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Posted: 4 years ago

Mandira Narang watched uncaringly as the day spa worker worked on her toes. She waited for her phone to ring.
Her upper echelon friends had bailed on her this mid-morning. They took off after yoga to plan for a "30 something" wedding anniversary private cruise to Greece.
Some over 30 some under, some exactly 30
She was left out.
Not by design, but because Mandira wasnt sure she could go. She had a brunch date with her father in law, the famous scion Sharanbir Narang
Before that she had to go see her attorney.

The family had homes all over the country and even many across the world. She was stuck in Bangalore for god knows how long now.

"French tip Ma'am" the nail clerk asked her politely

"I dont get that in summer you know that" she said condescendingly

The girl, new, looked confused

"Never mind... can I speak with... umm... umm.." she waved

"Miss Ashu? Ma'am?" the girl named her supervisor

Madira nodded carelessly

She stared out the plush Windsor Manor windows out into the courtyard, Bangalore was blazing hot this morning

"No longer the retirement haven" she smirked, thinking to herself

Her father in law called

"Where are you?" he asked nosily

"Umm.. just waiting for a friend to be done with her Doc appointment" Mandira lied glibly

"Oh" Sharanbir sighed admiringly

"You know... you do these things for friends" she stressed

"Uh" he nodded

"AND FAMILY" she said between her freshly glossed lips.

The morning was fabulous, she had gotten here at 7 AM, and it was almost Noon and she was still being "serviced"
"Where is Ashvin" he asked gruffly

"At work" she said smugly

"Good" the old man nodded satisfied

"He hasnt taken a vacation in two years" Mandira supplied

Cleverly concealing the fact that he went on 6 vacations a week or half week long in the last two years.

"He is hard working. Like my son" Sharanbir choked up

Mandira bristled

She hated the tears. She hated the insinuation that she was the lazy one.
She had her own line of plus size clothing for Indian women
At 50 She herself was a size two and never forgot to mention it casually or carefully.

"I will see you at the Board meeting? Do you want me to cancel it since you are at the doctor's?" he asked in a considerate voice

"NO... NOOO... I mean "no" she said softly at the end

Every board meeting she atended brought her closer to her goal... or she prayed it did.

"Are you sure?" he insisted

"Yes Dad" she smiled nervously

"How is the friend?" he asked
Ashu showed up looking worried

"Umm.. who?" she asked confused

"The one you are at the hospital with" Sharanbir was baffled
"Everything OK Ma'am?" Ashu asked

"She is afraid and nervous... they want a scan" she said glibly, waving Ashu towards her toes, as if expecting a prostration.

"Oh.. Tch tch.. I am sorry" Sharanbir's tone apologetic

"Thanks Dad I will let her know" she smiled

"Take care beta" he said gently

"Tell her...umm.. Ashu?" Mandira took on an affected tone

Ashu smiled and ack the familiarity

"I dont get French tip in summer" she reminded the young girl

Ashu whispered

"So?" Mandira waited

"Its a color a week" Ashu said proudly

Mandira was suitably unimpressed

Waves battered Ullal beach as high tide approached. The oil stained frothy sea water glittered in rainbow hues
 French tourists with beaded crummy hair lounged under  trees barely clothed, smoking or stoned..

Fisherwomen walked like a row of ants... dressed in bright sarees

Giggling at the almost topless French women tourist. Nudity never failed to amuse these Konkan women.

The business along the beach from those selling cheap trinkets, to souvenirs to Konkan Fish were shut mostly during the morning.

Yeh & Ying.. the neon sign sputtered.. and died... and came back to life again
Inside, Mr Shanbagh walked around with a bottle of Colin wiping down the glass windows

The front glass door opened, the bells above it tinkled

It was the cook Mr Pai looked nervous and awkward

"Hello" Mr Shanbag nodded and went back to wiping down

"Sir... one minute?" he extended his hand

Prakash Shanbag paused andw alked over to the chef

"Sir... I (want to) resign" Mr pai waved both his arms
Posted: 4 years ago
The names of the characters are intriguing
I like...

Aur likhooo
Posted: 4 years ago
There in bglr the lift shuts on her face and here in mglr, the 1 of 1.5 cooks wants to put his papers. Very tough. Looks like the yin and yang contrasting but inseparable forces have to collaborate to keep the yeh and yang glittering.

The Narangs and the shanbaghs ... people on a mission...interesting names and interesting characterizations.
Thumbs Up
Posted: 4 years ago
The story of Manicured nails !!!! Mandira Narang over the French tip nail make over looking at the bigger picture of attending the board meeting . Trisha shanbag with her manicured nails and a boil in her hand caressing to keep the memories of her mom alive thru yeh and yang...

Nail paints Are painting wonderful brush strokesEdited by Errantnomad - 4 years ago
Posted: 4 years ago
Congratulations on new tale Nisha.
Posted: 4 years ago
Acha ek baat puchoon?

Har kahani mein ek ladki hoti hai jiske chote baal hain. Kya obsession hai behen ???

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