RaYa OS: Arranged to Love

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Hi guys! Finally my exams are over and I am here with an OS. I will update my ff soon! Till then enjoy with this OS! This one is for Aru di aka Mitwa as she had asked me to write an OS! I don't know u guys will like it or not. Its just a small try. Plz bear with it.
Sorry for the grammatical and spelling errors!
Enjoy reading!
Here it goes...
Ram is driving towards the hotel. He is going to attend his best friend Vikram's party. Neha and Vikram are together now for 2 years and had finally decided to tie the knot. Ram helped them in convincing their parents. Their marriage was grand. Today is their reception party. He is very excited for it. He is so happy for his friends. He couldn't attend the marriage because he had to go to Delhi because of sudden emergency in the Delhi branch office.
When the traffic signal show red, he brakes his car and then his eyes went to a lady clad in a red and black sari looking very beautiful. Might be attending some function he thought. She is helping two blind children to cross the road. His lips automatically curved into a big smile seeing that. He is lost seeing her. Her doe eyes.. the hairs that is blocking her view and she trying to move her hair back. He come out of his trance when he heard the horn of the vehicles behind him. He laughs at himself thinking Ram Kapoor getting lost in a lady whom he don't know that too in the middle of the road. Love at first sight is not my belief he thinks. He wonders about his weird thoughts about the love at first sight. He thinks am i getting crazy and he mentally slaps himself for his thoughts and drove off to his destination.
"arre dekho Neha itni jaldi aagaya tumhara fatty, humari shaadi nahi hui ab tak, rituals kuch shuru bhi nahi hue aur ye itni jaldi aaya Vikram says sarcastically.
"haan Ram tu itni jaldi kyun aagaya. Ek din baad aajata. Itna loss hogaya tere business mein. Neha too adds.
Ram- tum log taane marna band karoge plz
Vikram- kyun band kare saale tu shaadi skip karke direct reception pe aaya hai.
Ram- arre yar emergency aagayi thi isiliye nahi aapaya. Ab tum log kya bacche ki jaan loge yaar. Sorry na yar maaf kardo plz.
Neha kabhi nahi. Tu humari life ki itni badi khusi mein shaamil hone nahi aaya.
Ram- darling sorry bolana mene. Accha thik hai toh tu jo saza degi woh mein maan lunga. Ab toh maaf karde plz!
Neha- promise?
Ram- haan pakka promise.
Neha- ok. Tu aise hi aagaya. Humara wedding gift kahan hai?
Ram- ofcourse darling laya hoon na. Ye lo.
Ram hands her two tickets of London for their HM.
Vikram- iski kya zaroorat thi Ram.
Ram- of course zaroorat thi. Its my gift to you both
Ne-vik thanks him but neha says- yaar mere dost ki shaadi jald hone waali hai toh mene socha tha uska aur humara honeymoon trip ek saath ek jagah par ho.
Ram assures her that he will do the tickets accordingly. Ne-Vik smiles wickedly and also tells him that his family has already arrived there. Ram goes to meet his family. While talking to Rishab his eyes catch the glimpse of a lady wearing the red and black sari whose back is facing him. Wait a min ! Isn't she the same lady whom he saw in the road. When she turns, he gets to know that she is the same lady. What is she doing her?, he thinks.
Soon the announcement was made for the couple dance. The couples move towards the dance floor. Vikram's cousin, Monika asks Ram for a dance. She is like sister to him. He accepts and goes to dance with her. While dancing Ram again sees the same lady dancing with a man. "maybe her boyfriend he thinks. A sudden sadness engulfs him. Is that because of the lady dancing with the other man? Soon the music was played in fast track and the partners are changed randomly. The lady in red-black saree is now with Ram. The music is now changed and the song is played...
Aankhon mein teri ajab si ajabsi adaayein hain...
Sudden happiness is seen in Ram's face. Ram holds her closer and begins to dance with her. He is observing her closely. He is watching her intently. The lady seems to be uncomfortable with his gaze on her. Soon their eyes meet and a brief eyelock. Rams heart skips a beat when she looked at him. Same thing goes with the lady. The song comes to an end. The lady moves away from him and goes to a corner. His eyes follows her way as she goes. "may be her family he think with whom she is standing in a corner. The party comes to an end. Soon the guests start leaving.
