't even remember me let alone that marriage idea, he must be having a gf by now, or had back then that's why he must have stopped contacting!"

The thought of Maan's gf pricked her heart intensely! She knew why but she didn't wanna admit even to herself that she was in love with a man whom she hasn't met in 5 years! But how can she ignore him? He was her everything, her whole world. Much bigger than their childhood deed!

"Good, it's 2 am! And I still can't sleep!" She chided on herself! Then after some more time talking to herself she dozed off! The next morning she woke up with red eyes due to lack of sleep! At the dining table that didn't go unnoticed by the man who caused those red eyes! He was staring at her! She was gorgeous and tired! 

After the breakfast, Geet was leaving in a hurry because she didn't know how to face Maan due to her shyness! But Maan is Maan! Nobody escapes from him! Even the hallway spacing had become a nuisance for Geet now! "ye mansion itna bada kyun hain babaji! Yaha insaan asani se bhag bhi nahi sakta" She cribbed in her mind! 

"Geet!" His summoning came through!

She skipped a beat! Looked at him, his strong manly face just made her weak! After struggling a bit she gathered strength to move her lips and said "Ji, kaise hain aap?" She smiled meekly. 

"I am fine, so did you recognize me ?" Maan said with a straight face.

"Haann ji????!!! Kiya????  J j jarur!!! Aap Maan ho na? Aapko kyun nahi pehchanungi? Main aap sabko pehchanti hu!" she replied with confusion and another weak smile! How can she forget him? How can someone forget a bond which they shared!

"Tum jis speed se uth kar jaa rahi thi isse laga ke mujhe pehchana nahi tumhe! Khair! Tum kaal aayi ho right? Then mujhse milne kyun nahi aai?" Maan replied with his hard face! He was a bit angry inside cause she didn't come to meet him while he came from office rushed just to see her! But by the time she already slept. That was 10 pm only! Couldn't she wait for a little? Little did he know she was not sleeping!

"Main kaise aapse milne aati? Aap toh office mein theyy, aur aab mulakat ho gai na! Aunty ne mujhe 9 baje hi dinner karke sone ko bhej diya tha. Toh woh main..." Geet tried to avoid eye contact looking down fidgeting with her white stole! She then saw Maan's daadi talking with the servant at the kitchen! To her utter shock, She found herself bumped with Maan's rockhard chest with a swift motion! She looked at him with horror!

"Yeh... Ye k k kiya kar rahe ho aap ?Cho choriye mujhe!" She said. Her heartbeat was raising in a turbo speed! 

"Drop this innocent act, tum sabse mili ho, even Dev se! Tum kaal subha ayi ho, Dev was out and he came back at noon and you didn't sleep at noon just so that you can meet him aur mere liye tum thoda raat nahi jaag sakti thi?" He said with an angry tone! 

"Main koi acting nahi kar rahi ,Aapko kaise pata ye sab? Aap meri jasusi kar rahe ho kiya? Meri marzi main jisse milu na milu, aap mujhe choriye! Ye kaisa tarika hain, koi dekh lega! Please choriye mujhe" She got angry at one moment and then again got afraid. His body fragrance was entering her nose! 

Then inhaling the addictive scent Geet looked at his dark brown eyes finally! And kept looking " " her words got lost inside his eyes!

Maaahiii i i i  i   i     i      i~ trailed inside the ambiance!

"Why are you behaving like this Geet? Tum mujhse door jane ki kaushish kyun kar rahi ho? 1stly you din't even bother to wait for me, 2ndly even today you were avoiding me 3rdly now you are trying to go away from me why? Why Geet?  This is not how we were supposed to meet after all these years!! I thought you would be happy after seeing me! Mujhe laga ke hum bachpan k dost hain , itna toh hoga na after all we ..." Maan stopped realizing he is revealing his feelings. He who is known for his introvert and reserved personality is shocked by his own deeds and words! Why is this mere girl affecting him this badly! He suddenly loosened his grip on her arms! 

