Little Saviour- A Poem

Posted: 2017-07-09T23:39:11Z

Credits: Proteeti (Radhikerani)

This is my first poem ever :P Do tell me what you all think :P


On a dark, moonless night,

The wind blew with furious might,

As the vast river filled,

Testing the truth of the ones who willed


Darkness had encroached their life,

The brave man and his wife,

Somehow did they manage to cope,

For they held on to their hope


Two pairs of eyes witnessed cruelty,

A plea of cry they gave their deity,

The All-Pervading, Omniscient One,

He who took birth as their son


A bright light rose in the dark prison,

For finally had the saviour risen,

To free the world from shackles bound,

Relieving people all around


The beautiful son with skin of rain cloud,

Perfect little gurgle, neither soft not loud,

Parting with Him would cause pain,

But the baby would stand to gain.


Heartbroken mother teared,

Distressed father feared,

Hugging their newborn one last time,

As they felt time invisibly chime.


A snake who protected all from harm,

As the father crossed the river with alarm,

He would carry on with the determined behaviour,

For with him was the Little Saviour


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Posted: 2017-07-10T01:12:46Z
Originally posted by --Elara--

What is coming soon? Tongue
Something you have already read Wink
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Posted: 2017-07-20T06:30:18Z
Updated Tongue
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Posted: 2017-07-20T07:21:20Z
This is SO SO beautiful! Day Dreaming 

I didn't know you had a knack for poetry, Srutha, but this is really lovely. The rhyming is perfect, and I can imagine everything just as you wrote it. I especially love the description of Vasudev and Devaki hugging Krishna and bidding him goodbye. Bittersweet love Broken Heart

You should write a sort of sequel with Yashoda and Nand finding baby Krishna and feeling happy with his arrival.
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Posted: 2017-07-21T01:58:09Z
This is so well written, Tha. The descriptions are vivid and the feelings intense!
Keep writing.
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Posted: 2017-07-21T02:56:36Z
Wow is this ur 1st attemptShocked
Its damn good!!Star
I so loved the way u described little krishnaEmbarrassed
And the title is damn perfect for this poemEmbarrassed
Keep writing moreClap
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Posted: 2017-07-21T03:49:50Z
Wow! This is just so, so beautiful! Very beautiful descriptions! <3
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Posted: 2017-07-21T06:23:19Z
Pro, that banner is AMAZING! Clap
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