Ne-vik comes to Ram.
Neha- Ram tujhe yaad haina tera promise?
Ram- haan yaad hai yar. Bol kya saza deni hai tujhe?
Neha- tujhe ghodi chadni hogi!
Ram- kya matlab?
Vikram- matlab ye ki tujhe shaadi karni hogi!
Neha- aur humne tere liye ladki dhoond ke finalize bhi karliya hai!
Ram- what?? kya bakwaas kar rahe ho tum log?
Neha- wohi jo tum sunn rahe ho! Mene soch liya hai ki tum aur tumhari biwi aur hum ek saath honeymoon pe jayenge. How much fun it will be na Ram?
Ram now realizes what Neha was saying at the beginning of the party and thinks that he is the bali ka bakra'
Ram- kya bakwaas kar rahi hai? Meri shaadi bina mere ladki ko dekhe thodi na hogi. Aur fir sirf tum dono k kehne se kuch nahi hota! Family ka opinion bhi toh important hai! Aur waise bhi ye toh baad ki baat hai. Mujhe tumhari dikhayi hui ladki pasand nahi aane wali. So stop dreaming
"humne ladki pasand karli hai Ram aur ladki aur uske gharwalon ko bhi tum pasand ho, toh tumhari shaadi pakki hogayi hai Amarnathji comes from behind saying that along with the other family members of kapoor's family.
Ram- bauji ye aap kaisi baat kar rahe ho! Maine abhi tak ladki ko dekha hi nahi. Aur ye kya guarantee hai ki main ladki ko pasand karloonga?
Rishab-trust me bhai aap pasand karloge bhabhi ko! She is so beautiful
Ram is irritated with the word bhabhi!
Natasha-haan bhai! U'll surely like her!
Neha- tujhe guarantee chahiye na! Main deti hoon! U'll surely like her and whispers in his ears-also you will fall head over heels in love with her.
Ram- stop irritating me Neha! Vikram tu apni biwi ko sambhaal kuch bhi bolti hai!
Neha- kuch galat nahi bola maine! Aur uss ladki ko tune already dekha hai aur jahan tak mujhe dikh raha tha pasand bhi karliya hai!
Ram- will you stop irritating me or not? Tu baat ko jalebi ki tarah ghumana band kar!
Neha- dadi sahi kehti hain tujhe GOLU kahika! Baat mein bhi khane ki chij hi laata rehta hai
Ram- Nehaaa
Vikram- hold on hold on guys! Stop pulling his legs Neha! Ram main batata hoon tujhe! Abhi tune jiske saath dance kiya hum usi ke baare main baat kar rahe hain! She is Neha's school friend! Aur ye baat bhi tujhe nahi pata ki amar uncle aur uske papa bachpan ke dost hain! Humari engagement mein amar uncle aur uske papa mile ek dusre se barso ke baad!
Ram remembers the engagement ceremony where his father introduced him to his childhood friend Sudhir Sharma but he didnt see the lady on the day!
Ram- but maine usse toh nahi dekha!
Neha- usse kise?
Ram glares at her! Neha-ghurna band kar fatty jaise tu ne shaadi skip ki usne engagement ki thi!
Ram- tu bich mein bol na band karegi?
Neha is going to say something Vikram stops her and continues- aur baaton baaton mein tum dono ki shaadi ki baat hui! Actually humari shaadi ke din tum dono ko aapas me milane ka plan bann raha tha lekin..
Neha again interrupts- lekin duffer teri wajahse nahi ho paya. She points on Ram.
Ram give deadly look to Neha. Neha winks at him.
Amarnathji- aur aaj party mein Sudhir & family bhi present hai! Toh aaj tumhaari shaadi ki baat chal rahi hai!
Neha- ab bol fatty tujhe ladki pasand hai ki nahi? Ladki ne already haan kardiya hai ab teri baari?
Ram again glares at Neha!