She was looking like an angel in white! She has grown into a fine woman! Beautiful skin! Her hazel eyes! Her fragrance! He used to smell her hair while they played together! Same aroma! He gets intoxicated with that smell! What the hell Maan , get a grasp at yourself! This girl doesn't even remember anything and here you are thinking all this! Don't you really remember anything Geet?With this thought he looked at Geet who was standing there still shocked. She then tried to reply him "Maan!" She gasped " I am sorry! Mujhe aapse kaal milna chahiye tha , wo actually kaal situation aisi thi ke main aapse mil nahi paai, actually aunty ko kaise mana karti main? Aur waise bhi aab toh mulakat ho gai hain Maan, aap please mujhe maaf kardo. Mujhe laga k aap busy honge so raat ko maine aapko disturb karungi... khair jaane dijiye! Aap... Aap kaise hain Maan?"

Yeah, she doesn't remember anything! Look how calmly she just said sorry and said they have met so it doesn't matter! How will she know that just to see her one glance what he has done! He sat in front of the computer yesterday just to see her through the Khurana cctvs. He thought she would hug him tightly after seeing him! He knows he had hurt her but she was very small and for her welfare, he had to distance himself from her!

"It's... ahem it's ok Geet! Yeah, I gotta go! Work! Bye!" with that he took off leaving a shattered Geet behind! She was still trying to gather information about what just happened now!

He didn't even reply how was he! Well, he must be in hurry!  Now she should arrange herself as classes will be starting from tomorrow! 

One person witnessed all these things that were none other than Dadi! She saw Maan pulling Geet close to him and talking and Geet looking all confused and struggling to rid herself off from his grip! Dadi knew something was cooking in between Maan and Geet! She was wishing that it's something good cause main reason of Geet moving here was the marriage of Maan & Gaat aka Maaneet! She knows that Maan very much likes Geet! They just don't know about Geet's feelings but both handa and Khurana families wanted Maan and Geet to gel with each other well so that the life after marriage becomes easier for them! 

Geet who is a girl full of life was the only one who can make Maan's boring life colorful! And Maan was that balance that Geet needs in her life! They knew each other from childhood so this should not have been a problem plus they were good friends as well! Savitri Devi thought! And entered Geet's room who was arranging her stuff! "Geet betey"

Geet turned around and said with a bright smile "dadima! Aap! Mujhe bula liya hota, main aa jati aapke paas! "

"Koi baat nahi bete hum aa gaye, kiya kaar rahe ho aap?classes ki tayari?"Dadi said with her warm smile.

"Ji dadima, kaal se full swing mein classes shuru ho jayenge so sab arrange kar ke rakh rahi hoon :)"

" very good bete, aap ek baat bataiye aapko yaha koi takleef toh nahi ho rahi hain? Wo Maan se mili aap avitak ke nahi?" dadi asked!

"Ap log mujhse itna payaar karte ho so mujhe takleef kis baat ki? Baas mummy papa ki yaad aa rahi hain bohot! :( Par aunty uncle itne acche hain mujhe mere new mom dad mil gaye hain un mein!" she stopped and said again "Aur woh Maan! Haan aaj hi mili hoon unse! Ek baat bataiye dadima, wo hamesha aise gusse mein rehte hain kiya? Chotey theyy tab bhi angry aab bhi angry, itne saalo mein the Maan singh khurana waise k waise hi hain!" Geet laughed trying to hide her nervousness! 


Pardon me for any spelling , grammatical or other errors. 
Will be waiting for your feedbacks! Smile

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Originally posted by khwaishfan

congrats on ur first Maaneet story! Lovely cs! eagerly awaiting update! pls add me 2 ur pm list! hope u will continue . Pls post first update today

thanks a lot,Hug already updated. :) 
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Originally posted by priyasree

Congrats for your first story

Thanks a lot, Hugwill be waiting for your feedback  :) 

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