Neha teasingly- amar uncle mujhe lagta hai ki Ram ko ladki pasand nahi hai! Toh aap sudhir uncle ko bata dijiye!
Ram hurriedly- nahi nahi bauji! Mujhe wo pasand hai! Ye neha kuch bhi bolti hai!
Everybody laugh on Ram's act! Ram is superr embarrassed!
Ne-vik have arranged a room for them to talk privately after ending the party!
Ram and the lady goes to the room. There is an awkward silence prevailing. So Ram initiate the convo.
Ram- Hi! I am Ram.. Ram Kapoor
"Hi! I am Priya Sharma comes the reply.
Ram utters "Priya and says nice name
Priya- thank u
Ram- so aap kya karti hai?
Priya- i'm a TOEFL teacher! Aur aap?
Ram- mein Kapoor Industries chalata hoon!
Both go on talking. Now there is no awkardness. They talk about their likes and dislikes, their family...
Krishnaji- Raam.. jaldi karo beta..der ho rahi hai.. guests aane lag gaye hain
"haan maa bas do min ready ho raha hoon
Ram comes dressed in a gold coloured sherwani looking very handsome!
Neha- waah! Fatty bohot handsome lag rahe ho! Aaj Priya tumpe puri flat hone waali hai!
Ram blushes at her comment and thanks her.
So today is RaYa's engagement ceremony!
Ram and Priya both are very nervous! Sharmas arrive at KM!
Ram Priya look at each other! Ram is just awed by Priya's beauty! His mouth wide opened. She is wearing pink coloured anarkali suit! Her hair on her right shoulder, dark kohled eyes. He feels lucky that she is going to be his! Priya also finds Ram looking very handsome! Traditional dress suits him, she thinks.
She when first time saw him, he was in formals! She knew that he was the man selected by her father as her would be husband. She didn't cared about he being fat. She noticed him throughout the party. She saw how he was talking to his family. She at a time also felt that he was also observing her. Her heart skipped a beat every time she felt his gaze on her! When she was dancing with her old friend Sahil, she saw him dancing with a girl! She was upset seeing him dancing with the other girl! She didn't know whether it was jealousy or possessiveness. Later they danced. How luckily they got to dance together. She still feels his hand on her waist that still give her goosebumps.
Both come out if their trance when Neha said- arrre tum log baad mein ek dusre ko dekh lena pehle ring exchange karlo.. uske baad to tum dono officially ek dusre k hojaoge..
Everybody smiles. RaYa are embarrassed!
Ram holds Priya's hand in his. Priya feels a shiver running down her spines when Ram touch. He puts the ring in her finger. Then comes Priya's turn. Priya also put the ring on his finger. Both look up at each other. A brief eyelock.
Ram had somehow managed to get Priya's number. When first time he called her, she immediately recognized his voice. First he teased her by saying anyone could be on the phone and she shouldn't pickup unknown number call! They went on talking about their daily works.
Its now have become daily routine to them to start day by saying "Good morning to each other and end the day by saying good night. Sometime they even talked to midnight. They have developed a strong friendship. They shared almost everything with each other. Ram shared how he used to spend his childhood days in Amritsar. Priya also shared her childhood memories with him. They both are known to each other now.
It is Priya's birthday today. Ram already had known about her b'day through Ayesha. He wished her exactly at 12. Sharma family has arranged a small party for Priya's bday. Shergills and Kapoors were also present. All the family member wished Priya. The party was on daytime because Ram had some other plans for night.
Ram asked permission from Priya's parents for taking out for dinner by promising them he'll drop her on time.
Ram comes to pickup Priya to take her to hotel. Priya gets ready in a beautiful blue navy saree. Ram is just awestruck by her beauty. He is amazed how every time she manages to look so beautiful with simplicity adorning her.
In car
Both are silent. Ram is driving. He is showing as if he is fully concentrated in driving but is stealing glances of Priya. Priya knows that but she is looking outside the window and is blushing inside.
Ram initiates the convo..
Ram- Priya
Priya- hmm.. and turns towards him.
Ram- you are looking very beautiful in this saree
Priya blushes and says thank you. You are also looking very handsome on this suit Mr. Kapoor. And blushes on her own comment.
Ram too blushes.
Ram- why do you always call me Mr.kapoor? I'm your would be husband. U can call me by my name. I have short and sweet name "Ram and i would love to listen my name from your mouth.
Priya- umm. I'm sorry. I cant do that. Wife dont take husband's name.
Ram- but i'm also your friend na. So you can call me
Priya-i'll try
Air is playing with her hairs blocking her view. She is trying to set her hair but air is disturbing a lot. Ram halts the car. Ram moves closer to her. She looks at him in questioning manner. Without saying anything he moves more close to her. She is feeling his breath on her face and closes her eyes. Ram tucks her hairs behind the ears and caress her cheeks. Priya is breathing hard. Ram smiles and whispers in her ears- Priya hum pahuch gaye. Ram moves away and get out of the car. Priya opens her eyes and blushes hard thinking about the moment they shared. Ram opens the car door for her. She gets out. Ram takes his hand out of his pocket and places in front of her as if asking for her hand. She places her hand on his and they move towards the hotel.
Priya notices that there are no people in the hotel except them and the staffs. She looks questioningly at Ram. Ram understanding her tells her that he has booked the hotel for them after all it was their first dinner out, moreover a date.

The manager welcomes them.
Ram asks Priya to move ahead & he follows her. As she moves forward the rose petals making a carpet leads her way. She looks at Ram. He just asks her to go ahead through his eyes. The rosy carpet lead to the pool area where there is a garden. A table is decorated beautifully for two! A bouquet of flowers is placed on the centre of table! A soft music is played on the background! As they move towards the table, she sees 4 men playing different instrument in a birthday tune and Ram sings happy birthday song for her along with the music . All the while Priya is feeling so special and Ram is observing her reactions. Ram moves close to her and whispers "happy birthday Priya Priya gets tears of happiness. Ram wipes those and shook his head saying not to cry. Priya thanks him. Both talk through their eyes.
Ram pulls a chair for Priya. She sits on the chair. Ram also adjust himself on the next. He signals the waiter. The waiter comes back with a cake. Ram lits the candles and asks Priya to blow the candles. He asks Priya to make a wish. She closes her eyes and prays. Ram silently prays to god to fulfil whatever Priya wishes.
Priya cuts the cake and feeds Ram. Ram feeds the same piece to Priya and wishes her. Priya thanks him.
Ram asks Priya to close her eyes. Priya asks why?
Ram says i have a gift for my would be wife. So can u plz close ur eyes?
Priya closes her eyes. Ram gets up from the chair and comes behind her. He places a heart shaped chain with the letters P&R on it on her neck. While Ram was doing that Priya feels his hot breath. Ram kiss on her cheeks and whispers Happy birthday Priya. She blushes hard. She opens her eyes to see the chain and says thank u Mr.kapoor.
After having their dinner they leave from the hotel. On their way back Priya sees a kulfi stall and shouts- kulfiii Ram who was lost in the moments they shared in the evening comes out of his trance by her voice , stops the car and gives a questioning look. Priya points out to the kulfi. Ram smiles at her childish wish and goes out and brings two kulfi for them. Priya thanks him for that. They begin to eat kulfi but Ram is lost in Priya. He looks at her intently , the way her lips licking the kulfi. Priya notices this and turns red. Ram's kulfi melts and falls on his suit. He murmurs shit' Priya looks at him, he was looking so cute like a child. Priya moves close to him and begins to clean it by her saree pallu. Both are feeling each others breath, hearts beating faster. Priya completes doing it and tries to move away but something pulls her back. She looks at Ram who in turn looks down where priya's chain is stuck in Ram's shirt button. Both look up at each other. Priya tries to pull the chain but Ram stops her by holding her hand. He slowly moves his hand on her cheeks. Priya gets so nervous by feeling his touch and closes her eyes. Ram smiles seeing that. He moves his thumb on her lips and wipes the drop of kulfi at the corner of her lips. She opens her eyes and look at him. He then carefully separate the chain from his shirt. Both are lost in each others eyes. Then Priya moves to her seat. Ram starts the car. The remaining journey was silent. Both are lost in the moment they shared. Ram stops his car infront of the building where Priya lives and looks at her. She also looks at him. Now its time for her to leave.
Priya moves close to him and places her lips on his cheeks. Ram feels her lips on his cheeks, its like heaven to feel that. Priya whispers in his ears "thank u so much Ram for making me feel special on my birthday. Its my best birthday ever
Without giving him chance to react she gets out of the car and moves towards the building. Ram by now realizes that she has actually called his by name. Oh! His name sounds so beautiful through her lips.
He smiles and caress his cheeks as if feeling her lips. Priya notices Ram doing that and blushes.

Only 5 days are left for their marriage. Ram and Priya are busy in the marriage preparation and have not talked with each other.
Both are getting nervous as the day is coming closer. Priya feared that whether she would be able to live up to the expectation of her in laws. Will she able to make Ram happy? Will she give him the happiness he deserve? Ram on the other hand feared whether he could make Priya happy. She deserves the happiness of the world. She is going to leave her own family and will come to his family. She will come to the family just for him. Its all his duty and responsibility to care about her. Will he fulfill the expectations she will be having in her husband?
Wedding night
"This is your room. Now our work is over and we will take your leave. Enjoy Neha and Natasha winks at her as they stand out of Ram' room. Once they leave, her body starts to shiver.
After taking a long breath, Ram enters in his bedroom or to be more clear, now their official bedroom. After hearing door open, Priya look towards door only to meet her husband's eye which is on her. He comes near her and sit besides her. She being nervous started to play with her saree pallu which is on her hand. He take a look towards his wife who is looking very beautiful in the red saree. The mangalsutra around her neck indicating that she is his, only his. Yes, LOVE. This is what people call, this alien feeling love. He is in love. THE RAM KAPOOR is in love with his Priya.
Don't know how and when but he is crazily, truly and madly in love with her. He just cant live without her. He is in love with her smile, her doe eyes, her caring nature.. her everything. He wants her to be happy always.
Suddenly Priya feels his hand on hers. She nervously take a look towards her husband. She sees something in his eyes. Is that love? She is aware that their relationship has developed into a strong friendship or more than the friendship but love?? She is confused about the feeling of love. She wants him to be happy always. She wants to give him the happiness he deserve. But she isn't sure about her love for him. She needs time to understand him more. She needs time for consummation.
He understands she needs time. He doesn't want to impose himself on her. He moves close to her ears and whispers huskily- finally you are officially mine and bit her earlobe. Today is their first night, how can he control himself when he is in madly love with her. Her breath gets hitched finding him so close, her heart is pounding so fast. Ram moves away and says- Priya
Priya is shocked and confused about his sudden confession. She doesn't know what to say. She was going to say something but before that he puts his finger on her lips- i can understand your feeling Priya. Its not compulsory that i love you so that u also need to love me. I don't want to impose myself on you. I will wait for you to love me like i do. He whispers in her ears- i would love to make my wife fall for me and winks at her.
Priya doesn't know what to say. She is so lucky to have him in her life as her husband. She is sure that whenever she is going to fall for him, she will be crazily in love with him. She smiles and thanks him for understanding her.
Its nearly two months to their marriage. Things have changed now. Ram drops Priya daily to her classes and gives kiss on her cheeks saying bye. Priya doesn't complain about it, she likes to be close to him. Her day begins by seeing his face first and ends also. Yes, they share their bed but physical intimacy is far away. Mrs. Kapoor is slowly falling in love with her husband. She waits for him till midnight whenever he is late, although he says its not needed, u take dinner and sleep but she likes to wait for him. They always take their dinner together and shares about the day happenings. At morning she does his works also, keeping dress for him to wear, making tea and breakfast for him, packing lunch for him. She loves to do things. Sometimes they even fight on silly things but they cant stay without talking with each other. Ram would come and apologies first who's ever mistake it was. Both are now fully dependent on each other. When Priya goes to Sharma house , they talk till midnight and sometimes the night goes without sleeping, only talking with each other.
Neha after coming back from her honeymoon asked Priya about her married life. Priya told Neha that things are going good. Neha even teased her by saying "why don't they go to their honeymoon? Priya didn't know what to answer. The family members also wants them to go to HM but Ram refused saying he has important projects lined up. Priya knew Ram was saying that because he knows that she is uncomfortable. Later when they were together he teased her by saying "we will go on our official honeymoon when I will woo my wife, she so blushed then.

Today its two months to their marriage. All the Kapoor family members have gone to Amritsar to attend the marriage of their close relative. Ram stayed back because he have some important deals lined up, Priya also stayed back thinking how can she leave Ram alone. So Ram and Priya are all alone in KM. Priya has taken some days off from her classes. Ram is taking shower, Priya is preparing tea for them.
Ram- Priya
Priya- ji
Ram- woh priya main kapde laana bhool gaya jara pass kardo na.
Priya takes Ram's clothes and goes near bathroom and knocks the door
Priya- Rammm.. lijiye aapke kapde
Yess she has started calling him Ram from the day she first took his name. She has promised him that she will call him by his name whenever they are alone but when they aren't she would call him Mr.kapoor & he agreed
Ram slightly opens the door to see his wife with his clothes who was looking very beautiful in the saree he gifted her. He takes his clothes and Priya was about to go but he pulls her inside and pins her to the wall. He has wrapped the towel around his waist. Priya looks at him and is shyed looking at him in that state. He is looking so handsome she thinks and blush. His wet hair and the droplets of water travelling in his chest making him look se*y. She was lost in him.
"liked what you see his voice brought her back to senses. She turns red thinking he caught her watching him. She downcast her eyes. Ram lifts her chin up and makes her look at him. He looks intently at her with love and desire in his eyes. She can clearly see the enormous love he has for her through his eyes. She too looks at him with love. Ram moves close to her. Their lips are inches away. He gently places his lips on her. It was their first kiss. Both are lost in the moment. Priya also unknowingly starts responding him. This made Ram to kiss her more passionately. They break the kiss when they hear the landline phone ringing loudly outside. Both are breathing heavily. Ram smiles and Priya turns red due to shyness and goes out of bathroom. She has fallen in love with her husband. She so wanted to be in his arms forever. She thinks to confess her love for him soon and blushes.
Ram informed Priya that they have to attend a very important party tonight and he will come to pick her up. So Priya is getting ready. Ram comes to pick her up and Priya goes with him. He tells her that she is looking very beautiful. Priya thanks him. They both leave for the party.
In the party
Priya is feeling bored in the party as Ram is busy talking to his investors about business and is hardly paying attention to Priya. Suddenly from nowhere Esha comes to them. She hugs Ram and kisses on his cheeks. Ram was shocked with her behaviour. Priya didnt liked it. Priya remembers her. She was present in their marriage. She was Ram's old friend and now Ram is collaborating with her company. Esha asks Priya if she can take her husband for a dance? Priya wanted to say no but she cant. She didn't like her a bit. She remembered in their sangeet also she was trying to get close to Ram and was always beside him throughout the function. She didn't like her presence with Ram. She only gave her a fake smile. Ram very well know Priya is uncomfortable with Esha's presence but before he could refuse Esha dragged him to the dance floor. Ram dances with her but his eyes are on his Priya. He was watching her movements. He knows his wife is feeling jealous and smiles.
Someone comes and taps Priya on her shoulder. Priya turns to find Sahil, her old friend infront of her. She is happy to see him there. She get to know that he is also a part of the company in which Esha works. She complains him for not coming to her marriage. They are talking & laughing remembering their earlier days. Ram is noticing them from dance floor. He is getting jealous as he remembers he is the same guy with whom Priya danced on Ne-Vik's engagement. He gets more angry when Sahil leads Priya to the dance floor and starts dancing with her. He immediately leaves Esha and move towards them. He says- excuse me gentleman! Can i have a word with my wife please? Priya noticed Ram isn't in his usual tone. He is angry but for what, she thinks. Sahil leaves and Ram drags Priya with him to the car by holding her hand. Priya is confused about Ram's behaviour. The entire journey home is silent. None talked anything.
After reaching their bedroom, he goes to changing room without having a word with Priya. Priya is unaware about his jealousy and possessiveness. Ram comes out of changing room after changing into the white kurta. Priya knows that Ram hadn't eaten anything in the party so she tells Ram that she is going to prepare dinner for him as he hadn't eaten anything in the party. But Ram refuses sarcastically by saying she don't need to do that. He will ask Bansi kaka if needed and not to bother. Priya has had enough of this silence and his angry so she directly asks him- kya hua Ram? Aap itna gussa kyun kar rahe ho?
Ram doesn't say anything.
Priya- i am asking something to you Ram?
Ram is still having the images of priya-Sahil dance. He is angry at his peak as he remembers sahil's hand on her waist
Ram- i don't need to answer all of your questions.
Priya- what happened to you Ram? Why are u behaving like this? Have i done anything wrong? She moves closer to him and asks. She knows something might have happened because as far as she knows her husband he is the one who always apologises to her whenever they fight despite of her mistakes also.
Ram suddenly shouts- what was the need to dance with him?
Priya- what?? U are angry because i danced with him? Oh! Come on Ram! He is my old friend. What's the big deal to dance with him? U also danced with Esha. I haven't complained ! So why unnecessarily are you angry?
Ram says- "Because u are only mine and only I have the right to touch you by pulling her closer by her waist.
Priya- so mr.husband is jealous? She says by putting her hands around his neck.
Ram holding her tight by waist says- I'm not jealous but I'm very possessive about my wife.
Both are so enjoying this closeness.
Priya smirking- is that so?
Ram- yes it is! Aur tum batao? Tum bhi toh jal rahi thi na jab main Esha se dance kar raha tha?
Priya- main jal nahi rahi thi ok?
Ram- toh tum upset kyun thi?
Priya- agar kisi ka pati usko chod ke kisi aur ke saath dance karega toh bura lagega na obviously?
Priya- no I'm not. Saying this she tries to turn away but trips. They were standing near the bed so they both suddenly falls on bed with Priya on bed and Ram over her. Their lips inches away. Both are lost in each others eyes and remember their morning kiss. An awkwardness prevailed. Ram tries to get up but Priya holds him back and whispers- I LOVE YOU Ram!
Ram is so happy with her confession. He could see the love for him in her eyes. He asks- kya kaha tumne?
Priya- I Love You with full of my heart Ram.I want to live my rest of life in your arms. I cant stay away from you. I want to give you all the love that you deserve. I want to be yours forever & want to become mother of your child (she blushed when she said it) i want to grow old with you. Will u love me the way I am?
Ram just hugs her and nods. "I Love You too Priya, i too cant live without you. Yess, i too want you to become mother of my child. I want to make love to you and give you all the happiness you deserve.
She blushed hearing his confession.
Ram places a soft kiss on her forehead and cheeks. He slowly moves towards her lips. She parts her lips. He kisses softly in her lips. The kiss turns into a passionate one. She too responds him equally.
Soon their clothes found their place on the floor. The room witnessed the beautiful union of the two souls. The stars and moon shyed seeing the love of the two lovers. Ram Priya found peace in each others arms and promised each other to be together forever
Its not the end but the beautiful beginning of their new life..

Hope u guys didn't feel bore by this!
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Awww loved it n maza aa gaya full Of RaYa tha n pls small request pls start writing SS n FF plsss would love to read ur style of writing
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what a lovely story what lovely way penned it down really enjoyed all way along with loving it they gives me more love then anything else I enjoyed it all... RaYa is so similar still so different enjoyed them the most waiting for more stories from you hope you give them soon...

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wow. lovely story. loved Raya's romance
nehas teasing. loved rayas jealousy.
nice os. plz write more.
Madhuri Dixit and Sakshi Tanwar....FOREVER FAVOURITES
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Posted: 2017-07-04T11:53:45Z
So beautifully described pls continue with a new story
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Posted: 2017-07-04T12:14:13Z
Lovely OS.
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Posted: 2017-07-04T12:31:58Z
Tooo Good Awesome OS
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